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  1. Yeah n that was only because he was doing 150 down the wrong side of a dual carriageway.
  2. Not been the same since they stopped bands playing there. Was great a few years back when The Darlingtons (October Drift) played. Went last year with the intention of just chilling out n having a beer but The Wednesday Tap was the only place selling alcohol n I can't be doing with the craft ales.
  3. Jubilee Sports Club on Claywheels Lane - £4.
  4. I'd better get some paving slabs then.
  5. I've got one in my tool box but Im not lending owt out until I get my lawn mower back.
  6. Can't we all club to n buy an anti aircraft missile ?
  7. Thought this was gonna be a thread about a new chippy on Staniforth Road.
  8. Had a giggle at that when I heard it on telly. Cheered me up.
  9. Championships the best league in the world, fact.
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