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  1. pride_of_the_road


    Yes seeing Bullen sat on the floor yesterday was strange. Maybe there werent enough seats in the dug out or Brentford fans telling him to move out of the way More concerned with the gaps in 3 5 2 when we lost the ball yesterday. Los8ng Reach was a killer.
  2. pride_of_the_road

    #SWFC v Millwall

    Dodgy game. They win more than they lose a lately
  3. pride_of_the_road

    Petter Rudi

    Reach is the new Rudi
  4. pride_of_the_road


    Heard its only 14 to 1 for brentford to score 5
  5. pride_of_the_road

    SWFC v Wolves

  6. pride_of_the_road

    Embargo and the new keeper

    Didnt you know we play the irish version of goalie wag!
  7. Just gone in turnstyle 71 and if you see stewards theu are selling adults for a fiver and putting the money in charity buckets
  8. pride_of_the_road

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    DC could have billions put cant put it in. He either needs to ask his family to put in or sell some of the club to someone but dont think he will.
  9. pride_of_the_road

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Maybe now the prem teams have mostly got large investers, hopefully we will see the investers coming into the championship like they have done at Villa.
  10. Luke to see borokov get a chance along side nuihu
  11. pride_of_the_road

    Sheffield Star

    'Joao cried off' https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-fitness-update-on-owls-duo-lucas-joao-and-morgan-fox-ahead-of-carabao-cup-tie-1-9302693 Nice choice of words
  12. pride_of_the_road

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    one for meggo crew!
  13. I parked at tesco at top of herries road and walked down. Plenty of spaces
  14. pride_of_the_road

    HELP please

    Think the tickets get sent up with the intercity owl coaches
  15. pride_of_the_road

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    Are you sure it was rain