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  1. The ridicule shouldn't be aimed at Joss it's the person/people who persuaded DC to employ the imbecile who deserve the public hanging.
  2. I had my usual 4-0, 4-1 you top hat.................
  3. I've had a go at him more than once on here, but have to admit he played well today. Further up and more positive.
  4. FF and the shenanigans apart, the performance at Mansfield was dreadful and pointed to problems ahead.
  5. What jumps out from this is 6 home games and only 3 away...........
  6. owlstalk is faster than the red button................................
  7. Have a look on the DCFC site, they love Bannan. They must see something that I didn't yesterday. Good free kick for our goal, but he just holds up play so much that its criminal.
  8. Watched the sky coverage last night and found what cc said quite interesting. The chairman runs the club as a family not a business, which came across as a criticism of not releasing players. It's the reason we're in trouble with the ffp stuff but then again looking at the bench and injury list, it might not have been that bad a strategy.
  9. Agree with some on here, his goal scoring record is pants, but I agree with the who would replace him points. What is for sure is that his set piece delivery is also pants. The ⚽ needs whipping in and Bruce must see this and designate a n other.
  10. Obviously not a, Palmer was shoved to left back when Iorfa came on the other day.
  11. Thing is most steel is and was made in Rotherham. Sheffield worked with the steel.
  12. Lazars reaction screamed hamstring to me. Think Bruce was booked for complaining about a foul on palmer that wasn't given.
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