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  1. Merry Xmas Fernando and all the best at your next club.
  2. Just hope Bruce Willis n Sylvester Stallone don't start chucking hand grenades on the pitch.
  3. Well one things for sure, Keogh wont be scooping one off the line again
  4. He couldn't get to the laundry................allegedly.
  5. The 17k was an upfront payment for fancy dress costumes n beers in Barca.
  6. Aye aye aye aye East Bank Republican Army..................
  7. When does Monk learn to do the Five Finger Death Punch ?
  8. May as well keep him as back up for the price we'd get for him.
  9. Thought Goodman was ok. Chris Powell, however didn't have a clue.
  10. Owlstalk faves Reach n Nuhui do the business.
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