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  1. Sadly no WSO... Though thanks for the complement.. "You can never know too much about ironing" is a phrase I constantly remind my lovely (poor ironer) wife Rowenta.. And our lovely two lads Richard and Murphy ....
  2. Hope he uses de ironised Water when he irons the cardi
  3. Steve do you mind taking part in a little Owlstalk survey ? Some of us @Lord Snooty especially are getting confused as to where they are based Do you actually live down south ? Or is your name Steve a reference / pet name to the old chappie (down south)..
  4. You've got me thinking now old Buffer !!! How stereotypically narrow minded of myself.. I thought he was a Berk.. Shire chappie?
  5. Freezing cold eh ? Its obviously knackered his heating system at home also... I think Reading is looking like a bad move for Lucas..
  6. Sorry my friend .. I was sharing it out there.. I dont want anyone visiting Reading & hitting the steam button on a nice Merino wool Cardi and bits of chalk spitting all over it ... Not insinuating that @ReadingOwl in any way has kept this information from us ?.....
  7. Neither can I Crofty ... Readings mains water supply comes from a series of underground aquifers .... As a result the water is "hard" ... Whilst it is safe to drink It plays havoc with your kettles and steam irons Furs em up to buggery .. I hope he factored this into his finances when he made the move?......
  8. Early night and out first thing with his kids Charles Taze & Russell Knocking out a few copies of Watchtower round Mirfield ......
  9. "Better think of your future , Time you straighten right out else you'll wind up with Blades ....... A message to you Rudy".........
  10. "Well Done Jordan Keep up the good work .. As you are aware the clocks ticking and so is that thing above your Balls" .... Same again next Saturday Sonny ... Our new Director of Football ......
  11. Never rub peoples noses in it ... Unless you're prepared to smell the shìt also .... Football fan stuff is a fast turnaround and a very fickle business .. Enjoy the win Bristol Tìtty next .... UTO.....
  12. You forgot the Red Teapot ... Hes done for me for that .. Mans an idiot..
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