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  1. Clean language viewing

    Don't sit near me.
  2. Just a thought

    The division we're currently floundering in. Twice.
  3. Maybe George but we need to get rid of some aging ,under performing over paid ex premier league players first.
  4. you could stopped that reply after the first 9 words.
  5. I can't even remember the last one never mind the first.
  6. Fans giving up on the team

    Mark the pitsmoor owl ?.
  7. BBC pundits tonight

    In all seriousness Neil anyone who skates on strictly come dancing should be disqualified. End of.
  8. It would be a really weird appointment to bring someone in to" steady the ship " for a few months who doesn't know the country the league or the players. All common sense would tell you it takes time to get used to all of these factors.
  9. He's had no money and had to sell his best players. With the budget Carlos had he would have got us up. Imo of course.
  10. I'd prefer to give Jos a proper try first.MM would be my choice if we changed.
  11. We'd love him if he got a pig or a snodgrass sent off.
  12. Swansea tickets

    I wonder if they'll have local so called journalists berating their support ?.
  13. Welcome to Ashton Gate on Saturday

    Just to let you know what they're like Colin is a typical pig.