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  1. I’d rather sandpaper my own nipples off than have a ground on a soulless retail park.
  2. Managed to acquire two together for the premier concourse at the SOL, but managed to get on our end so they are surplus to requirements , They are in a digital form or there is a link to do print at home. Could try to return but wondered if anyone on here is interested . pm me .
  3. A couple of wins less and everyone would have been calling for Moores head.
  4. This is terrific news and trumps anything that could happen on a football pitch.
  5. Our ground is fantastic, steeped in tradition, I’d hate us to move to sone soulless location like a retail park next to a motorway, Hillsborough oozes character and history.
  6. Cheers everyone, dosy postman put it through next door !!!
  7. As the title says postie just been, I live in Bristol and am on early train to London in morning .
  8. There caretaker manager will want to keep the score down to enhance his chances of landing the job, I fully expect Crewe to employ a low block, we just need to be patient, keep moving the ball into space and making space and hope we exploit there wholly inexperienced players.
  9. They didn’t look a poor team for this level, Wednesday played well simple.
  10. I’d hate a soulless new build, our ground has character and history in abundance, I’d hate us to be on the edge of town on a retail park, with no traditional pubs and transport links close by.
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