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  1. I've got you down for a spot of Windmilling outside the Newsagents on the Snig Hill ramp Can you alternate commercial street side also Just in case Salmonbones n A12 kick off ....
  2. Can we go to wimpy's first Rev .. Then for afters late night feast at the Swiss Roll .. Or Vera's
  3. I'm waiting for them to come back from Vista print .... It's off the Kodak Disk with built in flash I'm excited ...
  4. Something similar ... there's a very nice Navy Cashmere Crombie n Tan Loakes Brouge.. I want your opinion I'm undecided...
  5. Concentrate lad no place for moving staircase senimentalities .... you can double up with me and we can do some window gazing while we wait ? I'll try and draft Steve Boom in for Walshes
  6. You'll pick it up as you go I'm relying on you big time no clowning around on the escalators
  7. You Da man .... Coggy may need back up I'll send in A12 & SalmonBones to assist I'm expecting no Negativity with those two ......
  8. Look out Duty I'll do Hornes Holmes- Cockaynes Costello -Walshes Cognac -Marples Blenky -Claymore ..
  9. I get in for free anyway ... More the merrier n that ...
  10. Holmes has a place for him on the Bus .......
  11. 4 years is a long time in football .... And 4 years is a long time without football ..... Bye Fernando thanks for your errrrr Funny video blogs ....
  12. Dunno ... True Story .. Do you know where Messrs Dixon got the idea for Mint Rock ?
  13. "Empty yer pockets Sonny Jim".. "Proper little Dixons Mint Rock storeroom we have in there eh" ?.
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