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  1. I remember from playing Grimsby at home when the away fans used to be in tango corner (late 70s, early 80s) and they spent the whole match throwing their hats in the air and catching them. Or have I just made that up?
  2. So, with 33 games to play I believe we will need 43 points to stay safe as that means we finish on 51. In essence this is 1.3 points per game so it's W11 D11 L11 or a win percentage of 33%. Our current win percentage is 23% TPs average win percentage since his first Managerial position - 33% It's going to the wire
  3. Agree with you on the second half display last time out but within 20 minutes of the second half starting we were 2:0 down before they had brought a sub on. Very frustrating second half display after a comfortable start tonight and still not convinced we'll get out of it (and no, that's not having a go at every one associated with the club )
  4. Wednesday 26th February this year Us 1:0 Charlton. So we haven't won on a Wednesday for 9 months.
  5. Why didn't he try to head it? He was watching it drop ffs
  6. That match was in September (I missed it cos I was at a mates wedding) Yes, over 30,000 at that match which was something we achieved 5 times at home in that season and still finished with an average of 25k.
  7. Not in my opinion but I will respect the choice of TP as he's the man.
  8. Whilst a lot on that list are still scoring, Rhodes last got double figures in a single season over 5 years ago. Hes not the answer and hasn't been for some time
  9. A bit like Sheridan leaving (currently bottom of League one ) Wigan to take over (second from bottom of league one) Swindon, why has either club employed someone who has achieved nothing as a manager ???
  10. Did anyone see soccer Saturday last week? A certain Tony Pullis commenting on one of the games. My mates words were "where's he been for the last 18 months? Me "He'll be putting himself in the shop window for a managers job somewhere!"
  11. Who's actually asking for warnock???
  12. Fair point mate, I think Pearson is a non- starter though.
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