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  1. Wes Foderingham

    I ran Walkley Cottage in Suday Regional league for a few years from 1970
  2. Your thoughts on the pitch at Hillsborough

    Been watching Owls since 1957 and though the pitch looked tired a few weeks ago this is the best April pitch I have seen, and the thing is it seems to be getting better year on year.
  3. Wes Foderingham

    Keeping injury crisis 71/72 season Peter Grummit and Springett both injured, Junior keepers not trusted so Wednesday turned to Woodseats WMC Sunday Regional keeper Trevor Pearson. He played four games and didn't let anyone down given his lack of experience. I went down for his debut at Fulham especially, he was beaten by a Mullery 25 yarder after a couple of minutes and we lost 4-0 but we were at a low ebb at the time. So Who did you play for Mogbad and when.
  4. Wes Foderingham

    better than Banks for a long period is what I said. It must have been 1965 before Banks edged him, deservedly so but Ron was losing a little of his edge then. Lev Yashin who toured UK with Moscow Dynamo was bigged up not because he was great but because he was eccentric, often found racing out of his area and leaping around; don't get me wrong he was up there but never in Springetts class for narrowing angles, catching crosses, holding onto stopped shots. Probably a little unfair because Yashin was 36 when he played in the 66 World Cup here and Springett was on the Bench. But at 36 Yashins performances were nothing special. The previous year Dynamo played at Highbury with Yashin the big name attraction, for me he was a good keeper but rarely matched his billing, Springett never really had a big billing but excelled in almost every game I saw him.
  5. Wes Foderingham

    I was brought up on the worlds top keeper for a period, better than Yashin better than Banks for a long period. His name Ron Springett. Like to think I know a bit about keepers and keeping. So drawing on my experience as a fan, assuming Westwood moves on (Which I hope he doesn't) I put Cameron Dawson as our most promising keeper of the two purely on the basis that he has a far better understanding of the command of his penalty area.
  6. Wednesday in debt

    The Glaziers had mountains of debt in the form of negative equity. They didn't have a liquid penny to scratch their arses with yet they went on to finance the purchase of manure with borrowed money secured against nothing more than Manures revenue potential. So forgive me if I don't understand a piddling little debt on the financing of our training ground improvements.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday sign youngster till 2020

    We NEED the Player he NEEDS the DOE
  8. I wonder who will win EFL Pig Day on Saturday
  9. I would rest btw what a cracking goal
  10. A load of rubbish players need a little more weight in the tackle...Players must have Dumplings come on Owls show you have a little dumplings in the club
  11. i'm there on Friday uto WAWAW
  12. Spag bol with pepper and parmesan cheese is good !
  13. Barnsley chances of staying in championship are greater than the Blades of achieving Premiership............What do you all think ?
  14. My wife is out due back about 1930 together with Chicken Kebab, chips and salad. Can't wait. Come on Wednesday pull your socks up Barnsley UTO WAWAW