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  1. Pity you didn't stick around for Nuhiu and the others signing autographs...oh, wait I forgot...you threw the dummy out and left
  2. I know but couldn't find that before the last match...bit bizarre given Lubeck are a couple of tiers below todays hosts
  3. https://www.sporttotal.tv/maoZKv0A0 Is this link showing our game again?
  4. All the bands are using the boxes as bases before they gig...my mates lad's band The Wired were in one yesterday...and they're all blades
  5. Preferred not seeing any of them but...mental illness is no laughing matter so we'll leave it there
  6. You have absolutely no idea what DC has accepted, agreed or not agreed. Usual FUD
  7. Ok a sensible reply...this is what I said when Bruce came in. We should upgrade our players, staff, medical side, financial side and commercial side as we progress. That means we never sit on our laurels should, god forgive, we win anything or get promoted. It means that we are forever looking forward to improve and that anyone can be replaced as long as the replacement brings improvement. It also makes sure we have a plan in place to move forward. It's what the great clubs do and even though ours might be small steps we will be moving in the right direction. I'm sure DC saw just how easy SB moved us forward after two seasons of stagnation so he will now know what we need and the better the team around him the easier it will be for him to make the right decisions in future.
  8. Two small points...statistics aren't your forte and....with six fingers statistics aren't your forte either....so no we probably would consider your manager given your insight
  9. We've had a list on here since Bruce went...maybe he got it from here...even I could have come up with that list whether any of them have even spoken to DC is just speculation on Nixon's part. One thing for sure is that he got fuckall from DC
  10. You saw Nuhiu signing shirts and autographs afterwards...do you think he was the only one ?
  11. I think that you have to have some knowledge about football to come to that conclusion...I'll let everyone else decide which posters in this thread have any
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