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  1. Don't give them another penny!!!

    Hundred n twenty quid for two of us to go yesterday before l even had a pint. I'll whinge all l fxxckin want at a second rate product fella.
  2. Don't give them another penny!!!

    All you can do is vote with your feet pal n spend your money on summat you're gonna get value and a bit of pleasure from.
  3. Don't give them another penny!!!

    Gotta be honest this is exactly how l felt on the way back last night.
  4. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    Was Carlos in his last chance saloon ?
  5. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    It's a fair point you make mate. Certainly doesn't nurture comradeship does it.
  6. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    So they can call for a few beers before the match.
  7. Me n thirteen others. Set off for Chorley at nine. A few beers in Wethers n then find a boozer to watch Scouse v Man U then off to watch the blue n white wizards stuff Bolton.
  8. What Perfume.

    Can l get that from Debenhams ?
  9. What Perfume.

    Shouldn't put it in their drink then. I have no sympathy .
  10. What Perfume.

    Brings me out in rashes that one.
  11. What Perfume.

    L'eau dafookinwinaway.
  12. Can we have the llama back ? I miss the llama.
  13. There's watches in them crackers l tell thi.
  14. "Little nugget of goodness" lm gonna try to fit that into a conversation on Saturday.
  15. There's a Reyt echo in our house tonight.