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  1. Thanks for the replies - sorry I confused the year with Sheffield FC
  2. Good afternoon all and apologies if this has been asked before! I have been going to Hillsborough for over 40 years (oh the pain) and the aforementioned flag seems to have been at the front of the North stand towards the Kop end in all that time. Does anyone know the story behind it?
  3. Old Trafford - the infamous Dambusters League cup semi - final I've never seen so many people being dragged out of cars / chased / beaten Really scary
  4. Sheffield FC - won the FA Amateur cup in 1904 and it's been downhill ever since
  5. Now that's a proper fan, North stand first half, South stand second half
  6. It is now they are at home. 1000ft above sea level, the 2nd highest (surprisingly) is the hawthorns at around 550ft.
  7. 10 years ago when MM was on the verge of appointing him, yes. Too late now
  8. Well it certainly worked last time out at Blackpool
  9. I'll have you know that Hallam won the first ever cup competition, the Youdan cup, in the very year we were formed and yet we managed to overtake them.
  10. Brilliant read that. I actually remember most of those matches, especially the 3:3 at home to Chesterfield when they got the injury time corner which was definitely a goal kick as it came off Rodney Fern last ....the bald headed b*stard
  11. Proper Lolled when I read the team names 0:2 tonight, then we go again
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