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  1. It's poor - we've had three home games, which should have been four and we're still having to print off tickets.
  2. UEFA and now FIFA lack the will to deal with this, and the penalty outcomes over the years have been laughable. Many east European countries have a in-grained indifference to overt racism - many of the wider crowd in Hungary seemed complicit with the fascist behind the goal. I assume it's a culture and they will presumably be confused why the wider-world find it disgusting.
  3. They have each struggled with the issue. I'm not suggesting that we drop BB. My opinion is that BB is a key part of the team, but we haven't built a team around him, which leaves us disjointed. Of course resources and off-the-field issues may have played a part in this, but we have recruited many wide players over the last 5 years or so, and IMO neglected the centre of midfield. BB needs a strong ball-winning partner who is mobile. The fact that the last 5 managers haven't invested in this area, other than as I've said Luongo, is disappointing. Whether that suggests that they were inept, only results can judge.
  4. Our team is disjointed and has been for years. The managers haven't dealt with it - it's fairly obvious. Happy to hear your views.
  5. RIP Tony. Remember 1976 when he took the team overnight on the moors in freezing weather - playing at home and players having a 'phycological block' was even being churned out then:
  6. It's been this way since the Hull play off final. Five managers haven't dealt with the conundrum of BB, hence why we drift into these systems that other players can't play, or are out of position/uncomfortable. We need a ball winner in midfield and we seem to ignore it year on year - Luongo is probably the nearest we've got to it, and he's too inquiry prone. CC said Hutch couldn't play in centre midfield at the start of the 2016/17 season and yet here we are 5 years on and he's being shoehorned into that very role. At some point we've got to sort out the midfield and have a clear system with players who can play in it.
  7. Was thinking about the similarities to playing Shrewsbury 45 years ago. I remember stood on the kop with my Dad when we lost 1-0 and Wylde miss a penalty. We'd started the season on a high and were in the top 6. The crowd were agitated as expectations where high, and the game was frustrating.
  8. I suppose it depends on whether they can adapt - Paterson was/is a striker and played that position at a high level, but also was asked to fill in at full back. Moore clearly needs to ensure he doesn't expose players and the team to unnecessary risks, as the crowd will react poorly when it doesn't work - Wing lost the ball in dangerous positions yesterday, which as you say, may have resulted from him playing in an unnatural role. However, I don't buy that fans 'hate' players as you suggest. I don't think it's terminology you should should be using.
  9. So you're saying it's Moore's fault he looked poor? I get players may struggle if asked to play our of their 'natural' and best position but the manager surely wouldn't risk the team performance by doing this - or would he?
  10. I think everyone did - the crowd just sat and watched another repeat unravel - same old; same old I'm afraid. We started the season well, but it was the clean sheets that masked other fragilities; namely scoring goals and creating chances. Now we're back to having a suspect keeper and defence, the issues are back. I don't mind winning 3-2 if we go for it and create chances, but a stale 60 mins of ponderous football isn't the way forward.
  11. Looks rusty - got caught in possession a few times yesterday which then lead to a Shrewsbury break on goal. Reminds me of Darren Potter
  12. Our players are far from poor - there's championship and PL experience across the board. It's the system and style that's the problem, and one or two players short in key areas. We've got to press teams and apply our style to dominate and win games. Not sure Moore knows what our style is or how to apply it with the players at his disposal. 15/20 mins of good, and effective football per game is simply not good enough. The players were physically tiring after 70mins yesterday and that's also a concern .
  13. they all looked knackered after 70 mins - we need some endurance conditioning. We shouldn't be playing players who have knocks - it's too risky and suggests a lack of confidence in the squad player.
  14. The 2nd half proves he's lost for ideas or struggles to adapt. Wants to play a system, and can't adjust when it doesn't work which is increasingly happening. Not sure if he has the players to adjust TBH, but something needs to give or we'll drift around mid-table and apathy will set in again across the club.
  15. Gregory's made a career of dropping deep playing as a back to goal CF bringing the midfield and other forward players into play. He's currently isolated and fairly ineffective. When he does get the chance he's not quick enough or a good enough finisher. He's an honest enough player and has some good attributes but doesn't fit the system and isn't what we need if we persevere with it.
  16. Shrewsbury could have finished us off in the 2nd half whilst we struggled and gave the ball away again and again in midfield. I'm afraid DC needs to take full responsibility and sort it out, not say the players need to review the 2nd half performance.
  17. Looking forward to today - sun's out and hopefully the team will play with confidence and get a decent win. 3-0 and back in the top 6.
  18. In some respects this was inevitable. Their position has been publicly laid out over a few years now; similar to us, but apparently much worst and deeper. They acted like a PL club digger a deeper hole. They will have to be made an example of and then join us in L1 looking forward to playing Shrewsbury. As we know, debt can be written off - there's a lot of money out there waiting for a home, and Derby are a big club with great facilities. They won't have to worry. The administrators will package the sale/transfer and no doubt suitors will have accepted a few years re-building. Rooney will probably leave as I would have expected he thought he'd have been at a PL club by now. Derby was always a springboard, but clearly that has had a temporary setback. This is the dreadful consequences of the modern game. Too much money and too few sensible business people managing clubs prudently. There are probably 40 clubs in the league structure all chasing 19 places in the PL, and their desperation sometimes ends up like this. Whilst the EFL don't always cover themselves in glory, to say the rules aren't clear is wrong. Abide by them, and manage your club sustainably and you shouldn't have any issues. Derby simply chose the wrong road and found they couldn't turn back.
  19. That's not a bad shout - I'm sure they'll be units still for rent over the road, and the fan zone would be good addition, with a bar/club for increased revenue.
  20. He'd have left us - had a track record of moving on quickly. Can't imagine he'd have stayed in Sheffield for much longer than he did. I was surprised that he stayed at West Ham as long as he did, but it was London. Man U wanted him briefly but for some reason it fell through. Great and talented player; questionable personality.
  21. Tend to agree but the area is fairly isolated, not near any residential other than across the very busy road. I think it is as good as they can get. Jaguar have a good record on this size of development. I agree about the cycle route classification - we are miles behind other cities in cycle lane design. I was in London last week and it's widespread and very obvious - they are clearly spending vast amounts of money on cycle lanes and green spaces. Our industrial and limited resources background tends to push these issue to one side.
  22. I know, but the COVID rules have had legislation underpinning them. If some football clubs chose the checking rules and others don't it will need some form of EFL mediation as as been said above, thousand of fans will rock up half cut without the necessary info. It could get messy and then the police get involved outside the turnstiles.
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