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  1. sage owl

    Clean Sheets

    Imho Westwood is the best keeper at the club . Now the transfer window is shut I just can't understand why we're not playing him.
  2. sage owl

    Where to start?

    That was my line last week.
  3. I can think of a few on here who'd be affronted by ANYTHING positive.
  4. sage owl

    Who's the second toughest

    Mick Pickering at Shrewsbury coming back on with his head bandaged. " the band of courage ".
  5. You got your source back ?.
  6. sage owl

    Who's the second toughest

    David Grant never backed down. Jeff Johnson always seemed to enjoy a scrap.
  8. sage owl

    What is the furthest out..

    Ante Mirocevic at Filbert Street.
  9. sage owl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    It truly is a baffling situation that does neither party any good.
  10. sage owl

    Man Of The Match

    The correct technique is to let ball come over your head then volley the ball. If needs be shouting have it at the same time.
  11. sage owl

    Man Of The Match

    Row z.
  12. sage owl

    Penney / Preston

    That's how I saw it tbf.
  13. sage owl

    Millwall Score prediction

    Heart 3.1 Head 1.2
  14. Yeah once or twice. What could YOU be doing if you weren't on your phone now!
  15. I'LL give a clue his transfer dealings in 5+ years are in profit, he was let down badly by the owner who had given previous managers plenty. MM knows his trade people who do are usually proficient at their jobs. Will Jos be ? I really hope so but the head doubts it.