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  1. lucky that Huddersfield don't play in that league then
  2. think it was howson who said westwoods clean sheet record stood up well especially considering the amount of saves he had to do per game
  3. sometime you have to accept that the opposition did a job on us whereas cambridge stood off last night there was little room plus paterson and berahino couldn't hold the ball up ...at all.. Everyone seemed off the pace last night and it happens almost every time against physical in your face teams said before Moore seems incapable of proactivity (doncaster excl) and when we come up against this type of opposition we can't deal with it by changing Gregory should have been on much earlier to help keep it in their half ref didnt help either tbh
  4. I read somewhere earlier in the thread bannan has allegedly bought fletchers house no idea if true or where that is
  5. just listened to the radio article back on sounds He admitted he doesn't know what SWFC are doing but he's whinging about it wtf ?
  6. great thread where some guys are actually doing incredible things to organise real help , but hey let's wave a flag and clap instead that'll help
  7. want to savour this thread when I have more time hopefully there will be experiences that reignite memories of good and bad times can go further back into 60s hard to remember what was the 70s but just a few events off top of my head that might stir others' memories stood on the triangle going berserk when knighton saved us from further disgrace -dire, dire times sat in the north stand watching jack chalton walk down past me climb over the wall and stride across the pitch to take the manager's job and start the long job of rebuilding pride in the team with a lot of young sheffield lads - great times getting a kicking from derby fans on shalesmoor, gang of them picking us off walking back to town so many good and bad really
  8. we haven't discussed where the club lives : rent free in all the other local clubs' fans' heads
  9. I think it's more than a few times, Moore persists with this and put simply it's an accident waiting to happen every match
  10. could you imagine being dooley and sitting down with DC with this idea? trying to explain the benefits of steady cash flow v lump sums he can use to plug gaps I think it's a great idea for well run clubs
  11. I understand the ethos and think it's a good idea - however the advance selling is for one reason cash flow problems this idea whilst great for fans is no good for the owners who stretch them selves.
  12. I think you're missing why DC wants people to renew in full early
  13. when I talk lovingly about hot roast pork sarnie shops down here they think it's weird
  14. any chance of a diversion via surrey?
  15. wish they had a beres down here, I could do with one of their pies and oh god, I'd kill for a jumbo everything on except apple
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