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  1. Never had a problem with the Dingles. Good luck to them tonight, the owners put our clown to shame.
  2. I'd be straight on here to witness the carnage!
  3. Well, he can pass, but only backwards. We need some creativity, energy and endeavour in the middle and god forbid, a few goals! Moore needs to find a replacement for Kieren Lee in the Summer.
  4. I'm depressed already, then this. It's the final straw. God damn you, EFL, why can't matches be synchronised?
  5. I'm not convinced by Moore from what I've seen so far, but this isn't his team. He'll win me over if he can put a decent midfield together. We cannot win games at any level until that area is sorted out.
  6. It was inevitable, just surprised that we had a slim chance of survival right up to the last minute, typical Wednesday. It is going to be a very interesting Summer. What is the madman going to do now?
  7. Shambolic. The home of football. Absolute disgrace.
  8. Lightweight. Looking forward to Accrington, Burton and Fleetwood, it's going to be a blast.
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