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  1. Warwick Castle is great
  2. keefdave

    75 Today !

    When Vic first came to Wednesday he used to lodge at my friend's house on Clarence Road in Hillsborough. He introduced us to the game "Spot"
  3. keefdave

    Sheffield, city of students

    The way they cross the roads around town will cut the numbers down quite a bit
  4. keefdave

    A Bristol City view....

    No, but the late Dalian Atkinson was Ron Atkinson's son FACT
  5. keefdave

    Brian Cox

    HIYA !!!!!!!!!
  6. keefdave

    The elephant in the room

    Depends how big the elephant is
  7. keefdave

    Soccer am

    Oh Yus
  8. keefdave

    World cup bid 2030

    Some of us on here will just be glad to still be alive in 2030
  9. keefdave

    we'll win tonight

    Looking at their teamsheet, we're gonna get gubbed
  10. keefdave

    Just Like The Old Days

    You're the only one close to what I was on about
  11. When we played Forest the other week, I watched it on the red button and it brought memories of the old days, sitting in the Cantilever, watching poor football. At the final whistle, I chucked my cushion at the tv.
  12. keefdave

    Anyone know Gary Sweeney?

    I know a bloke called Gary who works at Moor Market, but he's from Wombwell
  13. keefdave


    Is he a good enough pointer though. Not in the Loovens class yet.
  14. keefdave

    Penney vs Ayling

    He's a bright prospect. You might even say a bright shiny new Penney. Mind you, I prefer a nice shiny tuppence any day.