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  1. Before I hit the old sack. When they scored today they played Nellie the elephant over the tannoy, absolutely funny. The announcer then must have been telling everyone who scored and finished of SHOUTING 'Sheffield ah, ah, ah'. Bloke behind me screaming 'we're Wednesday not f in Sheffield'.
  2. Lad made me go to the players entrance after the match and hutch got on the bus looking OK. Wildsmith though is tethered up like a hamburg ***** who's just had all the tory cabinet.
  3. I was a little tipsy I must admit, but not quite as bad as some of the lads wandering around outside hamburg railway station in the last couple of hours.
  4. Forgot to mention there is a new chant, Needless to say that anyone called Steve in our fan base is going to need a thick skin this season.
  5. Just about sobered up. Defence OK, palmer played well and Westwood made a couple of good but normal saves. Reach apart from the great header for fletchers goal hardly got involved. Bannan, usual centre half display, gave the ball away on a number of occasions and blamed reach, palmer and the new lads. Fletcher some good headers that Rhodes didn't read, good goal though from him. Joey and Lee played well and the two new wide players. Fletcher mom by a mile.
  6. Definitely more than 3k, probably double that. About 400 Wednesday, which isn't too bad considering some of the stuff that has been going on.
  7. They weren't bruises, they were tidy little players got us on the break plenty of times. Just got train back to hamburg. If anyone there is reading this, there's lot's of coppers at the station. Be careful and try and look sober.
  8. We're actually being out played by these lads, nothing going our way since Lee went off.
  9. He's been here long enough to have learnt some Scottish.
  10. Nightmare on the train from hamburg to lubek, making northern rail look professional.
  11. You top hat quist, ended up ringing the office, pay on the gate.
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