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  1. excellent goal. this guy is going to be a hero at S6, if we keep hold of him.
  2. THIS What I want him to come out and say is, "look, I know we are utter bobbar going forward and create almost nothing, but I can promise you that we will be doing extra training this week in order to rectify this. We WILL start scoring goals soon". I'd respect that. Instead we get some absolute drivel from him, every week. The answer they give just make all these post match interviews pointless. Cliches etc. Rubbish. Im no Carlos fan, but at least we got to see him screw up £20 notes for fun and giggles.
  3. good point? are you serious? personally I see every draw as 2 points lost. but then Im uber competitive and want to win everything. dont accept mediocrity !!!
  4. this is absolutely ridiculous claim, after he has cost us goal in at least 3 games so far this season
  5. surely you have pics? bearing in mind this is the pics thread
  6. I agree. So its up to DM to make him do this. Fine him or sub him if he continually drops too deep. He will soon stop doing it.
  7. I cant remember the last time I saw a Wednesday player pick up the ball and drive and the oppo like that. Get him on the bench and give him 20 minutes.
  8. We lost at Cambridge in the Leage Cup in, I think, early 16/17 season. A certain G.Hirst made his debut that night in ET. A little known fact.
  9. IMO he isnt our best player. He just thinks he is.
  10. worst wednesday player in the last decade, in terms of matches played, chances given, to what he produced on the pitch. a truly woeful player
  11. Correct. Liverpool play 433 with Mane and Salah supporting the centre forward. We play 451 with our 2 wide men hugging the touchline.
  12. Been busy all day. Just checked final score 90 ish mins after final whistle. Sad to see a 1-1 Would just like to say that I love the line up today. I think that team will go far. Regardless of todays result. Great to see saido get his 1st owls goal.
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