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  1. I like Hunt. He gives his all, and never lets us down (at least not defensively). I'm interested to know his attacking stats though, because as a wing back we really need some output from those positions. Does anyknow know his goals and assist figures for last season?
  2. As much as it sounds ludicris now, it wasnt at the time. When we were a decent mid-Championship team, and Iorfa was bang on form, his value would easily been £5-7m. Good Championsip players are often transfered to the Prem for £5m+, even £10m+ now. However, it's not going to happen now that he's a bang average L1 defender, if that. As a matter of interest, does anyone have any idea what is the record for a player to be bought form a L1 team? And also the record for a non-striker from a L1 team?
  3. There is no reason why we shouldnt have healthier options on the menu, but IMO you cant beat having a pie and a bovril at the match, especially on those cold winter days.
  4. It was just a cold finger buffet of mainly snadwiches, served in a pokey room, with tins of beer in a fridge. It wold honestly have been more preferable in a pub with real beer and order a bite off the menu. But as I said, you probably get what you pay for, and Im sure there would have been more elite options. That was some years ago too, maybe 2006 ish.
  5. I have never been to one at Hillsborough, but have been at several other clubs, usually as a guest of clients at my old job. Fulham Chelsea Watford Man City, many times (mates wife works there) I always enjoy it. Man City put on a particularly good day, every time. Chelsea was shocking, but then I'm assuming we weren't exactly in the poshest of areas that day. As for cost, I've never paid so really wouldn't know. But I would definitely pay for such a day out for a special occasion.
  6. In no particular order... Home v Cambridge Away v Rotherham Home v Pompey Players, again, in no order... Bannan away at MK Gregory away at Fleetwood Luongo away at Rotherham
  7. the 2 biggest factors to get casual fans coming back, will be pricing and good/winning football
  8. And some people just create pathetic threads like this, just to hate on the haters..
  9. A big jump, yes. But a jump we'll never find out if he's capable of making or not if we dont try him. All I ever hear is "oh he's only 16". So what, stick him in, He's not a small lad. I play with 2 17 year lads in my regular games, and they kick lumps out of me! But a striker doesnt have to be big and tough to be good. Michael Owen wasnt exactly a man mountain when he made his debut at 16. Listen, Im not saying that he's the answer, but lets just TRY.
  10. no thanks, we give away enough stupid fouls, miss enough easy chances, and play slow enough, as it is already
  11. Ironic thing is, he doesnt even want to play 532, he wants to play 4231.
  12. I honestly dont give a t0$$ which league we are in. I just want to see us have a team that Im proud of, a team that try their hearts out, and ultimately see us WIN that league. Im 47 years old and have never seen Sheffield Wednesday WIN a league, at any level. That's sad. Do I care if I dont ever see Sheffield Wednesdday play in the Premier League again? Or the Champions League? Nah, not really. Just make me proud. I think thats all most Owls fans really want.
  13. What can he do? For me its 2 things. 1. Pick the right players/formation = which for me, tonight, he did. But all too often this season, for me, he hasnt. 2. Use his substitutions timely, wisely and change things tactically by doing so = this, for me, is where DM struggles consistently. After that, yes, its all down to the players.
  14. none, sadly. the only one Ive really had confidence in was Steve Bruce, but we all know how that ended up. but it doesnt change the fact that this is the state of the game now, and we cant allow managers to have 1/2 of the season to stumble upon the correct formula.
  15. All this talk I have been hearing for months, in defence of DM, of how he had to rebuild the squad last summer with freebies and loans, doesnt wash with me. Isnt this the case for almost every team at this level, each and every summer? Its just the nature of the game now, players running their contracts down, clubs being broke, and not knowing which division they will be playing in. It will happen again this summer, the summer after that, and the summer after that. A good manager has to deal with that and just get on with it and succeed.
  16. Good luck to the Mackems in the final. If I watch it I'll be cheering you on. You have some good players there, who battle hard.
  17. 85 points, weirdly, was more than the champions of L2 got. But yet we are are still a L1 team. i.e. we failed
  18. Its quite possible. but tonight most players showed a complete lack of compsoure and didnt take that extra split second to make the correct decisions. it was all so rushed, sadly.
  19. but we have seen all season that we rarely get outplayed, we just get outfought and outcoached.
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