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  1. Brian Joicey : tall guy to the right of Peter Eustace. David Ford to the right of BJ in the light blue shirt & demins? Colin Dobson crouched down next to Don Megson?
  2. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    Was that it? You are right, I do recall it was actually Pele shadowing our ginger legend towards the end!!
  3. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    If you got the beer in I probably had a tab behind the bar!
  4. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    A Wednesday afternoon if I recall, we all arranged to have the afternoon off, met in the Buccaneer for a couple of pints in plastic glasses then got a bus to the game, boring possession football from Santos. Tommy Craig shadowing Pele towards the end to ensure he got the shirt.
  5. My old pal Phil Wood used to be the landlord in the early 90's, mad Owls fan. Not seen him for years though?
  6. Yes the after match party was certainly "heavy". All the players went to the Quay 4 bar / disco at the Waterfront, some serious partying until the early hours.
  7. Hi CT Owl. Yes I was also in the Seagulls pub next to the ground after the game.Johnny Sissons; ex Wednesday & West Ham was also in. I believe Budgie Burn died a few years after. PS : I got the score & the scorer wrong. It was actually a 2-1 win with a Paul Warhurst double. Get those photos on Mate.
  8. It certainly was Watto, a great time was had by all.
  9. I didn't mention the match in Pretoria was a 2-2 draw : Jemson & Anderson.
  10. Yes myself, Ken Harrison & two other mates flew from Jburg on the Friday and back on the Monday (a wild weekend) the after match with the players wasn't too sober either. I remember a toothless braless female Hellenic fan swinging an welding up exhaust pipe with pebbles inside (a lovely lass!!). Did you also go? 2-2 draw : Warboys double.
  11. Taken at Loftus Versveld Pretoria S.Africa in 1992 when Wednesday toured.
  12. S A Andy


    Totally agree old mate Rob. The next pints on me in Old Dronfield, Cheers Andy
  13. S A Andy


    Well done Lads. "Against all odds" !!
  14. S A Andy

    Luhukay watch

    Yes it looks like its him.