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  1. Indeed - what on earth was Monk thinking - Nuhiu and Murphy as the front two. It failed, and then Murphy drifted back off to the wing to hide, leaving a stranding and immobile Nuhiu playing the last post.
  2. Aren't we due another fans forum? Should be interesting if ST sales fall of the cliff.
  3. When you needed battlers on the pitch Reach and Murphy aren't going to give you much. Reach is a fair weather player - not suited for a long championship season campaign. When I heard the Portuguese club were in for him, I thought he might go as I think he's better suited for a foreign game.
  4. Two things about the incident and subsequent decision: The 'foul' 1. There player went to ground to win the challenge. Luongo is closer to the ball with his standing foot placed next to the ball and he's going through a of kicking the ball: 2. Travis gets a toe end on the ball - a fair challenge. Luongo is still attempting to kick the ball and misses: 3. Luongo in following through his kick at the ball catches Travis' shin: 4. Luongo is still following through the kick with the ball now gone. At no point does Luongo move his standing foot and trajectory of his kick at the ball: 2. The 'ref' This clown who is around 10 yrds from the incident then pulls a straight red, signaling a stamp. Where was the stamp?
  5. Bannan only hovers around the oppositions box when we have a sustained period of pressure. Unfortunately we don't have the players to dominate teams, and they are more comfortable soaking up pressure then breaking occasionally. This means BB must drop deeper to pick the ball up when we are in possession. He then looks for an outlet in front of him... Where are the offensive midfielders? Where are the forwards? Where are the overlapping full backs? We are so static at times, it's like the refs blown his whistle for a stoppage. I don't know what the answer is TBH - we clearly need new and better players - I agree with the earlier post that from yesterday, the new full back, Fox, Murphy, Lee and Winnall wouldn't get a game - certainly in my team. Reach is a fair weather player IMO and goes missing when the going is tuff. Add Nuihu and Hutch as first half and half time replacements and you question where is the personnel that can change a game?
  6. I think he's exerted some bizarre strangle hold over the entire club. You should also judge a business by it's results/performance against it's targets. Unfortunately we have failed, with likely to be the same league position as when he arrived, similar players save for the odd gem like BB. We have a new pitch and scoreboard but the rest of the ground is a mess. The commercial side is a mess, and our debt level under him tripled - what have we got for this, two failed play off campaigns; one in our 'peak which was four years ago. We now enter a Summer where many of the class of 2015 are leaving. I'm pleased with this, as we clearly need to turn the page. DC's lack of guile of selling players when they were in their prime - FF, Reach etc. has been his achilles heal. Will he learn from this, or simply carry on. You simply can't run a football club - a multi-million pound turnover business, when the sole owner and Director is often based half way around the world. Flying in for the odd game is a reflection of his approach. The back-room staff must think it's a joke.
  7. I like Bannan, but we're all like Stockholm syndrome with him - he's the only route/outlet and pretty much controls the team's style of play; line up and outcome. We either bring players in over the Summer that complement him, or sell him.
  8. The midfielder whose roll was to man mark BB and also scored two goals. None of our midfield ever look like doing this.
  9. Our slow, sometimes tepid style of play; normally based in our own half, or hoofing it to an isolated CF isn't inspiring and hasn't been for a while. The other side to this, and reason why so many fans have tolerated it, is we've won, normally grinding out games. It's not pleasant to watch, save for Bannan's passing. We need to draw a line in the sand with this style and bring in more expansive and offensive players. The back line, save for a couple of full backs isn't that far away. We need two/three midfield players - a winger and two strikers - one to replace Fletcher and a nimble, pacy one who plays off the shoulder and down the channels. Bring in a new team for next season and the optimism will return - we're stale and things/personnel need to change and move on.
  10. The last three home games have been painful - literally a hand full of minutes of pressing and enjoyment. The owner, manager and players need to take responsibility. Certain posters have blamed the fans for over 15 yrs on here and I remember Megson saying it was all tosh - he wanted players who bleed for the shirt, and he pretty much got that. The atmosphere at Hillsborough now is non-existent - we've become a depressed collective, essentially expecting the worst.
