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  1. Jeeesus H Christ...I'm feeling really old now...cheers guys
  2. If he can get this shower to stop up this season I'll start the go-fund me up for the statue in May
  3. Yeah but smuggling weed isn't like football
  4. That's at half time after we've let the third goal in...
  5. I've said this before and got slated but...I think attendances will rocket when we're allowed back especially from the lower league clubs...like us
  6. Because we've only had three quality midfield players at the club who could pass the ball... Jim, Tommy Craig and Shez were the best by a country mile
  7. You actually need to have a transfer budget to target and buy players with a view to strengthening the team...we don't we're shopping at Aldi with coupons
  8. I know...one match after he'd been at the club for three days WTF
  9. I'm sure dem blades are waaay in front when it comes to record breakers
  10. He didn't even get ONE match before the idiots we're out on force on here
  11. Good to see things from an outsiders point of view Liam...we did have more chances to win the game than we've had for ages... the fact that we didn't win was purely because given the run we've had everyone's confidence is low. One of the thing DM has said many times before is that the winning mentality has to be built bit by bit and every win or clean sheet adds to it. He had a glimpse last night just where the squad are with that so he's got a starting point...this is the beginning and after having 3 days at the job I'm not giving him pelters just yet
  12. Or do I email the club as many in this thread that you've contributed to with several posts have done and advised people to do ?
  13. Hutchinson has been dire in midfield...he did ok at the back but he's gone after 60 mins in midfield. We should use him to see the game out with fresh legs
  14. Agreed... it's the whole day out pre and post match rituals that the kids love...and the feeling of them being with all the grown ups and part of it all.
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