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  1. Just watching Max n Paddy "Top Gun" tribute (Delgrano Sisters) The gags in this episode FFS Mrs Brown not in Character. .. But the stand alone for me ... Max Dancing in the club with the bird in 2004 to a disco track & he starts po-go-ing ....
  2. We're Bolton We're Barmy !!! Are they a long way away Or really small ......
  3. Would this be the very Sergeant Mixu Paatelainen.... Mr Potter ......... Mr Brian Potter ........
  4. Hey you'se paaal Dinna bese ser cheeekie hen Shows youse elders some respect
  5. To be honest Coggy it was always tinged with sadness now thinking about it looking from the Dormer window at the scoreboard if there was a OWLS 2 ORIENT 0 or something similar , it meant I'd been a bad lad and sent upstairs to "reflect" (no football for you today son) Hurt more than any smacked backside or legs not being able to go, and only watch the scoreboard and hear the roar from the crowd ... Great leveller that scoreboard was .....
  6. This is the greatest sight in Football . I Could see see it from my attic bedroom window ....
  7. I knew you'd have it Torry .. It goes everywhere with me on my travels. For the younger Fan of the game it does provide good background info on all the clubs histories which I find very interesting I do particularly like the Ibrox ,Goodison, Roker stories And also the lower League Scottish teams section .. Its the perfect book for the "fan as kids" when arriving in a town and city and looked for the floodlights as a point of reference .. The precursor to the Sat Nav they were (Floodlights)
  8. A good book to read if you want to know all about Mr Leitch and his works is "Football Grounds of Great Britain" It's somewhat of a tribute to Leitch and "his grounds" are covered in quite good detail .. It's many years since I bought the first edition and it is a very detailed reference book, an enjoyable read .. Would imagine it's been updated since its first publication ... The Author is a Villa Fan I seem to remember,
  9. "Our Archibald" didn't make too good a job building houses either ?
  10. Chip n pin I rewarded her with Double Points on her next puchase though....
  11. Shame to hear this sarge .. It can have its drawbacks however Was stood in The Barracks car park at the front on Monday after the match and a young lady tried filling her Mini up with Unleaded plus with me hose That wasn't the issue though. It was where she stuck her Morrisons saver card that came keen
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