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  1. At some point DC will sell, unless he's wants to hand the club over to Atte, which as he grows into adult hood is probably unlikely when he sees the state of things. So the dilemma for DC is how long - does he cut his loses and bail out this year, or try to claw back some potential value to get back to at least where he was in 2016/17. That could take anything between 3-5 years, and is dependent on a good manager and players, which is another 6/12 months off. He's losing what; £10m-£20m a year, on top of the £100m or so he's already invested, with no value other than the scoreboard capital depreciation. He could be in it for another £50m/£60m until we are ready to sell, and even then will the investment be re-couped - will we be worth another £50/£60? I doubt it, so what's the point? I'd bail now and take £30m and minimise his loses, as even he must see that he's not capable to see this through.
  2. Yes, and in 2005 we had a midfield who chipped in regularly and 2012 we had defenders who did the same. Right now we simply don't look like scoring or even creating.
  3. I was listening to 5-live football show last night, and they were talking about Notts Forest and championship clubs in general. The discussion was centred around Steve Cooper and his respect in the game and his use of the loan system. Said championship clubs need to play a certain way for EPL clubs to loan out decent prospects. Got me thinking about us, Wolves and Corbeanu - the very public washing of our dirty laundry last week, could hinder our chances of quality loans in this window and the Summer if we don't learn some lessons on the handling of his loan period.
  4. Thanks - we've got a lot of off-field improvement to make. In the end with marginal investment, we can make the youth teams feel part of the 'family' as DC says, and at the same time get the fans engaged.
  5. Is that a break from the past - i.e. have they shown them before. I know there's been a lot of disquiet at the club's coverage of U18 games over that last few years. Do other clubs generally give more/better coverage?
  6. I think if you look at the posts in this thread, you'll see it goes a lot deeper than this. Added to this, it was DM who brought Theo in the first place - why, if you didn't intend to play him in a position/formation that suited him? It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, including DM, that Wolves have pulled Theo and want him at a club who play a system that suits Theo. We'll see how that pans out. Of course this is DM's prerogative, and ultimately he will will be judged by results. I don't mind what he does, providing it's consistent, and he brings in players to suit. As many in this thread have stated, that's clearly not been the case.
  7. The infrastructure is a big thing - we had exposed toilet pipes freezing, which cancelled a game; a score board that quaintly didn't work, failed pitch and facilities that non-league wouldn't entertain. They all needed immediate investment. However, I imagine the promised land pay back has doubled since 2015. It's a gamble, but pound for pound you'd certainly think Derby are a better long term investment.
  8. Mark Hughes was ok. Surprised Lineker never went into management, but he's probably done better; financially and less stress in his media career.
  9. Indeed, and both owners seemingly inflated the valuations for specific reasons; reasons that may now backfire, as whilst they'll say, 'look, the ground's worth £80m' in reality a perspective buyer will say, 'no, it's worth £30-40m at best'. It's these things that will test DC when any suiter comes sniffing around us. As has been said above, if DC thinks he can get his money back - say £200-£300m, he's living in another universe. At least Derby are in admin and can accelerate a deal. With DC, it will be a death by a thousand cuts.
  10. He's said he'll sell the ground as part of any package club sale, but clearly valuations will play a part in this.
  11. At least Sports Direct is a real company.
  12. I think it was inevitable that Ashley would show interest in Derby. They have potential and the cut-price makes it attractive. Having said that I imagine they'll be more than him sniffing around the administrators. I suppose the devil is in the detail - what's the debt structure and liabilities. He'll want the administrator to clear most of this off before he can agree.
  13. It's quite depressing really. I really can't think of any positives at the moment. I don't even think we'll mount any challenge for the play offs this season, and drift around with the shambles of this formation and style of play until DM is fired. DC will talk the next manager up and we'll go on another lap of mediocracy, until he's fired. We can't even get a cup run going anymore. In fact we close to being a redundant football club.
  14. So how do you deal with the paradox of being addicted to Twitter with coming off - is it temporary or will you look at more traditional reporting/communication? I don't know if you saw the David Baddiel programme about social media. He was the same, totally addicted, but some of the personal comments about him and in particular his father, who has dementia, left him depressed, and he came off. He's now back on mind.
  15. If we trust Moore then let's move on. I'm sure there a wingback out there or in the current squad ready to slot in and play to Moore's formation.
  16. I imagine it will get worst as more and more people get sucked in with multiple accounts. The events in the USA surrounding the capital insurrection has seen FBI using endless post by fairly senior politicians as evidence. Innocuous posts could very much lead you to a criminal conviction. This is partly why I think the companies are reluctant to be too proactive, but they're be dragged there eventually by leglislators as it's unsustainable. Twitter already banned Trump and serving Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, for repeated infringements of their 'rules'. As you say, how can they police all the accounts on their system. It's practically impossible and this leaves absolute loons the freedom to constantly spout nonsense. On a low level, football 'fans' undermine the established structure by constantly shouting and criticising, until people walk away because of the hassle. Unfortunately, society is polarised and angry. Just look at the outburst around Djokovic today - a fairly minor event years ago is now international news with almost hysterical reporting and comments.
  17. I watched a commentator on TV before Christmas talking about fledgling legislation controls around Social Media, and the difficulties presented by this at government and company level, and she said that we'll look back in years to come at this period of time and wonder how it actually functioned with no restrictions or management.
  18. It maybe - who knows. However, he can't sustain the losses long term - I mean say up to 5 years. The annual losses are presumably his and other than adding to the club sale bill, he will never get them back. He's tried to offset his financial exposure by mortgaging the ground but I can't see anything else to sell. Therefore, he needs to re-structure the off and on pitch and invest into resources to look like a normal and proper football club. This will take his time and money.
  19. I don't agree - everyone has different opinions. Some like just rocking up at the match, some like the politics, and some like to get involved in the community side - like the supporters club years ago. It was never for me and my mates, but if they want to meet every month and get their own coach to a game then fine. Social media has changed everything. Everyone, if they choose, can express and opinion. Most fans just want some level of success. I think our fans look at our history and fan base and rightly expect us to have periods of success. The 20 years have been the worst in our history. It doesn't look like changing soon, but what exactly can the fans do - it's gone beyond financial input, and this didn't work in 2012. DC is simply the wrong guy for us - we need engagement and cooperation to cement a trusting relationship during these dark times. If his plan is to sell once we reach the EPL, we could be stuck in this vacuum for years to come. That's my worst thought as we sit here today, mid-table in L1 with a seemingly lethargic bunch of players and manager stuck in a self-denial mouse wheel.
  20. There's so many variables these days. Championship clubs in particular have suffered by 'going for it' over the last few years. Us and a few others have really suffered, primarily because of the incompetency of the owner. Having said that, he did have a three-year plan for promotion when he arrived, and nearly got there in year 2. That would have been some success in my eyes considering the player budget in 15/16. The next two seasons paved the way to where we are now. DC says that he would invest but for the EFL. Those are the rules unfortunately, and it doesn't seem to matter if Chelsea post £153.4m post-tax loss for the financial year ending 30 June 2021, and the EPL plough on regardless - it that sustainable in the long run? Probably as long as players attract valuations as they do and SKY et al pump endless cash in each year.
  21. i think his comments have been taken out of context. To me he's reflecting on how Celtic fans expectation are high, and very demanding. Clearly they are fighting Rangers year after year for 3 trophies and hate them passionately through the religious and politic differences. So it's this that drives them for nothing less than success. He's comparing that to us, an English provincial club who even compete in the top league. He's not having a pop at us, but most clubs in this position.
  22. must have been very young - probably hated moving if it was his first time away from home.
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