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  1. I tend to agree - I thought the opportunity of a big promotion bonus or enhanced future contract value would spur these players on to a top 6 this season. However, their recent energy and commitment levels don't demonstrate that to me unfortunately. I think some of them have mentality zoned out.
  2. It's not about who's no1 at any one time. Westwood isn't on the bench now he's fit. We can't accept that Westwood needs to prove himself in training to reclaim no2 spot from Wildsmith. Westwood will probably be starting on Friday.
  3. Sandy beaches, sunsets and of course a wild party scene. Ibiza is better known for superstar DJs and nightclubs than football, but on Wednesday night that could all change - at least for one night. Barcelona are in town to face UD Ibiza in the last 32 of the Copa del Rey. When the draw was made, many envious football fans had the same thought on social media - "best away game ever". The match will be held at the Estadi Municipal de Can Misses, which is increasing its capacity from 4,500 to a sell-out 6,445 especially for the game. In true Ibiza style the club has booked one of the island's top DJs, Manu Gonzalez, to "provide the pre-match and half-time beats" on the side of the pitch. "When I was a kid the Ibiza football club was not that big - most people supported Barcelona," the Ibiza native told BBC Sport. "Now all these years later I will be DJing on a pitch where Barcelona and Ibiza will be playing together in an official competition. It will be a very special thing for the island."
  4. You're right - but like any of these shenanigans at Hillsborough over the last few years you have see the facts for what they are and then speculate wildly: SWFC gave Westwood a two year deal in the Summer. We all assumed that this was for him to be no1 keeper, as the salary must be higher than Dawson and Wildsmith. If it wasn't, they'd be no point giving him a contract, and I doubt he would have signed it. He started off as no1 until his injury. Dawson steps in and does well. Westwood is fit again, but doesn't come back into the squad - Wildsmith, the U23 keeper is now in front of him and on the bench. There's no way SWFC would want Wildsmith on the bench if Westwood is fit; both team wise and financially.
  5. I think you're right - luckily we have to recruit at least 6; probably up to 10 new players over the Summer. This will enable Monk to know what the player's attitude, mental toughness and positive attitude is when looking at their attributes. Hopefully this will rub-off on the other remaining players and allow us to look like a team capable of at least showing the fans they will run through a brick wall; rather than what appeared to be the case in the last three home games. I'd off-load Westwood in the Summer too - he's toxic now for me, and he's unlikely to get in the squad unless one of the keepers gets injured. His seemingly refusal to sit on the bench is a clear negative attitude in my books.
  6. Some key phases in that statement - negative...changing the culture , mentality and environment of the club. Attitude. I assume these are all aimed at the players. Is it one or two or across the board.? Will moving one or two on change things, or will we need a mass clear out?
  7. Are you are saying it shouldn't have been rescinded?
  8. I think you're right - the rolling around probably influenced the ref - unlike the ref and assistant ref in the Palmer incident, which I would suggest was way worst than Luongo, which resulted in a yellow. Maybe Palmer should have made more, but I'm, please he didn't and was probably more concerned with the increasing size of his ankle. The ref on Saturday was around 12m away from the incident, and pretty much behind Luongo as he shaped to kick the ball. The only way Travis would get to the ball first is if he went to ground, which as Cookeh says wasn't illegal but he was stretching and only just caught the ball a split second before Lugongo went through with his kick at the ball. The ref had a decision to make and he got it wrong. There is no way he could have thought Luongo intentionally stamped on Travis - no way, and that's what the video shows the ref thought and what presumably will be in his report.
  9. No - Luongo started his 'swing' before Travis made contact. He made a glancing contact with Travis' shin yes, but only because of the trajectory of Luongo's kicking motion. There was no intent and only a minor foul IMO. To suggest Luongo deserved a sending off is bizarre, even in this day and age. Indeed the ref had to mimic a full on stamp upon producing a straight red to justify his nonsense decision. The appeal will be successful IMO.
  10. Ridicula comment - see the split second before your still:
  11. you need to watch the highlights again - your earlier post said Luongo was 'wildly' late, now you're saying he's stupid. Hope we don't have you representing us in the appeal.
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