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Community Answers

  1. Three bottom ten clubs in a row… lucky to get draws.
  2. It’s only down to luck and bad league one finishing that we have a good defensive record. We gift plenty of chances.
  3. They should have had two penalties in first half and various other chances.
  4. Moore was scared at the changes Lincoln could make so sent Corbeneau back to the bench. Much better to endure with the hapless Brown.
  5. This has to be a sacking today. Absolute garbage like nearly all Moore matches.
  6. Plunged into the back of Bishop again. As always we could be 4-0 down.
  7. Haha “evens things up for penalty appeals.” Nowhere near as strong as theirs.
  8. We are bobbins, how is Brown back in the starting eleven? We could have done a lot worse than bringing back Maguire. Much more of a known quantity than Berahino, Kamberi, Sow etc.
  9. All of these players are best when they’re not on the pitch.
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