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  1. The crowd stormed the saloons containing the players and directors - loving the Edwardian tabloid journalism.
  2. This was 7 years ago - the Charlton player is still rehab:
  3. Bruce actually said 6 wins from 8 before yesterday's game - he missed a game. I think 70 points might be enough for 6th, but who knows. Birmingham were in a good position three weeks ago and they've just lost 4 consecutive games. Middlesbrough and Bristol City's form is shocking and almost relegation standard, and to think we would be 3 points off 5th place 4 weeks ago is a reflection of the closeness of the league. I don't think injuries are playing much part in it at present, but yes if we pick up anymore we may struggle.
  4. The stats to date are: I think 70 & 71 points will secure 6th and 5th at this rate. We'll need one more point than the others due to the JL goal differference, so can we get 16/17 points from 8 games say 5 wins and 2 draws? We can afford to lose one at that rate! Take draws against Leeds and Norwich. As other have said we need to beat the teams around us, and that's a massive ask but if we do, it would be an amazing effort.
  5. He's keeping that one up his sleeve and not telling the players - a 'Brucie bonus' if you will
  6. I suppose the hypothetical question would be, 'would you accept beating Leeds and Norwich thus assisting automatic promotion for the pigs, but guaranteeing us sixth spot.' I think is would be a clear yes.
  7. I agree with this, and people must remember that our P&S position come the summer may mean we can't sign up the likes of Hector and therefore, JVA will need to step up.
  8. I expect SB will start with Rhodes or he goes out on loan again. We can't afford his wages just sat on the bench or squad. FF and Fletcher will have a year left so these two are likely IMO to start if Rhodes goes, with Nuhiu and Joao as back up. Winnall may be sold and Matias and Hopper will be released.
  9. true - but it's like death by a thousand cuts listening to Boyd treading water until May
  10. The tantalizing, but just out of reach promise of getting to within 3 points of 6th position is raising everyone's expectations of what's achievable. We are what we were when SB came to the club, a mid-table team, who are likely to equally win, draw and lose the remaining games. We need a finish beyond what these players are capable of unfortunately.
  11. Bruce will have it sorted - he'll know their strengths and will prepare the team accordingly and unlike his two predecessors will try to win this game.
  12. I reckon 31k, which considering will be a good effort.
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