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Community Answers

  1. Everyone wants to win 100% yes, you couldn't make it up. It does n't mean it will happen though !
  2. Not sure about trust you; How about Truss you like a squealing pig !
  3. Yes poor lad Wing got under one that could have put the game to Bed. Whereas you have had more than two hours to consider your summary. Still as long as you keep positive eh ?
  4. The numptyness of fans in choosing Two goal Gregory defies belief . Bannan was the hot knife cutting through butter repeatedly and the chances that Wing and Gregory squandered blew it for us . Although other than that they were decent. Here goes. Wildsmith: 6 - a parry into play for first goal ?. Beaten on near post from long cross for second. Iorfa: 7 - thought he was over enthusiastic as we dominated. Wouldn't have mattered had Wing or Gregory buried third. Dunkley: 7 - did well in his battles. Palmer: 6.5 - He'll play anywhere but part of a three is not his forte. Hunt: 7 - Had a bit about him today. Brown: 4 - Carries when he should release. Releases when he should carry. Lost his man at the end at a 2 point cost. Bannan: 10 - MoM, Brilliant performance, strong throughout, controlled the game perfectly, made most chances. Dele-Bashiru: 6 - Begining to settle. Wing: 6 - His sky rocket miss cost us the game ! Paterson: 6.5 - Battles hard well worth him being there rather than not. Gregory: 8. - BOS OK 2 goals gets him Bums Off Seats Award but I know he can convert much more.
  5. Last night I predicted 6-2 that what it should have been. Wing must make it three but puts the ball into Wimbledon Park WTF within a minute they're back in the game. Best display particularly impressed with attitude second half, a few mistakes but our profligacy in front of goal prevented a cricket score. Need to build on this by putting those chances away.
  6. Glad Snoots has sorted that one out ! SO IT'S SW 19 THAT CAN ONLY MEAN A TENNIS SCORE. I'm going for any one of three options 6-0, 6-1 or 6-2. Fulham Palace Road Fulham High Street Putney Bridge Putney High Street Putney Station Putney Hill Putney Heath Tibbets Corner Wimbledon Park Side Circle to Plough Lane. WAWAW COME ON LADS LET'S GET THIS DONE !
  7. OK I'll engage. How many of we Owls fans have seen more of Wednesday, since Cov 19 started, than any other group of Wednesday fans since 1867 ? The only reason I can think of regarding your dad and his two mates (respect to them) didn't look to engage with Wednesday on the various BT & EFL et al would have been lack of interest due to poor form. But I do accept this as a different issue to refunds.
  8. We need togetherness ! What we don't need is loads of people telling us how it should be done when they haven't earned a penny playing football.
  9. My retort would be who is the ventriloquist and who is the dummy
  10. There is no identity crisis. We are third division team with Third division players . We have a good few players who are searching their Niche it may come, it may not. But in their stead may come a group one or two of which may develop a better group.
  11. Dearest Emma, you poor love. We all will get taken one day but for you and cooldude to be robbed of a life of mutual love is the most cruel and savage of blows to both your families; They will surely cry you both a river but it won't be enough. Deepest sympathy and condolences to both your families, friends and fellow Owls fans. More especially to the bravest of Palliative care staff who work through the pain 24/7 365 days a year. Their hearts must surely be so heavy with the sadness they have to bare. Love to all at the Macmillan Palletitive Care Unit at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, You are all in our hearts. Donation to follow.
  12. I thought we had the better of the chances. Obviously the goal, the strike that hit the post and the strike from Gregory that was well turned over the bar by their keeper. Wildsmith made one good save, and one good punch clear the only other noteworthy happening was the scramble that Wildsmith blocked with his legs, not a clear cut chance IMHO.
  13. So Iorfa should have been off the pitch ? What was that about, ******* !
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