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  1. We were 4-1 up at Craven Cottage 60/61 and went on to win 6-1. Also earlier in the season we lead Blackburn 5-1 at half time to narrowly hold on to the points as it finished 5-4.
  2. Steel city Sheffield gave it their seal, down the Hyde Road to the old Twisted Wheel. Can't believe that was 46 years ago. WOW !
  3. I stayed to the death when Stan the Man ran us ragged !
  4. 8's across the board 10 for MOM Rhodes, perfect Hat Tricks don't come along too often !
  5. Robin Hood of Loxley 414 Loxley Road Sheffield S6 4TJ To our Notts friends stop stealing our working class heroes !
  6. Chris Walker had a few games with us as 2nd and 3rd choice later than 60's though. Chris is now an Actor featuring in the day time Doctors show playing local Police Sargent.
  7. Dawson 6 Moses 4 Iorfa 6 Lees 7 Fox 7 Reach 6 Bannan 6 Hutchinson 8 MOM Harris 6 Rhodes 5 Fletcher 7 A second half performance that we must rectify, why is Monk scared to let them play ?
  8. VAR to chalk of all goals as illegal as it contravenes the level playing field All footballers should be limited to their FIFA zones, the amount of money leaking out of the English (European) game is astronomical; Given under 16 footballers are having to pay subscriptions beyond the pockets of many families. At the same time owners prevented by rule investing in the game, it all seems crazy to me.
  9. OwlBiSeeinThi but it won't be at the coaches Christmas Party !
  10. What's Harry Worth these days. "I don't know but there it is"
  11. I think we have a machine for that sort of thing. It's called the Van Der Graff generator !
  12. Simon, the argument doesn't matter just look at Costello's approval rating and STF Up !
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