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  1. Good answer but the point I was trying to make was even in a team full of pace there can still be room for a big lump that can play a bit.
  2. Just what we need an average aging pig. No thanks.
  3. All about opinions of course but I thought he looked a bit cumbersome for a young person.
  4. Serious question on what basis would you have kept him.
  5. Apparently he's delighted with the offer he thought he was on his way.
  6. He's actually right this time, we haven't had anyone smart or brave enough to sell the players at the optimum time and use the funds to improve the team / squad.
  7. Good luck to him always put a shift in for us , he'd be immense as a league one centre half.
  8. Bannan for me 100% effort every game + involvement in most of of our productive attacking play.
  9. Both need to be playing first team football surely then.
  10. Just out of interest how old are Dawson and wildsmith ?.
  11. You wouldn't bet against Diame coming apparently he needs 2 more starts at Newcastle to trigger a contract extension, and they aren't starting him.
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