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  1. Animis


    Indeed. He will need game time at SWFC to move on once he's declared fit. Therefore, January is likely to be the next window. Winnall's comments were clearly designed to engineer a move to Derby; a big club in the championship where he clearly feels happy at. It now will be out of his hands and if he still wants out by Christmas, hopefully we can move him on to a similar club with minimum impact on the team, and make a decent profit at the same time.
  2. Animis


    Winnall's first oppetuantety of moving out would have been January due to his injury. He's our player and under our medical care until he's fit, which my reading of predictions is towards the end of the year.
  3. Animis


    Bit harsh that. Although i know what you are getting at; his game is effort and pressure. He does know where the goal is and record prior to arriving was excellent. He makes a good sub when chasing the game, similar to how Derby used him. His injury has changed the whole complexion for this summer, but his public comments seem to suggest he's determined or desperate to sign for Derby. Maybe one to sort out for January 2019 when he's fit and has some game time.
  4. Animis

    So that survey

    Retain our key and higher paid players giving us the chance to challenge for the top six. If we fail by this time next year, most of the players will be out of contract and I suspect the club will review everything, including ticket prices.
  5. Animis

    25 years ago tonight !

    FFS Full recital of the periodic table until Trowell Services.
  6. Animis

    25 years ago tonight !

    End of a bizarre week. Saturday's final was great then the realisation that we had a reply really took the gloss off the day. Took a day's holiday at work at short notice to queue for the reply tickets on the Monday, although we didn't sell out partly due to extra allocation. The day of the Thursday game was crap - all my mates had made their own way there due to their various commitments and we ended up meeting up in the ground - no beers, no singing, no excitement. The game was half hour delayed due to thousands of Wednesdayites stuck on the M1 - what in rush hour traffic? The media seemed to think this was poor as all the Arsenal fans were in the ground by 730 pm, and they had had five tube stops to contest with! The game repeated the tactical and attritional style of the first game, and extra time and penalties was probably the outome everyone was expecting, but then stepped up Woods with his collapsing legs act. Fans were great - outsung the posh cockneys all second half. Remember the journey home - managed to cag a lift and we set off from London about 1130 pm - total science all way home. The realisation that a great season had ended in achieving nothing. I alway regret us not playing Tottenham in that final instead - would have been a far better game.
  7. Animis

    Westwood Going

    I don't think there's much between the three keepers - Westwood has experience and games under his belt, but also has a recent injury record which may influence the club's decision. I think one of the three will leave; either permanently or on a season loan. If we need to trim the wage bill and fetch in a £1m or so, Westwood is likely to be the favourite. His thoughts will be important as he'll want to get at least what's he's on here, or the deal must give him a three/four year deal which he could demand if he saw his contract out till June 19.
  8. Animis

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    There's no reason why we can't. We presumably still hold the copyright for the 70s Owl. I've said before, we could/should have merchandise with the two different badges for different products; properly designed - retro et al. We should use all our history for marketing - be proud of all our 150 years.
  9. Animis

    Have a read of this

    Didn't Kivo once take a crayon rubbing of it - like Indiana Jones.
  10. Our average this year ended on 25525. Last year, with a forth spot finish it was 27129, and that was with some big gates in April and 33K against Fulham which was a dead rubber. I think it held up quite well considering some of the painful watching mid-season.
  11. We could have had two in the 98 world cup. Petter Rudi had 8 caps for Norway in 98 but didn't make the final squad cut, Wim Jonk represented Holland but signed for us just after the finals started.
  12. Animis

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    We've been decimated by injuries of key first team players for half the season. Yes, we had a squad that reflects the wage bill you mention, but without this we would have probably gone down, as reliance on kids across the team wouldn't have been sustainable for four or five months. We have also had to undertake a transition from a former manager who ran out of ideas and shouldn't have started the season in charge, half way through the season and Jos' record is top half of the table - above you lot. Considering this perfect storm, i think finishing three points behind you is a tremendous achievement.
  13. Animis

    We Are Going Up.

    We have shown over the last two or three months that we can be hard to beat and resilient, even with some key players missing. I think Jos will have learned a lot about English football and the players in his five months at the club. I hope we get the fitness sorted and hopefully the injuries will naturally reduce. I think we'll only fetch in two maybe three players. If we get a good start and are able to maintain this, I expect us to be challenging. Cardiff have shown that it is possible, so there's no reason why top two couldn't be achieved. However, there are around 12 clubs with the same thoughts.
  14. Animis

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP Tinks mum - never an easy time. Condolences to you and your family.
  15. Animis

    Venâncio celebration

    No disrespect to Vitoria Setubal but their average home gate this season is 3,842. He's had a taste now, and I imaging him and his agent will push for a deal. if everyone's sensible it should get done by the time the players report back.