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  1. 'Some of the teams we have played are where they are partly because we beat them.' Thank the lord someone has said this. So early in the season its fairly obvious that teams we've beaten are below us.
  2. peacock1961


    I'm actually worried that skybet know summat. ie points deductions............
  3. peacock1961


    Then again @ 200-1 its a return of over £5k in the event of the unbelievable happening. not to be sniffed at.
  4. peacock1961


    not so sure on this one, do skybet limit the stake. I ended up using betfred and they stopped me from putting more than £30 on.
  5. peacock1961

    Two greats

    its all about time and place, if Sheridan was about today and had to adhere to the improvements in training and responsibility he would be one of the best in the premier league, likewise George Best would be head and shoulders above Messi and Ronaldo, but thats another argument.
  6. peacock1961

    Two greats

    if he was as good as Sheridan, then he'd be in the top league. He isn't.
  7. peacock1961

    Hector report

    i nearly didnt post this in case it all goes wrong, but he reminds me of Paul McGrath
  8. peacock1961


    got 100-1 last week.
  9. peacock1961

    next 3 at home

    If you look at it another way, we win all three, thus taking points of the top teams, then we are likely top of the table. Going into the derby game as top 2. We can only dream.
  10. we could well see FF, Joao and Hooper on the bench. Unbelievable Jeff.
  11. whats your next prediction bud, you called that 5 minutes before the goal
  12. peacock1961


    I for one am discounting footballing or performance reasons. So what could be the possible scenarios? 1. He's missing training 2. The family Christmas one is true 3. He's insulted chansiri. I've heard all 3 from fans in the Park (pub). One of the above did come from what I'd call a fairly reliable source.
  13. didnt realise i'd replied to the same poster, so i'm not on one of those owlstalk witch hunts. My comment about the forest match was around Jos's seemingly absence of any cajoling/sorting things out during the match.There are times when he's just too laid back for me, should be up and telling the players if they're not doing what he wants.
  14. Sorry but must disagree, last night he picked an attacking team and put joao in midfield, put bannan at left wing back and let reach believe he'd got bergkamp's role. We then think were man city strolling around at the back playing keep ball with dawson. What did he change? naff all, no direction from the sidelines and then takes joao off, when reach/mattias/adthe are having nightmares. Showed absolutely no impetus to change things as you suggest.