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  1. Win lots of games and cheap tickets.
  2. We had the best scraps in the division.
  3. I would do my damnest to resign Dean and make him captain. Bannan will still be quality in this division if he stays.
  4. It wasn't it was 2-1 over 180 minutes
  5. Why not save any criticism until after the game if it's warranted then ?. Before that get 100% behind whoever is playing.
  6. You must be fairly sure to put that on here ?.
  7. Pity you didn't take your mate hutch with you. Awful Awful mistake just play the ball out.
  8. I really hope you're wrong with that. Hutch is a good defender but not a midfielder in todays game. Fdb if Bannan goes off ,round pegs in round holes.
  9. Wouldn't miss it for anything, but really not looking forward to watching this one.
  10. Prefer the reverend's contender , and big John's a proper Wednesdayite.
  11. How confident are you and the rest of your fanbase ?.
  12. Could one of the resident experts summarise for us laymen please. At a quick uneducated glance it doesn’t look good..
  13. Hutch ventured into midfield once on Saturday lost the ball with a bad first touch and dived into the recovery tackle with all teeth bared, brought back bad memories. He's a defender and a damn good one at that.
  14. Only good enough for back up in Championship I'm afraid. But let's get there before we worry about that. He's awesome at this level.
  15. I hope someone in front of him tries to pay In euros .
  16. Don't worry about it, you'd have only got the monk on when no-one voted for Kamberi
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