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  1. Yeah could turn the clock back to the 1880's Amateur Footballers earning a living as Jaquered Loom weavers making woolly shirts for the Football world. £3-15-3d a week with a turkey at Christmas and Easter. A massive lesson in humility
  2. As long as you wash it down with a glass of Corona's finest grapefruit squash !
  3. So at that time would the only access have been via the South West corner ?
  4. Inexperienced yes, but Wilson had a cracking run at Barnsley. Spent a full two weeks ripping the P out of our 6 fingered friends when he signed, not many complaints ! Whereas everyone was asking WTF is Gerrard Houllier ?
  5. Alan Warboys got better and better the further he moved away from Hillsborough. So on a mild spring night I went along to the Lane to see if Warboys could but a dent in the Blunts promotion hopes ...Cardiff lost 5-1. He did hit the post though not with a shot, he just collided with the post.
  6. Me too, the editor Chris Hogg was well committed to 'Cheat' the readership and a Lads and Dads partnership that still endures. It was good wholesome fun and yet hard line. Yet the line was never crossed.
  7. Football returns 1946 the first season after the war !
  8. But a brace from Andre Wilson and one each from Foxhall and Rollinson saw the Owls home 4-3.
  9. It would be a rare person who would agree with Joe Ashton on everything but we shared our love of Wednesday. Sincere condolences to Lucy and his long list of friends. RIP Joe.
  10. Deepest condolences to all friends and family for the sad loss of your loved one. RIP Mark, one of our huge family.
  11. Trevor Phillips of Rotherham was a player I admired, so why the hell did we buy Steve Downes ? Holsgrove too, he despised Swann for his status as the senior and tried at evert turn to undermine him. Never worked at Swann went on to a few good seasons at Bury then lead (Macclesfield ?) to Wembley cup win.
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