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  1. Yep I can vouch for that, keep flying the owls flag in lanza mate.
  2. Happy days prematch in the early/mid 70s! The fastest recorded drinking of a yard of ale (1.42 litres or 2.50 imperial pints) in the Guinness Book of Records is 5 seconds. So that is half a pint swallowed every second! You don’t even have to be a big Tetley bitter man to win either. It was common knowledge in 1974 that a handsome, young Italian man named Pasquale Iampietro or better known today as “The Tardis” (because of his small stature, but with a great inside capacity for beer) was a regular winner of the Yard of Ale competition at Sheffield Wednesday’s Ozzie Owl Club. At the time, the record was 6 ¾ seconds and Pasquale achieved 7 ½ seconds which was no mean fete. Any spillage led to a disqualification and he was never disqualified. A man who obviously turned beer drinking into an art form.
  3. That's right, scored a late equaliser in the 2-2 draw against Arsenal at Filbert at January 79. RIP John
  4. Certainly look blurred Mate. I have to blame it on the camera!! Cheers Andy
  5. Sure did Pal, see you next time we are in town. Cheers Andy WAWAW.
  6. Yes we scored 7 at home to Burnley the same season.
  7. If I remember rightly that was the last league match Sept 1967? that we won at the lane until we did the double over them in the 2008/9 season.
  8. Would you believe that when we lived in S.Africa for 12 years until 1993, there was a football team in Soweto called Sheffield Thursday!
  9. If its any help to you. I went to Manchester airport yesterday morning over the tops but avoided the snake & woodhead. Set your sat nav for Adlington then Manchester airport. The route is : Castleton, up Winnets pass, right at top, down to Chapel on le frith, Whaley bridge follow the winding roads, turn right through Pott Shrigley, then Adlington. A word of warning, the Manchester motorway network can be a problem during rush hour. Good luck and hopefully 3 points.
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