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  1. Semi never played with Waddle, different era.
  2. Loving Hoops in his ripped fishnet vest.
  3. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was a French typo and it was about dem blades.
  4. Sell him to Norwich, they can loan him back to us with an option to buy.
  5. 10 actually 1 Roland Nilsson 2 Roland Roland 3 Roland Nilsson 4 Roland Nilsson 5 Roland Nilsson 6 Roland Nilsson 7 Roland Nilsson 8 Roland Nilsson 9 David Hirst 10 Roland Nilsson 11 Roland Nilsson
  6. He was also Eze on a Sunday Mor-or-or-or-or-orrrrning
  7. He should change his name by Deed Poll to Robert Barr.
  8. Pelupessy's magic He wears a magic hat, But when he gets the ball he thinks, "What do I do with that."
  9. Westwood straight off the pitch at the whistle
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