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  1. The only thing I remember about that game was the lesser spotted Sergio Buuuusssssssss playing. What a signing her was hey. Inspired stuff indeed.
  2. Only player I have ever seen get sent off for arguing over a throw in. Brilliant. You cant deny, the man was entertainment.
  3. Yes, agreed, they would be the only 2 in contention for player of the season if it ended right now.
  4. Isnt this the story of our season to date though? Has anyone actually stood out? Has anyone actually grabbed any of our games by the scruff of the neck and dragged us over the line? Answer = no, not really. Dont get me wrong, we are having an ok season, and I'm quite happy to be where we are right now - in contention - and this isn't really a criticism, more of an observation. But we are so average, and no one ever stands out. It's always 5-7/10. And we do need to improve, and build on our decent start.
  5. Indeed. Lee put a reet shift in today. His work rate was incredible throughout, and it was him who was still driving to the goal line to retrieve that ball and square to Fessi. Ok yes he wasnt as involved as in his pomp, but in a 442 with 2 wingers and Bannan, with no Hutch, he needed to be more disciplined. He played a very mature game today.
  6. Ridiculous ratings. So harris - who did F all throughout, scores higher than KL who bust a gut all match and set up the 1st goal. Err, ok then.
  7. A very fair and accurate post. Completely agree with all points, apart from Harris would have got a 3 from me. Terrible performance bar the 1 good cross that lead to Murphy hitting post. He looks lost out there and isnt getting himself involved enough. Needs to get off that touchline.
  8. Palmer. Wtf was he doing? Looked liked hes never played football before. Seriously worrying.
  9. We definitely saw the very best and also the very worst of Westwood today. Made 2 blinding saves late on, but also gifted them 2 goals with flapping at those corners. Awful stuff.
  10. Completely agree. Apart from the one cross that lead to the Murphy post hit, hes been terrible. He needs to get into the game more rather than hugging the touchline.
  11. I'll never forget him doing a Cruyff turn virtually on his own goal line in an away cup game at Millwall. Talented player. RIP
  12. Or Dawson's v Cardiff? My order; 1. Dawson Cardiff 2. Westwood Leeds 3. Dawson Stoke 3 fabulous saves.
  13. Yes we did have a lot more chances than Leeds. Well spotted. We played well yesterday. Very well. But with that bit more quality, either with the final pass or the finish, it would have been a whalloping. I think that was there for all to see.
  14. fox fox fox fox fox fox oh, and FOX Did I mention Morgan Fox? But thats the best Ive seen us play this season, to a man.
  15. well if Smalling can cut it at Roma, then maybe Thornily should go smash up Serie A hey?
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