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  1. Lost his man for the goal today plays like a man who knows there is interest in him from somewhere else
  2. Good article in the mail this morning about Plymouth and the set up I reckon we would have zero chance of getting Lowe proper run club
  3. Going to miss the first half today so I expect to see us at least 3 nil up at half time.
  4. And get him to put his boots on the right feet
  5. Yeh that was the Sheffield Midweek league that Parkway Market an Sheffield Police played in
  6. If we are producing so many crosses surely we don’t need Corbineau
  7. Really I think they are like chalk and Cheese
  8. DM = Defensive Midfield Are you taking the mick ? We have only 3 players capable of playing that role and that’s Hutchinson, Byers and Luongo
  9. I will be out tomorrow night with a quite a few Lincoln fans so I would like to have bragging rights so probably 0-2
  10. Very impressive against Mansfield reserves , personally I don’t think he was If he played Him and Johnson in a 442 it would finish up 424 and we would get slaughtered in midfield
  11. Another player who is getting better the less he has played When have you seen him play to give him such accolades?
  12. He is not my favourite but at the moment he is all we have got fit and I use the term fit lightly
  13. Can somebody educate me what they have seen in him to say he merits a starting place ? Whenever I have seen him he seems constantly chose the wrong option As I said after the first time I saw him he showed glimpses of skill but looks miles off the finished article Having said that Saturday was the perfect time to introduce him as a direct replacement for Hunt
  14. Well I played for Sheffield as a schoolboy then up to semi professional Finished playing at 45 due to ruptured Achilles So yes you are wrong again
  15. This is exactly what happened plus Bannan told him he should have booked him and not Patterson Good case for having it overturned I would think
  16. I thought we had dropped it after the win at Wigan but it’s crept back in Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it if we have the players to implement it but we haven’t, only Hutchinson is good enough to do it and one game not long ago he got in a tangle that forced him to try and get it back to the keeper but knocked it straight out for a corner
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