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  1. Justbeanz

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Unfortunately mate patience is not the strongest attribute of the general football supporter but for the record l am with you.
  2. Justbeanz

    Next season

    Derby n Swansea ?
  3. Justbeanz

    The Signing of Jordan Rhodes

    Dear Dejphon l am a life long SWFC fan. Please could you sign Olivia Wilde for me.
  4. Lump on him scoring against us next season. It's the Wednesday way
  5. Justbeanz

    Pre season in The Yemen?

    Don't think they'd mind a bit of pyro over there n all. I'm in
  6. Justbeanz

    FF miss.

    Atdhe wudda scored it
  7. Justbeanz


    Wish you'd gi oer. You're makin me worried. If l wake up in the early hours wi cold sweats lm blaming thi.
  8. Justbeanz


    You'll do for me. I shall sleep a little easier tonight
  9. Justbeanz


    Makes me feel better though
  10. Justbeanz


    We better be f@@kin safe. I ain't paid 550 quid to watch third division football.
  11. Agree, Fulham will be ok in the premier if they go up. Also think Wolves could hold their own too. Not seen anything from Cardiff to justify their autos position and can see them coming straight back down.
  12. Justbeanz

    A disagreeable incident

    He was trying to lure Geoffery out for a bit of a barny.
  13. Here ya go Snooty. Another one for your list
  14. Justbeanz

    Shrinking wednesday shirts.

    I put it down to lager n takeaways.
  15. Justbeanz

    Today’s 11

    Think you might have to be happy mate because l can't see anything changing that drastically if the financial situation is to be believed.