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  1. Agreed. His first half performance was much better.
  2. Harris looked our most dangerous player during the first half. Just let that sink in. We're doomed aren't we?
  3. "leg beaters"? It's tough love from our Tone from now on. No wonder Rhodes looked upset.
  4. Borner. Deserves every penny of his boot sponsorship from Blue Circle cement.
  5. He's finished. Biggest waste of money in the clubs history. Harsh by Pulis today perhaps but Chansiri might get the message.
  6. Sublime display form the entertainment kings. Chuffed with that.
  7. Yes, his first half enthusiasm seems to have waned. No idea why?
  8. Our possession stats have shot up to 36%. Well done the Owls!
  9. Borner might have cement filled wellies but he defends with gusto.
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