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  1. It's hard to contemplate getting rid of players like Bannan reach & Lee but keeping Palmer Harris and Luongo wouldn't it be a better idea to keep the few decent players we've got & get some better player's to play with them ?. Maybe even identify and implement a system that suits the group.
  2. Tbh Jones and boyd had really good careers our recruitment team failed to realise that they were past it, van aken God knows. Abdi just had to be crooked.
  3. He might get nowt back with administration. He's already lost a fortune and he's still pumping a substantial amount in each month. What in all honesty is the club worth now?. 10 - 12 months running costs would be my guess so why not cut and run ?.
  4. Genuine question and I'm by no means a Chansiri defender. What do you think would happen if he left now ?.
  5. Siege mentality is the only way forward now. No good calling for DC out unless you or a contact of yours has 100M or so to chuck at it. Get behind whatever squad we assemble and see where it takes us.
  6. Well done sir . You managed a post without slagging off the chairman or the club. Bravo.
  7. Hillsborough isn't even in the top ten most deprived area's in Sheffield !.
  8. This time your post suggests for the inability to attract players.
  9. Are you of all people saying the fans are to blame ?.
  10. His wolves team that got promoted with ebanks - blake and co were good to watch.
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