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  1. So what Jos said is true...he hadn't seen him play a competitive game since he'd been there so how could he put him in before Dawson and Wildsmith. Maybe he didn't think your opinion was worthwhile listening to and preferred to use his own judgement instead based on what he'd seen in the short time KW had been back from injury?
  2. Tell me how many competitive games KW has played for Jos ?
  3. daveyboy66

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    Flat Earthers or as they were called in ancient times...bedwetters
  4. daveyboy66

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    Wrong badge
  5. daveyboy66

    40th present ideas

    Buy him a Pete McKee print
  6. Because Sky paid us and Sunderland to play tomorrow otherwise we'd be playing tonight
  7. daveyboy66

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    My nephew's two young lads go at the front with him they love it being close to the pitch
  8. Yes...and players can refuse to go on loan
  9. That's not the point I'm making...season tickets are value for money...after the outcry of the first season ticket prices the cost went from £17.78 a match to £18.10 a match. people on here were saying that season ticket holders were somehow betraying the POTG supporters. Not one of our lot would have minded £20 POTG prices for the rest and most of them now wouldn't despite the " rip off" s/t prices. A bit like your snide comments
  10. Over the last ten years I've never paid more than £21 a match for my Kop season ticket...now it's £10 a match cos' I'm a coffin dodger
  11. daveyboy66

    Players we missed on Saturday

    He was but he'd have buried that header that Fletcher missed
  12. Never said he hasn't...club legend though
  13. Ron Springett, Martin Hodge, Chris Turner, Pressman...all in front of KW in legendary terms. Having three good seasons in the 2nd tier doesn't mean you are Lev Yashin