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  1. Forestieri for me He looked very comfortable in his position.....
  2. Dangerous at both ends ? Not really She says far too often I have a terrible case of Foot n Mouth Putting and opening ....
  3. Same motto the wife gave me that ....
  4. He looked very comfortable slouched on the bench mind..... Not good for his L6 though, can lead to serious back pain that in later life ... So for me a terrible performance from Forrestieri last night ....
  5. I'm driving my car straight into the ground tomorrow evening and parking next to the away goal ... Parking is quite relaxed in and around the "New Ninian"...... Welcome back Snootay !!!!......
  6. Blimey !!!! Let's get the bunting out and organise a twenty one gun salute ready in the Grange corner tomorrow night ... That's assuming he gets picked ? Best keep the guns uncocked til then .....
  7. That's the key words I reckon Come back from what ? From undeniably grossly underachieving , whilst being paid a fantastically sum of money to do so ... Nothing weird about my thoughts The SWFC Gravy Train is on its final stop before it reaches the Terminus ..
  8. And what's wrong with that ? Theres a good few many on here (me included) Thought we were the bees knees with that look back in the day !!! Reyt Jam fan DC yer know? .. Sings In The Shitty in the bath ......
  9. Peter swales Doug Ellis Manny Cousins Martin Edward's Alan Sugar Ken Bates John Hall Jack walker Bob Lord John majesxtstithingymagig All liked a team photo so I recall ....
  10. Park n ride car park next to the training ground Will PM you address details if you require? Glad to help ......
  11. Just like a film scene Lefty .... what a massive digit !!!
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