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  1. Getting More Positve By The Day

    and an FA Cup Final to look forward to You forgot that !
  2. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Justbeanz One day when laid up you will come to realise that home and family aid your recovery.
  3. Of course that is a given; However, when the same question is paraphrased in four,four, different ways when a concise answer has been given; That is not only rude, it's insulting. All at RSFH no what we have had to put up with a little understanding and empathy wouldn't go amiss.
  4. Nothing really to do with Millwall. It was Giddings and his pretence that he didn't try to understand the law of diminishing returns. Trying to manage a small squad presents more problems than just picking the best 11 available.
  5. Plenty mump about the shirts these days, you should have a look at what we wore when VB was manager. Both Buckingham and Catterick were superb. Then we got Brown who couldn't pick a player if one smacked him in the face.... Colin Dobson a superb little ginger winger was replaced by Brian Usher. John Hickton a utility man who could play striker or Centre Half was disposed of and replaced by the lumbering Sam Ellis. Ron Springett was in decline post World Cup but Brown swapping Springett for Springett was the height of stupidity Bro Peter was never going to live up to Rons legacy and so it proved; Peter couldn't get through the door fast enough and he settled in well at Barnsley. Brown was through the door too and that was the start of a long decline with a pair of clowns in Marshall and Williams and the rot had set in.
  6. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Recovery is far more effective in the surroundings where you are most comfortable. Usually away from pest fans in the company of friends and family. GWS Fernando.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Не будучи здесь в прошлый вторник, я дам русскому жаворонку еще одну попытку. Совы, Приходите в среду.
  8. OK............ "Tell me Chris after two fantastic wins you leave Coutts out of the team, what was your reasoning ?" "Well Andy games are coming thick and fast and I just thought I'd freshen it up a bit" "So basically Chris you didn't think Coutts had the energy levels needed for a third game in a week ?" "Like I said Andy, I needed to freshen things up a bit and that's what I did" "Chris, this is young men we are talking about, so you are telling me Coutts doesn't have the fitness levels to play two games in four days ?" " No Andy, I'm telling you I needed to freshen things up a bit and that's what I did" "But Chris you lost and you were sadly lacking your best midfielder, Coutts, over the last two victories. Help me to understand this. Coutts was not fit enough for two games in four days. Is that correct ?" Hi Mick the above interview is a replay of the scathing attack on Jos by RSFH only I have applied it to tonights blunts game at Hull where they were more ineffective than us at Millwall. I don't think a Blades interview as ever been anything like as vicious as the one conducted post Millwall.
  9. I'd give David Brooks an extended deal. According to RSFH we have been managing his progress very well
  10. Defending too high up the pitch cost us dear, should have taken our point.
  11. and it's Hirst who scored it He's lethal in that position !
  12. Sheffield Wednesday Injury Update

    The British Olympic Ski Cross and Ski jump organising committees have sent their heartfelt thanks to SWFC for the temporary loan of the following Skiers and Jumpers... Joao - sounds like he's injured in some way (missed that bit) Thorniley - looks better than first suspected. One or two weeks out then back with the first team Tom Lees - New problems from the U23's games he has played. Players are suffering after returning because they're not fully match fit and so Jos will bring players back slowly with U23 appearances etc. Hutch - back training with first team but not expected to feature yet Van Aken - back training with the first team but not expected to feature yet Bannan - came back to train with first team then suffered setback. Hopefully back in training next week with first team Jordan Rhodes - back training with the first team two days ago after sickness None managed to medal but at least it helped them in their recovery in their return to the ultra demanding world of professional Football.
  13. RSFH being a little contrite tonight...Nothing wrong with asking a question or paraphrasing the question for clarification. Interjecting the answer with 'But' and re paraphrasing the same question is rude. Interjecting the answer with 'But' a second time and paraphrasing the same question once more is overplay and extreme in the final degree. Jos would have been correct to point out his rudeness and asked the floor for their questions. No apologies but a much softer understanding line was proffered on the programme tonight.
  14. Consilio et Animis - really?

    How about Glossarium interficere.