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  1. What am I paying for ?. Do I not contribute to the bills, if not can I have a cheaper season ticket next year please.
  2. The last few weeks tell a different story. We've chucked 2 games away in 7 days.
  3. The 1st corner shouldn't have been conceded that was Westwood's fault, not sure about the 2nd one until I see it again.
  4. Every good team needs a great gaffer.
  5. This is from a poster I've often disagreed with. I can't find fault with a single word of this.
  6. How did they identify and fail to sign Rhodes then.
  7. So true Blackburn were awful in the first half yesterday absolutely there for the taking and we in all honesty didn't look capable.
  8. This is about where I am it cost me a small fortune yesterday and I don't begrudge a penny of it because I spent a really enjoyable day in the company of friends and family. However the worst part of the day was the time in the stadium and that should be the highlight.
  9. Just got back still f@@@ing fuming.
  10. Hutch tried to be Bannan he failed. Great enthusiasm. Great effort. Not a midfield playmaker.
  11. I go to quite a few games and I've never encountered that type of comment.
  12. I'll take it from that you didn't witness the performance of FF today made reach look like Ronaldo.
  13. Why the competition ?. Watch the rugby in the morning, then onto Blackburn to watch Wednesday. Enjoy both, win both.
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