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  1. The more I hear from Jos the more I like him. He's going to take us up if he gets enough time.
  2. Owlstastic


    OK, I'll be first. Onomah's mistake?
  3. On a positive note, Foxy's chances of getting anywhere near the 1st team now depend on one of Penney's legs falling off.
  4. I bet Melo is gutted seeing these. He would have loved an official Super Tram photo-shoot.
  5. Jos has repeatedly said that he will not start players who are not 100%. What bit of this do some of our fans not understand? Excellent management in my view.
  6. Reach should give up on the tackling malarkey.
  7. Penney takes no prisoners does he? Like it.
  8. Who is this Matias? Bloody wonderful new signing Jos.
  9. Lovely little Barry.
  10. Depressing. Brentford FFS!
  11. HT - self inflicted misery. Can do much better second half.
  12. Bannan is our stand out player as usual so far. We need Lee back so badly!