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  1. As soon as Neil says the club has got something right...you know it's a load of codswallop...boring in the extreme
  2. Fickle Fans

    I've never had any backbone
  3. Midfield

    ooops pig alert...lets not be throwing yourself off in October eh!
  4. Van Aaken

    The first thing Hutch did last Saturday was scream at everyone to move up 10 yards to constrict the midfield ( then sliced into his own goal ) as soon as we did that we started playing through their midfield...Lees goes missing as far as leadership is concerned but I'd still want him alongside someone who does organise things
  5. Fan on fan

    The posters saying there's nothing in our store but Dem Blades store is full of stuff...not actually taking in that there store is probably a third of ours and if we put the stock we have into theirs it would look chocka
  6. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    You really have no clue if you think that was the worst
  7. #boycottthekit

    Too late mate...the 10,000 boycotters have already ordered theirs
  8. Have a drink for me for him...he'll be missed in the Barracks... RIP Geoff
  9. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    So it wasn't an interview but could be just someone putting his thoughts out to a mate...can't see nothing wrong with that... probably more honest than some contrived nonsense for a press call that they don't want
  10. Tempo

    If we won all our games 1-0 we'd be in the Premiership now...wanting the team to win 3-0 is just self entitled claptrap
  11. SWFC article - More than worth a read

    You don't build a club like Shaktar from bussing fans in for free to the Champions League if you are out of your depth...DC should turn the commercial side of the club over to Palmer and stand back and watch it grow
  12. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    Might be way off the mark but don't we provide a player interview as well as CC's for most matches ?
  13. The same people who are desperate for CC to leave will be calling for whoever is the coach's head should we get tonked by the likes of Man City...and claim " It's my role "
  14. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    What do you think they should speak about then? USA / North Korea sabre rattling...global warming...the upcoming Ashes series ?