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  1. What I didn't mention was that we went in the bar with the George Cross hung outside. I had a pair of Wednesday shorts on and one chap told me it was bad form to wear British colours. Got chatting to him, he was a west ham fan and he was going to the game with his Millwall mates. Said that when they went back to the UK they did not speak to each other.
  2. Went a couple of weeks ago, they lost to majorca, was a very big English presence in the crowd, St George Cross and a smattering of the 80s types.
  3. Today he was on another level. The rest, keeper apart, where absolute shybo. This is where the problem lies, he probably knows he can do better.
  4. Losing at home to Exeter puts the last few seasons into some sort of perspective.
  5. Shows a bit of class tbh, and it will wind the bummers up. on a personal note I've had a bet that they stay up for 3 seasons. Autumn, winter and spring...
  6. The answer to this is quite simple. George is a member. I suppose there's more than one meaning to that.
  7. Rhodes and fletcher as a front two. Jesus that will have the opposites having sleepless nights.
  8. Nick, have you got fullstopitis......................?
  9. Would that be 'last saturday' when we lost to Villa....... or on Tuesday when we licked Forest? when he didn't play.
  10. its been 3/4 seasons now with basically the same squad. Need to start again. i'd keep Westwood and hopefully the loanees, sad to say but the rest have had their chance and have been bullied out of the big games. We have to move on.
  11. the gods are smiling on us. I tell ya.
  12. where did you get that bud. That's been my thought/prediction for a couple of weeks. Having said that I've got a bit coming if we go up via the play offs, so might just back Villa as a saver.
  13. need Lazaar back for his dead ball quality.
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