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  1. A little akin to those demanding Fortnum and Mason Hampers at Netto prices !
  2. "If we don't look after the Ball we're gonna get punished. And we did and we were and we got punished "
  3. Rates will be going up this year, FACT ! Rather than paying higher rates why not demolish your house ? That'll show em !
  4. Any chance of us recruiting a small recruitment team to the task of recruiting a focus group who could concentrate on the recruitment of a quality recruitment team !
  5. Subbed off at HT today from his centre Mid position but significantly Bolton had, had 65% of Possession.
  6. On Cooke; Told he was given first refusal but didn't feel he could commit to a long term project on a short term contract !
  7. Problem with the loopholes is they only apply to top Lancs and London teams, Sir Alex almost always attended Work Permit appeals where a proposed Man U player was coming in ! No way would they bend the rules for us.
  8. Like Cinderella on Ice when he tore Tranmere a new one in our 3-1 win many years ago !
  9. So of the three options All are Bleeting ! If you needed the money you wouldn't have parted with it. The fact you have is your commitment to the club you love, supposedly. So you seriously want pay back, that's OK too just be patient !
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