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  1. Do you know that no one's income has stopped ?. Or is it just that yours hasn't and you don't give a damn about anyone else.
  2. So why keep banging on about Monk winning 2 out of his last 3 or whatever it was ?.
  3. Or the young Huddersfield keeper in the play offs 1st leg. Never got his gloves mucky.
  4. Just as an aside who's Dunkleys agent ?. Just looking for a reason why a club in our position would knowingly sign a badly injured player.
  5. Yep the lack of action / interest in refunding last seasons tickets leaves a bad taste and takes away a bit of good feeling towards the club.
  6. If you can guess how many coins are in my hand you can have both of them.
  7. I've heard that the EFL have insisted that we're tier 3 , just proves that they're out to get us.
  8. Different generations and social groups have different needs. I have no desire or need to follow the flock on this one.
  9. My expectations are closer to Sidibe and lunt.
  10. Balotelli and Wilshire shakes head leaves conversation.
  11. Their big problem is money it always boils down to money with footballers. The one's who got them to and stabilised in the PL are going to be earning 25 - 40k a week, while that's probably more than they thought could ever earn all of a sudden they have player's coming in being paid 3 or 4 times more than them. How can you get any unity or togetherness with these disparities ?. That's the coach drivers problem , let's hope it's nothing trivial.
  12. Four seasons of dross ?. We've only had a few decent seasons in the last 25 years. Someone needs to be given a few years to sort it out and turn us around. TP wouldn't have been my first choice but he's got the job let's get behind him and see where it takes us .
  13. Don't you dare come on here spouting common sense.
  14. Tbf Stoke 2010 were better than owt we've seen for 20 odd years.
  15. I can remember 26" tele's that needed 2 people to lift em.
  16. Or a back 3 with Moses and Palmer as wing backs !.
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