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  1. Positives and negatives

    Have to agree with the Brentford bit, best side I've seen this season in the home games and Fulham away. A good CF and they might have done us tonight
  2. United Ticket

    how many fans do we have in Sweden??????????
  3. Puerto Rico bar for Sat

    Tr transmission
  4. Puerto Rico bar for Sat

    You could try the Europa centre at the top of the hill, near the Hotel Riosol, Barbacoa I think its called, very good for matches. There's also a good indian on the 2nd floor of the shopping bit. love will tear us apart
  5. best current player?

    It is about opinions, when Bannan is playing I want him to do well, just think that he sees himself as the main man and everything has to go through him. This stifles our play, I think what you see looks good from him but there is no end product. I honestly believe that as a team we would be more successful without him. Last year there seemed to be a Scottish mafia thing going on with Fletcher, Bannan and Wallace, this has obviously been added to, but I look back and can remember umpteen chances to release reach/palmer/hunt which Bannan didn't take. He obviously didn't rate them or doesn't particularly like them. Finally in 4 pages I can only see 2 votes for Bannan as our best player. If that message got across then maybe he would become a part of the team rather than the main man. Have said it before but there's a good reason that he hasn't made it at a higher level and that must be attitude. Don't want to get into a massive argument but Bannan is nowhere near our best player or asset.
  6. best current player?

    watch the 1st minute of the alfreton highlights, 4 passing options and he slide rules it to their centre forward, pure arrogance and he seems to never learn
  7. best current player?

    Not even top 5 bud. Westwood Lees Lee Hooper FF and probably Rhodes before him. Unless of course you are classing pirouettes, back passes, floating aimless 60 yard balls out of touch or smashing it over the bar as 'technical ability'.
  8. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Not sure about that, but if he hardened up he could be the box to box midfielder that we need with or at the side of Lee.
  9. 44-chuffing-2! Carlos talks tactics

    HE's a fans favourite and I've lost count of the arguments I've had about his performances. Don't get me wrong if he's in the team then I want him to do well, but I think he's the most overrated (by fellow fans) player we've had for years. When he plays everything has to go through him and he slows it down and stifles progress. I just hope CC has had him on shooting practice this close season, because he is abject in front of goal. He was up to his tricks on Tuesday night, have a look at the 1st minute of the Alfreton highlights, 4 passes on and he lazily strokes it to their centre forward on the edge of the box.
  10. 44-chuffing-2! Carlos talks tactics

    Not many people know this, but about 35 years ago Carlos was offered a trial in Holland but ended up in Rotherham when he should have been in Rotterdam, he ended up in the Adam and Eve and was photographed in the women's bogs with Vinegar Liz. Somehow our Bazza got hold of those photos.
  11. 44-chuffing-2! Carlos talks tactics

    I have a feeling that those on here who promote a 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 are doing it to fit in what they see as our best players, however if we are to play a true 4-4-2 then we don't need a defensive midfield player. How many times last year did we see Hutch drop in as a 3rd CB which then left his partner short of options and help, that's why we appeared overwhelmed or bullied in midfield. How many times did we see Bannan drop back and take the ball off the CB's toes, fanny about a bit and end up giving it back to Westwood to bang up front. In a way we need to show more bravery on the ball from midfield, take the chance of getting the ball to our forwards, rather than the lottery of Westwood's clearance. So my main gripe is that if we are wedded to 4-4-2 then Carlos needs to instil some positional discipline into our central midfield. From the players we have at the moment, this would be my 11. westwood hunt lees hutch reach boyd lee abdi FF hopper Rhodes keeper bannan loovens pudil joao winnall Wallace my opinion only but getting shut of Sasso was an error, many more should have gone before him.
  12. Positives

    Agreed Matias looked lively and with something to prove, Hooper looked fit and happy, Reach had a good game and Bannan had his usual Hollywood ball moments. For anyone who was there what was the kerfuffle at half time in the stand opposite the dug outs?
  13. Three at the back

    When Hutch plays in CM then we play 3 at the back anyway, cant see what the fuss is about.
  14. Bedding in New Players

    The largely settled side that you mention was 10/11 for the play off semi that appeared in the previous seasons final. CC just has to bite the bullet and give Abdi a chance to get our forwards going, because his 3/4 favourites in midfield just didn't link up last season. (possible exception of Lee). For me Pudil/Wallace/Loovens are getting a bit tired and old. Hutchinson and Bannan both want to play defensive midfield and don't seem to want to get forward. We need the link up play that Abdi/Hooper/FF provide if we are to do anything this season.