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  1. Yes we scored 7 at home to Burnley the same season.
  2. If I remember rightly that was the last league match Sept 1967? that we won at the lane until we did the double over them in the 2008/9 season.
  3. Would you believe that when we lived in S.Africa for 12 years until 1993, there was a football team in Soweto called Sheffield Thursday!
  4. If its any help to you. I went to Manchester airport yesterday morning over the tops but avoided the snake & woodhead. Set your sat nav for Adlington then Manchester airport. The route is : Castleton, up Winnets pass, right at top, down to Chapel on le frith, Whaley bridge follow the winding roads, turn right through Pott Shrigley, then Adlington. A word of warning, the Manchester motorway network can be a problem during rush hour. Good luck and hopefully 3 points.
  5. Was also in the middle of the North stand. If I remember rightly it was a double disappointment, as if we had won the game we would have gone above the blades for the 1st time since 1970!!
  6. Managed to get tickets off a couple of the players the previous day.It certainly was a great ending to the game, Ron Atkinsons 2nd game in charge (on his 2nd stint). His comment was that when PDC dribbled around the goal keeper twice before he scored "It took bloody ages for that goalie to become untangled".
  7. Remember him on our coach to Blackpool 1974 ( season before relegation to the old 3rd division) 2 of our lads had pulled two of the local lasses who were coming back to Sheffield with us. Sammy is on the back seat and shouted out " Now then send crumpet down to back of coach". The girls turned round and almost fainted when they saw him!!
  8. I remember a crowd of us going into the pump tavern after taking the Shoreham kop again in the 70s. Sammy exposed himself ( not a pretty sight) and one of the gay community stormed out slamming the pub door almost taking the door off the hinges!
  9. Could have been that surname pal, surely there was only one mad Jack in that era, always on the front line on the east bank and the away games. UTO.
  10. Going back to the non segregation days of the Eastbank in the late 60s/early 70s, talking of the front line boys( home and away matches), are Butlab (Manor lad) & Mad Jack Whitham still around?
  11. Hi Southern Blue, I probably met you when Wednesday played in Cape Town and Pretoria in October 92. I emigrated to S Africa in October 81 & came back to Sheffield in 93. WAWAW.
  12. Think it might have been 3rd round of FA cup early Jan 75? We went 2-1 up, Bernard Shaw scored our second? They them scored twice and a mass brawl then erupted. We thought the match was won but in typical Wednesday fashion!!!
  13. That wasn't a bad side the European champions put out that day, note the last 3 names on their team sheet!!
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