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  1. Don't worry - the players are working from home:
  2. RIP Joe - condolences to his family who don't appear to be able to lay Joe to rest in the way they would want.
  3. I had mates who lived around the country at the time and supported different teams. They use to ask if they could visit me in Sheffield for the weekend so they could watch Waddle.
  4. I think there's a lot of expecting cultural hierarchy respect in the answers - he believes we should simply accept his honesty and best of intentions and go with him. He doesn't like the veil of anonymity of social media does he.
  5. Thanks for that - a good read. He really is stubborn, and consistent and is clearly going to do it his way. Fair enough, he will succeed or fail and only time will tell. Interesting that he is still saying he will hand the club over to his young un. He's clearly here for the long term.
  6. Timings are interesting as well - Redgate and Meire had already resigned as Directors when we (eventually) filled the accounts in June/July 2019. DC was the only signature on the accounts, and he would have relied on the auditors sign-off before signing. I always thought investigating Redgate and Meire was odd due to the above, but as they've not only dropped any further investigate into them, but also DC, implies to me that the EFL don't believe DC did anything wrong up to submitting the accounts, at which the new company was already set up, albeit in name. I can only see the valuers; accountants and auditors having to answer anything here, and I think they're already covered.
  7. That's how I read it - unless the EFL were investigating the three directors 'conduct', as opposed to the club's process. I always thought the charges were for going against the 'spirit' of the EFL rules. That can only be done by the Directors of the club and not some administrative mistake?
  8. My understanding from the EFL rules, is that they can assess the ground sale valuation once the accounts are issued to them, but this would have to done by their own surveyors. It's unlikely; almost unknown, other than in cases of discipline by the RICS (regulative body) where expert witnesses are called, that another surveying practice would go against a practice's signed off valuation. I don't know who did the 2019 valuation, but LSH did the 2015 one. LSH are an international renowned surveying practice.
  9. This impact of this virus will cross two financial years, and the fixed costs (contracts); ground adjustments against the lack of revenue and tax re-calculations will be a nightmare for everyone not just football clubs. I can't see how the EFL can carry on measuring clubs on an out-of-date P&S criteria, when the world will look very different. Everyone will need to be cut some slack.
  10. I assume you mean the case against us is crumbling away - if so, I agree with you.
  11. I agree - if the EFL have absolved the then three Directors of any wrong doing, this must mean our intention/action at the time were legitimate. They were the club at the time and misleading the EFL was at the centre of the charges. The only issue is either the ground valuation or process of delaying the annual accounts and creating a new company in the delayed period to sell the ground. As the property and accountant consultants have already signed this process off, I really cant see how the EFL can gain anymore out of this.
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