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  1. We really are utterly clueless about contracts for up and coming players. As well as giving them game time.
  2. What stood out for me in that 2 minute video was just how good our full backs were, and how bad they've been pretty much ever since.
  3. Peacock-Farrell - 6/10 - a slight improvement Hunt - 6/10 - steady Gibson - 0/10 - err.....who? Brown - 2/10 - simply not good enough, not even for conf level footy Johnson - 4/10 - will give him more time Adeniran - 8/10 - I genuinely like this guy Byers - 5/10 - needs time to prove himself, but will ultimately prove to be Baz's backup Wing - 3/10 - nah, sorry, no passion Corbeanu - 7/10 - getting better and better Shodipo - 2/10 - seems lost Sow - 4/10 - need more chances, had far less minutes than the rest of the world beatingwingers we have Berahino - 2/10 - I just dont get it with this guy Kamberi - 7/10 - starting to come good. he may yet really prove hisworth Gregory - 8/10 - we'd be struggling without his goals. I think this is his level. Total = 14 players = 64/140 Ave = 4.57/10 Although that average sounds pretty crappy. We have found a few regular starters, so not to bad really for a bunch of free signings. But I'm very interested to see how easy it will be for us to offload the bad ones. Many times in the past we have been found to be paying too high salaries, which really hinders out chances of getting rid. I hope we have learned from those mistakes so we can get rid of the likes of Brown and Berahino etc easily enough.
  4. I think it would be really harsh for anyone to post a team that doesnt include Adeniran. I do agree that Luongo and Windass coming back poses selection threats to him, but I think he almost carried our hopes alone for a couple of months there.
  5. Bannan wouldnt score 10 goals in Sunday League. Its just not his game. Same as taking good corners, or winning headers, or tackling, or encouraging his team mates.
  6. You also just described Bannan. Apart from the 2 stone thing.
  7. which location do you find is the best to set the VPN to?
  8. He should not be loaned out or released, he should be SOLD, if thats possible. We have to get money for players, even if its only £150k or a bag of footballs. It all adds up.
  9. Brian Marwood Only seen his name mentioned twice. I'm surprised at that. Id forgotten about him when I named my 18. What a player he was. My 1st ever real Wednesday favourite. Him and Banno. Went on to win Div1 with Arsenal after leaving us. Who else has done that in recent times? Chapman and Sterland with Leeds? Can't think of any others. I'd revise my squad to include him instead of Brunt if I could find the edit button.
  10. 1. Pressman 2. Nilsson 3. Irish 4. Walker 5. Pearson 6. Palmer 7. Shez 8. Waddle 9. Hirst 10. Di Canio 11. Atkinson 12. Thome 13. Westwood 14. Hinchcliffe 15. Brunt 16. Varadi 17. Bannister 18. Bright
  11. 3rd April you say? I remember a very significant day in our history on that same date
  12. Wildsmith - 10 - I'll also say 10. He was magnificent brown - 3 - this guy isnt reallty a pro football player. is he? agbontohoma - 6 - an assured performance - he can be pleasse with that brennan - 8 - defended well, and his passing was superb hunt - 6 - attached well byers - 7 - nice goal waldock - 6 - got stuck in - but was given the runaround a little by their midfield, who were very impressive Luongo - 6 - similar to Walkdock. did ok. great to him him back on the pitch shodipo - 6 - a few decent enough crosses, but Im still not convinced berahino - 4 - got his goal, but offered very little sow - 5 - likewise
  13. well those who abstained missed a treat. some nice football by the owls. Brennan was fantastic. Wildsmith made numerous good saves. Adedoyin got his 1st senior goal Great to see Byers and Luongo back. overall an enjoyable game to watch. and the score was quite harsh on Harrogate, who I thought played quite well.
  14. Another player we dont need. But, if we can sign him for free, and shift one of the other many wingers on for a $$ FEE $$ in January, then why not, hey?
  15. I wonder who was in that team? because we didnt have much youth coming through around that time.
  16. Invisible nets. Is this the reason why the Owls players struggle to put the ball in it, because they can't see where it is?
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