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  1. If doing a pirouette, being poo with a dead ball and bawling out team mates constitutes becoming a legend then I am one.
  2. Bannan and therefore the teams problem is not footballing ability, it's his ego that is the major factor.
  3. Looking like Mr and Mrs Bannans Internet connection is down.
  4. Couple of things on this. Went to lanzarote a few weeks ago. No one and I repeat no one asked to see our covid stuff at the airport. Got back and having paid for the two day test we forgot to do them. No one got in touch. Secondly Hillsborough seems to be the only ground nowadays that has turnstile operators. What the other clubs going to do? Hire hundreds of extra stewards for one hours work? They certainly won't have time to get the software right to use on the scanners by Saturday.
  5. Bloody hell, even Mr and ms Bannan voted for the keeper.
  6. Worst I have seen at Hillsborough. The match against villa when John Terry reffed a couple of years ago. I sometimes look at twatty players and think, yes I'd love him in our side as one of ours. That game though twisted me into unbelievable hatred towards a sportsman. We were so naive that game. Its a no from me.
  7. I'm nearly 61and I made my son become a Wednesday fan.
  8. Mr & Mrs Bannan are back voting. Well at least they went, having voted.
  9. Crikey, looks like bazzas mam and dad haven't paid their Internet bill.
  10. Lee far better CM than Barry Big balls Bannan and he'll likely prove it today. Carlos shoe horned Bannan into a winger for good reason.
  11. I'll be a usual suspect, but I will be an heretic and say that pullmepussy was mom.
  12. I live in Derbyshire now and at the pub Last night as the scores came through, I couldn't resist shouting you're going down with the Wednesday at them. At least the last game might have something riding on it.
  13. Shitty back pass to lees, and failing to track the midfield lad who heads in the second. I'm answering for the poster because the St Barry thing is beginning to grate. He is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. And certainly not as good as sky sports and some on here think he is. Watched and played football for too many years, he's a bad egg and is nothing without the likes of hooper, ff and pudil around him.
  14. See bazza has enrolled his extended family into the vote. Looks like Tom Lees has also got the family involved
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