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1 minute ago, Brian said:

A win is a win.  No clangers and we looked quite solid, if not pretty to watch.  A clean sheet was welcome, too.  Up against two former players, the odds of at least one of them scoring had seemed high based on how last season went.


The players put in a shift and it was satisfying to see us pressuring from the front and not letting Bolton play their free-flowing, attacking football I've been sick of hearing about all week. 





Neither side was comfortable playing out from defence.

Quite laughable at times!


Bolton were ordinary at best.


But at least we got the result to boost confidence throughout the team.



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The thing is, at this level football is more of a team game than ever, as the players do not have the individual flair that their counterparts in the PL and Championship possess.


Discipline, each player understanding his role in the team, and organization matter so much.


We just don't seem to have any of those things.


Add to that suicidal defending at times and it's hard to see this team going up.

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Soo flat after a victory. How can that be?

Not good enough in keeping possession and lots of things Wrong ….for starters we must stop playing out from the back because we are not Man City! Need to be more aggressive, quicker, more attacking, I could go on. come on Moore make it click and entertaining ‘cos my Saturdays are precious and I need to be entertained with some quality. I want to be proud of my team and the performance….and I’m not at the moment.


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12 minutes ago, Wednesdayjohn said:

Have you got transit van for Cambridge sorted , set-off at 2am straight after Daisy closes?

Been to loads of away games straight from town the night before..usually went in the Golden Egg or Wimpy bar first.(could be the same place)

Wimpy was best..on way in they took ya money she would scribble CHB (cheeseburger) on ya receipt...then when she turned to the next in line ...I /we would add + fries and egg and pass on to the server.

Took em yonks to find out the shenanigans


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40 minutes ago, CourteenerOwl said:

Won’t happen but would still like to see Moore replaced. Same drivel served up. It’s the way he sets them up, constantly changing, everyone just looks utterley confused.


Hanging on at home to teams when we should be putting them to the sword.


We’ve won yet not buzzing at all. That’s the Darren Moore effect. He’s made us more boring than Monk and Jos did. 

Agree - don't think we made more than 3 passes on the bounce all game. 

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