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  1. According to Sky Winnal was waiting on a fitness test
  2. TBH.... I've had a hamstring strain and just getting back have felt a twinge and panicked and pulled out?..only to start a couple of games later feeling ok and torn it again...it's personal perception
  3. Nope the joker is you who wants "somebody new " without a ********' clue who will come on board
  4. I thought the motherfu***** on here saidwe were dead in the motherfu****** water
  5. Or a player getting a pull while warming up...somethings that's never happened in the history of football...pathetic
  6. First poster :Well, it doesn't look like he's a football man, which is good. This is from one of the first posts after DC arrived...I'll not name the poster
  7. So why don't you just come and say it rather than pretending to hide behind someone else on a media platform... because that looks exactly what you're doing
  8. Get them to read United's programme notes from this match...explains it all Sat 4 Feb 1967 Sheffield United v Wednesday ........ 0-1 15 43,490
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