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Community Answers

  1. Have to strike a balance between the strength of strikers and the poverty of defenders. Our strikers were not particularly brilliant yet we were 4 per game or plus 4 on numerous occasions. At seasons end tighten the defence, bolster midfield and find a prolific striker. A blend that everyone is looking for.
  2. Do the Countrymen have an issue with a ground inspection ?
  3. Why do we keep getting this Bla Bla Bla "Shame if True" crap. Footballers, Athletes, Greyhounds & Horses all run out of steam eventually; Otherwise Mick The Miller would still be at it !
  4. Our budget has been set by a generous couple from Gloucester and it is circa £186,000,000 ! Stop worrying about budgets FFS budgets don't get promotion, players do !
  5. Ha ha You had me in stitches there; Get well soon Billy !
  6. If a player has transgressed and a free kick is awarded the offending player should stand perfectly still; Then the recipient of the transgression should be awarded a free Kick by running up to and kicking the initial offending player.
  7. I don't count the Pie and Peas Do's. Done two Chansiri Roast Lunches (agh erm). First time sat with old family friend, Hattersley. ( We're not on the same page). Second time was much better as I was sat by Don Megson. Relaxed :- Yes Informal :- No. Boxes were a little better and less formal but not a boys day out; Not that it should be either, just not my cup of rea. As for London. Far better establishments to visit than the big stadiums given you are on a day visit.
  8. It just doesn't click for you does it. Managers, Players & Agents Vs Managers, Players & Agents of competing clubs to see who blinks first. There are no early deals unless you are talking north of £ eight and nine million digit multiples.
  9. Load of BO LAX. We could ask refs not to venture into 6 yard box asking players not to foul each other. Eats away at our time two and three lectures per corner and free kick.
  10. Bet Lisa Lane was sore last nigh on the bus as she pleasured half the Blunts !
  11. Respect mate ! BTW you never got around to explaining where Boro name Ironopolis came from if you can help ?
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