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  1. They did. They're calling him tomorrow morning around 4 am.
  2. Missed a call from a "private number" this morning but a voicemail from SWFC said they would call back this afternoon. Just had the call and refund sorted with a back up email to confirm. The call won't come from that 1867 number as the ticket office is closed.
  3. I f##kin knew it. Still had to look though.
  4. Good look Kieran. Enjoyed watching you in the blue n white.
  5. Had tickets for Tramlines, Peter Hook and The Light and The Slow Readers club. All cancelled and rescheduled but can't see them happening. Also got tickets for Fontaines mid May but can't see that happening either. F##k off covid.
  6. About 868,000 results (0.60 seconds) Search Results Featured snippet from the web The Full Monty | 1997 The closed steelworks is Sanderson Special Steels, Newhall Road, in Newhall to the northwest of the city centre. Good call Hookowl.
  7. Booked Menorca for end of May and Skiathos for end of August. Not holding my breath for Menorca though.
  8. Bloody ell, just saw Mick McCarthy talking to Ch......... n thought FFS
  9. A shout for Brandon Flowers. Oh n Ian Curtis.
  10. n here's me waiting for a bleedin £120 season ticket refund.
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