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  1. 46 - 48 unless something changes . That change doesn't necessarily have to be Jos out ,but I think he's got to find a more settled side & system to survive.
  2. sage owl

    Andy McCulloch

    Better player than commentator. Opposite of John Pearson.
  3. sage owl

    Some analysis

    Op is becoming more Nigel like by the post. Only thing that's throwing me is the mole owning property in Spain, I'm sure grandad would have told us if he did.
  4. sage owl

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    If DC had been smart enough to have this fella or someone of his ilk as an adviser we'd be in a lot healthier position today.
  5. sage owl

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Bleeds white and blue.
  6. sage owl

    The Big Issue.

    Must admit that I seem to say something similar after nearly every game.
  7. sage owl

    We all hate L**ds scum

    Gazza could give them lessons !.
  8. sage owl

    The silence from S6

    Saw him at the top rank in Sheffield many years ago stunning concert .
  9. sage owl


    His wolves team played great attacking football with a nasty attitude as I remember.
  10. sage owl

    Jo's fans?

    Genuine question when we were in 6th position a few weeks ago did you think based on what we've seen this season that we were genuine promotion contenders ?.
  11. sage owl


    Tbh I wouldn't think he's past his best he's not 60 until February. 3 or 4 years somewhere local to top up the funds as a last job might be appealing.
  12. sage owl


    I've been banging this drum since the Huddersfield play off debacle,only real problem is can he play all the players at the club until he has the opportunity to rebuild.
  13. Yeah he was so good last time he was in temporary charge.
  14. Would you suggest the current incumbent is doing an acceptable job in the managerial chair ?.
  15. sage owl

    Atmosphere today

    Library !.