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4 minutes ago, Tewkesbury said:

They're there to make up for Gregory's lack of pace and movement. Get him off and get a winger on to support Berahino.

If only we had 2 wide players creating space and stretching the back 4…I agree that’s probably why he’s done it, but it doesn’t work! 

2 minutes ago, SiJ said:

Dunkey (mispelt intentionally) coming on.


That'll help with playing out from the back. 


3 minutes ago, keefdave said:

Dunkley coming on, that'll sort things out.



Bizarre change, at least the energy from Ade might up the tempo in the middle. 

Desperate to see Shodipo or Theo get on. 

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3 minutes ago, striker said:

More changes, only 45 minutes in. 


Nothing at all against the players who've come on, but just how many times to we need to change the team before getting it right. 

🎶“Darren Moore, Darren Moore riding through the glen,

       Darren Moore, Darren Moore, changes team again.”🎶


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