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  1. What's gone is gone ! Revisionism is the most pointless of all pastimes.
  2. That's the culture he's making up poo about at SWFC.
  3. Contributing factors that killed the game ! Bannan playing too deep. Covering and tracking at the back abysmal. Lee has lost the ability to kill a ball. Murphy may be decent on the Road but he is Diarrhoea. If we must play one up front it must not be Winnall. Finally selections and game plan deployed by Monk.
  4. Dawson 5 Urhoghide 4 A shame that senior players didn't look after him a little better. Iorfa 4 Borner 4 Fox 4 Bannan 4 Was the chief architect of the problems by being ten yards too deep. Lee 3 first touch has deserted him offering little now. Luongo 3 13 minutes was denied impact by red card which may well be overturned. Murphy 2 never made a correct choice. Reach 4 Winnall 1 never a lone striker as long as he has a hole in his arse. Nuhiu 4 a little effort. Hutch 5.5 did n't take a lot to be stand out MOM Lees 3 not a convincing display to seal position in the back line.
  5. The problem for Premiership and Championship is they both believe some kind of equitable relationship can exist. It can't the fish that the Premiership rejects is sold to the Championship at inflated prices. The gems the Championship has in the locker are stolen by the Premiership with relative ease. Those who try to dress up the situation as being equitable are losing the plot, this dream is akin to mixing Oil and Water it will never work but certainly needs addressing !
  6. it's nothing more than a guarantee, a bond of good faith. 1) Owners would in fact be paying double 2) But this would drive down the price and wages of players. 3) A player costing £6m in fee and £6m in wages over 3 Years. The chair would pay 6 in transfer fees and deposit bond fee of 6 + wages bond of 6. As the contract depreciated in both time and wages the Chair could draw down at intervals the equivalent of £4m per annum. Should a chairman depart mid term outstanding bonds could be negotiated as a saleable asset.
  7. OFAS Beats the swear Police sensation !
  8. They could though if the EFL put in place Maximum spending limits for all clubs over the 3 year evaluation period. Alternatively spending could be balanced by lodging a bond of equal value to player spending with the bond refunded on completion of said player contract. So if an owner walked away in the middle of a player contract the remnant of the contract would go to the club for purposes of seeing out the contract and the former chairman/owner would collect the residue of the bond. Consequently there would be no clubs threatened by not being able to pay up on players acquired by former owners.
  9. you might compare who was booed off the pitch most times ? Seriously Sheridan and Nielsson together invented the artform of playing out from the back before it had a name. They were quite telepathic in reading each others progress up the right of the pitch. When far enough up the pitch Sheridan would look to get in the central hole with the aim of sliding a through ball to Hirst, Atkinson or Warhurst. Bannan doesn't have the tools to play in a variety of speed merchants in through the middle so he has to adopt a different modus operandi ! He tends not to work with anyone in particular but drifts left looking for the diagonal Crossfield pass or sliding one down the line (Elland Road). Where he more than matches Sheridan is in his recovery, his mobility at pace around the pitch is superb. Sheridan probably edges it in control and flow of a game whereas Bannan is always looking to pick up the pace of the game. In truth I would love to see them both playing together. I can't pick but over the years both have been a joy to watch. But remember both have had their detractors at senior management level in the top division; None more so than Brian Clough who slated Sheridans skill set on our acquisition of him. "I was pleased to see it go in and I know I had a lot of support after the Oxford game and that goal was for them". One thing is for sure, we don't half have some whingers in our ranks !
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