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  1. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Morning Snoots & Everyone .. This Tommy Elphick bloke .. Is he any relation to Micheal? If he is ? This could be a real Boon to our front Two , He's Shìt........ 3-0 Owls ...... See you all on the dance floor ....
  2. What stopped us?

    You are good Very good ........ Please don't mention this to the wife .....
  3. What stopped us?

    Wednesday are Massive Massive club.. You better believe it don't ever doubt it . . Off to cremation or burial thread for part two of Blast Furnace Heat treatment and annealing HND module 6 Lectured by Hoots and attended by myself and Costello 77
  4. What stopped us?

    I love Sheffield it made me .. I want to retire soon and move to Bradfield to end my days and be buried in Wisewood cemetery (cremated first.. another thread covered here ) My wife however has other ideas "Yes my love whatever you say "..........
  5. First time post. Bit of info

    What's your parentage got to do with it?
  6. First time post. Bit of info

    You may have to explain that ... Not to me, your single word reply has me in stitches ...
  7. Hillsborough From The Air

    How rude you dirty Focke ...
  8. Hillsborough From The Air

    Great photos them Big D .... Amazing seeing the reservoir at the top of Ben lane (non of the houses yet built across the road ) Park Cinema very clear and the five arches in the distance The 1933 of Hillsborough Barracks is amazing!! Never seen these before Wonder what plane took these ?
  9. BBC Archive Sound Effects - SWFC

    It might not be Bradleys the Hillsborough shop Dunsby I think it may be Turners ? It was next to Woollies near to Hillsborough corner I remember between woollies and this shop was a cobbled alley that took you to the rear of the Shakey and to what was Tesco's It was a music shop (sold instruments too) Remember my sister getting her school recorder from there ......
  10. Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    When he first moved to Wednesday monk...he eventually moved further afield No rumours Definitely true
  11. Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    Tommy Craig lodged at a "club owned" House on Rockley Road number 19 Pearsons as you mentioned 29 Mark Hoopers confectioners few doors up from John Quinn's Jack Charlton lived up towards Wadsley Common just behind the"Wadsley Jack" of all places !! Next door but one to Pearsons lived Mr Frank Barron (British Boxing Champion) And another ex Wednesday player some may remember David Hall son of another British boxing champion Henry ) Lived on Crofton Ave until he moved to Bradford City ... "A" list corner eh ?
  12. My great grandads allotment overlooking Back Edge ......
  13. I think we will still be in this stadium In this form for many many years to come ....... Like it or lump it .......
  14. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    They are amazing I've watched that video clip loads of times now .. There are some clever people out there No Brainer at a football stadium ... Solves the problem of pouring Now the servers arithmetical skills
  15. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    613 is lomas's operating theatre number at the colonoscopy clinic ....... Why do you have to always be so clever? You impress me sometimes you know...