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  1. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Wigan tickets?

    Told on Friday that Tuesday or Wednesday would be the day.
  2. nevthelodgemoorowl

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    Abdi out injured he's got something in his Pie !
  3. This time, more than any other time this time
  4. nevthelodgemoorowl

    was westwood put in the shop window yesterday ?

    Definitely not, I was there picking up My Villa Real Tickets and no sign of Westwood in the Shop Window
  5. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Clare tho!

    We wouldn't need to invest heavily in Clare, A compass would help him significantly !
  6. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Back from Lincoln

    I remember it being a tanner, that's a tanner 40 to a £ not a tenner.
  7. nevthelodgemoorowl

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    When you look, up to the sky There is a dream that will not die. Sublime crust covering beef and Ale. Bigger and much better than the one at Denby Dale. 17 beasts slaughtered, for vegans tiz quite chillin. Forget the Vegies lecturing us think whats in the Fillin. 18 yards by 60 yards it's size is really hellish. We'll need a dozen oil drums full of Hendos Rellish. Enough to feed our biggest crowd served on a dinner plate. It's all caught on so very fast, we have a sell out gate. 30 thousand plates of pie. And peas. Thanks to all the bakers. Wednesday in the news again we made the record breakers.
  8. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Can we all agree on this one?

    People letting down the side and the Chairman should face two week suspension in true Stalinist style.
  9. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Back from Lincoln

    not sure 20 or 40 p
  10. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Elev8 done it again

    Sorry Nev can't run to a full kit this year pal.
  11. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Back from Lincoln

    Abusy night for the Dunham Bridge Company then !
  12. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Signings or no signings

    I guess it'll be one or the other
  13. Never point the finger always point the way. What's gone is gone look forward is all you can do. I was just responding.
  14. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Ricky Moate Update

    Great stuff an inspiration !
  15. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Thats nice of them (World Cup)

    What are FORGEMASTERS called these days