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  1. Derby County vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

    Is Rhodes injured? Havent heard anything from last week!
  2. Sheffield Wednesday fans away at Derby County

    Not forgetting O Gradys goal!
  3. And your bitcoin wallet ID
  4. Sheffield Wednesday fans away at Derby County

    This is why Derby wont allocate 6500 away tickets ever again
  5. They have had to put one mic to the left behind the desk so Bazza doenst get engulfed by microphones
  6. Missed the Bolton game, back for today. Hopefully same result as Fulham away
  7. Sheffield Wednesday fans top the league

    DC should put free coaches on for Ipswich away
  8. Just a rumour...

    Fastest plane ever!
  9. New kits this week?

    Surely they are saving kit release for Barnsley home game
  10. Under 23's v Brummies

    When do we play Bolton
  11. Catch up Weekend?

    Bolton away in October is always going to be tough. Even if they have not won a league game yet. Come on Wednesday let's prove the doubters wrong for once
  12. Wheres everyone drinking
  13. love these

    What happens if you turn it on and its dem blades
  14. And we didnt get a sell on fee! Should have had Mccabe sorting the sale
  15. Can he do a job for us ?

    Hope all the players went to see him after the utd game to confess their sins
  16. Lack of saturday 3pm games will kill our ave attendances this season
  17. Does it really "even itself out"?

    Blakburn at home last season when Emnes scored in last minute. Off the bar and bounced behind the line then the ball came back out, the linesman was behind play so didnt see it. Was clearly a goal.
  18. Does anyone work with Leeds United fans?

    I crossed paths with a Leeds fan today at work in Scarboro. He watched it in a pub with some mates who are weds fans, he left 5 mins early so they asked why and he said before he kicks f#@k out of em Asked him his thoughts on the game and he said they were good to start with then faded after first goal. He then started talking about attendances for their home and away games and that yesterdays was poor I made my excuses and left
  19. Did We Bounce?

    Derby away soon. They will bounce and so shall we
  20. Wildsmith

    Commented prior to game about performances at fulham and bolton game. Played very well today and a clean sheet bonus as well!
  21. Have another look

    Looked a beauty from pointing end of the north!
  22. Loyalty

    Get rhodes on Carlos
  23. Hope you lumped on