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  1. I cant think of the words to explain how much I was hate that horrible "see you next tuesday" to be assosiated with our club. Horrible horrible person.
  2. I really hope we do find a 20 goal striker, so we can then sell him to an EPL team for £25m and build a SQUAD that is capable of getting us back into the top half of the table.
  3. and maybe even the Premier LEAGUE one day also
  4. yeah me too, but I've lived in Thailand for 11 years so far, so I'm a slightly better judge than a typical Pattaya tourist.
  5. If you understand 1 thing about Thai cultyure and loss of face, you will know that this will NEVER happen.
  6. here's to the next 3000 games too hey 🙄
  7. pep did get a semi on for him after our cup defeat by the oil barons.
  8. weird analogies, but I agree with the sentiments
  9. He really is turning into the star of our otherwise shambolic season. And after such a poor start too. I was one who said he should never wear our shirt again after about 2 months. But wow has he changed my opinion. If we had more like him we'd be A OK. I really hope we can get him back on another season long loan. But as others have pointed out, it will likely be just another Hector situation. sad, but true. But good luck to the lad, whatever happens to him. With the correct application and desire he could go onto a really big things. He has all the ability he needs. He just needs to fight for it a touch more.
  10. Goalie = 7 Oddjob = 8 - his best owls game? Iorfa = 5 - off the boil tonight Lee's = 9 - superb tonight Borner = 8 - I say it every week, he reads the game so well Harris = 6 - almost got his goal Hunt = 6 - tried hard. Good to see him further forward Bannan = 6 - meh Luongo = 4 - not in the game Windass = 6 - ran ran and ran Murphy = 5 - just not his day Nuhiu = 1 - foul foul foul Reach = 1 - I have no words Da Cruz = 3 - ineffective Joey = 7 - played well
  11. Another Nuhiu foul. Sign him up. Hes good in the dressing room. What is he, a fluffer?
  12. Yeah these professional athletes in their prime years must be absolutely shattered. My hearts bleeds.
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