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  1. No one is forced to play through injury, Just ask Almen Abdi ?
  2. I think Wim Jonk had a pay as you play deal... £1,600,000 per game I think it was
  3. for swash and Buckle I'll give you, in no particular order....Norman Curtis; Tony Kay; Bronco Layne; Vic Mobley; Graham Pugh; Mick Prenderghast; Mick Lyons; Dennis Leman; Eric McMordie; Jeff King; Mark Crossley; Mel Sterland; Terry Curran; Tommy Tynan; Jeff Johnson; Reda Johnson and Miguel Llera.
  4. Rodriguez...I was up at Sunderland for the Third round of the FA Cup. We were 2-0 down and backs against the wall. A Sunderland ball was played inside Rodriguez to (Could have been Tueart) who ever, he was away. Rodriguez just gave up. Nice rolled cross toward the penalty spot...BANG 3-0 Sunderland. I couldn't wait to get rid of Rodriguez ! He went during the summer to Southampton. The Following May Rodriguez was there at Wembley Picking up the Cup as captain with Jim McAlliog for company. Why is football so cruel !
  5. Remember it well, unlike what I had for Brekky this morn, it was Ginger Beer
  6. I understand your logic Snoots. I'm 69 almost and my Dad introduced me to Ernest Blenkinsop at the X/Pool Sportsman back in the early 60's. Will I be allowed to cast my vote for him on the basis that I have seen him ?
  7. Here is the conundrum.... The premier league expect to be able to off load their garbage at inflated prices on unsuspecting Championship Clubs. Championship clubs suck it up and even supplement poor purchases with OTT agent fees. Not one team is happy with the P & S model currently being pedalled. Transfer fees, in terms of expenditure can be dampened down at the same time as assuring sustainability by clubs lodging a bond with EFL commensurate to investment/s. Football/Sport/Business is lost if the competitive element is taken away. Taking away is the essence of P & S. Financial Control of the Premier League has done nothing but underpin the ever widening wealth gap. Both in terms of Prize and Parachute money. Outside the professional structure less and less kids are playing the game due to the lack of funding. Reduction in the number of pitches is driving up the subscription fees for children when there is more than enough money to sustain our National Game as 'Sport for All' ( A forgotten Catch Phrase). The Premier League apparatchiks, along with the FA and EFL bosses have eroded then lost any credibility they may have once had. It is time for change ! Not so long ago Richard Caborn, the then MInister for Sport said "It is incumbent upon Football to bring about it's own change, failure to do so will hasten Government intervention". Well we're still waiting ?
  8. Dom Howson lying through his teeth again. I can confirm that after his scan none of KW's joints are crunching .'. these are not crunch talks but contract talks. KW will want the best possible contract on offer. If we want to keep him, we keep him. Simple really !
  9. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Road+sign+'The+North'&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=osS4eDUwH1sx1M%3A%2CZuLOb4I_8hfZpM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRIazvD_6HMTUpopOoGmzJZDaxDvg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjK94G29-bhAhUWSxUIHSiwAUQQ9QEwBHoECAkQDA#imgrc=E_AM1YSmlMcORM:&vet=1 It's a sign I tell thee !
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