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  1. Ask yer nan if you can borrow her "Ronco Buttoneer"....
  2. I really loved his rendition of "Five Bar" Blues ..... Had a lovely swing to it ....
  3. Is your Christian name Hillsborough perchance ?
  4. Happy Bithday Sefters .. I'm very much a person that looks for a kind of link with the opposition with regards to the outcome of the game in your case surnames As long as you don't share your name with a famous Trotter I think we'll be fine and Dandy ... Best wishes for the Day love n snugs Mick Paatelainen... UTO
  5. I thought it was your irritable Vowel syndrome playing up ?
  6. Big Fat Mick will buy us and bring Bruce back with him as punishment ..... Stadium to be renamed the Cole Brothers Arena ....
  7. Sheffield Wednesday's loss . Talk Sport /Football Heaven/ Praise or Grumbles gain ....
  8. I'll have you know that Justin Hayward-Young is a massive Wednesdayite ..... So much so he's going to "Put it on a T-Shirt"........
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