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  1. FML. who gives a feck? if they dont like it then click the red cross in the top right corner. man up or GTFO. are people really that butt-hurt over a bit of football banter? its posts/opinions like this that is everything that is wong with the world and the media these days. again, FML.
  2. top man, plays with a smile on his face, and appreciates the fans.
  3. Its a bit tighter than it used to be, but I was about 13 or 14 at the time.
  4. Koh Samui, Thailand, Owl here. I know of 2 other avid owls out here on this beautiful island, but we never get together for games.
  5. steelerian

    Offload dilemma

    This ^^^ We all agree that our squad is too big, too old, too slow, as well as quite obviously overpaid. No-one is untouchable. The only 2 players i would be sad to see leave are Bannan and Fessi. But if the correct bid was received and we could improve the TEAM overall, then we let them go. I put TEAM in capitals above, because for me that had been the biggest issue with our recruitment over the last 2 years. After Wembley we have spend too much money improving the squad without significantly improving the 1st team. What makes that even more crazy is that we have very good youngsters for cover who were criminally underused. I want to see us sign a stud this summer, someone who is going to be an undoubted starter for 40+ of the 46 league games next season.
  6. This was probably the last time we played with 2 pacey strikers.
  7. steelerian

    Blast from the past - Graham Hyde

    Didnt Tricky Trev once say in an interview that he would be playing for England if he wasnt so ugly? remarkable. Hydey was a smashing player. But we were so spoiled in that era.
  8. steelerian

    God I Miss This Team

    great days. if only we could have 25% of what that team gave us, we'd all be so happy again
  9. steelerian

    Left Back

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Michael Gray. He was class. Head and shoulders above most of his team mates at the time.
  10. Its a good post. And its how I feel most weekends, too. It would be nice and romantic to see a bunch of young local lads fighting for the (striped) shirt each n every week. However as others have already pointed out, relegation could kill us as a club, from a financial perspective. I love the sentiments though.
  11. steelerian

    Our spine

    We have a spine?
  12. steelerian


    Reading this thread really made me smile and brought back some great memories. Then i see how much disrespect English teams show the competition these days and it makes me sick. Well done to Man Yoo for giving it a real go and winning it last season.
  13. The football was spectacular during those 2 or 3 years. The kit was superb. Warhurst was absolute dynamite. Not a single centre half in the Premier League knew how to handle him. We went out out to attack every team every week. It didnt matter who you were - we were Sheffield Wednesday and we will attack you! Now we go to Barnsely and defend for our lives. FML.
  14. steelerian


    The key for blooding youngsters is to bring 1 or 2 in at a time and play them with the "1st" team. Otherwise if we play 6 or 7 of them at once, it isnt really a 1st team game. Just as when England have a friendly and hand out 12 new caps and play a completely different team, how can we see if any of those players will fit in with the regular team? And dont forget, some players will look a lot better with better players around them and rise to the occasion, where as some will hide and the game will pass them by.