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  1. Still no bleedin beach towels.
  2. Justbeanz

    Just got back

    Mate,don't know where you travel from or to but you deserve a f@ckin medal. I got back to High Green at 17:15 n l felt p1ssed off n all.
  3. Justbeanz


    Should have had a hat trick but we did look sharper up front without Nuhui.
  4. Justbeanz

    Flag Surfing Today

    Hope it's got a fire certificate.
  5. Justbeanz


    Rumor has it that Geoffrey was the man who got his collar felt.
  6. Justbeanz


    Hull had a few to cafuffle with ?
  7. Justbeanz

    We're On Our Way Back.

    Yeah but them spring rolls
  8. Justbeanz

    We're On Our Way Back.

    ......and prize for the best misleading thread title of the season goes to ?
  9. Justbeanz

    Bake a cake

    Can't fault him. Pass the styrups
  10. Justbeanz

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    This. Just wait until the winter sets in n fans are comin home from work midweek thinkin f@@k this l'll watch on sky on the red button. I have a season ticket n it will be very tempting.
  11. Justbeanz

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    The thing is pal the glory hunters as you call em are the casual pay on the dayers and unfortunately they are becoming more disenfranchised.
  12. Justbeanz

    Bake a cake

    Yeah but they come back every August .
  13. Justbeanz

    Bake a cake

    Or even a bit of rhubarb ?
  14. Justbeanz

    Bake a cake

    Blackberries ?
  15. Justbeanz

    Bake a cake

    What about scrumping some apples ?