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  1. Mind you the players will...not sure about the OP and the bedwetters though
  2. We'll let you come in the 601 Club box when our lottery numbers come up
  3. Let's be straight about this...Birmingham were under an embargo and, knowing this, went out and bought a player hence the big points deduction...both the issues with Derby and us are about the EFL sanctioning the ground sales then backtracking to save face...coupled with that it took them EIGHT MONTHS before a decision on Bolton was made after Bolton appealed against what was a straightforward breach of rules. So girls let's not get our knickers in a twist eh
  4. Perhaps you can donate your profits from your forthcoming book towards the club... " How To Be A VIP in a box " celebrity status in easy steps
  5. What about QPR then...that's a disaster waiting to happen
  6. And then if he doesn't at what point to you say " you've been given your chance but blown it...no thanks "
  7. Is that there are fans on here who wouldn't recognise a footballer if one bit them on the arse..if the caps fits
  8. How about instead of getting 3 points at home and one away...normal playoff strategy...we do it the wednesday way, three points away and a draw at home
  9. Not going to happen then...our law team will have to see their evidence before it goes to court...might be ready this time next season
  10. Wasn't his only goal against the pigs?
  11. That was the whole point of the post...just getting the negative ball rolling
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