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  1. Yeah n according to some on here KimJong-Un kicked the bucket a couple of months ago n looked what happened to him. Just goes to show ya never really know .
  2. If you click add on the first screen you should be able to scroll to option 8 on second screen. Im on lap top though.
  3. So now we have to give out our bank account details to someone over the phone to get a refund ??
  4. Would have really liked to have seen this thread started on Friday. Have a real bad feeling about the points deduction.
  5. Not sure we'd be able to stop him training unless he was in dispute or there were disciplinary issues.
  6. Id seriously doubt he can train at home with the same intensity as he does at the training ground especially after being locked down. Keep hoping though.
  7. Needs to be fit for his new club mate.
  8. 0-2 Attendance prediction at off licence on Vere Road - 35.
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