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  1. peacock1961

    This Weekend

    was there a couple of weeks ago, got the train to Seville for a match. If you get the chance try it, fantastic city.
  2. peacock1961

    How many games...

    Sorry, but you don't get it. He is not a proven business man, but his dad is. This is his toy, a rather big lego set.
  3. peacock1961

    Please assist ...

    You're not wrong bud, i was 18 in 1979 and even though i'm getting on i wouldn't swap with an 18 year old today and missed what i've gone through and seen. CCTV everywhere, your evey move played back on facefook and instagram, not a chance. I'm well travelled, but nothing ever came close to those few years at the Limit and South Yorkshire at the time, football, music and politics. Scary times but by God what a laugh. And i'm bi-lingual in metric and imperial, and that is a gift of birth.
  4. peacock1961

    Please assist ...

    Was there as well, they did into Just the valley about 6 times as an encore. The undertones did 10 encores of teenage kicks. Just remembered The Specials (75p ticket) and Joe Jackson, he was about 6' 13''.
  5. peacock1961

    Please assist ...

    prove it
  6. peacock1961


    Well i ask you this, would Carlos have dropped the player of the month in October for the 1st match in November and have 4 defenders and a keeper on the bench? Would Carlos ever play without a forward in the team? Would Carlos line up with 6 defenders in the team? Would Carlos wait until we were 3-0 down at home before making a sub, bringing a forward on and taking one off? Would Carlos bring a boy on when 2-0 up against top of the league, rather than an experienced head? Would Carlos tell us that our best player was fit and then not pick him? Not saying he did no wrong, or that he's not left us in a POS but some of the blame lies elsewhere. One things for sure, we are going nowhere with Jos. If we get a result against Derby then i'll apologise, but i fear that we will have gained 1 point from a possible 18, just let that stat sink in.
  7. peacock1961

    Please assist ...

    Edited mate, soz. You can explain.
  8. peacock1961

    Please assist ...

    Good chance for reminiscing and a bit of name dropping. I was of the age that meant i went to the daisy, Limit and later the Leadmill. Saw joy division/new order, orange juice, simple minds, undertones at the Limit, great times. The original Human League socialised in the daisy on the Bowie nights and i spoke to all of them. Saw them a number of times at the university and various pubs and to be honest sometimes they weren't very good. Pretty sure Phil was an Owl and Martin Ware definitely was, saw him recently at the station waiting for a taxi to Hillsborough with who i assume was his lad in the blue and white stripes. A memory that sticks in my mind was at the Limit around 85/86, they'd retired but decided to make a comeback and prior to a European tour they did 3/4 nights warm up at the West street mecca. It was packed out and i was at one point stood next to Lee Chapman and Gary Megson, Someone in the group saw them and inserted 'Sheffield Wednesday, good times into the chorus of 'the thing that dreams are made of'. As it would at the time, it kicked off somewhat in the crowd. Funny as F. Was anyone else there? Definitely Owls tell your daughter.
  9. peacock1961

    This side after international break

    you might as well play Ken Dodd in there as a DF, you've got 2 of his diddymen...........
  10. peacock1961

    This side after international break

    i think midfield is our problem , not the defence.
  11. Was looking at his wiki page to see if there was anything in the number of games conspiracy theory. Something jumped out at me, He's never made an FA cup appearance. I know he's had many injury periods but for a Pro footballer to go through his career without playing in the cup is remarkable. Could this be his year, considering we will not take it seriously.
  12. peacock1961

    Man of the match

    Best you've seen him in 18 months but 0% of your fellow fans voted for him?????? need to build this team around Hector, forget Lees, Hutch and the rest. we've lost 3 good centre halfs recently, need to sign this monster.
  13. Give him a break, Berlin is bigger than Sheffield and a crowd of 70k is bigger than the BDM. its important to us, but have a bit of perspective FFS.
  14. peacock1961

    This should cheer you up a bit.......

    So sorry for boring you. I obviously dont read every post.