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  1. He does. Experience of getting one point from his last six games for Doncaster and they’ve dropped like a stone ever since.
  2. Doncaster Rovers are still reaping the rewards of that knowledge.
  3. Sloppiness in defence = Moore’s constant insistence of putting our technically weak defence under pressure.
  4. We were poor for the entire 90 minutes last week but can never put together a decent 90.
  5. Decent championship defender, not surprised to see him doing well. It’s not as if many defenders are seeming to thrive under the “play it from the back” tactic. Fall to pieces when pressure is applied.
  6. I recall Mason and Kevin Nicholson was at the Lilleshall school of excellence with Haslam. Who the hell is “S Pass” though?
  7. Why? The club has maintained Moore’s dismal form of five losses in six. Theirs is the squad he built.
  8. Doncaster rock bottom. A legacy that was built when Moore was still there and losing the last five or six games for them.
  9. Outsmarted and outperformed our manager by every metric today.
  10. A flop from the Belgian leagues who has done nothing since a short purple spell for WBA? This is as good as it gets.
  11. Whole team has been rattled and falling over all match and never deserved freekicks. Just soft.
  12. I agree with the sentiment (Moore has done nothing good of note) but this is his newly assembled squad so we will have to stick with him for longer.
  13. For all the talk of Ipswich, Plymouth should have easily had five today too.
  14. Tapping back and forth among the defenders, unable to progress further up the field.
  15. No shots or rubbish shots. Pick your poison. Plymouth have laid down the blueprint on beating us. Get in our faces and we panic and crumble.
  16. Prattling around at the back is a joke, we hardly make any progress.
  17. Truth be told we haven’t put together a complete, good performance this season. Just dribs and drabs, no reason to be all hyped up over Moore and his squad. Even if we go on to win we should have been 4-0 down by now.
  18. Player of the month curse. Bring back t’Dawson.
  19. Every player does the “changed man” routine. All four of the DUIs he got caught on could have been a Lee Hughes scenario.
  20. Be fair, Paterson’s little run earlier was the only good thing we’ve done all half. Kamberi should have hit the target.
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