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  1. I don't think you'll find me slagging many players off pal I merely offered my opinion I was under the impression that was what this forum was for.
  2. Was completely responsible for their first goal by trying to mark his man from 5 yards in FRONT of him. It wasn't the only time he did it either. Was regularly running between opponents because he hadn't got into the correct position early enough. His defensive frailties also make Bannan drop deeper to cover for him. As for going forward I can't remember 1 positive contribution he made. Can't fault him for effort though.
  3. A fine game give over he's constantly out position virtually always late arriving at any given defensive situation and offers little or nothing going forward. I'd love him to succeed just like any other Wednesday player but at the moment he looks poor.
  4. Jones earns more than that every week.
  5. Remember getting searched at Millwall old den ,got a steel comb taken off me Millwall fan on the other side of the fence strolled in with a 3 foot long pair of wire cutters.
  6. Nothing to do with sky and fixture changes then ?.
  7. We're also going to a pub called the Murderers, I was wondering how it acquired it's name.
  8. Your probably in it worse than me at least there are 2 couples going so ladies will have to go out on their own for a while.
  9. We booked for the weekend looks a wise decision now . Tricky bit will telling the wife we're not going for a meal on Friday night.
  10. Potg available tonight as per our official site.
  11. I almost lost the plot against villa at home last season, fortunately most of the people around me felt likewise.
  12. I'm the one in the blue I'd never wear a red coat.
  13. Maybe should have put stupid in the equation.
  14. And I got pulled up for saying this poster uses any excuse to have a go at the club / fans !. Pig , thrower or both ?.
  15. Best game for a while last night imo I had him as my mom just in front of Hector and Palmer.
  16. Quickest I've got out for ages tonight left after final whistle got to work in Ecclesfield at 10.15.
  17. What and miss out on his son .
  18. Never misses an opportunity to have a dig at the club. W@@KER.
  19. Win on Monday everything is on !.
  20. So that's saying we need 23_27 points from 12 games for play offs. 8 wins 2 draws 2 defeats !. Piece of wee wee.
  21. Quite possibly most of the man u team he played in liked a night in the boozer.
  22. He likes getting up early. Is he living over here or commuting from Cheshire ?.
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