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  1. My thoughts too - it seems to be heading this way.
  2. The OP title is akin to a therapy session. I suspect you'd need quite a bit of time and patience.
  3. Use to play goalie-wag in the park. When everyone pushed up attacking and the opposites broke away everyone sent scamming to get back and ended up about four trying to stop a shot. I sometimes think we're playing goalie-wag when these two are in goal.
  4. You're right - I didn't mind the Fletcher signing, as CC didn't seem to rate Joao so the CF position seemed an essential focus after the play-off final. Hooper was always the 2nd striker playing off the main CF. IMO FF should have been a starter, but he messed that up at Norwich. CC had said that Hutch would move into the back 4/5 as he couldn't last 90mins or the season in midfield. He back-tracked on that when the David Jones and Abdi signing crashed and burned. Emanuelson struck me as a money laundering signing. Looking back, Reach was probably to best signing of the lot that Summer/Autumn but he was expected to cover several positions rather than a settled wide left forward in a settled team.
  5. Which I found odd at the time, as BB played left side midfield and FF forward left often in 2015/16, which IMO gave us better balance. When Reach came in BB went into the centre of midfield, which i feel was a mistake as we need an enforcer after the play-off final not BB. FF ended up in and out of the team after his Norwich show off and Reach ended up pretty much ever present thereafter.
  6. I get you point, but we don't have a capacity of 39800 - more like 32000 at best. The pricing structure reflects the potential attractiveness of the 'product' not supply and demand. It's clearly subjective, but derbies and playing 'big' clubs have historically had a premium cost built in.
  7. With it being on the TV I wonder if we'll sell out the typical allocation of 3,000.
  8. Think these prices are ok. I remember paying £42 for the first game of the season against BC 6 years ago - a £10 drop is ok in my view, albeit in the league below.
  9. Good player Reach - shame it ended like it did both off and on field. It wasn't Reach's fault we paid £3m, and £30k/week for four seasons. He was never consistently played his best position of wide left in a 4 man midfield of front three. He was BB's only real outlet at times last season, simply because of his vision and pace to get into good positions whilst our other players meanded around. His resistances or inability to tackle was a weak spot but it really wasn't or shouldn't have been his role in the team. It became the focal point of fan's criticism; a distraction from more serious issues in the team. He's 28 so will have a good three seasons left at the top end of the Championship, earning a good salary - good on him
  10. Can they guarantee an away ticket for each game? What if there are more ASTs sold than the away allocation? Not sure what the sales used to be like so might not have ever been an issue.
  11. It's like his mis-management over the last 5 years has taken him by surprise. We are where we are solely because of him and his decisions. He can't now blame everyone else and ignore other clubs' approaches. Only Derby and Reading seemed to have a similar rubbish track record recently, and no surprise all these clubs sold their grounds to keep the unsustainable levels of expenditure. But we got relegated, and they didn't so they live to fight another, whilst DC scratches his head looking at the fixture list for this season.
  12. I just been reading the police's comments about the Wembley final events, and thought about how they operated in the 80s/90s - different days, to being charged by mounted police at Derby: 'Police were "held back" from confronting ticketless intruders before the Euro 2020 final at Wembley, an officer has reportedly alleged. He said fans were "roaming round in packs" and officers wanted to "chase them off properly as we could see that the stewards didn't care". But he and his colleagues "weren't allowed" to take the action they thought was appropriate. Nor were there enough officers along Wembley Way, he said, with only "one line of police holding a sea of people back". "It looked quite a miserable deployment," he told The Times.
  13. 90/91 season at Hull - we were in a pub near the station before the game - he came in and took offence to us or summat, starting offering us out. We said WAWAW which didn't seem to matter to him. Always seemed to be on speed or crack.
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