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  1. Yes that's exactly what I meant.
  2. Says playing on in the current pandemic is " morally wrong ". If he's right or not is the snake faced cabbage head the person who should be lecturing us on morals ?.
  3. Not forgetting Pent H getting locked in police Van, getting liberated and locked up again. What a day what a time to be a teenage Wednesday fan.
  4. That's nowt we took 103 coaches in 1980 and most of em went to Torquay after. Now that my friends WAS a day out.
  5. Because DC sacked Pulis in a strop with no idea what his next move was.
  6. I thought we should have got McArthy in when we got rid of Carlos. Not sure he'd be the man for now though . Plus he'd be on a hiding to nowt with all those who think pep and Klopp are banging the door down to get the job.
  7. More times than I care to remember unfortunately. We have some right knobheads amongst our fan base . When I grow up I'm going to learn to turn the other cheek.
  8. You'd have to have a complete set of fruitcakes running your club for Barton to have any chance.
  9. Don't really read newspapers any more and certainly not the sun. Does this Nixon fella have much ITK information on us ?.
  10. What's Martin Allen doing he was madder than raven jet Byrne or whatever he was called.
  11. I can honestly say I've never heard of him. All the rest are familiar.
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