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  1. Bentley Range Rover really expensive Merc with gull wing Doors . All owned by George Boyd whilst he played for us .
  2. People gloating about a club who have spent 10% of our recent few years investment but are still a division above us is bizarre.
  3. Not great ? . He’s a serial employer of inadequate managers.
  4. I thought he would have been ideal to replace Carlos but surely his time is past now. Time to put his feet up and enjoy his money.
  5. Anyone who wouldn’t want Bruce back wants their bumps feeling IMO . He wouldn’t come anyway he’s capable of getting a much better job than ours.
  6. I’d take Andrew Neil over the current incumbent.
  7. The captain who gets berated for having too much to say for himself ?.
  8. He shouldn’t have appointed Monk in the first place.
  9. Give the money directly to the poppy appeal. Why tag it to a football club ? .
  10. Who do you think did decide to sign him and why ?. Serious question.
  11. I would think there are about 30M reasons why he’ll think he made the right decision.
  12. The chances of Steve Bruce managing in the 3rd division are virtually non existent. The chances of DC having the humility or common sense to ask him are even less.
  13. Wait until the ashes have finished .
  14. I honestly can’t remember hearing the monkey noises early - mid seventies when I still went with my dad . But then again I didn’t even know racism was a thing then.When I started going with my mates mid seventies onwards and going away is when I became aware of it. It’s quite staggering to think how different things are now.
  15. Taught my dog to play the trumpet down there. Went from Barking to Tooting in half an hour.
  16. Cross lads aren’t frightened of a bit of pink ! .
  17. I think I got the gist of it right though. What we could actually do with is more players in the referees ear !.
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