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  1. daveyboy66

    SWFC and young England

    I went to the final of that comp that England won again v France at Hillsborough. If I remember they were losing at half time and Zico and Mark Hately started kicking lumps out of the French second half...they lost it had a man sent off and England ran out easy winners in the end
  2. True...the reason was they were injured
  3. daveyboy66

    70's Owls T-shirt

    I like them...but I don't think the club could get them in the store before 19/6/2028 when I fly off to Cyprus...next summer perhaps
  4. All thought is immoral. Its very essence is destruction. If you think of anything, you kill it. Nothing survives being thought of.
  5. daveyboy66

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    I hate these fence sitters
  6. I suppose he hasn't got a chairman to give a blow job to...so usual twaddle
  7. Tierney and the rest of the Celtic squad have been left out at Rogers request
  8. Kerry Katona Talk about scraping the fuckingbarrel FFS
  9. Absolutely and their training stats will show exactly where they are fitness wise and will determine what they have to do. What hasn't been mentioned is players coming back from injury too soon and ending up being out long term OR the medical staff not being listened to. Jos said categorically with our players coming back that we will not take chances with any of them until the medical staff say it's ok regardless of where we were in the league. Now THAT'S a change in ethos no more short termism. Sounds to me that Jos has got it spot on. Let's look forward to next season with some optimism and forget what's gone before...it's the future
  10. daveyboy66

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    That is one of our worse kits EVER...it's dogger just like the OP's effort. At least our current one actually looks like our previous 60s shirt. It needs to be stripes,black shorts and FuckingHOOPED socks
  11. daveyboy66


    I went to both games as a 9 yr old...I thought we'd always be one of the top English teams...little did I know
  12. Yeah bailed out when everyone was taking thepiss..are you beholder in disguise ?
  13. One of the best performances I've ever seen at Hillsborough...on another planet