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  1. Argument in North stand

    Did Bernard take his mom ?
  2. Argument in North stand

    Carlos on a spying mission ?

    Shoot him.
  4. Letter sent to FA

    Hope you didn't sign it Hostage in Pyonyang. There could be a major international incident coming up.
  5. Trouble in the park

    Think they got beat up back in November.
  6. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Whaaaaat ? With a bad knee ?
  7. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Double post, sodding iPad.
  8. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I would have liked to have seen him at the ground taking in a couple of games over the last month. That is all.
  9. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I would have liked to have seen him in person at the ground taking in a game or two over the last month or so. That is all.
  10. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I can't disagree with that Nev but l do think after the first 5 months of rehab l'd want to be mixing with my work mates a bit.
  11. Trouble in the park

    Twenty pages n Geoffery filling fifteen of em
  12. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Jesus, whatever did we do before social media ?
  13. JohnTerry

    Wish we had him
  14. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    I never suggested he should be on his recovery programme in Sheffield. I merely commented that he hadn't shown much support for his struggling team mates whilst rehabilating. If you read my previous posts in this thread you'll kinda get the jist of my opinion yet l get lumped in with a numbskull label.
  15. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Well that's all ok then. Yeah let's all show our support. Thank f@@k fir social media and Instagram.