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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Going well thanks Rob mate. Cockney also passed away a few years ago, a lot of the "old crew" went to his funeral in Ilford. I still see Vinnie occasionally and see Slacky & Archie in the South Stand at most matches. Normally have a drink in Napoleons with Pasquale (ex Ozzie Owl club yard of ale champ) before the game these days. Some serious celebrations coming up on Sunday pm. Cheers for now old mate UTO Andy
  2. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Hi Rob Its your old mate Andy. I remember that you guys who were regulars in the middle of the North stand (Ted B, Vinnie, Cockney Richard etc) could not get a block booking for 30-40 guys so you booked into the South towards the West Stand. Great celebrations after, I went into the Nottingham House pub in Broomhill and rubbed it in with the Sheffield radio DJ at the time ; Ray Stuart RIP (Blade season ticket holder). Ah de dums I thought he was going to burst into tears ha ha. Roll on Sunday. WAWAW / UTO. Cheers Andy
  3. On this day 1975

    I was also there watching yet another depressing performance by Wednesday (most were not fit to wear the shirts!). If my memory serves me right two of our top boys got arrested, charged & incarcerated after a confrontation with the old bill in Worcester that evening. RIP : Colin W.
  4. Rallying Cry!!!!!!!! (Positive)

    I will certainly second that!!
  5. Chris Watson of Cabaret Voltaire is an Owls fan (or used to be). He was one of our crowd that used to go to all the home games & many away games in the early 70's.
  6. Am I right in saying that the little guy on the back row, far right is Brian Woodhall. He only played in the FA cup 3rd round replay against Leeds at Elland Rd in January 1969? due to injuries and scored twice in a shock 3-1 win (Johnny Ritchie also scored). I cant remember him playing for Wednesday again, maybe retired early due to injuries? We got knocked out in the next round at Birmingham.
  7. Cushions

    I took two to South Africa when I emigrated in 1981. They ended up being on display in the bar at the SA Owls Supporters club in Fourways Johannesburg. Some serious celebrations in that bar in 1984, 1991 & the semi in 1993!!
  8. Lucas Joao

    Congrats Lucas. Has to be awarded the freedom of the city now!!!
  9. First away match

    Chelsea away. FA Cup quarter final 1967, one of 10,000+ fans, thought we had got a 0-0 draw and a reply at Hillsborough (and would be lifting the cup after the previous years Wembley heartbreak) then Bobby Tambling? mis-hit his shot and Ron Springett couldn't keep it out. A long miserable journey back to Sheffield followed!
  10. Maybe you need to get a life!
  11. Thanks for that James Squires it is. I have phoned to confirm they are showing it and it is open until 5 a.m. I did try a couple of more bars but they close at one. If anybody else is coming in I'll be the guy in the blue and white shirt!
  12. Hi I am in Melbourne for 2 weeks and does anybody know where it will be shown or if there is a stream? Cheers
  13. Big "G" needs you!

    Get well soon "Big G". With reference to that infamous 5-4 win over Man United. We all thought Jack Whitham had scored 3 until the Sheffield star actually also credited the Nobby Stiles own goal also to Jack. Was not long after when Liverpool made an offer for him that the Wednesday board could not refuse. Happy days before the dark years of the 70's (until Big Jack came on board).