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  1. Ah they Left. That's not how I read it !
  2. So sorry I couldn't contribute in the pre match synopsis on Wednesday, I was really busy and just look what happened. But I'm not superstitious honest. We were short on numbers and still are. So the plan is to sublimate our deficiencies and do all we can to expose theirs. One thing for sure, we won't have that super Mac character scoring for fun. 3 hat tricks v us at Hillsborough is taking the biscuit ! So go 2-0 up before they equalise then bore us to death starving them of the ball. That should do it 2-0 maybe a late third. RIP ROB, FLY HIGH. UTO & DTB
  3. Tough financial News from S.A. Mamelodi Sundowners F.C. have to earn some money. They are now to be known as Mamelodi Moon Shiners F.C.
  4. We need to be assertive. Put our opponents under the cosh in the first twenty minutes and then keep them there. A combination of skill, confidence and mind set ! Hoo Doo is voodoo it don't exist !
  5. Over last two or three years had a few conversations with Rob and his partner at the top of Penistone Road North stand gangway; A lovely couple. Condolences to family and friends, will be sadly missed. RIP Rob ! I will be at Leppings Lane seeing and peeping you off from the car !
  6. When we move to Sanitary wear adds could the fluid demonstrating absorbency be a colour other than ice blue ?
  7. Bo Jo will close us down as we are putting too big a strain on the NHS !
  8. Dawson - 5 Odubajo - 5 Flint - 7 Van Aken - 6 Harris - 6 Reach 7 Bannan - 7 Hunt - 4 Harris - 6 Windass - 5 Patterson - 7 MOM Marriott - 4 Subs Pelupessy - 6 Rhodes - 5 Dele Bashiru - 5
  9. Did what they could with the little we had got. Luongo was a massive miss as are our injured defenders. Dawson recovered from his horror rick. Marriot and Hunt were pretty anonymous. First time I've seen Pelupessy improve the line up but he did, credit to him putting in a good shift.We wanted the point but it's only a point. Just hope we can take a few positive steps in the right direction come Saturday.
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