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  1. I concur with your comment on the managers. The fact he scored half the number of goals in his following season in 2016 (a feat he's possibly not managed since??) pretty much does it for me
  2. I remember Keegan being interviewed many years ago (too many!!) about the plight of football in certain areas of England whereupon he stated that Doncaster Rovers were watching him for quite some time then decided not to sign him as he was "too small" He cited this as one of the reasons why!
  3. "Proven 20 goal a season" He last did that with Blackburn 2014 / 2015 season. In his following season with them he got 11. I just dont think hes got it anymore- either way I'd trust SBs judgement
  4. Should I be ashamed to say I've seen Sheffield FC home and away more than Wednesday this past season
  5. "From a source you trust but you don't think it's true!" At the very least that's a paradox but thanks for sharing.
  6. Why oh why do people keep posting this s**te?? "I've heard from my cousins auntie's best friend who mops the floor at ......insert club here! Then top it off with "I don't know how true it is" So why post it? - and to think there's only 12 weeks more of this before we kick-off a new season
  7. I remember the teddy cascade on the kop as the teams came out
  8. So Huddersfield were definitely going to sign him but then someone checked his injury record and only then did they decide they didn't want him. No one checked before they wanted him?? As for the Star report, they just get everything from here
  9. Thanks for posting, I dont miss many club games home or away so I'm surprised I didn't know about this! Obviously Sheffield FC's marketing department could have done better. Although thinking about it, the 160th anniversary game in October 2017 wasn't really marketed at all
  10. It begins! This is going to be a horrible long 3 months of made up news and ITK posts before the season starts again.
  11. Looks like he's already told them!
  12. Brilliant Tudders, Post of the day for you Sir!
  13. I'm guessing you don't do irony then
  14. Thank heavens I'm wearing my surgical corset
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