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  1. That's where Trigger votes "Dave" as the new chairman of the residents association int it ?
  2. "Was Go-Cart Mozart checking out the weather chart to see if it was safe outside" ?
  3. Jesus H Christ !!! Have you taken leave of your senses ELO?
  4. Moyesie bought Colin Hendry's house off him In Lytham ....
  5. Opened the curtains this morning and the bàstards were doing a conga in my garden ....
  6. Can you put up a sign in the window ? Anything.... I'll come and rescue you..
  7. On a positive note I thought the pitch held up very well in the heavy rain ...
  8. Please don't screw this up Wednesday ........ A lone furrow beckons for myself should you do.. It'll be like clapping for the NHS in our crescent at full time .... Win or lose we follow the Blues n Jack n Meg .....
  9. Not a fan of this ... Always reminds me of a Bit of music that epitomizes bad luck /failure...
  10. Corvid its Cawvid surely? Corvids one of these int it?...
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