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  1. From the story "speculation indicates" simply means "I've just made this up"
  2. Except 2015 when they drew Bradford
  3. Bulldog

    Attendance today

    The away end is now half of that section. I have relatives in Luton so I sometimes go and see them when I'm down there. I have to get seats on the back row of the main stand and stand up all the way through as there's absolutely no room for your legs if you try and sit down!!
  4. Bulldog

    Attendance today

    I remember that - 1980 (ish?) Eric Morecambe on the pitch at the start. Didn't we win the first 4 games??
  5. Bulldog

    English manager

    We've existed for 151 years and all but 4 of those with 2 "None-English" managers so yes, it makes all the difference!
  6. Bulldog

    Ground Sold !

    A Herd of Bull (sh*t)
  7. I concur - just saying that Blackpool were in (more or less) the same position as us and got promoted so it has been done
  8. I never said we'd get promotion, just answering a question with a fact
  9. Blackpool 2009 - After boxing day had 31 points. Finished 6th and won the play-offs
  10. Bulldog

    p#ssing about with ball

    You mean like we did against 10 men Preston and Middlesborough to win 1:0??
  11. Isn't that when we won 1;0 away and that on loan striker scored....can't remember his name
  12. Bulldog

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    That coinsport is excellent
  13. Bulldog

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    Love the commentator on the stream "All we want for Christmas is a game of football - and this certainly isn't one!"