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  1. Good to know that someone can ruin your life over a game of football
  2. I always follow the OP on football matters given his fantastic track record..who would back Bruce against that knowledge?
  3. I'd prefer to go like Richard Pryors dad. The girl was 23 he was 56 heart attack he came and went...now that's what I call recycling karma
  4. It wasn't a free kick...he'd tried various volleys with his left foot throughout the game which went everywhere except on goal and in the last minute a ball came to him on his right foot and, unlike a lot of footballer when things aren't going their way he didn't switch to his favoured foot he volleyed in with his weaker foot...that's when I knew he could play in a higher league
  5. Yeah cos Sir Alex and you have the same football philosophy and experience
  6. Meanwhile Neville Chamberlain has just come back from Europe after negotiating a deal that looks after the country... plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
  7. I think we should start building immediately... we've had seven consecutive seasons in Europe like Spurs
  8. THAT photo of McGuire in a Wednesday shirt to shut one of the blades up whose posting born a blade on FB
  9. That was the one that hit the stanchion in the net and bounced back out and McCalliog volleyed it back in. From the Shoreham it looked as though he had hit the post.
  10. He absolutely terrorised the Chelsea defence...we had the first glimpse of what McCalliog was going to be as a midfield general as he ran the show that day. We didn't have a better one until Sheridan arrived at Hillsborough. Along with The Man U 5-4 game that was the greatest team display I've ever seen from Wednesday
  11. We get it..you don't like our Chairman..ad fuckingnauseum..go blowyouself
  12. Make sure you don't have to exhume her body like Rossetti had to do with Elizabeth Siddall
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