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  1. I’d rather sandpaper my own nipples off than have a ground on a soulless retail park.
  2. Managed to acquire two together for the premier concourse at the SOL, but managed to get on our end so they are surplus to requirements , They are in a digital form or there is a link to do print at home. Could try to return but wondered if anyone on here is interested . pm me .
  3. A couple of wins less and everyone would have been calling for Moores head.
  4. This is terrific news and trumps anything that could happen on a football pitch.
  5. Our ground is fantastic, steeped in tradition, I’d hate us to move to sone soulless location like a retail park next to a motorway, Hillsborough oozes character and history.
  6. Cheers everyone, dosy postman put it through next door !!!
  7. As the title says postie just been, I live in Bristol and am on early train to London in morning .
  8. There caretaker manager will want to keep the score down to enhance his chances of landing the job, I fully expect Crewe to employ a low block, we just need to be patient, keep moving the ball into space and making space and hope we exploit there wholly inexperienced players.
  9. They didn’t look a poor team for this level, Wednesday played well simple.
  10. I’d hate a soulless new build, our ground has character and history in abundance, I’d hate us to be on the edge of town on a retail park, with no traditional pubs and transport links close by.
  11. So they move to Northampton and become Northampton Dons, you’d support them, not the Mk phoenix club
  12. That’s exactly the point if it happened to there club they’d cry like babies .
  13. I’d have more respect for Mk Franchise if they had attained the league position in the same way that AFC Wimbledon or Salford did. That’s why they’ll always be a ground swell of disdain for them in our lifetimes .
  14. I always like to look at other clubs forums in the run up to fixtures against us, it makes me realise how lucky we are to have a brilliant forum that’s really active. We deserve to beat MK Franchise tomorrow just based on the shear lack of passion on there Concrete Roundabout forum!! Its possibly one of the biggest fixtures in the clubs history and there’s no thread for tomorrows game, just a short prediction thread, just bland. Makes me think that there support doesn’t live and breath the club like thousands of Owls do, and that they see it as just summat to do at the weekend . This is often the case with a lot of clubs at this level to be fair. Barely any chatter about the threat we pose. This often the case with a lot of clubs at this level to be fair. Thankful that I’m a Wednesday fan even if they go up and we don’t .
  15. I agree Wycombe & Sunderland have the Psychological edge in the battle now.
  16. The way the results are going it’s a possibility.
  17. Comfortably ? It was a last minute goal !?!
  18. Depends how Rotherham go on I guess, but MK Franchise are riding the crest of a wave at the moment .
  19. I agree with Reggae, Sopranos is excellent, nothing wrong with adopting Tony Soprano’s moral code. If anyone disagrees they get whacked, simple.
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