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  1. There would be a pattern repeating in L1 if DC keeps up his buffoonery. This isn't 2011 with MM and Megson.
  2. Sheffield Wednesday: Owls plan to use Hutchinson in defensive role Sheffield Wednesday intend to use Sam Hutchinson as a centre-back this season, boss Carlos Carvalhal has confirmed. While the former Chelsea youngster has mainly been deployed as a holding midfielder under Carvalhal, he has occasionally filled in at centre-half. He produced a string of accomplished performances in that position last year, most notably in the team’s Hillsborough encounters against Derby County and Wolverhampton Wanderers. “Sam will probably play more centre-back than in midfield this
  3. Reach is a classic example of this - and his body language says to me he's off and has had enough
  4. it must have killed him inside watching Patterson, BB and Reach smashing the ball over the ball from decent positions.
  5. It's a great pass from the lad being closed down - but what on earth is Harris doing. I know he's not a defender but he was kept back because of his pace so he must have trained for it - headless chicken and totally ineffective. As for Wildsmith - he always looks lost or surprised that he's in the net - like when you used to take it in turns going in goal with your mates in the park - he looks like the gangly lad who's a bit slow and generally likes to play CH.
  6. had a decent game - looks a good player in the making, but sadly not with us. He spots a good pass and has strength and composure. Unfortunately, he has little to work with - decent forwards would thrive of him.
  7. I cackled at every 3 points from the boot of BB and Patterson - like watching Jonny Wilkinson pop em over.
  8. if you would provide the stills 5:59 & 6:00 I will mindful to comment.
  9. They're just thick - don't think quick enough. Harris gives fouls away like confetti but when he really needs to make it count goes missing
  10. I was trying to remember the late 70s bolder game, but we must have avoided a loss at Millmoor then.
  11. I was thinking about how many of the players have given up - Reach is one - just his body language; just doesn't want to be here.
  12. It essentially summed our season up. I wonder if Patterson admired the technique of their players calmly curling a sweet shot into the corner whilst he was jogging back.
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