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  1. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Wish FF was playing today. A bit of miagic may be the difference!
  2. Temp lights at lane top
  3. Pudil

    Will check under Magnet
  4. Pudil

  5. Pudil

  6. Sky video

    Why is one wearing a green helmet and one a white helmet
  7. Which United player should we be wary of

    My cousin was in same hotel as them lasr night. Sharp was there but clarke wasnt. Not saying he didnt turn up later.
  8. It’s today

  9. Pigs tho

  10. Referee for Sunday

    Looking forward to seeing Stef play tomorrow. Apparently one of the Legends of the Lane!
  11. The Pig Pulveriser

  12. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Sheridan Waddle O Grady
  13. Penalty taker?

    Last ten mins then Jordon Rhodes to make it 3-0
  14. One thing I hope today

    When we go one nil up for sure we will close the doors and the windows
  15. Road Closures Sunday

    10K, how fars that?