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  1. Could have been worse

    As hoots says above yes we should have garnered at least a point from the Blades game with exception to Derby game we should have smashed the rest out of the park !! Being that our Manager /coach reckons we are the Billybigbolloxes in the league Hoots is right You can chuck as much sugar over our season as you like so far But it will still be bitter underneath Just look back at them results and them teams that have taken points off us and then honestly ..really honestly say we are in a good place .. We should be p1551ng this league Bristol is only game out of these I didn't attend (thank god).
  2. Could have been worse

    Are you the "Sheffield Wednesday Secret shopper" Ash 76?
  3. 10 from 12

    Fixed this ... Thanks no problem anytime pal
  4. 10 from 12

    Just two words Indoorowl covers all this BORUSSIA DORTMUND
  5. The apparent "booing".

    So you won't be" booking " Dorchester Wednesday then in future ?
  6. Carlos comments on Rhodes

    We had three months at "try before you buy" and still threw heaps of 50 pound notes at Boro. .. It's not like we didn't know what we were buying ? Problem is why did we still buy ? This is not a slag off Rhodes post it's a why buy players who don't fit into the "coaches game plan" (massive sarcasm there)
  7. This guy I think. Doesn't take him 90+stoppages though..
  8. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Well he hasn't got time to do anything other than gardening then ........
  9. Sheffield Wednesday fans appeal to Manager

    Buy , or get some given you free of charge ( that's what most people in sport do these days ) Some clothes that fit you ...... What is it about people in general that they wear clothes 3 sizes too small for them?
  10. SWFC Caption Competition

    Owls Superstore revamp .....
  11. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Big Garden then?
  12. Let's all just wait

    To be honest Mr Farrell it's not everyday we get celebrities posting on Owlstalk ? I didn't realise Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon were Wednesday fans
  13. Let's all just wait

    His track record plainly suggests this is true .....
  14. "Rebowl Yell" definitely on the club payroll....