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  1. You must have the most inappropriate avtar of anyone on here. Absolute w@nker of a poster.
  2. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    He's a professional footballer manager,they like whoever pays them. ALL of em.
  3. The positive is that we've been poor but we're still very much within touch. Please change now Mr chairman .
  4. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    Mick McCarthy Would get this squad promoted in style. He'd jump at the chance.
  5. Yep totally passed me by that one. Cheers.
  6. What is the injury Boyd is out long term with ?. Must have missed this announcement.
  7. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    same for me. Until Big Jack took over I thought we were supposed to be a joke club , his tenure changed everything for me and my generation.
  8. likewise. RIP fellow Wednesdayite.
  9. He was brilliant as a " late influential substitute" against Huddersfield wasn't he ?. Still it's good to see some nutters back on the forum.
  10. The kit is in the UK

    That all depends on where the Magnet is now, it certainly ain't in Southey.
  11. Scrubbers at it again

    what if they pinch the camera ?.
  12. Paul Lambert? Thoughts?

    The cost of stagnation is very high.
  13. Paul Lambert? Thoughts?

    Keep hearing about Big Micks style of play his wolves team were very attacking. Ipswich are currently playing better football than us with 30% of our budget. Get him in.
  14. Birmingham transport

    live in Ecclesfield but quite prepared to drive to pick up. Never been to St Andrews in car so no idea where to park safely.
  15. Anyone know of 2 spare seats going to Brum on Wednesday night.