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  1. Argument in North stand

    Bottles being thrown about at half time on concourse of north stand and stewards more bothered about people smoking on the ramp
  2. Was it Over the Line?

    Maybe the ball was swopped at half time

    First half, villa clip a cross in and the ball bounced over Wildsmith and he tips it over the bar. Ref gives goal kick or did wildsmith tip it over thru the netting?
  4. That c u next Tuesday Snodgrass

    Then went on to win a pen
  5. Was it Over the Line?

    Definately offside!
  6. John Terry

    He clipped Nuihus ankle but because it took Nuihu an age to go down the phase of play had passed.

    And the people making the software are corrupt Did you see the non straight lines for Man utds 2nd goal at Hudders
  8. Pigs win anyone??

    Another 'after party' cancelled
  9. Pigs win anyone??

    Wilder’s Global All Stars
  10. Tommy Johnson always use to score against us Nii Lamptey was brilliant on champ manager 94
  11. Does your firm still wait on corner for away fans after the game?
  12. This needs to be a smiley
  13. You know what to do guys...

    No chance with a Leeds player in
  14. Last night's REAL disgrace

    Hi Tango
  15. Owls 0 - 3 Burton

    It was a bad night, you couldnt have script the rest of that season
  16. Owls 0 - 3 Burton

    Wednesday 0 Stevenage 1 on a tuesday night was the worst result ever and it was freezing! Tried to keep warm by joining in with the stevenage fans singing their songs
  17. Wales Online Poll

    https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/fa-cup-5th-round-replay-14308308 At bottom of page
  18. Wales Online Poll

    Gauranteed Cant seem em coming back from %60
  19. Anyone I following Toneet ?

    Good stream
  20. I'm ok with the starting lineup

    Rope a dope tactics then send em on for last 20mins
  21. Aston Villa hospitality announced

    Frankie and Bennys meup
  22. Abdi and Lees come through unscathed

    "Abel Hernandez fired a fierce volley that struck the underside of the crossbar." No doubt he will be fit against us
  23. Thats breakfast sorted