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  1. I think that was later in 1981 when we started the season with the good run and Match of the Day covered us against Luton and TC ripped them apart. Remember Jimmy Hill saying England could do worst than calling up TC for the team. I think Steve Bull was playing for Wolves in the third tier when he played for England in the home internationals around 88 time.
  2. I think TF struggled with man management. He seemed to have a problem with players and establishing respect. He came to us in 1990 on the back of a sacking at QPR over fining Martin Allen over attending his son's birth. He had spats with other senior Wednesday players throughout his time as manager - Warhurst, Palmer and Hirst. He always seem one dimensional and quite boring. Clearly this shouldn't be held against him as a coach/manager but I think his lack of personality fueled the divide with players. Other managers like BFR were completely different, but it was BFR who recommended TF as manager to the SWFC Board. The most talked about episode from Martin Allen's career at Queens Park Rangers was not a match he played in … but one that he missed! It was 20 years ago this month - on March 11th 1989. Rangers travelled north for a First Division fixture at Newcastle United and our squad stayed in a hotel overnight before the game. Allen said: "I was sharing a room with our goalkeeper David Seaman. At two o'clock in the morning, David took a phone call from my dad saying that my wife Gabriella was about to give birth. "I found out there was a flight back to London at 7.30am and I told our Assistant Manager Peter Shreeves. He said 'Before you leave, check that she's still in labour. And if you are going to go, then get on the plane and good luck. But check first.' "I rang from the hotel at 6.00am and Gabriella was settling in at the Royal Berks Hospital. So I got the plane from Newcastle Airport and arrived at Heathrow about 8.30am. From there, I was in the hospital at 9.30am and our baby George was born at 12.15pm. "I'll never forget the following Monday. I was just leaving for home after training when QPR Manager Trevor Francis handed me an envelope while I was getting in my car. I thought it was going to be a note of congratulations for having the baby. But it was a two week wages fine! "It was quite shocking and disappointing. After that, my working relationship with Trevor broke down. I was eventually sold to West Ham a few months later. "But I have no regrets about what happened. It was only human that I wanted to see the birth of my first child. Everyone has the right if they wish to do that - whether you are a footballer or whether you are a banker or a politician. It doesn't matter what you work as. You have that right.
  3. Had 4 years in charge of a very good Wednesday team in a time when the likes of SWFC were serious challengers to the top '6' in the PL He had two good seasons and two seasons overseeing the demise of a bunch of players the fans held in high regard from 91, and replacing them with inferior players. He failed to stamp his authority of the team, which seemingly reflected his general career and character. I' along with many on the kop in 95 chanted for him to go against Notts Forest as they took a very fragile Wednesday team apart 1-7. This was the end for him, and although as many have said, we did finish mid-table in the PL, it was a low point for him following 5 years of genuine belief we were going places. TF's career peaked at SWFC - he knows he could have done better with hindsight, but then again don't we all.
  4. I imagine they'll be more than Norwich interested in him, and DC will know this. Valuations are based on the market and a PL club wanting a proven championship striker who helped them to champions is worth more than £2m. Norwich are also playing brinkmanship here and there is clearly a compromise price of around £4/5m.
  5. Is it possible for a third party to sue a party who've broken 'rules' of a organisation they are both members of? Surely, Boro should take this up with the EFL who set and implement the rules. Gibson probably wants legal aid also.
  6. We were at a SWFC summer camp presentation at the Carlisle game in November 1977, which i think was his 3/4th game in charge. We spotted him walking behind the stand and all chased after him to sign our commemorative programme. He stopped and signed everyones and chatted about keeping up the good work, and 'you'll all be playing for us soon!' Imagine the sheer joy and excitement for a bunch of 9/10 yr kids. He was simply a legend:
  7. Are any other Champ clubs going to offer a 3-year deal to a 34 yr old, who's 35 in October? I doubt it. Give him a year with a structured option of a further year.
  8. Just shows you what a wonder goal against the champions on TV does for your value. Whether the story is true or not doesn't matter; it's the value it represents. If FF is deemed good enough to play in the PL, which I know is debatable, then this type of value might not be far off the mark. It highlights other lower PL clubs to his availability and situation as well.
  9. I know a few of the Blackburn lads who arranged this - they were fairly confident that Burnley would fec the 2nd leg of the play off against Torquay. Being 0-2 down after the 1st leg helped, and they went on to win 1-0 and did indeed stay down. I went to Wembley a year later with them when they beat leicester in the play offs, which was probably good for them as Burnley went up Champions of the 4th Division, so you're right it was an in-the-moment thing.
  10. This is what Blackburn did to Burnley in 1991 - now that's a banner:
  11. Like many of our quality players over the last 4 years - Hutch, Lee, FF and Abdi (based on his pedigree when he signed), they struggle with the competitive nature and longevity of the Championship, and spend too much time out of the team. Add to that the likes of Winnall, Van Aken, and dud loanees, we have near on a full team permanently injured - it's been like this for years and we need to move on. To compete seriously we need a settled and fit squad, which costs less and which is pretty much permanently available.
  12. I was pleased the club set this up in the North stand car park to view the distance spec over Huddersfield:
  13. ask yourself, if you turned up at Hillsborough and his name was on the starting lineup for the opposition would you be worried.
  14. Nearly 4 years of watching him and i've still not worked out what his position is supposed to be - suppose to winger but doesn't get to the line and cross. Another player who's flattered to deceive - suppose to have pace, but never beats anyone in a one on one. he'll go back to Portugal and mill around in their league with a nice pension from us.
  15. We are, but we need someone who's going to be a regular who can get through games. We already have Hutch for another year who's an injury liability and Plep who's a league 1 player. I imagine the nature of the contract will reflect our medical teams' assessment of his fitness and risk.
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