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  1. Elev8

    Possibly but you might find an answer in the thread 16 down from this one
  2. If you or I go for an interview or apply for a new job, we don't have to have someone to speak on our behalf and ponce half the money on offer.
  3. Jack Stobbs Signs for Port Vale

    Excellent move for him
  4. The way things are going with Brexit that could be £10 million
  5. Elev8

    Pigs could be sponsored by MASTURB8 cos they're w&nk
  6. You just know how this will pan out, all Wednesday and Sunderland will nick another at the end.
  7. Anyone sick of Giddings and Laws, it's on Talksport 2 as well
  8. I wonder if we'll ever score a first half goal