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  1. 14 shots, 8 on target. We should have been out of sight. Terrible defending. Feel a bit sorry for Moore there tbh. The players let him down.
  2. Gregory should have had his hat trick there. Great keeping denied him.
  3. Moore will be doing frantic research for some of those. We will have to mitigate the attacking threat of Bedfont Sports Club.
  4. Maggie tho? Forgetting to put flour in her sticky toffee pudding. Epic fail.
  5. Very tough series of opponents there. I think I'll, remove the top of the pyramid in order to create more volume.
  6. He's off his T*ts. I don't want a manager at Hillsborough who says he's not bothered about how the team plays. That is unforgivable.
  7. I'm trying but it's really hard to be honest. No way we deserved that result today. The players can be so much better than that, you can see it. Moore is stifling them with his shocking "tactics".
  8. Bolton fans must be stunned. How the feck did they lose that game?
  9. Moore is so good at papering over the cracks. I need some decorating doing, might give him a call.
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