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  1. No but you're probably the only moron when people are dying to try and score points on a football forum cretin.
  2. Away at Southampton... Who needs Cantona when we've got Gordon Watson ? He was so thick he didn't realise the entire away end was taking the wee wee
  3. Until he wasn't in The Ball after training
  4. I remember you giving Chairman talks...not exactly Tony Robbins
  5. Because of the fan ownership issue which they want no part of...quite rightly on my part
  6. My missus who works in the NHS has been told that the private hospitals will be instructed by the govt to provide wards for patients who have the coronavirus
  7. Good players make it impossible to leave them out...end of
  8. £2.50 e/w on Darasso tomorrow Cheltenham 3.30pm 50/1
  9. I was born in 53' and despite Dem Blades having their best season in the Premier ever... they STILL haven't won a major trophy in 95 years or played in Europe and had Derek Geary as one of their greatest EVER players...I'm not reaching for the cyanide tablets just yet
  10. Biggs will be writing my plan for DC that I posted yesterday within the next couple of weeks
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