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  1. FF was out pretty much all last season and i expect that will be a one off. I think his situation is very different to Fletcher and Hopper. I don't even count Matias as i expect him to be injured by October.
  2. It is a worry isn't it. If it wasn't for Niuhi and Joao stepping up towards the end of last season and now, we'd be some ryet shat going into this season, having to off-load Rhodes. Our last 24 months of recruitment leaves a lot to be desired and even when Fletcher and Hopper are fit, would other teams look at them - only as a short term loan in my view. For as good as they when fit, the lack of games means we are handicapped and need get through the season in spite off.
  3. Animis

    Back from Lincoln

    Dominant - particularly in the air and he bossed Reid, who looks like an aging heavyweight boxer.
  4. Animis

    New contracts

    Now Rhodes looks like leaving, there's not many of the first team squad who's contracts run beyond June 2019. This season will be a water shed for the club, and DC. If we drift and finish mid-table again, it's unlikely many will be offered contracts or if they are will probably be less than they're on at the moment. This would mean a total overhaul of the squad which need carefully planning and managing next pre-season.
  5. We've been weaned on medicocrity or the last decade or so - sky sports sells a myth of english supremacy, but unfortunately at international level we are top 12 at best. They bang on about these naive youngsters but they're all on at least £50K/week. Happy that they made it this far but don't be fooled this was a platform for the future.
  6. If both both clubs have got this far, i would be very surprise if they couldn't find some middle ground to get this done. Everyone wants it to happen - art of negotiation is to leave everyone happy.
  7. Bannan is instrumental to our team - he makes things tick and the proof showed last season that results picked up significantly when he came back into the team. I do think we rely on him too much though, and i think Abdi was brought in to offer cover and competition. As Abdi has been a miserable failure so far, it has put more pressure on Bannan and the team as a whole, making Bannan more valuable. Bannan is what, one of 10 first team players out of contract next June. I think this season is shat or bust for them all - clearly the risk for the club in delaying contract talks until mid-season is if we are doing well it will have to pay more or risk losing them.
  8. Animis

    Away kit 2018/19

    here they are in pre-season training circa 1990:
  9. Animis

    Away Kit

    quite nice
  10. Hunt has pace but always lacked an end product and was a bit naive at defending. Average championship player. If we are going to play 3-5-2, could Keiran Lee play RWB - he came as a right full back from Oldham and has the 'brain' to mix defending with attacking and has an end product. This would mean we could fit him, and Bannan into the team.
  11. Animis

    Preslav Borukov

    great news
  12. DC's way of man management that backfired. DC was apparently still hoping to sign up GH right up to Christmas time. Locking GH in the cupboard under the stairs was a novel way of doing negotiations. But at the same time if GH's advisors were telling him to say nowt, then the situation had descended into a farce.
  13. Kivo - I know you have strong views on this, but the key is the respective valuations of GH's salary in August 2017. Would be conceivable that GH did indeed want to leave, as he knew he a) would get a better deal in the PL, and b) was behind a plethora of established strikers @ SWFC for the foreseeable future meaning at least another year in the U23s and therefore, that's how SWFC where valuing his salary. If so, then would it be possible that GH and his advisors requested a ridiculous salary demand because they wanted to leave anyhow and they though this would make DC's mind up to sell?
  14. I partly agree with your comments - yes, the sheer arrogance of Leicester circumnavigating their way around the rules is something the authorities need to investigate. Whilst I understand where you are coming from on the ex-player bit, we do need some links to the past and they should be encouraged to be ambassadors for the club in whatever form the club feels fit - Man U do this with the class of 90 in some respects - and this reinforces the bond with the fans.
  15. ironic we don't go to Portugal because of the heat and it's going to be hotter here - juts our luck.