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  1. I see a pattern forming here ... Get shot of the dead wood Give the Estate Agent the size 12 He's the problem ...
  2. RIP Mr Webb .. Hope all the other Owls are giving you the Guard Of Honour "up there"....
  3. No don't do this.. just try a little harder .. It's not like you are going for a place at Harvard is it ?
  4. You've gone to a sack of Shìt lately haven't you ?
  5. I've just had a chat with your boss .. He wants you to double up this week Nathan Sidebottoms got impetigo so can you cover his paper round too? Extra quarter of Kola Cubes in it for you as a bonus...
  6. Mmmm have to ask him, I'll give him a ring now ...
  7. Do you know you have got a look of Jordan ...
  8. It's so "fitting" that a windygrowler quoted this post ..
  9. No problem Junkers . I'll take him under my wing and mentor him ....
  10. I reckon they'd look good either side of the Tele ... Ting Tong will love em..
  11. You would probably have one reading them Number 2....
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