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  1. Bulldog

    Shirts On Sale Now

    Deary me fellows - moan because the shirts aren't here then moan when they are! I've just ordered mine online (2XL as I think the sizes are a bit small you know. ...ahem!) Does this action put me on people's hate list???
  2. Bulldog

    Hutch leaving?

    To be fair the schools only broke up yesterday
  3. Bulldog

    Fantastic from Tango

    And if they're Northern, it's even worse
  4. All of the people saying "he'll come good" and "he'll score a hatful" etc. Based on what?? When was the last good game he had? (for us or anyone else) When did he ever look like a threat in the last 18 months? When did he ever look like a footballer? Worst "striker" (sic) I've seen at S6 since Colin West
  5. Can't see it - our average attendance hasn't been over 30K for 50 years, and won't be until we return to the Premier League
  6. Thank you my friend. Although your response wasn't "Hilarious" it did actually help me with my enquiry.
  7. Greetings fellow Owls (Neil move this if you need to....I don't mean that greeting but my enquiry!) Due to a change in our plans, I am wanting to take my daughter & 4 month old twin grandsons to the family fun day (Gerrem while they're young ) Can anyone tell me if this is going to be a good idea? Basically, I'm thinking from an access point of view / wheeling a double pram buggy / is it all seated in one stand? etc. Who would I contact to get more info on this as the registration - along with everything else - on the website is down? Thanks in advance
  8. Bulldog

    Lithographic 150 Print

    Looked at that option but I'm thinking you'll struggle to get a decent 100cm x 60cm frame for less than £20
  9. Bulldog

    Lithographic 150 Print

    Fair point and thanks for the response, I guess I'm better seeing it in the flesh as it were before committing then.
  10. Hello fellows, Has anyone bought one of these at all? They are now reduced to £95 I was tempted at the original price of £150 so even more now they're reduced! Any comments on the quality? Quick answers please as it's in my basket waiting for me to check out
  11. Post of the day for you Sir! (As sad /true! as that statement is)
  12. I actually had us and dem blades in the top 6! Could still be half right.......hope not
  13. Should I be ashamed as I bought one this morning??? TBH, I never wear them as they all hang in a spare wardrobe (still with the labels on) Although, just to claw back some semblance of dignity, I DID NOT buy this years home shirt (and wouldn't at any price!)