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  1. you're clutching now. Obviously the assists should go up when a player moves to the CM position, but the argument stands that we played better football and had more success with him on the left. In other words he didn't have the opportunity to play CB and not everything had to through him. I know some people thought we were shoe horning him in, but I think we were a more balanced side.
  2. Yes he did and when he was moved into centre midfield he went goal crazy with 1, 0, 4, over the next 3 league seasons. Not exactly prolific, in fact averaged over 3 seasons that's worse than when he was on the left wing................
  3. Best football we've played over the past 25 years was in the first season under Carlos, with Bannan on the left.
  4. Noticed that he got stuck in a bit yesterday, maybe trying to impress the monk.
  5. Apart from the build up to both goals I thought it was abysmal I really do. Suppose 3 points is the important thing but we have to up our game. Thought they were awful and are destined to do a Sunderland.
  6. Think monk needs to send out a message here we have no midfield, 6 defenders 2 wingers and 2 up front who are isolated. Same old same old. Got to change that centre midfield into something that can move or at least pass forward.
  7. Just hope he sees our biggest problem quickly, that we don't need to play with 4 Centre halves.
  8. The stats with Leeds and boro are excellent.
  9. This worried me as my name is Gary with 1 R.
  10. Hope so, every promoted team seems to get away with it.
  11. All this crarp about his agent, we all know that football is bent as the proverbial. Give the lad a shot. Think cloughie, venables, rednap, ferguson, the list of brown envelope specialists goes on and on. Think its about time we had someone with a bit of an edge about them, we are way too nice.
  12. These cowleys will suss it. I tell thi.
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