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  1. He scrapes by due to having the best budget in the division. The players will generally do enough to get a result.
  2. Who would you have dropped from either bench to include him?
  3. Looks like he is lacking in mobility.
  4. Two long range strikes papering over the same old, ongoing cracks in the defence.
  5. Weren’t there said to be big money bids for him once upon a time? Can see him going on a free like Forestieri and Reach.
  6. The Cowleys have a continued record of achievement as do most managers at this level. Moore has none.
  7. Yikes, carried on the shaky form from the friendlies. Iorfa has looked shot as a player for some time now.
  8. Don’t leave the mic live lads, the wrong word or thought will have you cancelled. Would Dawson’s reflexes have saved that one?
  9. None of his managers have seen him worthy of getting a prolonged starting role. The less he plays the more overrated he becomes.
  10. Doesn't bode well that our first team lineup doesn't look to be organised.
  11. Renard could join Heneghan as our main goal threat.
  12. A voice made for silent films.
  13. She’s a striker who scores one goal in three games for her club sides. Leftback is a big switch so they must be forcing her into the team.
  14. Wimbledon’s forum is one continuous chat but I did spot a few comments about him… Turn it in lurker I didn't say henegan was poo. only reason I'm surprised Heneghan has gone to sheff Wed is he was at Sheff Utd in his past. Not surprised on ability but then I'm not tainting every player based on the majority of the squad being dogshit. Heneghan couldn't wait to leave and played like it. Much of that squad last season didn't really give a poo Surprised that Ben Henegan is signing for Sheffield Wednesday. Was ok the first 4 months of last season,but wasn't as good the last 5 months.still good luck to him.
  15. Their fan’s views: https://gasroom.org/discussion/7547/david-stockdale
  16. Pleaded guilty for involvement in a stabbing in 2020. Oh for the good old days of Madine punching out barmen for not letting him serve himself.
  17. Bannan and Hunt had him worst in all the mental categories of their video Q&A. Always late, least likely to coach/manage etc. Lucky he has physical attributes.
  18. Don’t forget the one attribute of Julian Bennett. Was exciting sending Reda, Llera, Rob Johnson et al forward.
  19. Mendez-Laing and Sow should be on there too? We bet the bus on promotion with the highest wage budget and a lot of extensions (Hunt etc) would be triggered only in the case of promotion.
  20. Another Rhodes. A hat trick anomaly and few other goals. Little else.
  21. Neither he nor Berahino paid off really bar a handful of moments. Not worth keeping on.
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