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  1. Byers has been fantastic since he recovered from his early injury setback last season. A class act who takes the pressure off Bannan to do everything. He's got it all.
  2. Cadamarteri should have made his debut today. Couldn't have played any worse.
  3. Stockdale certainly turned it around didn't he? The tubby little tinker.
  4. This is dire. Will be amazing if we get away with a win.
  5. Just watched the highlights. The entire defence is a worry. Stockdale has the agility of a dead fish and looks 2 stone over weight. 3 towering centre backs who don't seem to be able to head a ball out or position themselves correctly. The 4 of them cost us 2 precious points IMO.
  6. We are holidaying at a campsite in Croatia. It's huge, 5000 guests and reception told us only 58 of them are English. The vast majority are German / Austrian. You should have seen the looks when the missus jumped into the air as the second goal went in. Classic.
  7. Greetings from sunny Croatia. How are we doing?
  8. I love a yellow Wednesday away kit me. Also, it marks the end of that pink abomination. Happy days.
  9. If we score first on Monday we have a chance. If they do, it's game over I think. Neil won't let a 2 goal lead slip.
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