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  1. peacock1961

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    Didn't think it would start all this off. Just thought it was a good price. Best for four years I would have thought. Anyway going to have a few quid on it. Will make a donation to the the hospital if it comes in. Going to have a fiver on FF and nuhui to be leading scorers as well.
  2. peacock1961

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    oh i think it would
  3. If he sees out the last ten years of his career there, then I'd not bet against it.
  4. If he was in Jos's plans then he would have bought him on in the last match 4-0 up with over 30 mins to go.What better opportunity for an out of form striker to fill his boots.
  5. peacock1961

    Bloody football

    The reality is that its the simplest team sport/game in the world. all you need is a ball/pebble/stone and you're away. We all played it in some form and we all have opinions, and we are all tribal. Simple really. The Beautiful game..............
  6. will miss Fulham.
  7. oh i do mate and i've seen enough of that pair over the years to know that they are no better than what we have and are too old. So you think we should sign another has been striker on high wages just to add to what we already have. Really?
  8. Yes, heard from the horse's mouth at Alfreton that we had been somewhat lacklustre in our communications. Shame as i live 10 minutes away.
  9. Keogh and Martin from Derby, are you serious? A. Too old B. Rumored to be bad influences in the changing rooms C. Love to engineer manager exits D. Rumored to enjoy the company of other player's spouses E. No better than we have And finally do you watch football?
  10. peacock1961

    Joao’s contract

  11. We dont need any more strikers unless a few leave. How many do you want sat out each week, 7,8,9 ??????????
  12. peacock1961

    ground plan

    Ta, thought it was straight after deadline day
  13. peacock1961

    ground plan

    can anyone point me to a seating plan of the ground. Cant find one on SWFC now the season ticket deadline has passed. want to change seats and need the plan to talk to the ticket office. ta