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  1. He got a yellow as he tried to play the ball - very nearly got it tbf
  2. We've surely already broken one record, the only team to win 5 home games in a row and still get relegated?
  3. I doubt we'll win another game this season. Our biggest challenge at the moment is finishing above Wycombe.
  4. I admire your optimism oldboy but its done and dusted in my humble opinion. If you are proved right I'll buy you a pint
  5. Not a chance, we are effectively 3 wins from 4th bottom with 14 left to play. Been saying for months we need a 50% win rate to get out of it and with two thirds of the season gone were not even at 30%
  6. I backed Luton at 6/1 just after their equaliser. I thought it was easy money with the way we were playing
  7. Excellent post and well said. I genuinely didn't realise we were the lowest scorers in the FL. But at the same time I guess its not much of a shock.
  8. If they win get ready on here with the "Why didn't we have our own open letter?"
  9. I agree, I was questioning the original post of "3 points from 2 game" which is a 50% win rate........which I doubt we'll achieve.
  10. In other words a 50% win rate which I just can't see.
  11. Whilst I admire your optimism (and I dearly hope you are correct in all this) the one figure that still haunts me is the 50% win percentage needed to stay up. The current one is around 32% - which has obviously increased somewhat given the recent run.
  12. Luton in the early 80s. The away end was were the home end is now and the views were restricted by caged walkways and high fences
  13. I must be getting a really bad memory as I actually had to Google this to see who he was!
  14. Is that from the game against Wolves when Pressman put us 3:0 up in the shoot-out and we still managed to lose it?
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