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  1. keefdave


    I refer my honourable friends to the reply I made last game.
  2. keefdave

    Alan Nixon

    Actually, Jacob Rees Mogg could be the tough tackling midfield hardman that we've been missing since Ken Knighton.
  3. Just seen a car outside Monty's Motors with his name on it.
  4. keefdave

    Alan Nixon

    That's better than John Fitzpatrick, David Sadler and Nobby Stiles did in 1968
  5. Well that was obviously coming from Salbutomol
  6. keefdave

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at people spelling his name wrong
  7. keefdave

    Westwood starts u23

    This is mine
  8. keefdave

    FA cup KO 12:30

    I forget the year but I'm sure we played Plymouth and they played Derby on the same day (both at home) in the cup
  9. Or 999 the number of the Australian beast
  10. keefdave

    Alan Nixon

    Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko 55s56 seconds ago More SHEFF WED. Bruce is the choice if they change boss. Been conversations. Only problem will be whether the budget appeals. So Luhukay is deffo under pressure now... 0 replies0 retweets2 likes
  11. keefdave

    Alan Nixon

    She'd snap like a twig
  12. keefdave

    Kenny Jacket

    Not for me, he looks too much like George from Rainbow
  13. keefdave

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    I love Andy Murray's cheeky Scottish accent, his voice is so exhilarating,