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  1. Is there anyone here from those days who recalls going away during that era ? Did Wednesday take many away then ? What was the travel like? Was there trouble in the 50's and 60's ?
  2. Hi I am after a Forest ticket, if anyone can help please PM me :-)
  3. Hello, I’m trying to acquire a ticket for the north stand today so my son can come along . (Adult ticket)
  4. This commentary link works fine. This commentary kink works fine. https://talksport.com/radioplayer/live/talksport2.html
  5. Anyone with last minute availability let me know please via private message. I can pick up on the day if required......
  6. I live in Bristol and love Wednesday a fan of 35 years been all over the country, but I can't always get there now, just because I don't dedicate my entire life to the cause doesn't mean I I'm not a proper fan.
  7. If anyone has a ticket and will be in Cardiff later pm please. Not got my act together in time .
  8. We can't be complacent, this message needs to be driven home. We need to be loud and proud. Huddersfield need to feel under as much pressure as possible.
  9. This is what's required. We can't let nervousness take over.....
  10. It's that simple, It's needs to be on a par with Wycombe, Brighton and Kaiserslautern at home. A raucous, intimidating atmosphere is imperative. C'MON WEDNESDAY!!!!
  11. Hi I love to get hold of an Ipswich Ticket, face value please, can transfer money into bank or hand cash over at Ipswich, I live in Bristol so nipping round to your house is unfortunately not an option for, pm's welcome . Up The Owls, Down The Blades
  12. Southampton 2 Wednesday 3 1996-97 in premier league I was there, 2-0 down at half time. Stayed over afterwards what a night.
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