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  1. Hallam FC & Sheffield FC both selling Season tickets for 2020/2021
  2. That corner - last kick of the game, the only player not in their box was Wildsmith and he passes it to the keeper!!!!
  3. Fair point but no one wanted him out at half-time
  4. Not his fault Murphy and De cruz couldn't convert the easiest of chances in the first half.
  5. Which was farcical defending with their player moving out of the wall and Ayew putting in straight the gap he left
  6. It wouldn't make any difference who was crossing for him, he'd still duck under it then give them a thumbs up
  7. Did you not know ? They replaced Jones with Jones. Then sacked Jones for Jones to return 😉
  8. He didn't "cross the city" he was on loan at the darkside then went back to Celtic then when his contract ran out he left them for Livingston. I believe I am correct when I state that we have NEVER taken a player direct from our rivals. Although they have taken plenty from us.
  9. It doesn't matter what style of play we have. How many times did he look for the ball when we were attacking? How many runs did he make into the box when we had it wide? How many times did he actually look like scoring? With the exception of one game (Forest away) thats been the end result since we signed him. But no, he's great we just don't play to his strengths!
  10. Yeh cos after 3 and half years its suddenly going to click. 😁
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