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  1. Read the names on the poll Initially thought it was who's getting a red today? !!!!. Reading Glasses on .... Has to be young Trumpy Bottom up front .... Win or lose we follow the Blues & Jack n Meg 0-0 written all over it ....
  2. Hey you laddie.... I reckon I'm the second nearest born to the ground behind @quinnssweetshop ... No one's going to beat him unless they were born inside the ground ... local people tut ........
  3. Hutchinson reminds me of that guy in the League of Gentlemen who played in the band.. Never really made it Only in his head .... It's a poo business......
  4. With the names bandied around on here Shirt sponsor next season.. D - PROSTHETICS...
  5. I saw him parking his car in the car park in Alderley Edge the other day .... Slipped his blue badge on the dash top .....
  6. Airfix or Balsa wood construction? Be careful with the Dope Marky
  7. Nice to see you on here again Bolly... Hope you are well ?
  8. I'll be right behind em tonight .... The settee that is ..... Win or lose we follow the Blues & Jack n Meg...
  9. What drums do you play Heppers? I'll bet you're a Slingerland man ?....
  10. Phil Collins plays drums on it.. You don't get a Harrington with it though .......
  11. You need to scrub up on your music knowledge Parker knoll ... And consider Helicopter lessons Also ......
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