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  1. And maybe just a little fitting that JG passed on the day of the Spurs v Chelsea derby.
  2. I hadn't reached my 11th Birthday and we were battling for the first Division crown and confident on the back of a 7-2 FA Cup victory at old Trafford. Greaves was a new acquisition for Spurs and on the back of an 11 match unbeaten run Danny Blanchflower (former Barnsley) brought his side to a Hillsborough full house. No gadgets or media back then other than the Photographs distributed to hundreds of kids stood at the front of the South Stand terracing. Jimmy Greaves had better than a good game that day but as with a good few of the star strikers Ron Springett was to prove his denier. Three times through on goal and Springett caught each of his shots with acrobatic nonchalance. Jimmy was genius going right or left, inside or outside where his forte' was gently placing the ball outside the reach of the keeper; As he did with one of his Cup Final goals a few weeks later against Burnley. There was no reason why we shouldn't have met Spurs in the final that year having lost to Burnley in a sixth round replay. Yet every reason why we would have finished runners up and that was because we missed out on the final piece in our Jigsaw while Bill Nicholson the Spurs manager nailed down Greaves in a master stroke of management. Jimmy Greaves lead the Spurs side to the Double, a vibrant European journey and a second Championship followed by a lucrative move to Milan and finally one of the most enjoyable Football programmes of all time Saint & Greavsie RIP JIMMY GREAVES.
  3. 23 has both feet very close to 18 yard line. The defender closest to penalty spot is well behind 18 yard line ! On Side, goal all day long.
  4. Well, we can't all be back breaking Strawberry pickers can we !
  5. You make some fair points but those arguments will be aired in private and changes will surface, probably.
  6. Peacock-Farrell 6 slips are showing Palmer 8 MOM for his first half showing so fluent. All faded in 2nd period. Iorfa 6 Dunkley 6 Hunt 6 Bannan 7 his decision not to throw the pen to the debut boy was costly. Adeniran 6 Hutchinson 6 impatient second half Shodipo 7 looking good Gregory 6 unlucky with late header Berahino 7 played well but tired Corbeanu 5 tried too hard Wing 4 not tried hard enough increasingly disapointed Kamberi 4 on reflection think all my picks were half a point too generous. Game deteriorated but that as always been the Shrewsbury game plan. Spoilers.Think we had one too many defenders on the pitch !
  7. The logic of your argument is everyone out of business. All you will have left is to sit there and play with yourself ! Derby may yet be saved by the Fan lead thingy majig who's report is due in October !
  8. Well your Lordship I know a little .... There was a man a Gay sort of type, in fact the Gay Meadow Oracle . He owned a small Coracle. He would deliver the balls from the river, and take them back to the ground. all for the price of a £ pound. The gay meadow Oracle was quite historical he always predicted our loss. It was no accident, he was no fraud, cus Wednesday they so seldom scored. Home or away our pickings were thin, I can't even remember a WIN ! Tomorrow will be different come on Wednesday !
  9. As above is this 12 points for admin + 9 points for financial irregularities ?
  10. Football is the greatest game in the world because it is so competitive. What makes it so is the number of variables at play which make outcomes so difficult to predict. The shocks come along just as frequently as summer showers fans of all clubs just have to ride it out. If they can't ride it out then they should do the most obvious thing and leave the game behind as it will prove detrement to your health !
  11. The missing name could be Bobby Hope but maybe a little too young ?
  12. All the information I have... 67' Substitution Substitution, Altrincham. Ben Pringle replaces Connor Kirby. 66' Booking Connor Kirby (Altrincham) is shown the yellow card. 8 minutes of Hi-lights showed nothing. Altrincham had the edge throughout . The incident was not included. Altrincham had a man sent off in injury time of 11 minutes but no signs of animosity in the game. Question not answered is double Fima or Tib & Fib ? Wishing Connor all the very best. Well wishes to St Mary's, Praed Street, Paddington, West London. Send him a Get Well card.
  13. My wife took me out in the wheelchair this morning. Half the walk was done with me wearing my Black T-Shirt and the second half was done with me wearing my Pink T-Shirt. I can confirm that the colour of my T-Shirt made no difference in terms of the time taken !
  14. Looking forward to this one Bolton put 5 past the Tractor Boys
  15. Peacock-Farrell 4 Hunt 3 Iorfa 4 Hutchinson 4 Palmer 4 Byers 3 Wing 3 Bannan 4 Gregory 4 Sow 4 Johnson 4 Shodipo 3 Corbeanu 4 Berahino 5 Top of the Flops
  16. Gave it Berahino for providing at least a little spark in the last 7 minutes or so with a six.
  17. Well anyone can have an off day such a shame that Peacock-Farell; Hutch; Bannan, Byers and Wing all score below par threes in the opening 45 minutes. The others only just in front. Come on get your fingers out, what yer been doing the last fortnight ?
  18. It seems so obvious that you shouldn't have to state it. But, "you can't have players out on loan and others filling in and still expect results to flow" This is not about results but developing a natural flow of progression. It requires time and patience; Some will flounder, some will develop and there will be a turnover of staff. It's a long game at every level of our structure with steady and consistent growth the key; The results tend to be imposters that should take second place to individual development. A little patience please ?
  19. It's all here if interested. Sheffield remains the centre of Yorkshire Cricket, the fact that Leeds have hijacked it is not of our concern. The Early Years - The Club - Yorkshire County Cricket Club (yorkshireccc.com)
  20. It's a long journey, a very long journey. There may be a few slips and stumbles on the way, but ultimately yes.... I'll say no more other than. I'm going for a 2-0 away win without the now customary penalty save. Come on lads WAWAW to the very end !
  21. St George is a Turk ! The Union Flag is a Flag of the Monarchy but are of German stock. The white Rose of Yorkshire seems more appropriate to me, Readily available too.
  22. The full experience can only be had by an hour from half 12 in the NBT. Queue for your Bere's Porky at Herries Road. Pick up your programme and tickets for the Kop. Bank on a multi goal win and sing along with the Lads not having forgot your half time Pie & Peas. Repeat ad nauseum for twenty years or so, that should do it !
  23. The face value of a Golden Guinea is £1-05p . The intrinsic gold value = £246 however, they do trade at between £500 and £700 as antiqueties. So it could be some of our top earners are on little more than £50-£60 per week.
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