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  1. Millwall away under Eustace was horrific!
  2. I would just like to point out the North Stand capacity is nearer 9000. So I hope the other measurements aren't 10% out.
  3. I believe the "Missing 1000's" is correct because virtually every other clubs crowds have gone up over the last 10 to 20 years whereas ours have remained stagnent. I believe given our current circumstances and reasonable pricing Wednesday could average around 27000 to 30000 depending on our league position.
  4. Ipswich away first match after relegation takes some beating. Local police expected around 1500.....6000 turned up. Happy happy days.
  5. Pretty easy to see who has the hardest run in then!!
  6. If the lower Lap is not being left unpopulated due to police or SAG reasons then give them to United. We would expect them to give us extra that they are unable to sell.
  7. No because this means our crowds have stagnated where as virtually all other clubs have increased.
  8. Wednesday don't have scrubbers!!! Just some fans that are less well off then others. All the scrubbers are down at the Lane.
  9. Does anyone remember the Royal opposite the dog track? I remember Man U coming in and everyone else leaving. Leaving just me and my mate there surrounded by 50 of them singing about Busbys Aces. Somehow don't think that would have happened in the Rose!
  10. Believe it or not my mate won it in the Gate. But a certain Mr Neville asked for £5 back from the prize.
  11. Amazing performance. I even remember overhearing some berties saying it was the best football they had ever scene. Just as remarkable Roland actually made a mistake in the 2nd leg
  12. Great thread enjoyed looking at the pics much more that listening Wednesday v Brum on local radio down here!
  13. We all have to remember Hillsborough will always be a special case because of what happened in 1989. 96 people died at our stadium. All the restrictions that have been put in place are for our safety. The North Stand lost 100's seats after the Bradford fire and nobody said a word. So the next time you moan about restrictions at Football grounds being made which makes life a little inconvenient remeber that before the restrictions were put into place, football fans used to DIE!
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