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  1. I'll be happy to be proved wrong but I doubt we will see him play again for us
  2. "A friend of a friend" That's 100% confirmation then. Let's start worrying!
  3. Just had a go on the championship predictor and (as honest as I can be!) got us finishing in 8th place 3 points behind 6th. (W6 D1 L2) Just for those as bored as me at the moment, I got the top 6 as Norwich L**ds Trotters WBA Smoggies Florist
  4. Nah, not happening. Assuming Derby win tonight the gaps back to 6 points with 9 games to play. With our gd we would need 3 more wins than them (we aren't going to catch 5th spot) before the end of the season so the only way it can realistically happen is if we win all 9. Still exciting times though
  5. This reminds me of Millwall away....and I didn't think a game so dire would ever be seen again
  6. One incident on around 65 minutes summed his performance up. Palmer was taking a throw in in the final third, Boyd had a player in front of him and behind him. Palmer was looking for an outlet and Boyd just stood there between 2 players making no effort to find space so he knew Palmer wouldn't throw it towards him A complete fraud and waste of a wage.
  7. I was there and was only talking about this the other day. They scored late on from a corner at the Kop end which wasn't a corner - it came off Rodney Fern last as he tried to get a shot in. He probably deserved it though as the whole kop spent the entire game singing "you just a bald headed b**tard" every time he got the ball As alluded to, wasn't the next game the one where we hammered toytown 5:0 with an Andy McCulloch hat trick??
  8. And therein lies the problem! Our fanbase is made up of around 24K die hards (at best) and the odd few thousand arm chair fans who choose the big games (no criticism intended) We haven't averaged 30K for over 50 years and won't do again until we reach the PL .
  9. Every championship game is on IPTV no matter which day or time ...........allegedly
  10. I don't accept it, it's probably as good as it's been all season. Why should we "be beating millwall" ? When we have struggled to put more than 2 passes together for the last 6 months?
  11. Mega flounce, like we were actually going to get in the play offs........yeh right!
  12. Absolutely bloody awful game, for those who saw my earlier post Sheffield fc won 4:3 and are up to 3rd place. Maybe sky should have shown that one
  13. Nice positive flowing football (is this the same game?)
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