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  1. Its a good post. And its how I feel most weekends, too. It would be nice and romantic to see a bunch of young local lads fighting for the (striped) shirt each n every week. However as others have already pointed out, relegation could kill us as a club, from a financial perspective. I love the sentiments though.
  2. Our spine

    We have a spine?
  3. Kaiserslautern

    Reading this thread really made me smile and brought back some great memories. Then i see how much disrespect English teams show the competition these days and it makes me sick. Well done to Man Yoo for giving it a real go and winning it last season.
  4. The football was spectacular during those 2 or 3 years. The kit was superb. Warhurst was absolute dynamite. Not a single centre half in the Premier League knew how to handle him. We went out out to attack every team every week. It didnt matter who you were - we were Sheffield Wednesday and we will attack you! Now we go to Barnsely and defend for our lives. FML.
  5. U23

    The key for blooding youngsters is to bring 1 or 2 in at a time and play them with the "1st" team. Otherwise if we play 6 or 7 of them at once, it isnt really a 1st team game. Just as when England have a friendly and hand out 12 new caps and play a completely different team, how can we see if any of those players will fit in with the regular team? And dont forget, some players will look a lot better with better players around them and rise to the occasion, where as some will hide and the game will pass them by.
  6. Graham Potter

    I think he would be a great appointment. Obviously a forward thinking modern day coach. Plus I used to play with him at U13s back in Knowle.
  7. He wouldnt care less. Yes the article says he doesnt particularly like it, but as a pro sportsman talking to fans of the club that employ him he would wear it. After all, its not meant as an insult, but rather a term of endearment.
  8. Im one of Big Dave's harshest critics. I think he's utter garbage at Championship level, and as a club with ambitions we need to move him on. This is a lovely article that paints him as a very likeable and very clued up guy. And Im sure he is. I would love to go for a beer with him and chat more, as Im sure he would be very charming company, and full of laughs. However that doesnt change the fact that I want him nowhere near my Wednesday team. Never ever ever. Harsh, but fair. However, good luck Adthe in whatever your next move is once your contract expires in the summer. I wish you ever success.
  11. Sam Hutchinson

    Super football player. Our team is a lot weaker for his absence. Be it CM, CD, RB, RM, if he's fit he would always be in my team, and would be captain.
  12. Great player, terrible shirt..

    maybe we could replace him with a goalscoring midfielder........we need one more than we need Bannan, IMO
  13. nothing borderline about it. the guy needs locking in a padded room for his own safety. he is a seriously crazy individual.