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  1. Owlstastic

    Elev8 done it again

    Oh my eyes!!!
  2. Owlstastic

    Elev8 done it again

    Actually this is sound retail strategy by the club. Not having everything available at the same time requires several visits from each punter before they are able to kit out the entire family. More opportunities to stumble upon other fine Owls Megastore offerings and therefore increase sales.
  3. I think Matias has the same dentist as Methadone Mick.
  4. Pants down accusation avoidance innit.
  5. Owlstastic

    #SWFC Training photos.

    Beautiful image of Joss there. Thumbs up but scowling at 'em at the same time. This is what we have been waiting for. He's building the "wearegonnapissthisleaugue" machine.
  6. Owlstastic

    #SWFC Training photos.

    I'm so pleased to see Lee training with the rest of the squad. I bloody love that man and I hope he has a fantastic season. UTO!
  7. Hope Borukov is on the list. Looking forwards to seeing him play.
  8. Is the mesh side panelling elasticated? I need room to "expand".
  9. Can't wait to see some of our lot squeezed into the "improved athletic fit" version.
  10. Hunched over. When he stands up straight you can see his navel piercing.
  11. Greno' woods it is then.
  12. Owlstastic

    Modern Football

    If the game was still played like that imagine how many injuries we would have? Oh, wait.........