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  1. Absolutely...what we'd give to have Routledge on the bench to come on for the last 10-15 mins
  2. Last away game against Swansea last season we played them off the park first half...in the second half they brought their attacking players on and scored two late ones to win. Tonight same story apart from us folding in the last 10 mins.
  3. Two footed and pacy…what's the catch apart from not playing ?
  4. Brilliant...cheers Neil. Was £97 a month down to £66.50. Only took 15 mins to sort as well.
  5. Albert Broadbent...used to manage Eckington at some point...they were short one week and he came on in midfield. I couldn't get the ball from him...he was about 48 at the time. He was the one inspired me to play on until my late 40's...and a top bloke
  6. Have a look at this...what do people think ?
  7. Good move...for the Prem teams they have adequate back up...we'll be struggling although we won't be down to 10 men with 15 minutes to go again
  8. Even the pampered Premier league players are going down like flies...most haven't had a proper pre-season and with the games coming up every three days for the next 7 weeks we'll get some more injuries
  9. Don't think so...He's a great lad Gary...shame he's out of football perhaps he's too opinionated for some. In other words he ain't coming here
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