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  1. That’s closer to the truth than you'll ever know.
  2. Unless what happened at Christmas was his fault.
  3. We had to do that because of what happened on Christmas day !. I thought you would know that.
  4. Fair few points wrong there. Comeback when you're finished fact checking. Or better still don't come back.
  5. Dalian Atkinson quickest Got to be Nuhiu for slowest Dave Jones and George boyd only just quicker.
  6. That's all well and good but he's just referred to to Liam Palmer as Palms !. That's not on have a word when you tuck him in tonight.
  7. When Santa got stuck up the chimney ?. Now there's a euphemism. Should never be allowed to play professional football again.
  8. Apparently some fat old white haired bloke got stuck in a chimney and the squad was told there would be no presents if they didn't get him out.
  9. You wouldn't say that if you new what happened at Christmas !.
  10. He's in a better league than Hooper at the moment.
  11. Why don't you tell us the truth and unify the fanbase ?.
  12. I don't think that's something we need to worry about.
  13. How about asking Bobby Robson for a backhander. Encouraging his players to harm opponents. Taking payments from player's for appearance bonuses. Trying to get a game called off. The Star jumps. Any more ?.
  14. So to summarise you don't know anything about him therefore he's uninspiring. Who were you wanting Ronaldo.
  15. Do you know something about him now then ?.
  16. I've not been one for having a go at Monk but anyone who thinks that Reach " did some really good work " against Walsall . Is either deluded, lacking football knowledge or just plain lying.
  17. Given that the club is currently not letting any more season ticket holders renew. I would suggest that the plan is to allow only multi season ticket holders and early bird renewers in for a start. 12 - 15 K ?.
  18. We can't afford to sign Wickham. Not sure if they'd loan him to us again.
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