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  1. A team leaving a player on the half way line whilst defending a set piece. Makes you think it might be worth a shot.
  2. This all day long, what I've been saying for ages is that the centre halves have the ability to push forward, but no it has to be taken off their toes by BB, by definition this weakens our mid field. I can't see any manager suggesting that's the right way to play which is why I say Bannan does what he wants and gets away with it because of the odd bit of brilliance maybe. I'm not sure. Lets not forget that he didn't paly against Brighton and I thought that was a far better TEAM performance than against Leeds. Unless we can get players of the standard of Hooper, Lee and FF back in their prime, Joao and Wallace then Bannan is a busted flush.
  3. Bannan plays where Bannan wants to play, and that my friend is the problem.
  4. How very cutting. Assume this is someone I know.
  5. OK I maybe should have added at home. Forest make up a lot of that and I can't imagine they will be as dire as that again.
  6. Tend to agree with this I think we have the best defensive unit in the league just seem to have lacked creativity, class and bottle in other areas.
  7. Have to disagree, I think the league is poor this year, but most of the problem seems to be the crud that came down last year. Can't help thinking about the points we have thrown away this season. A bit of better luck and more effort towards the end of games and we could have been ten points clear. I know that could be said of a lot of the others. But it could have been and I actually think we are a poorer team than four years ago.
  8. Agree with most of what you say, but all the games you watch you may have missed something. Bannan didn’t play in the excellent performance against Brighton.
  9. I prefer Bannan as an attacking midfielder and think he might have had a point to prove on Saturday. He's a very good player but there are many reasons he has not made the grade in the PL, many mentioned on here. Not anywhere near the level of Sheridan I'm afraid. Not often I feel sorry for young people, but I do feel for people like my lad who didn't have the opportunity to see him live. An outstanding footballer and my favourite ever Wednesday player.
  10. Agreed never understood the mentality. Remember a heated argument in the limit, we weren't real Wednesday fans, because we were from Rotherham. Mentioned this on here before but my grandad told me that we were always seen as a South Yorkshire team and that there were a lot of people who were peed off when the 'Sheffield' bit was added.
  11. Thinking about it, I think today he was part of a back four that is as hard as we've had for thirty years.
  12. As a younger man I played up front and I would have hated to play against him. Solid, brave, not dirty. Has a smile on his face and you can see that he can't be wound up. I bet he's a nightmare to play in training. I like Lees but borner and iorfa are becoming some partnership. Probably a right laugh on a night out as well. I think I love him.
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