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  1. If you don't want to come don't come...end of...you don't speak for anyone other than yourself...TBH WGAF what YOU WANT??
  2. When were you truly happy

    30 seconds before I read this drivel poorly disguised in a yet another attempt to have a pop at the club...get a life
  3. Paul Hurst

    You can change them on FM in 10 mins...get rid of the manager too
  4. If we are 6 pts from the playoffs IN MARCH the season isn't over...so there isn't a cat in hells chance that DC will pull the trigger UNLESS...we end a losing run with a pasting at the Lane.
  5. Mass Boycott

    Kinell' how much do you think we used to earn ?
  6. lets assume you go before next Monday...save us from this constant drivel
  7. I agree... but we've been here before notably before January last two seasons...being 6 points behind the play offs in March doesn't mean it's gone then either...if we can't make the play offs I think DC will act...he won't while it's in touching distance
  8. What lost one in eight and are 8 points from the play offs in a league where anyone can beat anyone...by most clubs you mean you on football manager
  9. You can't give up if you weren't trying in the first place Scram...I'm in full agreement when mathematically we can't get in the playoffs then it's time until then I, along with most of the people who actually go to games will be backing them
  10. Mass Boycott

    you do realise your talking to the thick on here Andy...most of who don't go anyway...remember... " I'm not going until we have stripes back and thousands are doing the same "
  11. SWFC Chairman

    Yeah get t' Lane
  12. Mass Boycott

    There were 10,000 boycotters over the stripes going...what followed was a record number of shirts sold and record season tickets bought
  13. The Carlos Delusion

    take it to Hillsborough yourself...it's the only way you see Megson back there
  14. Wolves on sky

    I'm going...taking one of the kids I work with...really looking forward to it
  15. I think he was the first but not last