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  1. I'll be watching on my dodgy firestick if Sky don't block me.
  2. Stick a cardboard cut out of Tango in his garden.
  3. RIP Big Jack. Thanks here also for the fantastic memories x
  4. 12 points deducted n a further 9 if we're naughty again.
  5. Mate, you are forgiven. I hope I lose too.
  6. Missing the pre match beers with the mates in the Jubilee and the half time gathering at the Crown. Not missing what came in between one little bit.
  7. Buys the beers and is always the nominated driver. Big yes from me.
  8. He was the stand out but in fairness I only watched the academy training at Thorncliffe. Looked strong on the ball.
  9. Watched him train with the academy a few times and looks a prospect. Good luck lad.
  10. Yeah n according to some on here KimJong-Un kicked the bucket a couple of months ago n looked what happened to him. Just goes to show ya never really know .
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