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  1. If they were discussing salaries the compo was already agreed.
  2. I thought quite a few of their players had the " I'm too good for this league attitude ".
  3. Tbf it looked like a shot from where I was standing.
  4. You don't edit for the bbc by any chance do you ?.
  5. Don't worry about her if it all Goes wrong for us she'll blame the labour party.
  6. In all honesty haven't you ever sounded out another job whilst still employed, because everyone else has.
  7. Nice bottle of wine + good nights kip world will seem a better place. Not the best appointment possible but nowhere near the worst.
  8. He actually said if we need anyone else to give us some help then we'll look at that.
  9. Ok I'll take that. With the information you have do you think that the 2 of them will be coming here ?.
  10. Surely if you can guarantee a statement then by definition you are in the know.
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