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  1. Did you have a particular Sunday in mind???
  2. Looking forward to it already if you're correct
  3. Was that a subtle spelling mistake so it didn't contain the word LIE?
  4. Having supported club for may years and followed the hard work in them finally achieving the project of the new ground with very little support from anyone (including both Sheffield clubs!) I would be loathe to let "The Wednesday" be any part of it.
  5. Not at all - if I can't make the away games we go to Sandygate instead.......which is very Owlsy
  6. The 2019 / 20 season was the first season in over 40 years that I didn't see a home game at Hillsborough. Nothing to do with price, just fed up of watching sh*te. I will be getting another season ticket for Sheffield FC next season and have no desire to go back to S6 for a long time.
  7. Looks like his original post was correctly pulled - I've managed to read it for free because you've quoted it
  8. How many did we sell In the middle of January when this was announced?
  9. I thought that, could have been written a little easier on the eye.
  10. Let's hope we don't shrimp under the pressure
  11. What does "we're led to believe" mean exactly? Is it the same as "sources from within the club"? I.e. you know nothing credible?
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