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  1. Nonsense, they were all over us in the second half. More total shots and shots on target.
  2. Think Plymouth were playing the YTS boy at right back.
  3. Commentators talking about signing new players. New manager first, surely? Can’t wast any more money on Moore’s flops,
  4. Business as usual. The blip against Plymouth certainly didn’t get me carried away.
  5. Same is true for them though, had chance after chance.
  6. Everyone still desperate to lock him down to a long contract? Another quiet, ineffectual game.
  7. Just passed up the chance to get rid with a two week break to bed a new manager in. Not that we should have ever brought this joker here in the first place. Even paid compensation.
  8. The mighty Us have been all over us, a winner was coming. Would be a well deserved double over the tactical genius that is Darren Moore.
  9. He comes with a lot of baggage and one performance isn’t worth getting too excited about. Maybe Plymouth had a terrible rightback for that game and he was going all out for a contract.
  10. He would certainly improve on Berahino and Sow but who wouldn’t? A great story, rubbing it in the face of his ex manager.
  11. Would be better than Moore but which manager (living or dead) isn’t?
  12. Soft wet lips and baby blue eyes. Also probably our best rightback since the glory days.
  13. Beevers and Wood would probably both improve us. We’re back in the bargain bins.
  14. Not good enough to make a first team squad as high level as ours.
  15. Especially at the rate he created family dependents, recall he had three women pregnant at the same time. Supposedly on £7000 a week according to some on here, hope not. Rio Ferdinand tried to rehabilitate him as a “changed man” on his podcast but yeah this is a player who couldn’t make the first team in the Belgian second division.
  16. Two week break, time to bed in a competent manager.
  17. Haha the fans were making offensive gestures at the applauding players..
  18. Yes but you have to stick by a competent one, not Darren Moore.
  19. The only thing worse than watching SWFC is having to constantly log back in to watch SWFC.
  20. Anyone else keep getting blocked from the video? As if the football isn’t bad enough.
  21. Mendez Laing looks just as good as you’d expect, as per Berahino. Hope they are on tiny wages.
  22. Beyond picking him, decided to pay a fee to steal him from another club.
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