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  1. Just listened to him post match on Radio Sheffield. He's loving it, I'm loving it. Brilliant.
  2. 2 mins added time. Even the ref has had enough.
  3. Another hamstring injury? WTF is going on at our club? Cursed.
  4. Typical derby game. Lot's of huff and puff and zero quality.
  5. Very knowledgeable, experienced manager with a great personality. Answers the question (however moronic) and does it honestly. I'm looking forwards to the future for the first time in ages. We are in good hands.
  6. Bruce has brought my Wednesday back! This is more like it!
  7. Disappointed. Where's the expertly edited Facebook presser video? I like to play 'guess the first question' because you never actually hear it. I also have my 'quite remarkable' abacus at the ready. Gutted.
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