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  1. What a fantastic thread opening post. Just having my break in the lorry on my way back to Sheffield and reading that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Can't wait for tonight. Bring it on. Wednesday till we die.
  2. Deffo would have taken 1-0. Thought we dominated last twenty minutes or so and fully expect us to push on from that.
  3. Wouldn't waste yer money mate. We're nailed on.
  4. Owlstalk at its best. Ticket now sorted. Looking forward to seeing Hillsborough rocking on Saturday.
  5. Thanks for the offer mate. I've been pm'd n it looks like lm sorted.
  6. Due to my total incompetence lm left wanting a ticket for the North Stand on Saturday. Clutching at straws, but if anyone knows of a spare let me know. UTO
  7. Liking that Victories at Sea, reyt up my street that.
  8. Setting off from Spoons in Chap at 10 and going for a few beers in West Houghton before the game. Been to Bolton a few times but never seen us win. Todays the day that record changes. Im going 2-0 to us and a fantastic atmosphere to celebrate.
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