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  1. Relegation would be disastrous for us and BET365 mate
  2. Justifiable concerns mate. Our academy and scouting system aren't exactly setting the football world on fire are they.
  3. Won't be going until Chansiri's been on all the rides and won a goldfish.
  4. There was a woman sucking a fisherman's friend at the back of the kop.
  5. Can we boycott the Charlton match ? I hate midweek games.
  6. I wish I shared your confidence. We'd have to bargain basement at the minute.
  7. According to recent press some Arab prince or other was sniffing around them. Don't think it's a shortage of interested buyers, more a case of Ashley's asking price.
  8. Always look on the bright side of life. It's only football it won't kill us.
  9. Think Colins comfortable in his slippers now mate. Can't see him managing again.
  10. In fairness mate they're premier league and would easily find a buyer. We're championship bordering on league one.
  11. It could probably tackle harder than Joey.
  12. Caffeine only gives me one win, it's the heroin that gets me three or four
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