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  1. Animis

    Bannans Arms being sponsored

    Perhaps former Snig Hill resident Alfredo could sponsor BB - still see him at the home games. He'd give BB a proper hair cut.
  2. Animis

    Attention Canadians

    Don't worry about all that - there's a loyal flock of geese who will fly over bringing regular updates.
  3. Animis

    50 point margin

    we're ok this season now - we should be aiming for 60 points and around 12th in the table.
  4. Animis

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Hopefully a win today, 2-0 or 2-1. UTO
  5. Animis

    Selling players

    My understanding is that 'The League shall refuse any application made by that Club to register any Player or any new contract of an existing Player with that Club ' Should we therefore, end up in an official embargo for next season we could potentially end up not even being able to register any existing player whose contract is up, who we want to retain or who we want to tie down by way of an extension. We gave BB and Joao an extension this season so the so called 'soft embargo' does not appear to be subject to this?
  6. Animis


    It looks like JR's career peaked between 2014-16, and he perhaps was on the downward curve when we bought him. The valuations throughout his career, like other players, doesn't always mirror this performance curve. I do tend to agree that the modern game requires a different type of striker - more combative; pace; strength and movement, none of which JR really has. He's made a living hovering around the 6-20 yds area in the opposition's half waiting for balls played to him or picking up scraps. He's good at ghosting into decent positions to get a angle and makes space but I suspect the average Championship defender is better now than 3-5 yrs ago. He was probably worth £4m in 2017 not £8m and like Abdi we've not only wasted a combined £12m on fees, we've bled probably a combined £60k/week or over £3m/annum in wages on these two alone.
  7. I agree and add that his whole approach and record suggests has little appetite for business planning. He's just piled in and hoped for the best. I hope the club get through this, and can only hope that Bruce provides some much needed counsel, advice and direction on and off the pitch. I'm sure Bruce will agree that trying to get a fairly low/modest wage demographic to fund schemes to avoid FFP is a non-starter. Bruce will want to wheel and deal and we have three assets which could raise a combined £20m. Let's move these on if needed to give Bruce a fresh start and new hand.
  8. Animis

    Well done Wednesday

    true - but he makes them tick - they almost rely on him to do something - BB style.
  9. Animis

    Well done Wednesday

    I imagine Hazard will be on his way to Real Madrid by time the game comes around.
  10. well done Wednesday - Luton unbeaten at home is a good result.
  11. Tell me the below isn't Wilder's mirror reflect after Burton:
  12. Animis

    No one coming in....

    Indeed - like Big Ron did in 1989, we will have to 'wheel and deal' our way out of this. Is Bruce the right manage to do this, will need to be seen. They may be more 'creative accountancy' from DC in the coming months to allow Bruce more flexibility in doing this effectively, which hopefully means by August we can all sit up a look forward to a new campaign.
  13. Animis

    luton game

    I hope we beat Luton or at least perform. The prize is attractive but most wednesday fans will be apprehensive at the thought at being exposed on TV to Chelsea. We don't trust the team to make you proud as in the Big Jack days. I do disagree with the OP though, in that the the other main game this season is the pigs at home. Rightly or wrong this is a massive game - we simply have to perform and a result (win) would simply make my day, week, month. Sad maybe, but if we are honest - true.
  14. Animis

    No one coming in....

    Possibly - but choosing to come in the day after the transfer window closes means he may therefore, have to wait uniti May to start this process.
  15. Animis


    We are not fit for purpose in midfield or full backs - add our attacking 'injuries' and we lack penetration up front, so not a healthy picture. BB is the only decent midfielder we have - possibly Reach in the right system. Unless we bring in strong, powerful, athletic players to complement these two, who run for 90 mins, we may as well let these two go and look at a totally new style and personnel in the Summer. Of course we need to get another 20 points from the next 19 games, so a balance needs to be sought these remaining four months.