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  1. pride_of_the_road

    very worried 9 days from party in the park

    We need to shift last seasons kits first
  2. pride_of_the_road


    Wasnt it leaked a day early last season that we had Preston away. Thought it would have been leaked again!
  3. pride_of_the_road

    What was the last game you went to

    Norwich at home and stayed for lap of appreciation. Thought it was time to leave when the scoreboard turned off
  4. pride_of_the_road

    #SWFC Picture Thread : 1970's / 1980's

    Filled that end for the semi in 91 Seems like yesterday
  5. pride_of_the_road


    What happened to Mickleson
  6. Santi Cazorla [Arsenal - Villarreal] Free
  7. pride_of_the_road

    Final friendly

    A spanish senorita can take my seat in the north Might sniff it at the first home game
  8. pride_of_the_road

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    After 2 disallowed goals and a red card
  9. pride_of_the_road

    Home Friendly vs Villareal

    No doubt wilder will have some dig in the star at weekend
  10. pride_of_the_road

    Final friendly

    Give em the north
  11. Ipswich away last game
  12. pride_of_the_road

    We are Sheffield Wednesday Video

    Kieran Lee is going to be fit sometime next season
  13. pride_of_the_road

    Creating new fans...

    Wouldnt you look silly walking down street with a under you arm?
  14. pride_of_the_road

    Creating new fans...

    In the lower lepp they would be right in the middle of the finger pointing cross- fire
  15. pride_of_the_road

    New kit

    Remember the days when a kit lasted 2 seasons!
  16. pride_of_the_road

    Best free kick

    FF against Preston wasnt too bad! When he was stood waiting to take it and everyone in the stadium knew it was going in
  17. pride_of_the_road

    #SWFC are recruiting for next season

    Keep the best tickets for themselves Perks of the job
  18. Funny as, that! That kid lept forward with 2 feet off the ground like superman only to be clothes lined in the same flight and he ended up on the deck Someone must have a video of that on a phone somewhere
  19. Dont fancy playing Huddersfield they will give FF a rousing reception!
  20. pride_of_the_road

    Worst/Best/Maddest Clearance at #SWFC

    Not at hillsbrough but away at Villa. Blinkers debut I believe. Ball near corner flag in our half, Briscoe goes to lump it forward but lumps back into our area under neath our crossbar and Milosovic out jumps Pressman and heads it into the net! Away at Forest Jonny Metgod blazing over the bar and over their kop into the trent!
  21. Peterbrough away on a tuesday night. They were winning and the ball boy let the ball run passed him toward corner flag. I leant over wall nearly head first got the ball launched it back to thier keeper. Bullen equalised in injury time. Thank me later! They did a half time game where they where trying to chip ball into boot of car and the car was parked in front of away end, needless to say the balls were flying into the wednesdayites but we were keeping them so they abandoned the game due to no footys
  22. Always good for confidence to start with a win!
  23. pride_of_the_road

    Owls in the park.

    And you can play spot the blade as loads of grunters go along aswell