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  1. Owlstastic

    An assessment of where we currently are?

    We are currently 18th. Rovrum 1 up! Oh it's OK - back to 17th
  2. I think Barry must be colour blind. Two sets of stripes is confusing the hell out of the lad.
  3. This can't be right can it? They've had more possession than that.
  4. Bannan is having a nightmare.
  5. Owlstastic

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Monstrosity of a score line
  6. Owlstastic

    Today's Positives.

    Today's positive is that I'm off to Lanzarote for 11 days tomorrow. It will be very good to escape the understandable gloom on here for a bit. The downside is that I get back just in time for the derby.......Jesus!
  7. Owlstastic


    He'd also probably give DC a head but on his first day. Never going to happen.
  8. Owlstastic

    Can't be bothered

    Yes of course - he tried to spend his way to success. It was a gamble and lets face it we lapped it up during that first season with Carlos. It didn't work and now we are in limbo for a few years - just like Forest were. It's not Jos' fault and I have some sympathy for him. He might be able to steer us through it if DC lets him? We'll see. What I do know is that it isn't going to be pretty.
  9. Owlstastic

    Can't be bothered

    Yep, we are doing a Forest I'm afraid. This is going to take a couple of years to sort out. I don't care if it's Jos or someone else who does it.
  10. I think we'd need to sell several players to get any where near £15m. Our predicament is hardly a secret. Any buyers know we are in a desperate situation so why offer top dollar?
  11. Owlstastic

    Batten the hatches.....

    Agreed. I imagine Jos choosing the starting line-up like the first day of term at Hogwarts. He gets the sorting hat to do it.
  12. Owlstastic

    First Clean sheet tonight

    Our Tuesday / London record suggests 0-0 might be a good result.
  13. Owlstastic

    We definitely look better

    What kind of telly have you got?
  14. I don't think they'll risk Abdi in the wind today. 43mph tipped for 1pm. His limbs will blow off.
  15. Some good individual players but not a great team I'm afraid. 12th seems about right for where we are at the moment.