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  1. I would expect Hughton to be at the top of Bournemouth's list.
  2. The Birmingham events of 2017/18 before Monk was appointed seems to suggest some similarities, with intermediaries, Darren Dein and HK-based investors. I thought the OADT was suppose to stop this, but as you say, the Wigan fiasco suggests not. Your comment about moving capital is interesting in a football context - I maintain though, that if you have capital, why would you send it into another country to prop-up a badly run loss-making business. They may as well throw it straight into HK's Victoria harbour.
  3. But surely the HMRC's rules on anti money laundering would prevent UK-based businesses being involved in this practice. The EFL also have their own Directors & Owners test.
  4. I seem to recall that Brum fans were, on the whole, very complementary about Monk and his team. Maybe it's the arrival of the latter that will trigger Monk to achieve that accolade from the SWFC fans.
  5. What's the motivation in getting money out of the country, when it is essentially paying a loss-making business' debt?
  6. Thanks for the insight. So, this doesn't pose well for the football clubs, if the investors' choose to stop the annual funding of the club, or the Chinese Government blocks further money coming out. I suppose the nuclear option for them is to sell their investment at a loss and move on.
  7. I see - I've never really understood the attractiveness of football investment, other than the top few clubs who can generate significant turnover and profits. I suppose for these investors, its that hope, although there's got to be a better; safer and more guaranteed RoI vehicle than the likes of a provincial championship club. The other motivation is of course personal - the fame, prestige, glamour of 'owning' an English football club, particularly for a foreign investor. Hidden investors get no exposure or benefit of this and DC looks rather uncomfortable. I also would have thought that the agents would be paid on some form of insensitive basis based on results. Can't see them making much at present.
  8. Yes - but DC's actions, if they are his actions, are clearly directly jeopardising their income.
  9. I understand - not sure that choosing DC as a figure head is a master stroke or incompetency of the highest order.
  10. So you are implying that we could be 'owned' by a collection of far East investors, with DC as the figure-head?
  11. ok, thanks - on that basis, do you think DC is in this on his own? If so, his personal wealth has been and is predicted to continue to be eroded. At what point does he simply reach the threshold of no more money. My concern in this is his strange valuation of the club. There's no way he will achieve the £200m level he floated at the fans meeting in Dec 2018. He'd probably get what he paid, and have to therefore, right-off the debt, which must be a personal risk to him.
  12. I meant his families' business - I assume they collectively could offer some sort advice, or find someone in the UK to act as the primary lead. We have always said that DC doesn't have a huge personal wealth, and his loses caulked up through SWFC alone must have wiped out a fair % of this by now. Therefore, I can only conclude that it's either his family underwriting the investment/debt or he has other ownership agreements in place with other parties. I simply can't understand and accept that a guy who, as you say, is noting more than an estate agent, is running up debt at his rate without the threat of personal bankruptcy.
  13. He needs to come out and give a statement to the fans - some sign of a line in the sand moment and this is the next stage with a plan. At present we all sit here looking in dismay at how it's all unravelling, with nothing to show after 5 years of his personal investment. He has risked our championship status because of his personal inability to structure the club properly and we face an extremely difficult task of avoiding relegation next season. He will have to bank roll us at circa £12-15m loses per season just to stay in this league for another 2 seasons min. His family business must have people who can sit down with him and offer advice of how he can set up a functioning business at least. At present we are simply struggling to survive which is a downward trend from treading water over the last two years. As a business, there's little success factors to point to.
  14. It's interesting how the EFL play these things - a sort of amateur CPS who get all excited in the initial case then hopefully end up caving in when the big-wig defence lawyers show them the errors of their ways, and end up plea bargaining to a lessor charge.
  15. We also need to reflect that the EFL have many 'penalties' available in the case of a 'guilty verdict by the disciplinary panel. Points deductions are only one, which most people seems to have jumped to the conclusion this will be the outcome. I believe there is no precedent on this, so not sure why people thing a points deduction is inevitable. 92 Decisions 92.1 The Disciplinary Commission may at any time make a decision, and may make more than one decision at different times on different aspects of the matters to be determined. 92.2 A decision may: 92.2.1 order a party to do or refrain from doing anything; 92.2.2 order a specific performance; 92.2.3 make a declaration on any matter to be determined; 92.2.4 issue a reprimand or warning as to the future conduct of a party; 92.2.5 order the payment of compensation to The League, any Club, any other club, Player or other person; 92.2.6 order a suspension of membership of The League; 92.2.7 order a deduction of points; 92.2.8 impose a financial penalty payable to The League; 92.2.9 recommend expulsion from membership of The League; 92.2.10 order a withdrawal or loss of benefit otherwise available to members of The League e.g. basic award or ladder payment; 92.2.11 impose an embargo on registration of Players; 92.2.12 order any other sanction as the Disciplinary Commission may think fit; and 92.2.13 order that interest be payable on any sums awarded under this Regulation for such period and at such rates as the Disciplinary Commission thinks fit. 92.3 These sanctions may be imposed immediately or may be deferred or suspended for such period and on such terms as the Disciplinary Commission shall decide.
  16. This is probably the best detailed read on both cases - the author's conclusion is also quite positive both us and Derby: https://www.footballlaw.co.uk/articles/the-owls-and-the-rams
  17. Derby have also structured a lease arrangement, which the club now pay an annual rent to Morris' other company - a bit like your own club with McCabe some time ago before he got greedy. DC could have done this, but it does seem pretty pointless unless this is funding your loan on the investment in the first place. DC doesn't appear to have these issue to worry about. Derby's £80m valuation was adjusted by the EFL after Derby submitted their accounts. I'm not sure the £80m reflects the lease and therefore,market value, or the traditional depreciated replacement cost value, which as pride park is relatively new, will be more in value than Hillsborough's £60m, which seems to be about right. In any case, both valuations were done in accordance with accountancy and property regulations, and undertake by regulated and registered consultancy firms.
  18. Yes - a manager's job is also recruitment, and we'll never know what part CC played in this throughout his tenure. You are suggesting CC played no part in this, which I find hard to accept. If true, it says more about CC than the owner, as we know the owner is unconventional and most find his links with Doyen/Paxo questionable. I'd rather managers say forget it, I pick the players out and the club buys them. Maybe this is why we've struggled with manager recruitment and retention, and why we've ended up with Monk.
  19. Watched the El loco - Bielsa documentary on Sky. His training methods were and are relentless with fitness; tactics and technique drilled into the players . Whilst I have no idea on what CC's methods were, the feedback over time from players was the opposite. Results ultimately show which teams succeed, and the shambles of the players fitness by the end of 2017; particularly in the Huddersfield semi should be a lessen to all those who thought he was a harmless cheeky chappie.
  20. This is quite possible. In fact, it's unlikely DC got out of bed on the 31st July 2019 and thought, I know, I'll flog the stadium to myself... He may have been considering the sale for a long time, and it's possibly why the two Directors resigned in Feb 2019, so they distanced themselves from the proposals. If so, you'd have thought the 'deal' and agreement would have been prepared diligently by accountants and lawyers for some time, not on some fag packet.
  21. Let's hope they're low. He's like the kit man at Stoke - good to have around the place.
  22. TBH - I'm not bothered about him saying owt - it's normally a bit of a ramble and verging on incoherent anyhow. What he does need to do is set up an infrastructure so we have UK-based senior executives at Hillsborough 24/7 informing the fans of the 'plan' and how they intend to implement it. At present it's completely in disarray and we're suffering on and off the pitch.
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