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  1. Not even suggesting that we move but if we had to I would put forward the common land with covenant surrounded by Worthing Road, Woodbourne Road and Rippon Street. The Cricket club looked to acquire it but we were told it was part of the 'Attercliffe Plan', that was nine years ago. Today the land still lies fallow.
  2. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? 1957 a 1-1 draw v Preston North End reserves in the central League. 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Probably Colin Dobson 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? Probably Fred Spikesly 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? our 5-4 win v Manchester United 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? our 7-2 win at Old Trafford 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? For atmosphere the Fritzwalter Stadium at Kaiserslautern was a bit special. 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Browns volley for WBA against us at Hillsborough was very special (It is on video somewhere) 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? The candle show the night we beat Brighton brought a tear to my eye. 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? It has to go to Ernest Blenkinsop, but Des Walker and Roland Nielsson hot on his heels. And.... 10) Where's it all gone? When you experienced all of the above did you ever in your life expect to be now talking about FFP, P&S, VAR, Chairmen, Points Deductions, Hearings, Appeals, Transfer Embargoes, Court Cases, Lawyers, Barristers, QC's, Agents, Advisors and Loopholes? (not talking about just SWFC here - but football in general, as a whole.. as a sport) Jimmy Hill & Johnny Haynes got the ball rolling Bosman followed up. The role of the FA has always been a useless Gentlemans club with their feet in the trough. However, they have now sold their soul to SKY and taken up third place in the running behind the EFL. But, as they say; Where there is life there is hope. I do so hope this is true !
  3. I would imagine the evidential reasoning should be with us very soon including the additional +3 on top of the Birmingham decision . We then have to wait and see what the legal bods make of it. Some have suggested that leaving any appeal to the eleventh hour is the way to go but i'm not too sure.
  4. So you must have been around when Little Harry sat at the Piano when it was open night on every ones songs of choice ? 70's.
  5. Of course it's slow, it's always been slow ever since the agents got on board. They hold back on the slam dunk in the hope of a late and better offer.
  6. We will go with what we have got and what we can get. It might all work out very nicely. If not we go again.
  7. So pleased Brentford have lost in the play offs Just because it is the stick that many of our fans have chosen to beat Chansiri with. I maintain all along that if you are amongst the dozen that have a decent squad supplemented by a couple of very good players, then you have a shot at the big prize. One thing is for sure Brentford fans will manage their disappointment a fair bit better than we handled ours. If You are lucky enough to approach the winning post you can smell it; Then a little green man appears on your shoulder and says "Here are the dice if you want to progress, then roll me a Snake eyes". Me, I don't particularly care what other clubs are doing. We had to cope with two waves of anti-skill-managers; Bruce knew he needed to keep and reintegrate the gang of three and the improvement was immediate; But when he went the plan and Wednesday went down the pan. Let us hope it is a temporary state of affairs. UTO & DTB WAWAW !
  8. For all the 90 numbers in the bingo bag 89 of them are 'Unlucky for some one and three 13' !
  9. Barnsley Lobbying for a celebratory six fingered KIT-KAT then !
  10. Conjecture my friend. I just can't believe that they (The Independent Panel) are still pondering the case.
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