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  1. playlist above is all that survives....
  2. theres a playlist for all sheffield wednesday related material..
  3. seen some worse "tributes"... he should be greatful ..
  4. Happy that I paid.. Well done club man Liam. Intelligent assist from kachunga. Obviously a bit crap until then.. But they are trying and kept going...so credit
  5. or swallow our pride and activate the nuhiu button.
  6. or just better than dad body or kuchunga the strunken targetman....
  7. he looks really promising. Added much needed size and covers distance..didn't give the ball away. glad pulis stuck with him after the sending off Love seeing young players coming through. he has every chance to be an regular for us
  8. Time to admit you made s mistake and get this dawsal finn back on the throne.....
  9. Westwood back between the sticks shouting at van aken .. Fire them up!!!!!
  10. Jordan's Rhodes skin looks so thin? Literally like god didn't give him enough and it's over stretched to compensate
  11. Come on guys..kill this game! Can't handle more late heartbreak
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