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  1. I remember shouting at the TV when Wilson was being interviewed, couldn't believe he didnt resign! It too another 6 months before DA took the helm and did the right thing
  2. Having checked I think its nearer 1 in 6 but you'll still get people saying he'll come good
  3. Latest Cowley's management team results; P4 W0 D0 L4
  4. There's a reason he wasn't in the squad today. I don't believe people are - or should be - bashing him but the facts speak for themselves. This is the prolific striker who's strike rate is around 1 in 5 for us since he signed.
  5. But....er, he'll come good with a run in the side if he gets the service
  6. The one amazing bit of skill in what was a very awful game - Boxing day 2014 wasn't it?? 1:0 with a Stevie May penalty
  7. No - I'm wrong it was actually 2 years 5 months (doesn't time fly when you're having fun)
  8. Well, as Brian Laws was our last manager to serve more than 18 months - and one of only of three to do so in the last 20 years - I think that's a given!
  9. You mean the same people who would "definitely" go to a game if it was cheaper?
  10. Is it a question or a statement? My OCD is getting the better of me
  11. I remember that one - I was in the home end with an Everton pal and couldn't contain myself when he scored! Luckily I got out alive
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