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  1. Ever get the feeling

    two games in a row we've taken the lead and then lost. Naive, and worrying that we seem to run out of steam
  2. Ever get the feeling

    remember being 2-1 up against Tottenham in March 1990 and we conspired to lose 2-4 and then lost next 5. We said we were too good to go down, but did. .
  3. the more I see of Steve Bruce over the years convinces me he was a member of fight club.
  4. seems it's football these days - can't imagine Tony Tomms, Charlton or Wilko tolerating it.
  5. Neil called for

    Have you teken Kat to your favourite Hillsborough restaurant yet Neil?
  6. Here's my theory

    It's funny how we all knew this, including the club, but up to Christmas Eve many, including the club were supporting CC and his 'methods', and criticising the fans for questioning them. Strange.
  7. Here's my theory

    I do find it strange that some wednesday players can only play 60mins per week because we can't risk injuries or they get tired. Makes you wonder what you need to be a professional footballer these days.
  8. Needs posting on pigsmad - de weant like dat. Seriously though - Imagine if them scruffey fecas played at Hillsborough before we were formed. It would disinfecting for a millenium.
  9. He's going to update us all on his latest thoughts on the "complex phenomena" of Cartesianism and its emphasis on interconnectivity - how he thinks his football teams should work. I for one can't wait.
  10. I agree - Reach does seem to have taken to the role well. I like his centre midfield rolle as well which would support him being captain more. I hope Loovens' games are restricted to injury cover, as i expect he will move on in the Summer, so we need to start building the formation/team line up for 2018/19.
  11. You can see four pubs in this photo alone - it's amazing the pace of closing in the last 20 years.
  12. BBC biased highlights.

    The BBC's coverage and importance in football coverage has been diminished over the years. They are left with potentially hopefull giant killing games in the cup which no one really watches or cares about, and 10 mins per game highlights of PL games when everyone is either out or watching a film. They are that desperate to tell the tax-payer they are still important and they are receiving value for money, that they have to repeat it Sunday morning. Consequently the clowns they have working for them are the same old gravy train, multi-discipline comedy game show guests who have a long contracts effectively talking rubbish week in week out. No one should be surprised that the have no interest in anyone outside the PL.
  13. Typical carlos match!

    Not a good advert for football really. We huffed and puffed but offered little quality. Their quality was stifled through a mix of our tactics and their leak of ambition.