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  1. daveyboy66

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Yeah that was a special day...I've never seen as many grown men in tears as we came out apart from Wembley 1991
  2. daveyboy66

    Last season's away shirt

    Loved that shirt
  3. daveyboy66

    Sam Winnall

    And a brilliant one at that
  4. daveyboy66

    QPR Restricted View

    Anywhere in that poxy upper stand
  5. daveyboy66

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Great day out
  6. daveyboy66

    Sports psychologist

    No it's just another post slagging our players off as per Saddo
  7. Unless they are playing Hillsborough GC
  8. By whom? Posters on here have absolutely zero knowledge about any discussions with the EFL / FA about our financial situation and yet there's a general consensus ?
  9. daveyboy66

    Sports psychologist

    Was it Pressman ?
  10. daveyboy66

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

  11. Strange how some of the posters on here who were saying JOS would fail are now posting about us selling our players after every win...why would that be?
  12. daveyboy66


    Damned with faint praise...he's a young keeper who hasn't let us down despite all the goalkeeper coaches on here
  13. daveyboy66

    Sheffield, city of students

    I'm sure they can spell goalie though