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  1. TBH - yes, we need a 20+ goal striker, and although the stats could be made to show that playing all the minutes in a season would give him that, I think he doesn't make enough of our creative work through the wing backs and midfield. He always seems static; waiting for someone to put the ball on a plate.
  2. Good poacher, but didn't do enough in games IMO - I think there's better in his position.
  3. two good shot stoppers - hope the forest players don't fluff their pens.
  4. Forest have been poor. They look shot. Hope they can put a pen away but the pigs must be favourites.
  5. Forest need to regroup, calm down and press. They've let the pigs dominate them at home. I would say the pigs would burn out in extra time, but they seem to keep going.
  6. I'm at an age where I've seen it all - started in 1975 with 8k others at Hillsborough, and seen the ups and downs since. The difference now is the longevity of our current spell outside the top flight. Sat watching the inevitable events unfold on Monday just demoralises you in knowing the seasons are just ticking by with little cause for optimism. The fans are bedrock of this club, and I just hope they stick with it, and we get an owner, manager and players who deliver.
  7. out of his depth in these two games - we need to think hard about keeping him for next year. I'm not convinced but emotions are high.
  8. No Hull, no Huddersfield; no regrets. UTO
  9. I'm torn on the three from a sensible and selfish point of view. BB, Dean and Windass would clearly be in the team, and if there's a risk I think Moore should just take it. In the end, all three may have only two games left for SWFC if we're in L1 next season
  10. I've just bought three tickets - no problem and straight through. As long as its showing you logged in, you can go through the home tickets as you say and check the area availability and buy. This is no help to you I suspect - hope you get sorted.
  11. A great day after a long year - we were finally on the way back. Absolutely packed that day, and the club must have kept a few thousand in gate money as the official attendance was way over the 33k reported.
  12. In comparison, Stoke City posted a loss of nearly £56m in the 12 months up to the end of March last year.
  13. I'm assuming the revenue impact of COVID will be taken into consideration for FFP for this and the next accountancy period?
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