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  1. You wouldn't say that if you knew what happened at Christmas 1993.
  2. In all fairness he's spent more on us than everyone else combined has in our history. It's how badly he's spent his money that is the main issue. I just hope that he has the patience, desire and the necessary funds to undo the damage caused.
  3. Remember my dad telling me at the time . "Things will get more professional and successful now with an arsenal man in charge ". Didn't quite work out that.
  4. They're paying for ground renovations new kop is going to be a double decker.
  5. Tbh pal I don't spend much time on here when we lose, unless it's a game I haven't seen. Even then I tend to read the opinions of the few I know to be balanced then fizz off to real life. There's too much really bad stuff at the moment to get depressed about football.
  6. This site is barmy if we lose by the odd goal on Wednesday people will be queuing up to sack the manager and shoot most of the players.
  7. Missed that goal as we had a gig in Stafford that night and I got picked up 10 minutes from the end outside the ground . Didn't know that we'd won until we pulled onto the M1 then heard the pigs result at MK Don's. The cherry on the cake was the guy who'd booked us was a massive blade we got to his pub just has he sloped in from MK.Never mentioned it again all night hardly.
  8. What do you expect from an organisation run by drug dealers and bullies ?.
  9. Huddersfield at home play off semi final.
  10. He'll always chip in with a couple of goals as well.
  11. So you now agree the manager is responsible for the result. Let's hope he keeps winning.
  12. I'd fancy my chances of scoring against than defence. I'm 57 two stone overweight and haven't played for 15 years.
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