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  1. No problem sets us lovely for a tilt at the play offs. On our way on our way.
  2. BTW I am / was a home and away supporter before the @truefans pipe up.
  3. I had this conversation earlier this week. We decided that we're missing the social side not the football. I can't wait to have a few drinks and something to eat with friends and family. At the moment I honestly couldn't give a throw if football never restarts.
  4. We're well behind bristol city as things stand. Let that sink in.
  5. People wouldn't give Hutchinson or Westwood a 2nd thought if we winning . Or even looking like winning.
  6. Wasn't there are photo of his car crushed under a lorry trailer in the press at the time ?.
  7. You forgot to mention the 12 year old kid they had in goal.
  8. Funny you should say that I was just thinking if the poster in question was really Jacob Rees Mogg.
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