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  1. If we score first on Monday we have a chance. If they do, it's game over I think. Neil won't let a 2 goal lead slip.
  2. Saido deserves his opportunity. They look better together each time they start. Windass to replace him in the second half.
  3. We are going to beat them tonight by such a convincing margin that Monday's game will be a non stop "we're going to Wembley" inflatable fuelled party. The WEDNESDAY!
  4. Stunning pictures. Why some say they want us to move to a new "flat pack" stadium is beyond me. The place just needs a lick of paint for now and then a new away end / refurb once we get back into the Prem. Sorted
  5. What a sight, what a club. Crazy that we are in this division. Let's do this and get out first time of asking. UTO!
  6. The ball just stuck to him today. Wonderful performance. He must be full of confidence now going into the Sunderland games.
  7. I was intending to attend the game wearing a lime green mankini while holding an inflatable surfboard. Too much??
  8. He frustrates me at times but I want him to do well here. Perhaps they could have done with a few more halftime team talks like that at previous away games.
  9. They are the "Cod Army" after all. I think it's great that they have a sense of humour. Captain Pugwash is pure class.
  10. Great lad. Epitomises everything we love about football. Hope they stay up.
  11. How their player remained on the pitch after taking him out with the most cynical and dangerous foul only the bent referee knows.....
  12. No point having MOM poll I think. It's got to be Moore.
  13. Catch the fookers on the break now lads. Come on!
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