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  1. Slightly off topic but I was never comfortable with Chris woods. November 1991 we were in the front row of the South Stand at the stain, lost 2:0 and Wood's performance was dire. Due to our position we were close to the players as they were walking down the tunnel as I shouted "That was F*cking awful Woods, you shouldn't have been on the pitch" At this point a policeman turned and looked at me and I thought I was in trouble, he just nodded at me and said "Aye, you're right kid!"
  2. I went for the English (sic) spelling
  3. Cutting through all the schadenfreude, and whilst I do not have any sympathy for the dark side, at least they were 2 good games and a team taking the game by the scruff of the neck after being 1:3 down. Neither side sat back for a draw I agree with other comments regarding Samba - probably the best goalkeeper display I've ever seen in a penalty shootout.
  4. Thanks, there's hope for me yet! I think they won 2:1 as well didn't they?
  5. 1979..ish. We won 2:1 and the low Tivoli wall collapsed. Memory may be playing tricks but I'm sure the same thing happened against the dark side a few weeks later???
  6. Jordan Rhodes and Tom Lees wearing Blue & White stripes at Wembley.............5 years too late!
  7. Slow news day? - not even in the running on the major betting sites. Unless you know something and you've lumped on! Liam manning or Gary Rowett I would have thought
  8. Progmatic like Rick Wakeman perhaps???
  9. Yup, and the year before that I watched us lose 1:0 at Springfield park in the FA Cup
  10. I was there, on the Lepps. Got a leg up to climb over the barrier just as the stewards opened all the gates!!! Ended up with a pair of Bolder's gloves (Still no idea how that happened)
  11. Dyche is another manager living off his past. Interesting how his team had won 4 out of 31 then since he was sacked, have won 3 in a row and climbed out of the relegation places.
  12. Amazing how similar we both are Home & Away. We pipped them to the top of the Home one after yesterday's result.
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