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  1. If there's one thing this issue has encouraged it's several sanctimonious statements
  2. The teams below national league voted overwhelmingly to expunge the season. I have only heard of 1 - South Shields - who are considering an appeal. Under the circumstances it seems futile
  3. I remember him playing for Rotherham at Hillsborough around 1981. He fluffed a chance at the kop end and almost to a man the whole kop was singing "F*ck off Henson, F*ck off Henson" I can still see the look of amazement on his face as he gazed up at the crowd.
  4. Peter Swan had the Mill pub at Brimmington for years. (Has he still??) Seem to recall the pub sign had him in his England kit.
  5. Roger Wylde in 1980, he had come along to a Jumble sale opening. at my school. I talked to him about leaving Wednesday (he had recently signed for Oldham) and he said he didn't want to leave and it was all down to Jack Charlton. He said he couldn't wait to return to Hillsborough with Oldham and if he got the ball near the dug out he was going to smash it straight into Jacks face
  6. You do know there's a generation of younger people on here who will have no idea what you are talking about
  7. More supposition and guesswork - a bit like the Hull City none-story - without any hard facts. It's going to get a lot worse as these people have no actual football to write about.
  8. This is the first season in 40 years or more that I haven't actually been to a home game (yet!) It's bad.
  9. It's hard to defend a manager who left Forestieri on the bench and started da cruz and pelupessy at Brentford. That was the final straw for me.
  10. 60K? We haven't averaged 30K for over 50 years
  11. Was just about to reply pretty much word for word until I saw your post!
  12. Brilliant - if I could "Plus 10" your post I would. For the sole reason of utilising the word Hagiography on here
  13. So in essence, just a summation of what Owlstalk has been saying for the last 3 months??
  14. I thought he sounded like a man devoid of ideas or answers "The first goal was a deflection then the other two were individual errors" was his indirect answer to every single question he was asked
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