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  1. It's 5-3-2. They always write them in formation order. Last week was 3-5-2, Brennan was the first name.
  2. Bit worried about the second ball with Pato and Luongo out. Hunt and Brennan could be exploited.
  3. He just needs to be more involved. Disappears for long periods. When he gets going though, he's a game changer.
  4. He's ruled out on the match preview. Could be one of the two turning on the lights?
  5. But why should they, they can't even beat Morecambe. Most of them were relegated last season, even without the point deduction they would have been near the bottom. The others were bit part players or surplus to requirements.
  6. So how else do you define it? It's exactly the same thing. If they were better players, we'd still be up there or they'd be at better teams.
  7. And it took an entire formation and tactics change to get him firing, we're still getting used to the changes. My point is this: Can we afford another change of formation, or another 3 losses?
  8. He then didn't score for 6 games, from which we took 5 points. Can we afford another 5 points from 6 games?
  9. They got relegated last season, quite literally at the bottom of the Champ.
  10. You could replace Gregory with the team scoring, but the point still stands, how many more points can we afford to drop while another striker finds his feet? For Windass to be in a front 2, you have to drop Gregory or Kamberi. Can we afford to do it right now?
  11. Can we afford another bedding in period? We had to wait 10 games for Gregory to start scoring, can we really wait another 6 considering that Gregory or Kamberi will have to be dropped during this? (also if it is Kamberi that gets dropped, I can see him going in January)
  12. Personally, I think that the difference in ability between lower Championship and upper League 1 is a lot smaller than some think, with some crossover. A lot of the higher teams in League 1 could probably survive in the Champ this season, Plymouth and Rotherham for example. You could probably interchange the bottom 5-6 with the top 6 without much difference in results. Most of our players were from the bottom of the Championship or past it a bit, so at about our level. The only one of the above who played regularly any higher than that last season was Sow.
  13. Competing with Sheffield United, and the historic teams such as Sheffield, Hallam and Stocksbridge in the lower leagues, I honestly don't think that a Wednesday phoenix club would ever get back up into the football league.
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