  11. We're caught in a time warp with the ground - we apparently need to get promoted to make a decision - why? Why can't start a long-term plan now. I think it's clear this owner isn't going to be here long term or he intends to move grounds once promoted and therefore, guaranteed revenue flows in. The paradox with this strategy is he's the one holding promotion back - his poor, narcissistic management of the club at all levels, with results any employee would have been sacked by now. There's essentially nothing to show from his 5-year investment, other than the pitch. His family, who were there today, must think what is this all about DC - it's verging on a personal and financial disaster.
  12. True - but to be fair to him, he'd gone by early July - we still had a month or so to sort players out, and the players he brought in were in positions we also needed to strengthen. DC seemed more bothered about having a ruck with Newcastle than focusing on manager and player recruitment thought July and early August.
  13. I understand your point, but four years on from Wembley and this is what it's come to. DC really needs to look in the mirror at what his achieved during this time and take some responsibly.
  14. The absence of Fletcher and Harris has essentially made us impotent.
  15. There would have been very few Wednesday fans that would have thought/expected this team to have come back into that game from 0-1 and down to 10 men. Other clubs/teams - yes, but not this team.
  16. I suspect you're right - backs to the wall and keep it tight away and try to grab a goal or two on the break seems to be the plan, and it's working more than not. Our home performances are nothing short of shambolic save for the very odd game.
  17. I wouldn't spend anything in this window - freebies to cover injuries yes, but forget promotion. Simply consolidate and get through to end of the season. We need to line up our business both in & out early this year. We need a new squad with a new plan - certainly across midfield. If Bannan is going to be here then buy the players to complement him - because I'm sick of the shambles recruitment of the last four years in that area. When we left Wembley nearly four years ago, we collectively said we need a couple of midfield beasts: pacey, strong and agile. Did you really think that four years on we'd be looking at Bannan and Lee lining up today and Hutch coming on.
  18. Just over half a season gone, and we have run out of energy. The players always had the potential, and have achieved play off positions collectively before, but I fear four years on we just don't have the belief, energy and all round desire. I think we'll end up where and what we all pretty much thought at the start of the season - a mid-table team. I'd start preparing the Summer out and incomings shortly to enable us to provide a different set up next season. This season's gone for me - too many players who can't do it for 90mins game after game.
  19. The championship will clearly change over the next few years. The PL have a vested interest in this as three teams enter their league (club) each year and three clubs leave. The parachute payments are clearly affecting the P&S of clubs, like us, competing with relegated clubs. The system is essentially promoting overspending in clubs trying to achieve a level playing field with clubs armed with £Ms from the PL for failure. The EFL are more concerned with the large majority of clubs who either can't or don't spend to compete. I can only see the championship being transferred to the PL, and classed as the PL2. This would benefit the PL in advertising, revenue in marketing and games shown under the brand. They would be able to drop the parachute payments from PL1 to PL2, and if needed have a vastly reduced payment structure for relegated teams from PL2 to the EFL league 2. Most championship clubs. like us, would benefit in being able to compete without this P&S nonsense, and have a proper commercial body managing the game. The EFL would benefit by being able to walk away from this constant problem and go away to properly managing the likes of Bury, Macclesfield et al. The fans would benefit because of all this, with the knowledge that the transition and gulf between the PL and championship is better managed.
  20. I don't think it's about the 'brilliant save count' - for me the two keepers are similar with positive and negative attributes, like all keepers at this level. The key point for me is that one is keen, enthusiastic and playing. The other is seemingly not. I don't want players at the club who pick and choose when they play. It's an insult to the club and the fans who are paying good money to watch the team. Westwood has a good contract; his last and should be giving everything for the club, even if that means sitting on the bench. Any other normal player understands that when coming back from injury you fight for you place, and when the incumbent is playing well you wait your turn and support your team mates, even if it's from the bench. Let's see if he's doing that today.
  21. Yep - it's quickly becoming a laughing stock. I trust they'll be no more Rooney love-in articles on the EFL web site.
  22. The recent implication is that Westwood is not happy to sit on the bench as no 2 keeper when fit. We either agree that Wildsmith is better than Westwood and therefore, should look at off-loading Westwood for this and the wages he's on, or we don't and demand that he sits on the bench and waits his turn. There's been too much of this attitude and club indifference of senior pros at Hillsborough over the last few years, and it's held the club back - on the pitch as a team and financially.
  23. I agree - but I wonder if we'd be taking this approach if we were selling out, and therefore, losing a thousand or so seats in revenue?
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