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  1. daveyboy66

    DC - Just make the call

    Three nines never beats a full house...DC should never play poker with me
  2. daveyboy66

    Alan Nixon

    Westwood wanted more money than we were giving him...
  3. Of course I always get comped there
  4. Err...Studio 54 at the MGM Vegas...keep up
  5. daveyboy66

    The ITKers

    About football...correct
  6. We are relocating the club to Vegas...multi season ticket holders get the first five seasons for free
  7. daveyboy66

    Alan Nixon

    they did...no one wanted him
  8. DC - wait till they found out I've lost the club in a poker game...I'll never play daveyboy66 again
  9. daveyboy66

    Really Bruce ???

    If they don't go to games it's because they DON'T think Jos is the right man. QED
  10. daveyboy66

    Heard it’s Pardew

    yep the same one...he's probably picking up his car from Mont'y Motots as we speak
  11. daveyboy66

    No money to sack him

    Even if we did and his contract finishes in the summer we'd just pay him a monthly wage as per normal while he was on gardening leave... we wouldn't have to cough up a lump sum
  12. daveyboy66

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    You've been booing the team for the last five years regardless of who has been in charge...go figure
  13. daveyboy66

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    Absolutely...this " legend" has overseen the club going into decline without raising his head above the parapet and letting the fans know what's been going on. He needs to go NOW as well as the current coaching squad. I'd rather see the Academy coaches see the current season out.
  14. daveyboy66

    Dear Mr chansiri

    perhaps if you sent him this
  15. What about having " club legend " Bully in charge...his leadership over the last 18 months surely gives him a shout for the top job