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  1. Hutch should have been a centre half in a back three from 2016-17, and CC said this at the start of that season. Our total inability to get a decent centre midfield player to play along side BB meant he ended back in midfield, picking up inquiries and we brought in Van Atken and rest is history. Agree with you on the Fletch and FF, although for different reasons - Fletch for age and FF because he always struck me he had a mental age of a 14 year old.
  2. Surely with the amount of water that the grounds team put on the pitch, all players should always have SG studs in?
  3. I'll take the 12 points providing the EFL implement the same level of firmness against all the clubs who will inevitably fall foul of FFP over the next 2 year. Problem is, the EFL will cave in to the COVID-related mitigating reasons and essentially pause/suspend the 'rules' for 12/18 months.
  4. He's obviously seen a lot in his life-time, in particular with the troubles in Kosovo in the 90's, which clearly played an important part in his thoughts and values. His journey in football lead him to us, and whilst he was never a player I thought would lead us to the promised land, he actually offered us a lot more than I ever thought in options on the pitch during good and bad times of his 6 years with us. He was clearly a big personality in the dressing room and beyond; who must have influenced many people at the club during his time here. Good luck with the future Adthe. Many players come and go, and most are forgotten. I Somehow doubt Adthe Nuhiu will ever be forgotten and that at least should be his legacy.
  5. Just our luck we end up 11 points clear of seventh...
  6. Once lent him my coat at Leicester after an altercation to avoid OB detection. He was a nice guy.
  7. It looks like Monk is setting up the team and going for damage limitation this season, and try to get circa 60 points for safety. It's not going to be pretty but hopefully affective. I'll go for a 0-0 opener and -11 points by 5 o'clock.
  8. I wonder what the new max capacity will be set at? There's no need for SAG and it's segregation restrictions, so I assume we'll have around 35k seats avaiable before SD.
  9. Having a primary school competion for the best heads of terms for a £60m asset acquisition.
  10. Maybe the PL and EFL come to an agreement to carve up the parachute payment to all clubs rather than the 'lucky' three.
  11. Norwich seemed to like him.
  12. Yes - I think he will be the main/sole striker with Rhodes as replacement from the bench, with Windass, Reach and Brown sat just behind in a diamond formation: Kachunga/Rhodes Brown Windass/Reach Penny/Oddjob Bannan Luongo Palmer/Harris JVA/Dunkley Lees/Borner Iorfa Dawson/Wildsmithh
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