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  1. Your an Owl where do you live

    now live in Swanwick Derbyshire and the lad has already said he will need an 8 hour appointment on the 11th at the dentists. Seriously though someone could have checked the outside Sheffield 1/2 term dates. We are a club with a wide fanbase.
  2. Will the bar have the Leeds game on stream?
  3. I'm generally quite loyal, but have the people who have said they've splurged on 5 year tickets thought it through? assume 1 year season tickets stay the same, he cannot increase the price as there is already the perception that we are too high compared to other clubs, what is the saving? £40 pa I believe. The obvious downside is that in 1, 2 or 3 years the club goes into administration and you will lose £700 x whatever the length of ticket left. I so hope that this statement is never quoted in years to come, but please seriously think about risk and reward. Would you for instance pay for 5 years of sky sports with the promise of saving a tenner a year but a nagging doubt that BT/FACEFOOK/AMAZON get all the rights to football next December, whilst you are left with curling and the Scottish 3rd division rugby league matches????????????????
  4. Couple of interesting bits further down the article. oldest clubs - Sheffield FC Notts County Stoke City Sheffield Wednesday is this now the accepted chronology? Was William Clegg a forefather of the knobby politician?
  5. Anyone know what game this was?

    My first match. I was 7
  6. Cant find this on the official site. Does anyone know what the season ticket price was for the South after the early bird expiry? it was £640 for the early bird. Not sure about getting one until I know who'll be in charge and more importantly where we'll be, plus am I dreaming or have I read that all games next year will be televised by sky except for Saturday 3 o'clock fixtures. If this is the case then based on this seasons home games you could have watched the majority of home games live on tv and potg for the Saturday 3pm ko's. so that's sky subscription + 6/7 x £40???????????
  7. Reminds me of an embarrassing moment back in the day. I played footy for a pub team who were trying to go upmarket and when we got there after our match we found bits of bread, cheese and olives on the bar rather than the normal dripping sarnies. One of our lads said he didn't like olives cos they tasted of sp.unk. Well i'm sure you can imagine the reaction as the banter reached an all time low.
  8. It's a family concern not his. We appear to be his hobby.
  9. Lucas Joao

    I never mentioned FF
  10. Lucas Joao

    Because my friend, Bannan wouldn't pass to Joao or Reach, and had to dictate the play around his little clique. It's not just the last couple of weeks that we've been going down hill, it's at least 18 months and the old injured/favourite guard have responsibilities for this too.
  11. Lucas Joao

    you don't get it do you, that's why he's playing better, that's why Reach has been playing better.........Bannan &
  12. Adam Reach

    spot on.
  13. Lucas Joao

    Yes, enjoy him while you can, because he'll definitely be off somewhere.
  14. Are some of you real? The days of the chaps catching the bus with the fans to the ground are long gone. They all sell their services to the highest bidder be it wages or length of contract. Why would any of our foreign players have any affinity to the fans or club. Don't you see the irony in the ' they're one of our own' bullocks. Ffs. Not just our lot, it's the modern game.
  15. There's an inconvenient truth to all this, he is albeit prematurely, past it. He moves around like a veteran 35 year old striker. I don't know how or why its happened but he seems to have aged beyond his age if that makes sense. To the people who say we need to play to his strengths, ie doing all his running for him, having a big man at his side and getting crosses into the box for him then my point would be that any reasonable fit player is going to score lots of goals. Lets not forget he'd gone before we signed him, wasn't playing wasn't fit and, therefore, wasn't scoring. Sadly we've been had and he could be our record signing for the next 20 years. I still think he's better than buttercup though.