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  1. The same Henry who hand balled against Ireland and cost them a place in the world cup? And then becomes a TV pundit telling us what's wrong in the game today? The same Henry who lasted about 100 days as Monaco manager after winning 2 games? Yes Please Sir!
  2. Sanctimonious remoaning lefty jug eared twohat who's wages mean over 75s must pay for a licence.....I like him really
  3. Did exceptionally well getting Leicester out of the championship
  4. Just as a matter of interest, what were the crowd like? I watched Sheffield fc in a friendly there last year and everyone of them seemed to hate us Yorkshire folk!
  5. Was always under the impression that Charlton famously never had a contract here
  6. You can always tell when somethings made up when it starts "Don't shoot the messenger"
  7. We were way overdue a mega flounce - kudos old boy, kudos indeed.
  8. It's posts like this one that make me wish I could hibernate from May to August every year
  9. Keep calm everyone, only another 7 weeks to kick off and these people will all go away.................until the same time next year
  10. Wasnt that v wolves away when pressman hammered in the 3rd? I agree with you though 3:0 up and lost - has that ever happened since???
  11. I concur with your comment on the managers. The fact he scored half the number of goals in his following season in 2016 (a feat he's possibly not managed since??) pretty much does it for me
  12. I remember Keegan being interviewed many years ago (too many!!) about the plight of football in certain areas of England whereupon he stated that Doncaster Rovers were watching him for quite some time then decided not to sign him as he was "too small" He cited this as one of the reasons why!
  13. "Proven 20 goal a season" He last did that with Blackburn 2014 / 2015 season. In his following season with them he got 11. I just dont think hes got it anymore- either way I'd trust SBs judgement
  14. Should I be ashamed to say I've seen Sheffield FC home and away more than Wednesday this past season
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