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  1. Could be just the midfield beast we’ve been looking for
  2. The Ball inn home of the original Wino Express. Now a vets .
  3. It will have been a great deal for some people.
  4. Read the post above !. I can’t include pulis because I never saw one of Wednesday teams play .
  5. Jos was a weird one . Pulis wasn’t pre pandemic so I didn’t actually see it or I’m sure he would have made the list.
  6. In my time of watching with my own eyes . Pre pandemic, worst managers Steve Buurtenshaw Terry Yorath Alan Irvine Garry Monk
  7. He could with a young Carlton Palmer at the side of him !.
  8. Cost 4M wages reputedly nearly 40k a week was it for 2 or 3 years ?. And played for about 3 hours !.
  9. Can I add a mention for Almen Abdi please, if we’re doing worst piece of business ever.
  10. Most will be ticket only when we play I would think.
  11. Insipid, bland & uninspiring. Good luck DM.
  12. For the contemporary English teacher it’s all about content. Grammar and spelling accuracies are a little bit yesterday .
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