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  1. or knock the stuffing out of our advisor
  2. Who is arguing against that ? I love people who shoot straight language is a bit rough but I'd love it if we had this guy in to look at what's gone on and his take on it
  3. correct we have this every time we have a search for a manager, bookie odds do not reflect probability more the amount of money been placed on them, these markets are quite small and can be influenced with relatively small amounts of cash they are also tweaked to imply cash, not that any bookie would ever con their customers, I believe last time several apparent plunges on about 4 diff people 'lump on' was one 1/10 and less is something to look at, even then with chansiri , he's liable to change his mind at the last second not that that ever happened either
  4. there's one prob we don't have Bale the reason he did well for Wales
  5. I noticed the muted celebration, the first thing that came into my mind was he's been tapped up by Blackburn
  6. got few probs Simon - but I'm still here, mate thanks enjoyed Shaw's MoM performance and Galvin's, great to see kids do well albeit against exeter -still good
  7. commentator a bit downbeat suppose hoping for an upset
  8. I'm aware he's sunk an insane amount of cash into SWFC but where does this figure of £350 million come from - Pulis?
  9. I used to dream if I won the lottery I'd buy us now the lot wouldn't cover a season's losses
  10. were people saying it at the time - yes, and I wasn't alone posts like this, whether you wrote it or just copied it, are just in effect passive trufanism and part of the problem. Some fans are just blinded by money without seeing that the all in gambling could not, cannot, be sustained with present EFL rules eventually it makes you homeless. Irony - as I'm typing this 'On my way' is playing on the TV ffs
  11. indeed it is ffs, I blame that on reading these threads through my fingers
  12. this would make De Marco worth 6 pts reyt striker
  13. be interesting if they even noticed no one on the touchline
  14. RIP Johnny, (far left) part of my boyhood team of heroes
  15. Oh I thought is was the ann summers creation on the mantle piece
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