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  1. Great poster is Big D Shame about his .......
  2. Well the very first post mentions what a great footballer he was .. Then mentions his political beliefs .. I think Therin lays the problem .. Not the posts questioning said post .. It's like the horrible little urchin that starts a riot.. buggers off then comes back when the emergency services are clearing up. Asks the copper on guard as he passes him a fag . "What's gone off here Officer?"
  3. Bloody hell thanks for the reminder Pabbers !!!......
  4. Our first outing at home this season First time in our home kit ... What can go wrong ?...... Owls 1 Explosive stickers (knocked off the back of a petrol tanker) -0 Win or lose we follow the blues & Jack n Meg ....
  5. Just for one week in 28 days? ..... Not sure the EFL will sanction a period like this ....
  6. I actually read your original post in "Robin Askwith" voice just for this once Flashers ...
  7. Still only on second name terms? I call him by his first name... "Frank O" .....
  8. A classic case of "Now you've pulled get yer coat" ... I'll get my coat ...
  9. Inter Milan - 0 Millets Army Stores - 3... Win or lose we follow the Blues & Jack n Meg ....
  10. Alan Holsgrove came to Hillsborough and played a totally different game of football the rest of the team were playing .......
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