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  1. What would be great is if a few raw youngsters were introduced who gradually improved through season 1. A few more introduced through the following season; A growing confidence that they were improving exponentially through season 2. A few more additions and more than a little bravado being shown as we sail into the championship with 2 or 3 invited to St Georges Park camps. In year 4 some big £ offered for our year one intake and the quality of our recruits has us thinking of the Premiership and beyond.
  2. I have been attending Hillsborough and a good few other grounds since 1957. I haven't seen many keepers that don't have an extensive catalogue of super saves that they have kept in their lockers over the years. So too the clean sheets but these are just as much a product of the defence that offers protection to the keepers. So what do we look for in a Keeper ? Sound subjective positional sense. An increasing degree of footwork given the back passes and playing out philosophy. A big shout out capable of organising his back line in conjunction with the defensive organiser. Finally, a keeper strong enough to physically cope with all the buffeting and roughing that we see from in coming set pieces. These attributes, rather than super saves, are what will reduce our goals conceded column.
  3. Footy through and through me though I used to enjoy a drink back in the day and had a great appetite to match. Football was always what it was. My bi-product was the Half-time Fothergills Pie with Oxo. Drinking:- I remember Roy Wragg taking a bet at the Cuthber. The bet was 100 pints Monday to Friday in Licensing hours. I watched a couple of session and the final session on the Friday night. Roy completed the task and took the money (not too mean a wedge) The loser congratulated Roy and asked if he'd share a drink. I'll have a pint was his instant reply. Another massive consumer feat was posted by George Parker a Taxi (Private Hire Driver). This was at the Continental Cafe, Langsett Road. Not a bet as such but a challenge set by Old man Fairhurst the Plumber and supplier of Common Side who offered George the challenge of 2lb of Bacon; 2lb Sausage; 1 large tin of beans; 1 large tin of tomatoes a portion of Mushrooms and several slices of toast and a large mug of tea. George downed the lot and Mr Fairhurst enjoyed the watch. George has long since passed and was nudging 25 stone but was a a really nice quiet bloke. All't young set who throw beer and food around instead of boozing and eytin would not enjoy George and Roy having a quiet word in their ear !
  4. Some fans rather than being disgruntled were in fact very well gruntled in every way imaginable !
  5. My target maybe realistick, maybe not. He's not got much weight about him y.o.b. 1987. Has failed to ride some of the knocks this year at a cost to his club and has spent some time in court. I think the interest could be there now he relies on ageing pins. What D'ya think ?
  6. I have an enquiry regarding the Hutchinson incident. Only seen it once and not had the heart for a second look. But I question the lateness of the head to head after Hutchinson had headed the ball. Was this a clash of heads or was it a late and reckless act ? Just asking ?
  7. Injuries in early part of season to key players depleted our consistency and we fell away. Our run in had us dreaming of Auto Promotion, but it was a crazy ask. We had a purple patch in each of our Semis but a couple of twenty minute purple patches does not equate to consistency. Over the two legs you more than edged it so well Done and hope you take the honours. We'll have to go again next year !
  8. I think I'm beginning to understand why Black people are under represented in football management. It's not because of the way they talk. It's not the lack of tactical nouse. It's not because we fail to play out from the back. It's not because we set up negatively. It's not because we are over cautious. It's not because of speech impediments. It's not because of disability. It's not because of a lack of confidence. It's not because we had a good season. It's not because we had the best home record in the entire League. Can someone help me here ? Why do so many not like our manager; Well reasoned people may wish to proffer an answer.
  9. Bailey Wright epitomised the tie in saying both sides gave it a right good go. Mendez Lang was a gamble that was working , he scared them to death. Mendez Lang though wasn't our downfall our downfall was not screwing more of the poorer teams to the floor earlier in the season. Our task is to pick ourselves up dust ourselves down, pick up some fresh blood and go again !
  10. Yes we can and often do, do Magic. ...31st August 1968 a near full house Vs Manchester United 2-4 down against arguably one of the worlds best, George Best we were roared on to Pip Man U 5-4 , should have been 6-4 as Don Megson netted a thunderbolt from over 30 yards only to be flagged as Fantham was caught offside. Going back to our earlier days we trailed 5-1 at home to Everton on Nov 12th 1904. Only to scramble back to parity with four second half goals without reply for a remarkable draw.
  11. Ha ha Those Pilots were from Ukrane to help in the war effort !
  12. I'm guessing you missed the Man City match. Get real schite happens at football.
  13. The attitude has to be to stay in the game ! Did we do this ? Of course we did, it's far from over.
  14. Just when we need the hoof ball we fail to use it ! Time to get the ball on the floor and start playing a bit !
  15. Reda Johnson knew what page he was on and recognised both what he had and his limitations, That's what made him such a favourite. The Dopple Ganger wore the badge before he had the slightest inkling of what it meant. Yes, we all saw a bit of Johnson in him such a shame that he saw too much of Johnson in himself before he had understood his development. Open goal missed, recant !
  16. It seems remis of me to talk about inconsistency in a season that has seen all points records broken but that has been the plight of us both. We have both come some real croppers failing in games that have simply been thrown away. Of course consistency if achieved leaves you well clear of tier three, so should either team prosper next season some of the gaps will have to be filled. The financial pity is we couldn't have met at Wembley in the final with a bumper pay day that would have paid for a few gaps to be filled. However, both of us should do OK for top 10 finishes.
  17. A monumental effort from ET. Is he the mere mortal Emerson Thome or is he the Extra Terrestrial with super numeracy powers ? Big thanks most enjoyable !
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