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  1. sage owl

    Fans Today

    The fans were better than the players AGAIN.
  2. We need a plan b when we play hard working high pressing sides. And a better plan A as well while we're at it.
  3. sage owl

    Hull Bevvy

    Minerva tavern next to river humber near deep loads of real ales big white owl on front. Opens at 12.
  4. sage owl

    Hull Bevvy

    Much parking near to ground ?. Never been in car before.
  5. The windows not open in May.
  6. sage owl

    Attendance today

    Less than 10,000 at the sty today.
  7. sage owl

    What has happened to Penney?

    Now that's a disgraceful comment.
  8. sage owl

    What has happened to Penney?

    Last seen chasing two blokes driving his Merc away.
  9. sage owl

    Ins and outs

    Didn't know that looked a real player last time he came to Hillsborough with reading, haven't seen much of him since he signed for udders.
  10. sage owl

    Ins and outs

    Yeah yeah but he can only work when he's got gazillions to spend, you're just using facts to spoil the discussion.
  11. sage owl

    Ins and outs

    Williams from Huddersfield on loan for rest of season would be a good fit for us, looked a good championship midfielder when at reading.
  12. sage owl

    English manager

    Why surprised ?. Genuine question.
  13. sage owl

    Steve Bruce had a dream

    What's the first line again.
  14. Can I be the first to say 2 spare adult tickets required for hull please pm me if you can help.