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  1. Remind me how many teams who got relegated last year have gone straight back up? Indeed one of them went down and Hull flirted with relegation. There's a case for saying that the parachute payments aren't big enough.
  2. peacock1961

    Offload dilemma

    Nearly Nearly Psychic, had my usual 4-0, 4-1 bet only for some fekker to get his hat trick in injury time.
  3. peacock1961

    Offload dilemma

    Forest fans ITK. He was lined up in January but they wanted us to pay a % of his wage that we thought too steep. I saw the writing on the wall on Saturday. We're 4-0 up after 60 minutes and have our record signing sat on the bench. If he was part of the plans for next year and supposedly suffering a crisis of confidence then what better circumstance to come on for 30 minutes and score a couple. The fact that we brought Palmer and Matias on rather than Rhodes speaks volumes. He's off, no doubt about it.
  4. peacock1961

    Offload dilemma

    He's on his way to Forest (you heard it here first)
  5. peacock1961

    Filming With The BBC

    bet butterfield only potted in the side pockets
  6. peacock1961

    Glenn Loovens

    NO, Some might see the last game as unimportant but i need 3 points to win a gallon of beer from my Forest supporting mate. Who finishes highest.
  7. if you're there get ya sen down to Valetta and find the bar that Oliver Reed died in. Top pub.
  8. assuming a fit team. gk hunt/fred/hutch/lees/reach lee/bannan hooper joao/FF Bench from Nuhui/Joey/Van Aken - new CM and CH and 2 new wing/full backs plus under 23's anyone not mentioned is surplus in my view.
  9. peacock1961

    Empty seats

    it would be more pertinent to worry about filling the seats that are available. Seriously over the last couple of years how many times have we sold out??????????????. Arsenal, Blunts, Brighton???? Think we have more important things to worry about.
  10. peacock1961


    Rhodes is on his way to Forest. According to a few of their fans i sometimes drink with.
  11. Be great if we could keep FF and sell Forestieri
  12. well that's something i never thought i'd see. Buttercup looking interested and running/chasing down the player/ball. Wasn't Lopez part of the team that got us to the play offs and then through to Wembley only to be dropped for Hutch. I really rated him, never went missing, hardly noticed but a bloody good hard working midfielder. Buttercup could take a few lessons as to what being a footballer means.