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  1. That's what all the family members who kept nipping out to listen to car radios said 😅
  2. That's the one knocked down now. Rumpy's car lot now Winchester cars used to be on herris road.
  3. Can't believe no one's mentioned the magnet , lovely community hub . Once saw a police dog get knocked out in the car park 😆
  4. No it's been shut for years now. I was terrified when me and a few mates all about 16 ventured from Ecclesfield for the first time in the late 70 s . But it sort of grew on you.
  5. Back in the day we used to meet at the parson cross hotel walk to the white horse then travs to finish.
  6. I still to this day don't know how I got home from this game but I woke up in my own bed the next lunchtime. I remember going to the game getting back on the coach stopping off somewhere Chorley ?. Apparently I didn't get back on the coach.
  7. I have never seen any footage of that Mirocevic goal any available ?. Always remember it as one of the best goals I ever saw. We managed to get on the side terrace that day.
  8. I stood up there to watch the quarter final replay against Burnley in 83 ? We won 5 -1 I think.
  9. If my memory serves me right last time I went in there was for a lunchtime wedding reception . Went straight to match after against bristol city I think it was John pearsons debut 81ish ?.
  10. I think my first away match was Oldham first match of the season 73 - 74 time.
  11. Them shale banks 😀oddly enough I went a few years ago for a pre season friendly and the ground had improved even though they were non league.
  12. He used to have a pub on Stainforth road can't remember the name.
  13. The first fa cup replay in 79 against arsenal at Highbury was tasty just a few thousand of us stood on the clock end. Game kicks off and all the coppers disappeared.
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