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  1. I'm not going to match is my biggest positive
  2. Expectations are zilch so owt above that would be welcome.
  3. So you're saying Westwood was boning Carlos ?.
  4. Anyone got a link to the RS interview with giddings?.
  5. He's a troll who revels in our misfortune.
  6. You don't want to go fair enough. Don't try and dictate to others we'll decide for ourselves.
  7. Grow some eyes Bannan is not the problem.
  8. I can see this , l renewed out of blind faith and habit. Plus my dad wanted to renew, he's 83 in a couple of months so I feel duty bound to go for as long as he wants to.
  9. Truth be told he's not as good as JoC. That's frightening.
  10. Stupid op mate no matter how many games you've been too.
  11. The only way/ time you should be hitting anyone on the head with that force is if they are a risk to human life or public disorder ie riot . I have been in these situations personally on both sides there doesn't seem to be any excuse for this display of brutality.
  12. If he was fighting in the street surely he should have been arrested not assaulted there should be a difference between football hooligans / criminals. And the law enforcement authorities ?. If not I can drop any copper I suspect of wrongdoing with impunity.
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