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  1. so you have better judgement than the OBR? and your 'expert' opinion is brexit is going well? I'll stick with the head of the OBR pointing out that the reality of brexit is a estimated 4% hit . twice that of the pandemic . I voted for brexit but I'm not going to pretend I didn't get conned. maybe you are not ready yet... in the meantime people can see for themselves how good your judgement is ..
  2. where did you study economics ? your not making any sense.. the prediction is that brexit is twice as bad the worst pandemic in modern history .. for the rest of our lives we will be feeling that effect..
  3. vaccines have made a huge positive difference can you share some of the 'half truths' ? yes the goverment are very untrustworthy yes they lined there rich mates pockets for sure . the data is available . just look at the last time the UK had 50k cases ...with no vaccine ..800-1k deaths a day .. now with 98k cases. but vaccines in 90% of the adult population ..just 111deaths today its not the only factor but it's solid proof that the vaccine work well. be very wary of the data coming from poor countries very unreliable .. the above example is much better.. the anti bodies wane and having the booster greatly improves the protection against hospitalisation and death ..it's that simple. brilliant point. we need to get the world jabbed and that will stop wierd varients ruining our progress like now. the NHS has been unfunded and on its knees by the Tories ..long before covid, ..and the lack of pandemic planning was shocking ...we need greater investment .. we need to get boosters to stop the supply chain and NHS being overrun . the booster is reduces the chances you will end up on an nhs bed.. 90% of the adult population have been vaccinated so you will mostly know people that have been jabbed ...those that are umvaxxedcare more likely to get a serious reaction agree. its clear that the experts want us to go further but the mad far right want to pretend restrictions are 'like Nazi Germany ' whilst spreading propaganda that kills vulnerable people...which is much more like something that the nazis would do
  4. that's what forecasts are . predictions based on all the evidence by experts .. in this case they are predicting that brexit will be twice as bad as the worse pandemic in living history . I could be even worse you are right ..or not quiet as bad but it's around twice as bad a covid economically according the best estimates we have and the reality we have seen so far . just ask the fisherman and farmers how it's going .. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-fishing-deal-boris-johnson-b1884210.html%3famp https://www.arc2020.eu/things-will-only-get-worse-post-brexit-reality-is-hitting-farmers-hard/ my point remains the far right in the Tory party who didn't care about the economic damage of brexit are screaming about it now the daily mail ,and other right wing rags who pumped anti EU nonsense in your ear are silent of the reality of brexit and it's damaging impact of fisherman and farmers . yet now it's about protecting your community they want you to care about the economy over human life..disgusting isn't it
  5. everything would be massively worse without the vaccines . that's the reality the data on the new varient mutation is showing is at least twice as transmissible. the vaccines and boosters will offer protection from serious illness but less effective now it's mutation is stopping transmission . that is why experts are saying we should act now to do as many things that help slow the spread..like social distancing ,working from home,wearing masks .. and reduce deaths and hospitalisation by get vaccinated and boosted.. I repeat EVERYTHING would be WORSE without the impact of the vaccines . fact . so you no longer need to be confused . who do you believe ? listen to the experts and not the daily mail or social media ' hot take' conmen that peddle misinformation. the next time the daily mail are pumping your head with 'lockdown is destroying the economy 'type articles.. whilst pretending leaving the EU is a good idea. remember the head of the OBR has already said that the effect of the pandemic is projected to be a 2% hit to the economy .whilst the hit of brexit is 4%.
  6. ok mate,just get your vaccines,(if you haven't already.) and booster. the experts who have years of experience and have looked at all the angles agree.
  7. excellent information . the data is as clear as day.. this is why it's frustrating when people by try to pretend it's up for debate .
  8. because the experts in this area broadly agree. and there is lots of misinformation out on social media that is outright misleading people that arnt educated enough in this area to,be able to effectively critique it. so it's important we all call it out when we see it or hear it in our community.
  9. totally agree and apologies if I came across as rude.
  10. some are willfully ignorent. most are extremely gullible and have been led down a dark path of misinformation. . the NHS will never turn there back on someone in need.. end of
  11. unvaccinated people are clogging up beds . they will always get treated and looked after . they often have been conned by those exploiting there ignorence . those that work in the NHS are saving lives every day.. help them by following the advice of the experts .
  12. its not actually happening though. its just an imaginary thing in your mind.. but this pandemic is happening and everyone should get jabbed and boosted to protect the NHS during a serious moment when not acting will sink the service
  13. the data shows the NHS will be overwhelmed . so yes the logic of doing something now is sound. so listen to the experts and not your Facebook feed or your 'gut instinct ' about something that isn't your forte
  14. what's next? hopefully what is next is coming out of this as quickly and painlessly as possible. we do that by following the advice of the people who has studied this there whole life and are telling us the data shows getting boosted is going to get the immunity back up for this difficult period. its not that complicated but some bad faith actors on your Facebook ,or back bench Tory nutters in your parliament see this as a chance to confuse you and politicise this . (they hope to gain notoriety ,dark money ,gullible money ..a bit of fame).. dont fall for it. listen to the experts.
  15. everything would be immeasurably worse without the jabs and boosters. that's a fact . id listen to the experts and follow the advice. its sound advice based on years of expertise . getting double jabbed and boosted. wear a mask and help you,yours and your whole community to come out of this and quickly and painlessly as possible .
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