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  1. Don't be so sure on this Porkers I'm just about to splash out on my 1999 -2000 season ticket ... # BelieveinDanny........
  2. Can't chat at the moment .. Got a big deal going down Got someone coming round to buy the trusty Allegro ...
  3. John "Notts County" Chiedozi And the "Werthers" Opera .. (Thinks you'd need to suck something with a lot of Alcohol in it to watch it)
  4. I should have said Baubles rather than Spuds so as to keep it on topic .. I apologise for this error ....
  5. I've never seen his love spuds so I cannot comment on his gardening techniques thankfully .... So tell us all you're findings ?........
  6. This one's worn me out looking for good clues .. Slightly phonetic but it's all in there .... Extra Bonus if you can name all the clues .......
  7. It's Will Sergeant.... brilliant guitarist of Echo n The Bunnymen Richard Hawleys favourite guitarist... high praise indeed.....
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