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  1. My Dad first took me in 1975 - it would have the season before at the Man U game but he was worried about the reported trouble. He went and came home with blood on his head from a bottle thrown on the kop. The six month's waiting for the next opportunity was excruciating and I pestered him constantly, and he finally gave in. We'd gone down to div 3, and the violent scenes of the previous season had past (at home anyway!). Getting ready; scarf, coat, woolly hat; check, and off we went for the footie special. Getting off the bus on Herries Road, then looking down towards
  2. I'd take the full 2012 promotion team and replace this lot. We'd batter Derby.
  3. I wonder his bosses think of his social media shenanigans - you know, the actual people with the money?
  4. I hope DC zooms the players telling them there's a huge win bonus.
  5. I know what you mean, but surely both teams have to go for it and it's likely they'll be goals. I don't think Smith will employ Mourinho tactics looing to eek out a late winner.
  6. I was in the Stag watching the results in 96 when Newsome scored a late equaliser against West Ham - whilst the other results ended up ok, I seemed to recall we were going down at one stage.
  7. Hope you were smiling at the result tonight Jon.
  8. We've had the last rites since last Autumn - a brief reprieve after the appeal and turn of form around the New Year. Whilst Derby have also struggled, they had the Rooney effect and the press/fan expectation, and they've bombed under the pressure. They aren't good and must lack any confidence. I genuinely think the pressure is on them, and with the result tonight they will have to be more expansive than they may have thought, which could play into our hands. I would say, of the three teams we are second favourites to Derby, but all three teams have been rea
  9. Well done Luton - did a professional job against a tough Rotherham who press and give everything. They do lack quality though and I can see them losing at Cardiff say 3-2 as they press and get picked off by Cardiff - Wilson in particular.
  10. Had some good opportunities Luton but their end product is worst than ours
  11. They're got players who've amassed 1 draw and 5 loses in the last six - they don't need Reach.
  12. Come on Luton - think they' win, but not by a big enough margin, so a draw is slightly better IMO, as it keeps Derby needing the win. I've thought it would go to the last day for a while, so I'm sticking with this thought. Just checked weather for Saturday, and it's another wet stormy day.
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