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  1. Justbeanz

    One positive from today

    I've been today and I thought the fans first half were really quiet. Second half was better tbf. Can't get my head around the concourse thing though, if the young uns brought the energy on to the terrrace it would be a lot better.
  2. Justbeanz

    Fighting at blackburn

    If that was fighting I could be world champion.
  3. Justbeanz

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Decent away following today, usual Lancs stop off in Chorley for a few sherbets n a Wednesday win. Happy days.
  4. Justbeanz

    Alan wheen

    RIP Alan. I didn't know you personally but we'd always exchange eeyups n chat about Wednesday when we crossed paths. You will be missed.
  5. Justbeanz

    Pelupessy's Piece Of String

    Swap the string for an elastic band. Might liven things up a bit.
  6. Justbeanz


    Nuhui looks a reyt tw@t in that green head band.
  7. I'd say we are well below average mate. I'd take average at the min. We're actually cr@p.
  8. Not sure if anyone will know if there's a protest or not on Tuesday night cos there'll be no f@@ker there anyway. Red button is king !!
  9. Justbeanz

    Next Three Games

    Lets hope a few of ours have an on day then
  10. Justbeanz

    Next Three Games

    In fairness Rovrum look like they could cause us problems after watching em yesterday.
  11. Justbeanz

    Season ticket holders

    This. I won't be bothering on Tuesday.
  12. Justbeanz

    Next Three Games

    If we don't beat Bolton on Tuesday n then go a goal behind at Blackburn there'll be some reyt fun n games among the fans. There'll be a decent following there and it'll be interesting too see the reaction. Hope I can get in with mi tin hat.
  13. Justbeanz

    Fancy the Wednesday job?

    How many times do I have to tell ya ? The only way forward is an Owlstalk consortium.
  14. Justbeanz

    The Good Old Days

    A working mans pastime became a corporate monster unfortunately.