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  1. Animis

    Defence issues

    I agree - with all due respect to LP, it's nearly four years since DC came in and has spent a shed full of money, but we still have him as first choice right back. A league one player; back up in a lower championship team at best.
  2. Animis

    Onomah And Reach.

    Reach out wide left - unless FF is fit. If he is, then we need to find space for both of them. Onomah should replace Pelpussey if anyone. The balance of the team is critical for us to move forward. Playing the best players needs to be JL's priority.
  3. Animis

    Todays attendance

    In 2005/06 united's promotion season they averaged 23,650 The following season, as you say, they increased this to 30,684 A 7K increase. Are you saying we wouldn't achieve a similar increase?
  4. Animis

    Todays attendance

    We would if the ST holder number moved towards 25K, which is a fair assumption considering we've achieved 20K for the last three years. Every club moving from the championship to the PL has experienced a 'bounce' in fan ticket take up. The pigs saw 8K in the 2000s. Our 'official' capacity is now circa 34K, with 3K of that for away fans, most off which will sell out - even Crystal Palace are taking 2K away now - they were lucky to take 300 in the 90s.
  5. Animis

    Todays attendance

    At present our home area capacity is circa 30K of which 20K or so are season ticket holders. This leaves us the equivalent of the north stand available to POTD, which we'll struggle to shift other the the big games. If we went up the demand would increase and potential we'd have circa 25K season ticket demand. This would leave 5K POTD opportunities and this would make the members and POTD part time fans extremely nervous of getting a match day ticket particularly for the big games - say around 8. This lack of supply would increase demand further and may increase the ST figures more. We'd definitely average over 30K in the PL.
  6. Animis

    Todays attendance

    Stoke-on-Trent live reported, 'Today’s attendance 24,905, with about 2,000 from Stoke.' AVFC reported Attendance: 26,477 (2,319 Villa supporters) .
  7. Animis

    Is it just me

    We need better to move forward as a team.
  8. Animis

    Worst Signing Ever

    I remember being at Chelsea in around 97/98 in BFR's second coming, when BFR said to Phil Scott 'get ready you're come on'. PS took his training top off and didn't have his kit on. BFR was furious and told PS to sit back down and he never came on. Don't think he played another game after that.
  9. Animis

    Sean Clare

    Also, from Swansea on-line on the 9th August - Billy Reid on Clare: Sean Clare is a player I know and a player I have looked at. But that’s as far as it goes. There is nothing I can tell you about Sean Clare coming here, at the moment.
  10. Animis

    Sean Clare

    So what is his situation? He's 22 in a couple of weeks, and inow out-of-contract earning nowt, and out of the shop window. Could go back to Gillingham i suppose.
  11. Animis

    Ian Cranson??

    headbands were in fashion throughout the eighties but Ian couldn't match the king of the headband - Steve Foster:
  12. Animis

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    True - but it's a high-risk strategy which would probably attract bronze membership from the club. It could be packaged as the 'Rorke's Drift' members area - there's a hundred or so already on the waiting list below:
  13. Man City away - promotion season 83/84, when we won 2-1. Missed ICO coach in town. Gutted 42K attendance with about 7K owls there less me and a mate