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Community Answers

  1. We'll that's next seasons scapegoat sorted
  2. No...Wednesday to play in blue and white next season. You read it here first - Nicko
  3. So any time a manager refuses to answer a question you should stop asking ? Really !
  4. That's what you call a plan...three or four years getting better in all departments as we progress....coaches, players, backroom staff...the lot. Review every year and get better. It's aboutfucking time we had one
  5. Unless of course you're a Chesterfield wondering wtf is happening at my club we were cruising the league at one point wtf has happened. In which case it was EXACTLY what they wanted asking
  6. I think the most important thing is that we have a structure in place. We had neither the structure or players last season so it was just try it and see especially with the loans. I think DM knows what we need now and we may have some money to get the young players that can take us further...it's a no brainer to let him carry on. Talking of the no brainers I suspect the pre-season friendlies will be the starting point for all the Moore Out fraternity...we ought to have a comp for how many ? Start tagging them now
  7. If you were a Chesterfield fan...what questions would you want asking? I'll give you a clue...the ones Rob was asking
  8. This has been an interesting thread...all the Moore haters have crawled out en masse so you know what their agenda will be from the pre-season onwards...it removes all conjecture I'm all for it
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