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  1. Can't ask for anymore than this .. Well said "MOM".....
  2. Yes but apart from that He nailed it !!!! Didn't he ?......
  3. Hear Hear Bertie Lad !!
  4. You're eyesight is letting you down ......................
  5. For once I agree here .. Not comparible in the slightest. ... Totally different players, Totally different animal, And Dooley was an Animal according to my dear Dad ...
  6. No Watson .. In a comparison I'm more akin to a "clean shaven" Oliver Reed / Richard Harris .. Unless you fancy a session ?
  7. You need the bosom of a Solid woman to "lose yourself" in Watson ... Database FFS .
  8. That's not the O/P Watson ... The O/p wasn't asking for a best Wednesday 11 He also didn't want this thread to become a "Slagging" off session.. You are having a bit of a dig at both my friend here .. What's with the tiny 5 in the corner? Seen these random numbers appear quite a lot on your posts
  9. John Pearson for me .. 100% Wednesday Would "Take a Bullet" for the club. As @torryowl says in his post Atdhe must be doing something right in Jos's eyes . He's the modern day equivalent of Pearson difference being the Big Man takes "Verbal Bullets" instead of real ones .. Both were and are a credit to the club...
  10. Totally agree Phil... There's also the horrible threat of terrorism to factor in .. Thought of 25k sat in a stand With a couple of Artic- load of gelly going off under doesn't bear thinking about !! It's another disaster waiting to happen .. Makes you wonder if Athletico factored that risk for a reason for relocation? Non starter in our case I think ? Looks great though .....

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    As I said you'd be along later.. "Just coming round the corner love "

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    You Terrible man........ Are you related to Big Ron's Sovereign Ian ?

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    @Andoverowl is the official Owlstalk tranny aren't you Andy ?.......... I mean translater... he's taking his time .......

    Atdhe on the new £50 note

    It will be worth a few "Bob" Bobviously ......
  15. I was actually thinking just that as I was typing Dronny !! Good shout .....