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  1. Justbeanz

    We only win 2-1

    Well it beats 2-0 n we f@cked it up
  2. Justbeanz

    Fantastic Away Performance

    A big up for the fans that travelled down n all. Atmosphere sounds poor on red button but could always hear Owls fans singing.
  3. Justbeanz


    Can't believe no ones mentioned the dwarf in the bin.
  4. When we gonna have a Comsat Angels tune ?
  5. Justbeanz

    Caption this

    The b@stards have put the Telly's on the wall on the North.
  6. All lm saying is because we have to turn our necks at half time to catch up with the scores is pretty trivial in the scheme of things.
  7. Then you have my sympathy Dot. I shall go to bed tonight worrying why half our fans have an issue with Telly's being placed on the walls in the concourse.
  8. So what's the issue ? Half the people around me spend more time with their faces in their phones they know what the half time scores are.
  9. Here's an idea watch the f@@kin match from your seat. Radical l know but just putting it out there.
  10. Justbeanz

    This Would Sound Great

    Out of the shadows ?
  11. Justbeanz

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    I can remember thinkin l was gonna die on the Holt End when we scored. Mental.
  12. Get in. Bring on Brentford
  13. Justbeanz

    If we win we face....

    Might be a case of premature ejaculation. We ain't got past the Mackems yet