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  1. We'll repeat the 2005 and 2012 seasons. Struggle in the first season, sack the Manager when it's too late then appoint someone who will get us up in 2023. That will make the hat-trick
  2. I doubt it mate but genuinely hope you prove me wrong.
  3. Win, lose or draw tomorrow will make no difference regarding a possible top two finish. We need to win 2 more games than the 3 teams above us just to get into 6th We'll end the season roughly where we are.
  4. I was there, remember it being a Sunday afternoon game then went straight on my night shift working with 2 L**ds fans! - Painful. Whilst the dive is contentious, Wilko didn't complain about it until he saw a pitch side monitor of the replay.
  5. Are you the same person who quoted all this on my fb post when I said I was at "The World's First" recently? Apologies if not, just curious
  6. Old Trafford at the "Dambusters" game. Lost all the guys I was with and walked back to the car with my head down as angry Mancs were literally pulling people out of their cars
  7. I just can't see it, we are miles behind and have never been what you might call "A footballing City" unlike Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle etc Sheffield FC don't even play in the City and their plans for the new stadium is just pie in the sky and will never happen. (Not a dig at Club as I follow them Home & Away)
  8. Saw him score a cracker and have an assist for Sheffield FC on NYD. I thought, "I know that name" turns out he played for us between 2008 and 2011! Genuinely have no recollection of that - anyone else remember his performances (if any?)
  9. He ended the season with a remarkable run - P14 W11 D3 L0 Looked good the following season - 2:2 first match away at Derby (Reda, 94th Minute) Won the next 2 Home games Sacked 1st December 2012 after just 2 wins and 2 draws in the next 16 games Ying & Yang or what??? Also, loses a lot of respect for signing Slothroyd
  10. I was there for the Arsenal cup game in 77. Got a great view of Johnsons diving header
  11. Never miss Sheffield FC or Hallam. I'll be at Stocksbridge on the 27th & Sandygate on the 28th
  12. Thats the one, top corner and ITVs goal of the season (as voted for by Martin Tiler)
  13. 5th or 6th place will be our final spot. There's no way we are catching the top 2
  14. Thanks for the replies - sorry I confused the year with Sheffield FC
  15. Good afternoon all and apologies if this has been asked before! I have been going to Hillsborough for over 40 years (oh the pain) and the aforementioned flag seems to have been at the front of the North stand towards the Kop end in all that time. Does anyone know the story behind it?
  16. Old Trafford - the infamous Dambusters League cup semi - final I've never seen so many people being dragged out of cars / chased / beaten Really scary
  17. Sheffield FC - won the FA Amateur cup in 1904 and it's been downhill ever since
  18. Now that's a proper fan, North stand first half, South stand second half
  19. It is now they are at home. 1000ft above sea level, the 2nd highest (surprisingly) is the hawthorns at around 550ft.
  20. 10 years ago when MM was on the verge of appointing him, yes. Too late now
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