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  1. Up the ladder at Harringtons for me mate. Sea Dog jeans n star jumper.
  2. Don't forget placing someone on the Fiesta gallery. Very strategic.
  3. Connor Wickham's riding a giant tortoise.
  4. F@@k me I hope we don't all exit the grounds at the same time.
  5. As long as it matches the bobble hat who cares
  6. I'd take issue with this mate. I'd say the biggest and most fearsome firm in the 70's was Man Utd's red army. I speak from experience Also West Ham's ICF would have been in my top three.
  7. Some fans are on the pitch, they think its all over. It is now. Kenneth Wostenholme 1966.
  8. Think the FF ship sailed away a while ago. He'll never be the player he was. Time to sever our ties I'm afraid.
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