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  1. mpore dropped him and the had to field questions about were he had gone. playing him as a winger meant we got a lot if work rate but zero passing quality..or end product.. but after the clamour ,back he came and he's beeb worse.. very one footed ,poor defending .. worth a punt and we can move him on..
  2. wildsmith 4 brown 3 Brennan 6 Paterson 5 corbeanu 6.5 shodipo 4 wing 4.5 Byers 3 Dele bash 7 berahino 3 sow 4.5
  3. the squad looks good . kamberi and Gregory good up top . adeniran bags of potential and well done Moore for getting him here. johnson stepping up and contributing . corbeanu once over his illness and with Moore in his head played great and is an excellent find . Mendez Laing looks v exciting over a small sample . baily been hit and miss.but is the kind of modern goalie we need on paper wing was a no brainer but it didn't work out, . luckily Dele basheru has really bloomed under Moore. brennan also . so plenty of positives a great run in the league
  4. we will always need to use our squad and take into account fitness,form ,opponent etc. the hypothetical team never stays fit in reality. the peacock in goal .. wildsmith getting worse centre backs (3) dunkley,Palmer ..with Brennan and johnson for last place .. ifora and hutch to return .. wing backs .. 1st choices corbeanu left (or right) wb.. hunt right wing back with Mendez Lang looking spicy in small sample. Paterson looked good as wb. shodipo falling down my list ..but still done it at this level . brown ok as wing back but so off the pace compared to other options ..time for Moore to extend the big freeze centre mid bannan . star midget wizard. loungo ..we all know he's class. Dele bash has upped it and is now the 3best. adeniran ..looked amazing his form tailed off..but will get plenty of chances to tail on. wing ..sigh not working out ...sad to watch him struggle Byers..so poor I wouldn't trust him now two up top. Gregory ..the Gregheads demand it windass ..gale force kamberi ..been brilliant ..will play lots Paterson ..4th choice of .offering some angry hampster energy sow offering more than berahino isn't saying much ,didn't do well Vs fartleepool berahino ...not working out ..I've lost faith now..no power or pace. or touch or finish ..just heartbreaking .
  5. not surprised brown was awful as a wide centre back again . was awful the time before . was thinking I was wise for wanting to play agbonatoma instead,but he came on and was sloppy and gave it away in dangerous areas .. Brennan ,dunkley Palmer all decent ... Johnson back soon hutch? ,iorfa? who knows .. Paterson ..if desperate brown just no....
  6. just imagine the big beasts of dunkely and akinfenwa ,down at the watering hole. after a long day ... bannan as one of those parasite eating birds...
  7. this must be a joke . pulis was terrible ,we played some of the most negative ineffective football we ever saw at our club . he then told Celtic about our young talents .. not cool and made a mug of us( chansiri ) for a quick buck . how anyone can pine for that era is beyond me
  8. we would have a totally different squad so it's impossible to say ... agree that Moore did a brilliant job assembling the squad though.
  9. some will always find a reason to moan. they often lurk in the shadows waiting for a loss.. just remember how bleak it was at the start of the season. bannan squirming in an interview about staying. Moore has hustled together a young athletic squad and they have found the right style and shape . the spirit and togetherness is now shining through . well done Moore and his team and well done the boys for buying into the environment
  10. its a religious conversion to mooreism... most will still pretend we should be winning this league with the players we have , whilst ignoring the fact that moore assembled them on on frees and personal connections .. now it's clicking so enjoy
  11. I'm always wanting to give a chance even when it's turning to crap. was starting to lose faith but now I'm really positive again . no point in having a mind unless your willing to change it. respect for your post . Moore has addressed the problems and turned it around with inventive ,pretty unique ideas ..
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