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  1. What if you remember Alf from the Star or Little sport or a childhood when you were a member of the Gloops Club
  2. Looks like Yeadon has gone home or he's reading up on Adam Smith
  3. So when the Banks crashed why not just convert the humongus debt into Equity. Seems a simple solution to say it HTF do you do it that's my question. Still unanswered.
  4. So Yeadon, I'm not a very quick learner. However, I have just borrowed £15K from Wonga, I do so hate debt, what do I do to convert my £15K Wonga debt into equity ?
  5. It could well be that the Derby trick that caused a little upset to the EFL has been examined by the EFL and that they have tied their ground valuation to Derby County FC valuation to a combination of estimated book price and share capital. Our additional capitalisation may, I stress may, relate to our impending transfer of ground ownership at a more elevated price. Just a wild stab like !
  6. A very strong tradition on OT for turning conjecture into truth
  7. S36 has a strong tip for 28th June, I think he has a strong chance of being on the Money here
  8. So let's get this straight ! You never took a throw at the expense of your parents ?
  9. Come on SO do us a back flip, not an ordinary back flip but a Back Flip with Glee !
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