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  1. Yeah me n all. Started queuing at about 15:00 on Sat. Everyone buying cans and boozing. Started to get a bit ugly late on when people were trying to jump the queue. Think that was the longest night of my life.
  2. RIP Joe. Remember him coming down to the ground when we were queuing for Rumbelows cup final tickets on Saturday night. It was carnage but Joe arranged for everyone to be let in ground and sit in South stand until ticket office opened.
  3. Same here. Warboys was my first Wednesday "hero".
  4. RIP Mark. Thoughts go out to friends and family.
  5. Didn't big Jack nickname him Bambi? Imagine that now.
  6. Notts County 1974. The 3-3 game where Ian Scanlon scored a hat trick against us in record time.
  7. Gave me one of my best memories supporting Wednesday - Wembley 91.
  8. Travs n Gate when the away fans used to come down Penistone Road from Wadsley Bridge Station. Rather lively
  9. I'm gonna keep it to one sentence due to buffering issues
  10. Everybody's garden should look like Alan Titchmarsh has been. No excuses.
  11. Subbuteo - just flick to kick. Man v Man. None of this keyboard and controller nonsense. Corona tests carried out before battle commences.
  12. Good point. I think they oughta showcase football forums. Be f@@kin hilarious.
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