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  1. I'VE GOT A FEELING......

    I have one too, Our fans will get exactly what they deserve !
  2. Reading - V- Wednesday OMDT

    In view of all the negativity I will say this... Tomorrow the Owls will not, not, not, not lose !
  3. I understand what you are saying Matt but I can't agree that a player won't make a pass and move into space. I think our whole problem rests with how much time our back four spend on the ball. I would love to see a stat for this. Every second our back four have the ball is deprivation of our creative players making or trying to make things happen. We don't have to hoof it but at the same time neither do we have to perform several 360 deg turns and half a dozen sideways passes. We have in general terms players with more skills. So why do a turn for the opposition by wasting our time for them. Speed it up for Christ sake.
  4. Yes john management is easy when you have no responsibility, wouldn't be surprised if someone had ghost written your piece !
  5. No posters tch Chicken Biriani here
  6. Time For Fans To Act

    What we need.... A fit Abdi. A fit Lee. A fit Hutchinson. A fit Forrestieri. The above to take a little pressure off the back four. Fans to stop carping and get behind the team. Of course performances will slide with the above missing. A little patience. A couple of good acquisitions.
  7. Classic mistake Mick, you had 12 points to raise. You need to start by saying "First of all I want to say something about the Blades" It always works for Bruno. As for the hosts they should try closing their mouths and giving their arses a chance.... Football pundits "Lets start with three strikers" There is a blatant misunderstanding of pace, I believe pace is all to do with speed of moving the ball rather than a JJ type on the wing (As exciting as that may be). Our lack of pace in the game stems from back four rejecting simple first time passes in favour of two or three touches and a 360 deg turn. Like me, no matter what the performance I always look at the next crack at it. Johnathon "Other teams can do it" (Breaking teams down) Well other than the top 3 only Ipswich have managed to win an equal number of games to those they have failed to win 8W 1D 7L which would suggest to me other teams can't manage to break teams down to order. Other factors not touched upon Lee recovering from a long term post op injury, Hutch & Fessi both long term misses and George Boyde likewise. I am as frustrated as most of the rest of our fanbase but letting that frustration turn into something more sinister is not productive at all.
  8. SWFC boss says "Kieran Lee is not 100%"

    My head is not in the sand, there is now no sticking plaster loans available to us and like it or not Fessi & Hutch missing are two massive game changers. We have to be a little patient the two missing players and an addition or two will get us moving a little. I remain optimistic and to try to hound out a manager with the standing of Carlos would be a mistake of Titanic proportions. Can Moyes, Pullis or Big Sam do a job for us is becoming a very tiresome mantra. We have to be together and support Carlos, criticism is acceptable but lobbying a hate campaign is not !
  9. SWFC boss says "Kieran Lee is not 100%"

    He did in fact issue a caveat with that statement as anyone with a pair of ears knows. But you just carry on working against the Owls trying to undermine the manager. What a waste of space some owls are !
  10. I can't believe what I just read!!!!

    Bristol City and if such a notable pundit as JFR142 says they're shybo who we should be beating 6-0 that's good enough for me. In a dour game we didn't deserve to win, we were deprived by the refs appalling decision. Had that happened we wouldn't be having this discussion.
  11. I'd go 4-4-3 every time if only the cheats at the FA would allow it
  12. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Yawwwwwwwn. Not the most original post of the year by a long chalk !
  13. Can somebody please explain to me ......

    Work it out for yourself Ginger Barsteward !
  14. All about the refs again..

    Fancy blaming the ref for getting a decision wrong. When the ref for got a decision wrong Two decisions in fact.