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  1. Franchise it to someone who already has a kebab shop/ stall . Keep a bar / service area open after the game.
  2. If Dean can stay fit enough he'd be perfect for us and help a couple of younger pacier defenders either side of him.
  3. If we'd already done it you'd have been the first one saying it was rushed and not thought through. You literally never have anything positive to say about anything to do with what's supposedly your club. Change the record ffs.
  4. Win lots of games and cheap tickets.
  5. We had the best scraps in the division.
  6. I would do my damnest to resign Dean and make him captain. Bannan will still be quality in this division if he stays.
  7. It wasn't it was 2-1 over 180 minutes
  8. Why not save any criticism until after the game if it's warranted then ?. Before that get 100% behind whoever is playing.
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