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  1. it would be off again in protest
  2. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    I'd take a nil nil now
  3. no presto on away stand = not very good
  4. Listen to Owstalk on Amazon Alexa!

    how do you get it to start. just asked for owls talk and Rod Stewart came on
  5. it'll all end in tears when old Billy smithson (imaginary best bowler in team) comes back in summer with a shoulder injury from taking a throwing and misses first 2 months.
  6. Next season kit

    wouldn't suprise me if they still bring out a new 50 quid shirt next summer too. bet that kid should won design shirt competition is wondering if he'll ever see it.
  7. other than them wins at end of last season we've been awful to watch for 12 months now. nowt changing and other teams are improving.
  8. Fletcher

    think he signalled to be subbed himself against udders. CC has stated he isn't fully fit ant they have to monitor him weekly.
  9. Frederico Vênancio Initiation

    I noticed that, maybe he's jealous cos he's gonna take his new position as centre back!!!
  10. LED Boards

    so I could either gamble for 3 season tickets x2 on south with a plaque or have a photo of my head bobbing about on a sponsor board for same price? heads wins
  11. Tommy Spurr

    arse got through yesterday a r s e
  12. Talksport now

    the last time I laughed that hard I fell off my dinosaur.
  13. chilli out of our lasses healthy recipe book....soon to be followed by a few cans watching England ladies
  14. Steering group meeting

    am a pussycat me pal, am a gettin a stroke o what?