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  1. The writing on the left of the program confirms this. "TT & JC".
  2. Yep Tony Toms was still with us during the 79/80 promotion season.
  3. Happy birthday Jack. Reversed the continual decline in the darkest period of our history.
  4. Graham Pugh being the only survivor from the cup final loss against Everton 5&1/2 yrs before, the strange thing being was that he was one of the six 20 year and younger old players in our side in the final.
  5. Yep, the graffiti was certainly referring to Eric Clapton
  6. Yep totally agree, going through the west end after the game brought a smile back to my face when I saw the graffiti " Clapton is God"!
  7. 1st time I've seen the two photos, extremely depressing but thanks anyway mate.
  8. Remember that ball rolling slowly into the net as if it was yesterday !!
  9. I was there at Chelsea in 67 (1st away game) FA Cup quarter final. Match went into injury time and we thought we would stuff them at home in the replay, then Bobby Tambling? miskicked a shot, and the ball crept passed Ron Springett for their winner. Heartbroken 12 yr old!!
  10. The ecstatic Wednesday fan in question can be seen in the above photos, right hand side, 3rd photo down standing behind Ray Blackball? and the other fan, I'm sure he initially ran on the pitch and informed Mick Pickering, the news then filtered through to our other players!!
  11. Great weekend, 5 of us left Killamarsh at 5am, lousy match which didn't matter, got the news that we were promoted just before the end when a guy with a transistor radio announced that Chesterfield had lost at Millwall. Stayed in Torquay that night, serious celebrations with thousands of other owl's fans. Great season and we were on our way back!!
  12. Sorry Mate, must have been 7 or 8 minutes when we got in, much water under the bridge since then!!
  13. Got into Old Trafford about 20 minutes after kickoff to witness Bobby Charton ? scoring, thought we were 1-0 down then was informed that George Best? had scored earlier in the game. Thought there was no comeback and certain relegation was looming. Then the unexpected comeback, at this stage we all thought we would avoid relegation, and the rest is history : 14 years of 2nd tier football.
  14. We proved to be in their class for at least 4 of the 5 games. We were only a 3rd division side at the time and they were in the top flight.
  15. 3rd round FA cup replay January 79 against Arsenal at Leicesters filbert st. 2nd or 3rd of the 4 replays. Went to all 5 games, thought we had won the 1st replay at Highbury until Liam Brady ? equalised in the last minute.
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