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  1. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Villa - V - Wednesday (OMD thingy)

    Back down to earth, I don't know what to expect ( I do in reality ). So my best hope is a clean sheet and I will be happy. But think of the History of our great City. What we need is something to convert our best efforts into positive result. I've got it, maybe The Bessemer converter ! UTO COME ON WEDNESDAT WAWAW !
  2. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Owls v Pigs U23’s 7pm

    Positives... We were the only side in it for the first 20 minutes. The spine of the side looked sound McCulloch, Lee and Borukov. The final whistle. Having said that Sheppeard and Coutts were different class and we just couldn't cope.
  3. This is very serious the last thing EFL clubs need to do is to appease the Gods, take them on in court retrospective imposition of rules on a whim ….We would be on a winner.
  4. So unfair I can only assume some very dark practice here in the form of Premier interference. Football league membership and rules used to be the remit of the FL Club chairman of the top two divisions with one share each and each of the bottom two divisions had one vote each. What has changed ? Legal action (the cost of ) does not effect P&S so my best suggestion would be a joint action by the EFL clubs with 2nd & 3rd Div Clubs having a free ride in the action.
  5. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Clare Fee

    Fred you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel quoting google articles, someone obviously reading your FB posts. Here is what you could have had and had we accepted the 2 mill you probably would have blown a gasket.
  6. nevthelodgemoorowl


    Notts Forest 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday … and the clamour for a former captain of our club who has reached Lord Haw Haw status. Can't get my breath !
  7. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Man of the Match & Scores (Forest -a-)

    Dawson 6 just loves that goal line, strange as he can come and catch.  Baker 5 fish out of water Fox 7.5 Best 've seen him Lees 5.5 where is the Tom Lees of old Thorniley 6.5 one of our very few consistent performers   Bannan 7 not hit his very highest standard Onomah 5 didn't seem to know his role Reach 3 totally duff performance  Matias 3 no impact Nuhiu 5 a little unlucky with the timing of his run, cost us the lead. Joao 4 nothing much came off for him, tried a good few runs but fell over a lot. Fletch 6 all too little too late but finding the net will have done him good
  8. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    RIP Hayley wife of one of our coaching staff. Condolences and deepest sympathy to Friends & Family and all our playing and none playing staff, I'm sure your thoughts have been much appreciated by all involved.
  9. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    turned out one of our better performers.
  10. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    Too a man excepting (Fox) everyone were under par lacking touch and cohesion. Couldn't fault the effort, perhaps trying too hard. Looking forward to a few smooth performances and Fessi back in the starting line up.
  11. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    Nuihu headed over from Fox cross commentator said "That's the nearest Forrest have been so far"
  12. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Penny injured ?

    I heard he had a head bang to his Crown !
  13. nevthelodgemoorowl

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Alongside Richard Walden !