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  1. Absolutely they have been like a breath of fresh air as far as bringing us news and asking questions on our behalf
  2. I'm afraid I'm going to report this thread...not only to the mods but to social services. Anyone who will make his young kids walk to Chesterfield, Barnsley or Rotherham for a football match needs to be removed from the site @Owlstalk Admin Team
  3. I agee but if working with DC wouldn't keep the club safe why would anyone even think about supporting him...it's that black and white
  4. To me the issue is this...would working with DC make the club any safer ? Or , would standing against him on the side of rank and file supporters allow for the club to thrive and prosper given the right backing and leadership?
  5. They're waiting for your leading example...you're singing from the same songsheet since 2014...same song every pre-season.
  6. I agree...the crowds WILL be bigger when we can all go...providing we can put a decent team out
  7. I hope he's quicker of thought than he is around the pitch
  8. So what you are saying is that Tonto/Billsaja/ Hornsby is making it all up ? well I never...
  9. Usually first week of July...I think two years ago they went into the club for testing last week of June before pre-season started
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