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  1. I think they all had their precarious moments, but almost everyone wants every player to do better for themselves and we alike ! MOM for me tonight was shared Iorfa peeled the veg and Luongo prepared the meal. one without the other would not have worked. Overall the meal had plenty of fat but we managed to get the lean that was available.
  2. Your assertion of 100% untrue is way off the mark. The defence team it is true are now working pro bono. but not before SYP had stumped up £7,600,000 of Tax payer money on the defence of Duckenfield. The main thrust of the argument is that the attack of SYP, SAG of which our police commissioner has a more than interested eye on is the very obvious legal battle rather than aiding us in anyway in the direction of Stadium safety.
  3. I think you are bang on the money. This comes from billings throwing our hard earned at the Duckenfield defence team trying to justify Hillsborough as not fit for purpose. Could do with two or three standing for council on a WAWAW platform. Winning doesn't matter, though not beyond the bounds of possibility, the point is getting the platform with lots of well prepared press releases. Problem is issue could ? be resolved by the May elections, still worth a punt though !
  4. Report post Dawson - 7 Palmer - 6 Iorfa - 7 Börner - 8 Fox - 8 Solid performance across both halves of the game mom just Reach - 6 Hutch - 8 Luongo - 6 Bannan - 7 Harris - 7 Fletcher - 7
  5. I think it will even out when we manage to put together TWO halves of football in the same match !
  6. Game management ? Fancy giving a Colin side an invitation to play hoofball. 2 points thrown in the gutter and it could have been much worse.
  7. deliberated long and hard put us down for a narrow loss in order to achieve a narrow win. Up The Owls !
  8. and again letter to Clive Betts... Hi Clive, The situation at Hillsborough is becoming much more volatile. The situation now for myself and other disabled fans is that they will be excluded from attending games thus ...https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/285407-sheffield-council-traffic-regulation-order/#comments Sorry we have not had the anticipated reply from Julie Dore, Alan Billings or Mr Shrubsole. This is/has escalated into a vendetta contrived as a cover for Police incompetence. Please do your best to intervene. Comradely Neville Wright.
  9. So who is for a Hongkong style slow driving lock down of those same areas Mon to Friday ? My mobility is such that I won't be able to get to the games.
  10. In two months time we enter our bicentenary. No time for revisionism.
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