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  1. Oh no! You'll have the usual suspects coming on saying "it would have been 30K if the prices were lower!"
  2. I was just saying - he's come up against some seasoned pros tonight and they're making him look very poor
  3. Bulldog

    Sam Winnall

    I actually relish him coming back. I always thought he looked sharp and keen when he played, which thanks to the £ 8/10 (insert figure here) million waste of space wasn't very often. Welcome back Sam
  4. Bulldog

    Sold out

    Sounds familiar
  5. Bulldog

    Sheffield, city of students

    That's exactly what I thought when I read the OP. It wouldn't be fair on the Season ticket holders, members and all those who would willingly come along if the prices were cheaper...ahem!
  6. "Not championship game fit" and there's everyone saying Jos has no sense of humour
  7. Bulldog

    #OnThisDay in 1977

    I actually cut that joke out of the Star and had it on my bedroom wall for years! Even as a stroppy teenager I accepted the self deprecation of being an owl
  8. Yes I knew that....and still got it wrong
  9. Curse you and your geographical knowledge! I meant West, I just spelt it wrong
  10. I was just saying after 40 minutes that I'll take 0:0 now. How naive am I ? Come on lets smash those fellows from east ridingshire
  11. You'd think for anyone editing, the clue would be on his top??
  12. I concur - but still not as annoying as "presser"
  13. I concur old boy - dreamers will dream.