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  2. pride_of_the_road

    SWFC v Leeds

    Friday evening sometime
  3. pride_of_the_road


    They should reprint at the ground if you have proof. There used to be a ticket office next to away end turnstyles so it may still be there.
  4. pride_of_the_road

    Kop children

    So you spend your days counting chavs and teeth
  5. Abdi and Matias ran the home game last season
  6. Will the attendance be the same as Hirstys return from injury?
  7. pride_of_the_road

    Well this is awkward

    She added: “Seriously I didn't know what to do. Obviously I could give them seat numbers but would they have CCTV? A fan doesnt know wheather there is CCTV or not Got to be made up
  8. If Wednesday ever go 2 up after 20mins then pies will be chucked
  9. pride_of_the_road

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    And subbing Pelupessy
  10. pride_of_the_road

    Hector was the biggest plus yesterday

    And with the roar of the north stand pushing him on. Like the Zico and Worthington days!
  11. pride_of_the_road

    Stoke were quite good

    Too strong for us but they will struggle as they keep drawing games.
  12. pride_of_the_road

    Kop children

    Junior cretins
  13. pride_of_the_road

    Today line up

    Formations win games players dont
  14. pride_of_the_road

    Today line up

    What formation
  15. pride_of_the_road

    D taxi

    I saw the d taxis main office plaque
  16. pride_of_the_road

    D taxi

    This the building inbetween morrisions and garrison
  17. pride_of_the_road

    Ron Atkinson

    I just saw it as going to bed. Thought to myself I cant wait to catch up with the thread in the morning
  18. pride_of_the_road

    Ron Atkinson

    Wheres the thread from last night at the beginning of the event
  19. pride_of_the_road

    Chuffin great game

    I got dropped of at my uncles while my mum amd dad went on the uncovered south. Loads of Chelsea in there with plenty of fighting apparently Got updates throughout the game with my utd supporting uncle
  20. pride_of_the_road

    James McLean

    It may be on here if we lose
  21. pride_of_the_road

    The fairest referee you seen at Hillsborough

    Fairest Ref has to be George Courtney Mi dad used to head butt the bog walls when he found out he was the ref
  22. pride_of_the_road

    Whatever happened to away ends?

    We should allocate 2000 to Leeds and Villa. Might win the average away support then
  23. pride_of_the_road

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Great Scot! Hope he finds his way back!
  24. pride_of_the_road


    Take it Bamfords injured
  25. pride_of_the_road

    'i dont wear red'

    Looks better on the bedroom floor