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  1. Are we watching the same games? We very rarely overload with Johnson, it's usually a pass back inside to him from Bannan when play has already stalled. As for the 433, we couldn't play it because on the right, Hunt was an absolute car crash at right back, he's still shocking defensively, and if the right winger went back to help, Gregory got lonely and couldn't function. The only way we go back to 4 at the back is without those two.
  2. That's the thing, there's been loads of clear outs, but a few 'important' players always remain. It's usually the 'leaders' who are the biggest problems when you need a culture change. The question is, has anyone had a full top (owner) to bottom clear out? And did it work?
  3. The Wednesday way is just the same as any other club/corporate culture. A way of doing things passed down from the older heads to the younger and so forth. That's why it's so hard to change without a full reset. You can get rid of some of it but when everyone behaves the same, its hard to totally get rid of as there's always a few die hards. Unfortunately, bad habits such as only playing for the first 40 minutes if every half seem to last a lot longer than good habits.
  4. I was actually thinking in the context of a new owner just getting rid and starting again from scratch.
  5. Yeah, @Owl, nobody believes you. Especially not me, sitting in a skip, wearing lucky Lonsdale trainers, drinking Red Bull and with a dildo... I'll stop there.
  6. It seems to me that when we do click, it's despite the tactics not because of them. It usually clicks when someone comes into the side after being out/injured/wherever. They have a blinder, or at least make an impact, rest if the team plays up, we win handily. Next game, it's back to boring old slow Wednesday, we play badly, player gets dropped. It's like whoever comes in goes rogue, then gets slapped down and told to wind it in for the next game. It happens just about every time someone comes into the side after an absence, like they didn't get the memo about being poo .
  7. Has any club ever had a full clear out? Got rid of the manager, players, coaching staff, the lot. Then gone out, got a new manager and new set of players and started again from scratch? (Not counting the clubs that went under etc.) Institutional culture is a thing, where bad habits get passed down through generations. Wednesday have had a lot of the same problems in my 30 odd years of support. Still remember as a kid being terrified at 2-0 up in the 93rd minute.
  8. So the Dildos thing is off then? Better find the receipt for all the merch I bought in anticipation.....
  9. That's the type of guy we need, we could be in Europe in 2 years.
  10. Maybe if we went back to 352 instead of playing 334 and used wing BACKS instead of wannabe strikers, we wouldn't be getting 80085 crosses in per game. Teams have been doing it for a while now, target Hunt, wait for his inevitable hospital pass, run past him while he makes a half arsed challenge then stops to watch, then take your time to put a ball (over anyone in the defence who knows how to head it) to the back post where it's just Johnson or whichever poor sod that's this week's cameo at LWB left to defend. It's happened time and time again.
  11. What I don't understand is why don't we play him in the U23s? He's still only 22. Let him play with the U23s and build a bit of form and confidence. Doesn't play for weeks, makes a couple of mistakes and gets slated. From his reaction to the miss, his confidence must be shot. Our supposed strikers miss one or two of those every game and get applauded for trying. At least he was tracking back to defend, which is more than can be said for our awesome right wing back. He's a traditional left back, playing wing back for 20 minutes a month. What did you expect? It's another case of face not fitting, not being one of the 'chosen ones', Dunkley early on springs to mind. The double standards on here are shocking.
  12. The fans shouldn't be blamed for anything, but nor do they deserve anything. There are 9 tiers of English football. Why do we "deserve better" than fans of any of the other teams. Why do I deserve more success than, say, a lifelong fan of Pontefract Collieries? Surely he's contributed more to his team as one of 3-400 or whatever than one of 20,000? Surely he deserves it more?
  13. Because we've been such a successful, free flowing, attacking side since.
  14. We can’t expect anything more, we’re just lucky to be doing as well as we are, and we’re being ignorant, naive and deluded to expect anything more.
  15. I'm happier with him at Centre Back than our Wing Backs who don't back. If Jack Hunt didn't think he was playing up front and actually did some defending, Marvin wouldn't be facing 5-6 back post crosses per game.
  16. To be fair to Marvin, that header was all experience, which being a winger wouldn't have. Just before he jumped, he put his shoulder into Marvin and rocked him back a step, so he got up first.
  17. Thought he was back? Strange how he only got a start when Theo threatened to leave. Can't see him settling for not starting anymore, especially if we're signing more of DM's mates, and he could get another club easily with his performances.
  18. Kamberi's got to be leaving, the way all this is going.
  19. I'm surprised one of the multi club consortiums hasn't had a punt on Sheffield FC. Little outlay, send your kids and reserves there for gametime, get them up the league. Even if they just scrape into the league, and only pull 500 fans a game, having the oldest club in the world would be a massive feather in your cap and a great branding opportunity.
  20. Last game we started 1 x 20 year old, 2 x 25 year olds, 2 x 29 year olds and 6 x over 30s. Average age 29.4 It's getting worse not better.
  21. They will, as someone said earlier, it'll just be Reyt Big Wednesday FC.
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