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  1. If we are relying on him as a striker back up, we need to sign another striker in this window.
  2. It was great to be back on Saturday, and the stadium looked spot on. We are going to tick over at Hillsborough for the next decade, even if we get to the PL within 5/6 years. Therefore, we will need to consider the upkeep and investment to somehow get the ridiculous seat restrictions lifted so we can have a 35k+ capacity. Longer term, the three older stands will need re-modelling/re-building if we stay, but this will cost significant funds, which DC is unlikely to have, unless his families property business see an opportunity. If not, we'll need the PL money to pay for this. If we eventually move, there will be a lot of planning restrictions on the location. Transport will play the major part, and will need to be near train and tram links. There are some areas around Neepsend but not sure if they are big enough. I wouldn't want to be down Attercliffe/Carbrook - just not a pleasant area, and I agree that the Parkway land is likely to be already spoken for as business-lead use, not leisure.
  3. Tremendous evening - everyone should be rightly proud of the teams’ achievements and hopefully this provides a springboard for the game. Come on SWFC, get behind the club’s woman’s team
  4. I always thought Morris was weak, but after Sterland Hercules would look weak.
  5. In the modern game, he has all the attributes for top clubs to turn their heads. Add goals and it will become very difficult to keep him.
  6. Their 3rd goal summed up the issue for me - the opp expolit Johnson, get in around the back which then draws out Heneghan who doesn't make a real attempt to close down the cross and leaves a woeful Iorfa to defend the header. Also worried about Ihiekwe - as the third CH, he seemed fairly anonymous in the 3 goals.
  7. if he carries on doing that he'll receive a lot of attention from decent Championship teams
  8. Agree with this - our 'professional fouls' were quickly punished yet they had two our three similar situations and he did nothing.
  9. not sure what Windass' position was today - totally went missing in the 2nd half. BB was further forward at times.
  10. he'd be better at wing back - don't think he's a natural centre half even in a 3-man defence.
  11. heard it on Radio Sheff and was disappointed that he wasn't more precise and concerned. He's obviously protecting his players, but he must be fuming inside watching that shameful 20min defending
  12. Stockdale's movement really concerned me today - only the 3rd goal could he be excused. The 3 centre halfs looked all at sea and need more time together and on the training pitch to get a understanding who's doing what. One thing that really concerned me was the amount of time Heneghan tried to move the back line out but Iorfa just ignored him and stayed deep - not very reassuring.
  13. That can be the only explanation - or some bizarre pate'
  14. They've just taken Swedish firm's boozer in town - never been run...
  15. I tend to agree with that - most professionals have some pace, and the ones who have that extra don't always have an outlet - both JJ and NML are in that category IMO. We also don't play with wingers, and the wing backs have decent pace and stamina to get up and back to support both ends of the pitch. Windass will give us an extra edge in pulling defenders into the gaps allowing the midfield to exploit. Too much made of a need for 'pace' IMO.
  16. I couldn't see Smith and Gregory starting together.
  17. Pleased with Vaulks signing, although we do know he will inevitably get injured doing a summersault in the first game
  18. I like how the attacker simply turns and jogs back up field after the keeper picks the ball up
  19. I didn't know that, but the detail is important - league 1 levels and (reduced) championship levels may be similar, but also may not. Even at reduced levels, I suspect the two are on more than other L1 team strikers. That's fine in my book providing they deliver. There's going to be a lot of pressure on Moore and the team next season. Having ex-championship players throughout the team means the expectations are high. If they all deliver, the gamble has paid off - if they don't, we'll all be sat here next year shaking our heads again.
  20. Whilst I agree with most of this, it's an important decision for the club. Both Gregory and Windass will be on 'championship' wages and they need to delivery. Gregory started to do this in the final third of the season and hopefully he can carry this on next season and be the 20-goal striker we've needed since Steve McClean. A fully fit and committed Windass would IMO provide the team with a quality strike force, who complement each other. Again Windass should be capable of achieving 20 goals in this league. In the end, the above is down to the manager, and I suspect Moore is playing a major role in these negotiations which will influence DC's decision making.
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