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  1. The pressure our midfield but the defence under was criminal. Free kicks in their half played backwards and under hit, Dawson then launches to reach's head and you know the rest. Time after time in the second half.
  2. There's a catch though, if you read the small print then next years kit has to be the same size as the one you've already bought.
  3. I'm always optimistic pre-season, but this year I was absolutely convinced that we'd pee the league. Then the fat fkker left and I was just a tad down. Considering everything, were in a pretty good position. 2 thoughts are this situation is crying out for FF to come back as the talisman he was. if were anywhere near I can see Chansiri really gambling come January. Defence is good enough, plenty of wide options. We still need a bit of class in the midfield and a goal scorer and I think we could be on our way.
  4. to me, 4-3-3 defence as is. (plenty in reserve) reach, aussie lad, Bannan. (lee and Hutch in reserve) murhphy/harris/FF for 2 wide positions Fletcher/Nuhui. as fulcrum. really need FF back to his best and sign a Dwight Gayle type striker for zillions of £££££££'s.
  5. There ought to be, I think they only had 10k last match.
  6. good point, would have ruined the 'two world wars and 1 world cup, do dah' chant.
  7. Mate, I hope someone can verify this, I was there and it was midweek so I would not have been on the STUFF.
  8. Arsenal away early 90's 7-1. The longer away the games are the more I seem to forgive, but recently the away games at Forest and Hull were absolutely awful. Both last season I think, and I can't remember being more piiisssssssseeeeeeeeeeeedd off with being an owl.
  9. The memory is fading but I once went to Millmoor for a testimonial, could have been for Trevor Womble or Rod Fern, couple of Wednesday players were there but the highlight was Bobby Charlton playing it out wide to Barry Chuckle who crossed the ball for Alex Ferguson to head in from the 6 yard box. I kid you not. Probably late 70's.
  10. Thanks Sgt, I was a number 4 myself as a kid. Much as I like Bannan as a footballer he infuriates me. I want him up there outside the box. Goals against Huddersfield as an example. I want our centre halves to be the ones who bring the ball forward or make passes and for hutch and Bannan to do their proper jobs in offensive play. Other teams do this. I've been close to the pitch at many away games and Bannans interaction with team mates is not productive, mistakes are never his fault, he slags other players off to the point of bullying and demands that every moves goes through him when there are better options. He is skillful and he needs to use his gifts in a productive way in their half. Have we ever scored a goal from one of his pirouettes in our half? I played football for forty years, some of those at a good and bunged level. I've watched for even longer, I have a proffesional knowledge of what makes teams achieve, but if I do need further help on the matter I will seek your advice. And by the way he does not play the old no 8 role. He is a 4.
  11. . Back in the day it used to be something of a meeting point, had a good couple of pints in there for the play off final. Always try and get in there on a London away day.
  12. Careful, you'll get hammered for this heresy.
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