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  1. Kin hell Mr and Mrs Bannan must have gone for their jabs today and be a bit under the weather. Maybe they will vote tomorrow. Mr and Mrs reach seem to be not bothered anymore.
  2. Even bazzas mam and dad haven't bothered today.
  3. I'm sixty on Monday so I've seen a few players. The lad Shaw will make it as a pl and international player. Thanks also to bazzas mum and dad continuing to vote in these polls.
  4. Hooper ran him close, but the best quality we have had since the mid 90's.
  5. Do you think monk told Bannan to lose the ball, leading to the sending off and then shirk a tackle leading to their goal?
  6. And it's a team that has performed tremendously isn't it?
  7. What a joke. My my grandad took me to Hillsborough in 1968, and there are many times I wish he hadn't. The most over rated football player I have seen in fifty years watching this shower of poo.
  8. Have to agree, we wouldn't get 5_6M for the total squad. If we got two bags of crisps, a bottle of dandelion and burdock and a gold sovereign I'd take it for Bannan. He is crap end off. Get rid off the lot, start again and get my love back for this club.
  9. Agree and disagree, he's our most influential player because he demands every move goes through him. Is this a successful strategy or does it slow us down and make us look predictable? He is not as good as he thinks he is, gives the ball away far too often. Be it a floaty ball out of play, a ******** poor tackle or a lack of cover at his defensive duty. He has held us back for the last three years.
  10. The hooper, wallace, fletcher and Bannan Scottish grouping is now no more. His influence will wain.
  11. Argued on this over the years. Our best performances have been without him.
  12. Think Wickhams headers came from da cruz and Murphy corners.
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