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  1. The best and most talented player I have ever seen at Hillsborough. Should have been with us for years
  2. The EFL have no jurisdiction over PL clubs.
  3. He may be ambitious and want time to build but the average term for a football manager across all 4 divisions is less than 18 months. Statistically, if we aren't in the top 6 this year or by Christmas 2020 he'll be gone.
  4. I concur with Mr Hooper - he's a spent force.
  5. First of all, why edit my post to look like I'm being childish. Secondly, your statement regarding a future level playing field comes across as definitive.
  6. That's still supposition and not fact so we'll agree to disagree.
  7. Having followed this club for nearly 50 years, I'm hardly downplaying support. I'm stating facts and quoting figures from history which people don't appear to want to agree with. Any future predictions are based on a lot of supposition, the main one being that the very day we get promoted, the west side of the stadium will be revamped and SAG removes all restrictions so our attendance capacity immediately increases in time for a new season 3 months later. As for your 45 to 50k predictions, we'll just have to pin this post and return to it in 2025.
  8. Under the current ground conditions we wouldn't be allowed to sell that many.
  9. To get anywhere near that figure we need over 28k for every home game between now and the end of the season. So I doubt it.
  10. IF (more likely "When") the stadium issues are resolved then yes, it's a possibility. Until then I stick by my opinion. The season after the aforementioned crowd of 27K, we achieved around 25 500 followed by last season's 24 500. The present average is just over 24K after 2 Yorkshire Derbies......I see a pattern developing!
  11. I alluded to the full house of 31.5k in a previous reply. For us to average 30k it means 27k (ish) home fans is the absolute maximum we can account for and attending every single home game....it won't happen.
  12. No we wouldn't. I agree that we would sell out against Man Ure/ Liverpool etc but theres no way we are going to sell out against Bournemouth, Watford etc. Without checking I believe our "sell out" is 31.5k so we can't possibly average 30k over a full season.
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