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  1. I remember sitting at a poker table in Vegas talking to this American about the NFL and the Superbowl. I told him we didn't do minority sports then told him that we were playing football when they were chasing Indians around the plains...and to rub it in I asked where did he think all them Bowie knives came from
  2. brilliant Andy...and Bronco's diving header from the edge of the box
  3. My brother in law and nephew are both Leeds fans and they said the same
  4. You don't expect Farrell to tell the truth...more flipping chance of Boris doing so
  5. Are all the imbeciles out tonight...fuckingshit for brains
  6. Strange that all the posters on here who don't rate him are in direct opposition to the pundits who said what a vital cog he is to wednesday's midfield...it's almost like some people don't actually know what his role is...who would've thought that
  7. My claim is going in at this moment...20,000 fans suing SYP for not looking out for our safety. THAT would cause a stir for the STIR
  8. have you never been to QPR their ground has been worse than ours for 20 years...the concourses are death traps and god help if there was ever a fire
  9. And this weeks scapegoat is...
  10. So it's not just the geordies who don't get the alliteration in that song
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