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  1. Sam Hutchinson

    Super football player. Our team is a lot weaker for his absence. Be it CM, CD, RB, RM, if he's fit he would always be in my team, and would be captain.
  2. Great player, terrible shirt..

    maybe we could replace him with a goalscoring midfielder........we need one more than we need Bannan, IMO
  3. nothing borderline about it. the guy needs locking in a padded room for his own safety. he is a seriously crazy individual.
  4. home tickets

    The only option is to vote with your feet. As many have said across many threads recently, whilstever the gates are high the chairman wont care. £33 to see mid table championship football in a working class city is a disgrace. (Well its a disgrace at any level, but thats anothet debate).
  5. If Hooper gets injured

    If we went with Fletcher and Rhodes, and went more direct, we would need the midfield to play another 20 yards further forward also. Our midfield has a tendancy to sit too deep, and without Hooper linking it together, there wouldnt be much cohesion. Or alternatively it would need a change of system to a 4231 with any 3/8 from Bannan/FF/Lee/Abdi/Matias/Wallace/Boyd/Reach making up the 3 attacking MF, with say 2/3 of Butterfield/Jones/Hutch making up the 2. (wow, do we really have 11 midfielders at the club?) Options options.
  6. Happy 50th Kevin Pressman

    Wasnt there a story of him being burgled and him chasing the burglars for miles? Happy birthday Kevin, Wednesday legend.
  7. Id forgotten about him. I liked him too. Had a touch of class about him.
  8. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Watching that youtube video of Matias above, its quite remarkable that he hasnt had more games, injuries or not. He is the exact type of direct running winger/forward we need. And he would give the crowd a bit more excitement.
  9. Listening to that brought back some great memories. I really enjoyed that season. We were a decent side back then. Never going to win it but had some very good players amongst the Athertons and Nolans. Equivalent to who now? Stoke, Burnley, Southampton? Few points/memories: - Booth - was great for a while. Was limited and used to run like he was knee deep in treacle, but defenders couldnt handle him physically and he got some important goals for us. - Pembridge - did anyone ever see him smile? didnt even celebrate goals, just used to trudge back to the half way line. got a rough ride from the fans but was always consistent. - Blinker - as exciting as he was, he never ever produced anything. my abiding memory or him was having his hair pulled by Wrighty down at the Library in one of Wenger/Viera's first games. - Carbone - a 3m player back then. whats is his worth in todays crazy market? similar player to FF in a way - hard to find his best position, which Pleat highlights in this video. - Hirst - wow he looked old in this video - Whittingam - totally forgot about him. scored a lot of goals. used to really like him back then. - Pleat - yes probably did get the best out of his resources that season. didnt after that though, hence the chop.
  10. so about the same as Fletcher is scoring for us then, but in less games?
  11. Maybe he is all of those things, but plain and simply, Winall will score more goals than Fletcher could even dream about. I kinda like Fletch, but he isnt a goal machine, hes good for 15(max) per season if he players every game, and you need at least 1, if not 2, 20-25 goal per season strikers to get out of this division.
  12. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Wow, just WOW. Reach for England. WOW.
  13. Best XI since PL relegation.

    Pressy Buxton Boughera Walker Gray = how has no-one mentioned the ex-Sunderland lad Michael Gray? he was a class above everyone else when he played for us, in both ability and effort. Antonio Whelan Barkley Brunt Jones Wickham Hmm....not one of todays players in that starting 11. Most would be on the bench; Hooper FF Bannan Lees Lee Westwood etc
  14. he's always been an utter vile stinky flaps
  15. He took over the club at a bad time, during the decline of the Big Ron/Tricky Trev team. It was a thankless task, but he didnt half make a mess of it.