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  1. Sack him dc

    They only score against us. Sack the Clown
  2. Rhodes will never score till SWFC supply crosses

    As much as the Hooper/Fletcher partnership seems to be working, its only Hooper who is scoring goals. And although he isnt scoring goals, Fletcher's contribution to most games has been very good. But how many more blanks does he have to draw before Rhodes gets a run of games? Or for that matter, Joao? Surely the point of having so many strikers is to be able to chop and change when any of them arent scoring, and to keep it fresh. I like Fletcher, so have nothing against him, but Im just throwing it out there.
  3. New kit for sale!

    This thread really delivers. Made me chuckle so much. Love it.
  4. Suspect shirt for sale...

    And it has stripes
  5. Well done Adam Reach. Im one of his harshest critics, but even I admit hes been a lot better lately. I still think he lacks an end product though.
  6. Just watched Birmingham game back

    Brum got absolutely spanked at Hull yesterday. Just makes our result look even more embarrassing. We we will do nothing until the Clown is relieved of his duties. Fact.

    But also more serious dosh for us to replace them.