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Community Answers

  1. Yes Aye big Dom was always first in the queue at the Sausage Cottage as a lad.
  2. Every team needs it's Barry Bannan just as every Village needs it's Idiot !
  3. Imagine ! I take care when it matters it's a pitty your dad didn't.
  4. In the 11 years I have known you I'm proud to be your pal. The adversity, which I won't go into, has been fought all the way and you have come out a winner. Maybe none of this would have been possible but for the mutual love and support you share with Sarah. Add to this your burgeoning family and finally acquiring the home you sought. It has been a pleasure working with you on a few projects some very good some ended up on the cutting room floor but everything was good fun and worth while. Keep it up and forward to the 5,000.
  5. As last season came to a close and faced the inevitable I wasn't too worried regarding facing the task this season. OK we had two prommising keepers who had been destroyed confidence wise by the debacle of chop and change. Had we settled for a single understudy to Westwood and the opposite gone out on loan we may, I stress may, have had a keeper up to the task and a saleable asset who would have left alongside Westwood. As it was all three were undermined at various stages and similarly all three became dumpster material. The deffence was mistake ridden due in no small part to the loss of Dominic Iorfa and the loss of form of both Lees and Borner. It seemed to matter little wether we went 5 at the back or 5 across the middle. Mistakes were cumulative, costly and in the main late in the game. Midfield and up top we made little progress through the middle or out wide. Set pieces were predictable and easily read due in most part to Barry Bannan being given most of the responsibility and consequently our threat was predictable. Even when we deployed wing backs or a five across the middle crossing was a lost art and what decent crosses came in were usually in front of our lagging strike force. On the field and off we failed to meet the prospect of relegation. But, today we have a different story. It seems we have made a start on repairing the dammage. Particularly at the back where a fit squad at this level should be chasing clean sheets well into the high teens. On the players we have brought in, I am too long in the tooth to expect that all will be firing though we live in hope. Some may fall by the wayside but a decent start should see no shortage of suiters come the January window. All in all we have a right to expect to be there or there abouts. We finally have a manager who is proactive and refuses to let the world pass him by. If things are going wrong he will shuffle the pack. To the players I say give it your all and the fans will give you all the support you need. WAWAW
  6. Not very appealing making an Energy Drink with clothing is it !
  7. Certainly is a big challenge Brunt stuck them away from 40 yards a lesser player could only Reach 30 yards
  8. The way Bannan went in for that goal saving tackle off the wrong foot could have given him a nasty injury. That commitment to a tackle like that in a nothing game would suggest to me that he has very much made up his mind !
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