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  1. Palmer, Peulpessy etc should be more than good enough for L1.
  2. Only the few good players who could move in to better things would want this chance. The rest will just want to rinse us for the full overpaid contract.
  3. The Athletic article talks of players not wanting to travel to matches due to the unpaid wages. I could imagine Reach was at the front of that with his stroppy lazy attitude on the pitch. Really seemed to down tools.
  4. He also left Doncaster with a losing mentality too. Hardly a testament to him.
  5. I read it, a total cluster****. That said under the same regime Neil Thompson averaged half a point more per game and even Monk outperformed Moore.
  6. Where else could he go? Nobody at any decent level is going to look at his record and Doncaster’s demise and want him
  7. Would have thought Windass was just as much of a passenger today and Dunkley stood out for destabilising the defence.
  8. The players are a symptom of the chairman’s choices. Our pre-season transfer business of Kachunga, Marriott, Brown, Dunkley, Dele-Bashiru etc excited a lot of posters on here. I just asked why they were so optimistic? Nobody knows how they’ll turn out but there seemed little reason to be optimistic.
  9. Criticising Moore doesn’t forgive Chansiri any of his numerous sins. Rather it’s just acceptance of the fact that he has been a poor appointment who averages less than a point per game, has no record to speak of and left Doncaster in a dire slump. Look at the bounce Bowyer gave Birmingham,
  10. “Over the 90 minutes, the midfielder was incredibly wasteful with his passing, completing just 18 of his 27 attempted passes – his success rate of 67% ranking him as Wednesday’s fourth-worst passer of those who started the fixture – as well as not finding his man with any of his eight crosses and successfully completing just two of his five attempted long balls. Furthermore, the £23,000-per-week Reach lost possession of the ball a whopping 22 times, as well as being dribbled past twice by Derby players, highlighting just how much of a passenger the midfielder was on a day when the Owl
  11. Criticising Moore isn’t to excuse anything Chansiri has done. It’s just saying the manager has been abject too. Look at the bounce Bowyer gave Birmingham.
  12. Had a part in all three goals and what was he doing when he challenged Westwood for the ball?
  13. He had a part in all three of their goals.
  14. Based on what? Has achieved nothing and set the rot in at Doncaster before leaving them.
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