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  1. Bruce's mug removed from official Twitter header.
  2. Seeing Lee on that pitch makes me so happy. If he can stay fit it will be fantastic for us this season.
  3. Relieved this sorry saga hasn't dragged on any further. The cub need to get a shift on now. Make a statement and get that club Twitter page header changed - it's making me angry mad every time i see it.
  4. Just look at the body language here. Dreaming about all the chicken parmo's he can scran after a home game.
  5. Don't worry all. Carbone will be clogging up the Hillsborough switchboard right now in order to save the day.
  6. Bruce has a great reputation and many connections in the game. I can’t think of a better manager to have if we are genuinely skint and have to rely on the loan system.
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