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  1. Shot straight to Clitheroe ... What's rude about Clitheroe? Couldn't find it Couldn't suss it ou ....... Ah finally found it The wife helped me ..............
  2. Try Cockermouth as your Vpn.. if no joy Then Blow it Dronny ........
  3. If this is how players get their stats up And use it for contract leverage then it wants knocking right on the head .. It's plain to see for our club alone. Bannan and Forestieri's passing stats are a joke.. Football is to be watched and admired. Not cross referenced with Fifa 19 Football Manager or any other bloody fantasy format ... Football really is losing its touch. Pardon the pun .....
  4. Rather than goal of the season I'd sooner see him pull his finger out and win Championship player of the season next term ..... And our clubs player of the season ..... Not too much to ask for really Massive Massive underachieving from this player ......
  5. That would be Ford "Purple Velvet". Very nice colour , Common with the Mk1 Granada Ghia Coupe (apart from the silly white vinyl roof some of them had)
  6. Is this a condition ? Like bow legs Pigeon toed Knock Knee'd Maybe Australianism for feeling Crooked ?
  7. My exact "in my head" response when I read O/P Comforted to know i'm not alone in "my head"........
  8. Never realised we had a legend of a celebrity on O/T ........ Can I have your Autograph Coggy ? Or can I call you by your stage name?
  9. Give over 73.. She's just not "Worth" the effort
  10. Brought you up just as I wanted. your stepdad did Son ....... Were they range balls or 90 compression Balatas?
  11. Geeooorr I was going to give you a Trophy for that post .... Whitbread Big Head, Trophy Bitter The Pint That Thinks It's a Quart .... It's got The body the body that satisfies, you can't be modest no matter how it tries cos it's the big head bitter trophy bitter the one that you'll never fault .. Whitbread Big Head Trophy Bitter The Pint That Thinks it a Quart ...... God knows how I remembered that ?
  12. I keep popping my bits n bobs on Owlstalk BWO....
  13. Shirley caravan park Ings Lane Near the Fisons Factory Just past the Level Crossing ....
  14. It had everything in it Still got most of it too!!!
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