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  1. worked really hard as a team - only a mistake will let them back in.
  2. Dream team - add Tony Toms and you had a formidable team:
  3. It was a gamble signing - I assume the club were thinking longer term, which is odd as we essentially had this season to save our Championship status and the cash, as you say could have been targeted at more priority positions. I hope the deal reflected this and included a period of rehabilitation - i.e. % of salary until match fit. Knowing us, probably not.
  4. I think the Fletcher decision was damned if you do damned if you don't. £20k/week for a 33yr old in our financial position was a risk, but we ended up with Pateson as the big target man who's not that good at it. Nuhiu could, and perhaps with hindsight should have offered a 1yr deal. KL is essentially finished/retired. Hutch and FF have drifted off to the warm-weather in the med play in the 2nd tier with no pressures. This to me highlights that they don't have the hunger and are freewheeling the rest of their career - in FF's case literally. Not
  5. I think deep down people want a team, players and club that embrace attractive football - it's a subjective term though. I also think people want a progressive manager who will be given time and resources to build a team. However, our playing staff and position don't offer us this luxury. I'm happy to go with and back TP for the remaining season, with one objective - keep us in this league. My worry is what DC will think and do if he does - does he see this as a direction to build upon. TP let slip recently that one of his new staff was here for 'years to come'. That concerned me
  6. At least Mike's badge seems to authentically match our official merchandise. That's a start in my eyes.
  7. Can you remember when we signed Reda - we were told he might not be able to play because of a pending case of kidnap and imprisonment by trying someone to a radiator. I knew then he'd be a legend and have a better goal scoring record than our so called strikers.
  8. That's it for the 'fan wins a raffle' performance contribution.
  9. TP only has one objective in my eyes - keep us up. We'll need a few tight 1-0s with the players on offer, and hopefully he can wheel and deal in January to get us at least some goal scoring options.
  10. we are stale and predictable. Let's hope TP has a plan, because at present we're going have to rely on sneaking the odd 1-0 to even compete with these players.
  11. I doubt Sky will be rushing to get us on anytime soon - we're a turn off for the most ardent SWFC fan never mind neutral.
  12. It looks like it - although Westwood looks like he's shrunk whilst sat at home this year.
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