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Was this your old pre match pub for home games?

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9 hours ago, Captain Sl-OWL-ly said:

I went to school with a lass who’s dad owned / run the ball, once watched her get undressed in the back of a Landrover !

Was it a series 1 - 2 -2a or a 3 Captain?

We're you inside the vehicle or outside 

Watching ?

Thanks in advance for clearing this up :stuwinky:

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Does anyone remember the Royal opposite the dog track? I remember Man U coming in and everyone else leaving. Leaving just me and my mate there surrounded by 50 of them singing about Busbys Aces. Somehow don't think that would have happened in the Rose!

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19 hours ago, mr g 1999 said:

I think my dad used to take me to a pub on herries road pre match when I was younger. Think it has a care home in its place now.

Can't remember because I was only young and didn't get to many games but what was it called? Used to love a coke in there pre match    lol

It was indeed the Five Arches, Joe. Can you remember the walk down the hill avoiding the ditch-billies?

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