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  1. Well the pigs shat on the centre circle ..... Anyone out there can get their very "artistic" hands on a white line machine ?
  2. Big D when he's informed that Neil Thompson is Margaret Thatcher's great nephew..........
  3. Wanted to sing "Yer Getting Sacked In The Morning" ....... But we don't have a Manager to bloody sack
  4. I'd sooner watch this on iFollow to be honest Hodgy ...... Could you keep it up for 90 mins With John and Rob's commentary sat on the ottoman at the bottom of the bed though ?
  5. That free kick (equaliser) against Stoke were a beauty weren't it !... Yep a beauty ... How long ago ..... How long ago ....
  6. Funny you mention this ..... Maybe you can help me with this conundrum? ... When Bannan takes a corner And he puts one arm up Or ...... he touches his bald patch with one hand. Or he touches his bald patch with two hands ... What is he actually doing ? Because every corner is the bloody same ......
  7. Skipper as a rule makes the set pieces decision with input from any senior player ..... The problem starts when skipper thinks he's the best option and he isn't ........ No good asking our first team coach to confirm this ... His stock reply will be it's not his remit to get involved in such stuff. Chansiri more than likely micro manages set pieces too ....
  8. He definitely turned into the wrong street didn't he ? That day way back many years ago March time as I recollect ?
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