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  1. Paid for a film on Amazon called Saint Maud. I want a refund, utter dross.
  2. Things Heard and Seen on Netflix. Garbage.
  3. Im two of the three. Happy days.
  4. Slow Readers Friday night and DMA's. Get in. Im quite happy with this line up.
  5. Unhinged. Russel Crowe plays a right Psycho. I don't think I'll ever lose my rag when driving again. Daft but entertaining - 7/10.
  6. Similar for me yesterday mate. Fished a match at Norwood Cottage and didn't even weigh in. These overnight frosts aren't helping.
  7. I was the same with Keeping Faith. Felt a bit Doc Martin ish. Stuck with it and it gets better. Quite enjoying it now.
  8. Tommy Craig scored best swerver I ever saw. Can't remember who it was against though.
  9. I thought the Watford performance was spineless mate. Didn't look like a team fighting for its championship life.
  10. Play like we did yesterday and we can. Play like we did against Watford and we can't.
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