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Community Answers

  1. Dele-bashiru playing in the style that keeps him from ever getting an extended run in the team.
  2. To be fair he was in the team of the week last Saturday.
  3. As with so many Moore performances, we haven’t even laid a glove.
  4. Good test today, unlike our last two opponents Charlton seem to understand the need to pepper us with crosses.
  5. He scrapes by due to having the best budget in the division. The players will generally do enough to get a result.
  6. Who would you have dropped from either bench to include him?
  7. Looks like he is lacking in mobility.
  8. Two long range strikes papering over the same old, ongoing cracks in the defence.
  9. Weren’t there said to be big money bids for him once upon a time? Can see him going on a free like Forestieri and Reach.
  10. The Cowleys have a continued record of achievement as do most managers at this level. Moore has none.
  11. Yikes, carried on the shaky form from the friendlies. Iorfa has looked shot as a player for some time now.
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