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  1. sage owl

    Owls on holiday

    That looks ideal maybe fancy doing something up though.
  2. sage owl

    Owls on holiday

    That's definitely in the area we're looking for somewhere to buy between Olevera & Antequera. Never been to Teba I'll give it a try.
  3. sage owl

    Owls on holiday

    Whereabouts is his bar I'm going out there in a few weeks, I'll call in and give him a WAWAW.
  4. sage owl

    Who next...?

    Anyone who STILL uses a picture of Gary megson. It's 2018 get a life saddos.
  5. sage owl

    Forward-line Rotation

    Janet street porter ?.
  6. sage owl

    Liam Palmer

    Each to their own mate I just detest seeing players not getting back, I could do it into my thirties despite working 60 hours a week doing something else. I might be a dinosaur but I honestly think it's a bad attitude.
  7. sage owl

    Liam Palmer

    No that's simply untrue no one expects him to teleport himself. Me personally though I not only expect but demand that a professional athlete in his early twenties should be able to run 80 yards then turn around and do it again. Liam palmer does it most of the time then every now and again he just doesn't. I don't why but surely it can only be down to application,fitness or concentration. What do you think it is or don't you think it is an issue ?.
  8. sage owl

    Liam Palmer

    The main problem with Liam palmer is in this one "we've all seen him fail to track back". If you haven't seen this you don't really watch if you have seen this what do you atribute to. lack of effort lack of fitness lack of judgement bad luck fans getting on his back. not having a song etc.
  9. has everyone forgotten you don't choose Wednesday they choose you. Once you get the disease it's incureable.
  10. And is better than Palmer in both departments boy do we need a replacement.
  11. sage owl

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Serious question Neil are you drunk or just deliberately failing to understand the questions been asked. I've worked at places where other people weren't very good I didn't stop doing my job to the best of my ability.
  12. sage owl

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    I agree the fitness regime was inadequate. my question is don't the players who are payed thousands of pounds a week have any responsibility to keep themselves as fit as possible.
  13. sage owl

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Isn't the truth that Carlos and his staff are at fault for not getting the squad to a required standard of fitness, but also the senior players that knew they weren't fit enough for a championship season could have something about it for themselves.
  14. sage owl

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    The backhanded way he's gone about his move to Leicester has alienated a significant number of people who previously supported or sympathised with him. For what it's worth my opinion is that no one comes out of this debacle with any credit. Unless of course a factual event of what really happened becomes available.