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  1. Atdhe in midfield?

    **** me sideways with a bargepole that's crazy even for on here.
  2. James Wilson - Linked on loan

    given the pace of players we usually sign it's more likely to be Jockey Wilson.
  3. Could chasiri be ready to walk away?

    Rumour from where inside your head ?.
  4. ok then let's say you're right we're being lied to, who is responsible for the signings then. ?.
  5. Who choice was the Portuguese c/h we signed Vennancio ?.
  6. Who has chosen them then. ? Carlos said he has, DC said Carlos has. Do you know different.
  7. Couldn't agree more I got talked into playing again against my better judgement in my forties . Jones reminds me of how I performed. I was ok if people let me have time but as soon as I came up against an opponent with any pace I was horribly exposed.
  8. What are these " pacey run " things you speak of ?.

    Someone I knew really well met and got talking to him a few years ago when he was at Leicester. He said he and his family loved living in Sheffield and had very little hassle from anyone , he said he wouldn't want to risk that my managing Wednesday.
  10. A Song for Carlos

    You'll have to ask the poster I quoted that question.
  11. A Song for Carlos

    Don't the Rotherham fans all want him sacked ?.
  12. A Song for Carlos

    you won't have a name when you ride the big aeroplane all they will call you are deportees . Broken oranges Tom Paxton.
  13. I'm sure I was on top tier last time 2-2 draw ?.