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  1. daveyboy66

    The Pitch again

    yeah we may have won but what about the err...err...err pitch?
  2. daveyboy66

    The Pitch again

  3. You can imagine McIver's eyes lighting up in the hope it's something to use against the club... the words motherfuckersad spring to mind
  4. daveyboy66

    The shadow of The Blades

    Ohfuck...and you went to the Torch reyt
  5. Does this mean that the 10,000 boycotters will return ?
  6. daveyboy66

    The shadow of The Blades

    We've been in the shadow of the blades since I've been watching Wednesday...all those cups, European football, players of the year...the list goes on and on
  7. daveyboy66

    Steve Bruce

    Look on the positive side...it means you can spend the rest of the season slagging the players off
  8. Beholder changing his name again ?
  9. And last season...it's a miracle FFS
  10. daveyboy66

    Not good enough

    If he can't change it round in three weeks he needs to leave
  11. daveyboy66

    Not good enough

    Yes there's comfort knowing that in this life of uncertainty there are people you can depend on
  12. daveyboy66

    Big Hec

    probably because we are keeping clean sheets...mind you I know nothing about football unlike you
  13. daveyboy66

    FAO all playing staff

    What??? On here
  14. daveyboy66

    Positive slant

    I deal in lead motherfucker