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  1. Norwich have a plan on how to beat us.

    Maybe we need bannan and donkey on the pitch at the same time
  2. Ross Wallace - Deadly goalscorer

    Putting Matias and Wallace in the same sentence
  3. Nottingham Forest away

    General sale in their home end. That was the plan b but managed to get some at 2pm
  4. Becoming a laughing stock.

    Why didnt carlos review the incident on a tv screen after he was sent off? Surely there was a time gap before the interview on TV!
  5. Hairy Canaries Next!

    We couldnt could we
  6. Hairy Canaries Next!

    We are good at drawing 2-2
  7. Carlos on channel 5

    To be fair to Dawson the first thing he did was lift his shirt up to Bannan to show that the ball had hit his rib cage!
  8. That suicidal last minute

    If their keeper would have took his time with the goal kicks like the 85mins before then we would have won
  9. So it wasn't even a penalty

    Why did he point towards the spot??? He should be pointing in their direction
  10. Got to feel for Jordan Rhodes

    Buy him for 7M? We are paying 2M a season for him apparently
  11. Got to feel for Jordan Rhodes

    @justvisiting Your better off going for Fletcher....honest!
  12. So it wasn't even a penalty

    And when he booked their player for diving, thought he had given a pen
  13. Things could be worse....

    First game
  14. What is the job of the wingers?

    Bring back Marwood and Chapman Get to the line and cut it back, no one off side....simples!
  15. Stewards on North Stand

    So a steward got thrown out by 2 stewards?
  16. So it wasn't even a penalty

    Touchline ban now dec24th to 03jan
  17. Positives from Yesterday.

  18. Positives from Yesterday.

    So was the private function actually the wednesday tap or did they announce that it was closed so that people would go to the tap?
  19. Got to feel for Jordan Rhodes

    Wondering the same about Rhodes being dropped but when Fletchers fit then it seems its Hooper Fletcher. Rhodes gives us the option of dropping hooper into att mid similar to yesterday
  20. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    Hull city mate reckons 3-0 to us
  21. Hull City looking very fragile this week

    Will be on par with losing 1-0 at home to stevenage on the cold tuesday night where joining in with the stevenage fans with their songs was the highlight!
  22. "If you are not solid at the back" Just watched dem blades play oconnell (a centre half) play on the left wing most of the second half against birmingham! Leaving them with 2 at the back! No wonder they havent drawn many games
  23. The big question about penalties

    Rhodes will step up to complete his hattrick tonight After all he is playing against a former team