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  1. I spent the best part of a year in the Childrens 1954 . Anyway, as a long term patient, I got an invite to the Star Gloops Christmas Party. At Nether Edge Hospital. Sandwiches, Cake, Ice cream and Jelly and a little present from Father Christmas. Pop and crisps or Nibits after. Must not forget my only ever Gloops badge.
  2. Snoots is rate a tell thi; Julie Dore and her reyt hand man (Errr woman in this case) have split up. Olivia Blake has left Julie Dore to stew . So it seems there will be another Referendum, A Sheffield referendum. The big ? is will it lead us to ridding ourselves of SAG and Mr Mothersole the CEO. With all those eerie Town Hall photo's I think Snoots knows a little more than he is letting on. Can't worry about that now though. Once Mr C and the Glaziers have dropped off several Gold Bars at Bury we have a match to win ! COME ON LADS LETS SCRAGG THIS LOT ! WAWAW UTO&DTB GIVE IT EM WEDNESDAY !
  3. Reminds me of a little lad I stood by the side of at the terrace railings. We could see the numbers then on the stripped shirts they were in bright Cherry Red. Anyway this little lad got on my nerves though ididn't understand why I was annoyed. Let me explain. "Go on seven, pass" " go on eight" "Chase him four" "Good save Ron !" Ron was the keeper he didn't have a number. Then there were the confusing calls. "What was that for four ?" or "I hope eight is or Reight" Glad I never saw him again !
  4. Actually, this could prove to be a useful piece of evidence in our court appearance. Far from a consistent message being received on Health and Safety. The SYP commissioner, in discussion with SAG, are sending mixed messages as to how SWFC should proceed on H&S issues.
  5. Tell em Sheri Football is people. People is Politic. So you are on the right page. Still think a slow motorcade in S2 90 mins re kick off would draw attention !
  6. Just in case anyone needs it ………….. clive.betts.mp@parliament.uk
  7. Actually a series of S6 slow motorcades around S2, 90 minutes before each blunt home game would be fun. And productive of the SAG workload.
  8. Still owe the same as what they borrowed and have rescheduled the debt 5 times.
  9. Wow time flies. RIP JA. Condolences to friends and family. Looked a very special talent at times.
  10. It may be that we are forced to attend a full council meeting which are held on Fridays and are open to the public. We can make a little noise too !
  11. Now you are talking crap. You can not possibly state something at the end of the day before the season starts ha ha ha ha ha !
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