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  1. So are you saying that the problem with Matais is that he was too good for the rest of the players.
  2. The only reason he didn't sell to Mammadov is that he couldn't provide the funds.
  3. Stfu. Yeah because that worked so well last time.
  4. Didn't Steve Bruce talk about the club's financial position at some length towards the end of the season, something along the lines of yes we have ftp issues but so do lots of other clubs in the division. Didn't sound like a man who'd been kept in the dark.
  5. Poor man's Joe Mattock. So yes an improvement on Fox.
  6. 3 renewals anounced on or before owls in the park 2 maybe 3 signings on 1st of July. Is what I've been told.
  7. I thought he did well all season too but not well enough to think his return determines our season. There's plenty of other centre halfs out there.
  8. There's glass half full and glass half empty, but I think some feckers pinched yours altogether.
  9. I don't think he's what we need based on the limited times I've seen him. As for looking across the city I'll leave that to those who have more experience and interest in that particular pastime.
  10. Good honest pro good luck to him with whatever he does next.
  11. He hasn't had much of a winning mentality at Sunderland. But like you say if Bruce rates him that's fine by me.
  12. Most of those aren't our players, how can it look good or bad for that matter.
  13. What else could you expect from someone still using a username like that.
  14. If they're having Bale I'll settle for a realistic signing like Jarrod Bowen.
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