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  1. S A Andy

    Alan wheen

    Could have been that surname pal, surely there was only one mad Jack in that era, always on the front line on the east bank and the away games. UTO.
  2. S A Andy

    Alan wheen

    Going back to the non segregation days of the Eastbank in the late 60s/early 70s, talking of the front line boys( home and away matches), are Butlab (Manor lad) & Mad Jack Whitham still around?
  3. S A Andy

    Alan wheen

    Hi Southern Blue, I probably met you when Wednesday played in Cape Town and Pretoria in October 92. I emigrated to S Africa in October 81 & came back to Sheffield in 93. WAWAW.
  4. S A Andy

    Chelsea Away

    Think it might have been 3rd round of FA cup early Jan 75? We went 2-1 up, Bernard Shaw scored our second? They them scored twice and a mass brawl then erupted. We thought the match was won but in typical Wednesday fashion!!!
  5. S A Andy

    50 Years AgoToday

    That wasn't a bad side the European champions put out that day, note the last 3 names on their team sheet!!
  6. S A Andy

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    I think that was the following year 1977?
  7. S A Andy

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    Went to the match on the Wapentake coach. Wolves were 2 divisions higher than us in those dark days of the mid 70's. That night was certainly a bright light during the worst period in Wednesday's history. I surprised RW wasn't granted the freedom of Sheffield after that goal
  8. Also on the Oldham end before the game, when it kicked off, we were persuaded by the local PC's to walk around to the away end. The smirk of Stainrods face says it all. If I remember rightly Big Jack threatened to resign after the game. 3 away match bans, Derby away was amusing with our lads singing "We're not here...etc". Happy days. And cheers Rob, my round in Dronfield next time I see you.
  9. Brian Joicey : tall guy to the right of Peter Eustace. David Ford to the right of BJ in the light blue shirt & demins? Colin Dobson crouched down next to Don Megson?
  10. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    Was that it? You are right, I do recall it was actually Pele shadowing our ginger legend towards the end!!
  11. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    If you got the beer in I probably had a tab behind the bar!
  12. S A Andy

    who attended this game

    A Wednesday afternoon if I recall, we all arranged to have the afternoon off, met in the Buccaneer for a couple of pints in plastic glasses then got a bus to the game, boring possession football from Santos. Tommy Craig shadowing Pele towards the end to ensure he got the shirt.
  13. My old pal Phil Wood used to be the landlord in the early 90's, mad Owls fan. Not seen him for years though?
  14. Yes the after match party was certainly "heavy". All the players went to the Quay 4 bar / disco at the Waterfront, some serious partying until the early hours.
  15. Hi CT Owl. Yes I was also in the Seagulls pub next to the ground after the game.Johnny Sissons; ex Wednesday & West Ham was also in. I believe Budgie Burn died a few years after. PS : I got the score & the scorer wrong. It was actually a 2-1 win with a Paul Warhurst double. Get those photos on Mate.