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  1. I have been crying on here and in other places that the FA need to grow a pair rather than taking everything under advisement from the Premier League big wigs. As soon as possible, preferably tomorrow they should rip the mat from under the feet of the premier league and immediately rescind FA Membership in effect rendering the Big Six league less, and nationless in football terms. Cut them adrift.
  2. Yes a visit many years ago in a 2-1 win with McCulloch on score sheet. More recently we went to see our new Super Star George Hirst as we were knocked out of League Cup; Best thing about that evening was the Curry House over the Road from the Ground.
  3. After quite a wait Bannan should have given it up ! My pick would have been Reach.
  4. You weren't allowed to visit away grounds in the dark years were you ? BR Football specials, SUT busses and Hired transits. Too young then you might be past it all now, I know I am !
  5. 96 Years without a major honour and still counting, not even a runner up spot !
  6. Back in the day there were quite a few events where a world 11 would play Anniversary matches against various National sides. Who would be your nominations for British inclusions ? Duncan Edwards, John Charles, George Best and Jim Baxter would be my nominees from the 4 Nations.
  7. Straight 7's across the board first half. Tendency to sit back second half as it wore on so .'. 5's Other than Palmer who worked hard throughout. So Palmer my MOTM 7.
  8. On reflection I think I have been twice to Cambridge, I must check.
  9. Never visited Cambridge, Cheltenham and Forrest Green before. Really looking forward to this !
  10. It's here. It's what you've all been waiting for ! 'THE MIRACLE ON PENISTONE ROAD' "It will move you to tears" The Gaurdian. Staring Sir Richard Attenborough as Lionel Messi Elizabeth Perkins as Harry Kane & Dylan McDermott as midfield ironman Terry McDermott BY THE TIME WE'RE DONE THERE WON'T BE A DRY EYE IN THE HOUSE. MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN ON PENISTONE ROAD ! WE'RE ALL WEDNESDAY !
  11. There is a discography but this doesn't include 'Beatle Crushing Atom Smashers' 'C.G. Morris' or 'Ace' see:- Paul Carrack discography - Wikipedia
  12. He was a decent wicket keeper too at Myers Grove ! There was the Bully painting and also the one styled on the BR plaque 'Sheffield Wednesday'
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