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  1. Send him our love mate from all our family and give your mum a kiss from us all
  2. To be fair to the local press they can't really win in this situation .. Damned if you do Damned if you don't .. It's a classic case of sanitary syndrome.... You can't blame them ......
  3. Alex Ferguson... The eyes have it .. Only the intelligent will see the logic .... We would be the Cystoid Manures
  4. Our goal difference is the lock ... And we've lost the key ..... Win or lose we follow the Blues n Jack n Meg .......
  5. He takes your money He gives you a ticket .... Enjoy the ride .......... "Any more fares"....
  6. Just watching Soton v Leicester on the box and bearing in mind not too long ago both were 3rd tier .. Now with new stadia and good squads and consolidating year on year ..... By comparison we really are the "Spare Dìcks in a Brothel"
  7. If we avoid relegation We're gonna party like it's 1999...
  8. Not so keen on the dogshit But a nice pair of leather Gola's everyday over a pair of Nike's ....
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