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  1. Have to point out that the same problems are happening and we are in the same division
  2. Some learn and others aren’t capable plus those 3 have all won something which I personally don’t see happening with Moore
  3. I think everyone that has commented has agreed he got it wrong Hope Chansiri is reading this thread because he needs to act Moore and Smith just can’t handle the big situations and it will cost us again Plus signing Henegan should be grounds for dismissal alone
  4. This Our defence has disaster written all over it only Ike worth his place , and that place is on the right
  5. If that’s his thought process we are in more trouble than I thought Naive inept and clueless deary me
  6. Top lad Nigel is Won’t have a bad word said against him
  7. I like Ihekwe Henegan and Iorfa are abysmal Dunkley was slow but Henegan makes him look like Des Walker Shocking replacement
  8. Stupid comment It was Smith that enflamed the situation
  9. Patterson does it all the time and usually smashes a seat back to bits Didn’t see smith confronting him though Chasing him made it worse Ultimately a stupid substitution Moore doesn’t get the big calls right does he
  10. Just to be classed alongside those titans of football makes me feel content
  11. Just to be classed alongside those titans of football makes me feel content
  12. Cannot believe we have actually recruited Henegan he is Dire Good block in the first half but just loses his man for crosses and I have seen milk turn faster Iorfa is worse
  13. Sunderland replaced Johnson and got promoted
  14. Nowt wrong with 3 at the back but you are in trouble when two of them are Henegan and Iorfa We might as well have kept Dunkley and he was dire
  15. Apparently we looked at 200 centre half’s And still signed Henegan
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