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  1. I had this game and even when I cheated I still went down.
  2. Fylde are my 2nd team since Gretna folded
  3. We'd get 285 grand for beating Luton and being on tv against Chelsea
  4. Can every one just save the arguing and admit that chinaowl knows more about football than rest of us
  5. Why does memphis depay feel the need to smoke a cigar every time he appears away from football
  6. I've heard he had a calf strain so before jos left he made sure Steve has to manage 4 under 23s games to prove fitnesd
  7. At least it would make it a tuf place for away teams to come to I'll get mi coat
  8. I heard jos caught a few of the senior players eating mushrooms behind the bike shed in pre season so was quite rightly furious and banished them to under 23s
  9. Maybe hi son has dug into savings and stumped the 200 million up
  10. Sam doesn't want to be in Sheffield any more, he's not so publicly stated this a few times.
  11. Our lasses birthday so my plans are out of my hands
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