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  1. Does the truth hurt? Harris is utter garbage. Everyone knows it.
  2. He'll soon get used to Harris and the lack of service. His expectations are obviously too high atm.
  3. I'd pay 50 quid to not have to listen to John Pearson. My god, that man is annoying.
  4. then our head explodes, after spinning around too much, trying to make a decision.
  5. a very welcome goal threat, something we have been sadly lacking from all departments for way too long. can he defend though?
  6. this it ehe thing, they are absolutely flush right now, so if they want him, make them pay the same over inflated price that they have been charging other clubs for their players. £3m-5m then let him go. £1m-£2m then keep him on.
  7. This is the kiddy I was thinking of. Very good RB.
  8. The distribution of wealth in the world is criminal. Not just football.
  9. I think the 3m wont be the biggest problem. It will be his likely 3m/year wage demands.
  10. I was saying it's quite ridiculous that we are committing foul throws. The ref does right to give them. There are always too many not given.
  11. World class inch perfect cross from Palmer. World class.
  12. HT Hunt looking good, trying to be positive. Reach's touch is diabolical. Pessy being Pessy. Kachunga running hard. Fis not really in the game yet. Would like to see Borner and Brennan be more adventurous and advance with the ball more, they have a lot of space ahead of them. Shaw solid so far. Not a bad start. Solid enough. We just need to be more adventurous and create more. COME ON WEDNESDAY.
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