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  1. Ran his socks off this season For bugger all ... Player of the season inmho
  2. Would that be the General concensus there ?.......
  3. I thought this was a twitter update for his forthcoming planned holiday .........
  4. Had to do a double take on the new avatar
  5. Don't you worry yersen "Radio" He's in a different town to you ...
  6. Anyway I must use Google more . My memory needs a propping up
  7. 29 is a mere pup to me Torry As I'm sure it is to you now
  8. Stockport County's Edgeley Park Stadium Nearer to the River Mersey than Liverpool FC ..... #Truescousestockportcounty
  9. Thanks for posting this Lincsowl.. Just had a look at this great team photo ... Couldn't help noticing three icons of different football genres ... Marked up in order A very youthful looking Bobby Robson World Cup winner and Fulham Stalwart George Cohen And on the front row fresh out of nappies in his first spell at Fulham Rodney Marsh .... I'm not 100% but I think Vic Buckingham was manager then Before he came to manage us ? I recall Rodney Marsh comments on Buckinghams training regimes whilst under his wing .... Buckingham used to get the players to play "stepping stones" From one crash barrier to the next all the way up the terraces and all the way back !!!! Would love to see Grealish doing that back at the Holte End at Villa Park ....
  10. Tony kay was an Everton player when Moncur made his professional debut for Newcastle in 1962 .. I still reckon that white shirt has a Fulham Badge on it
  11. Definitely Tozzer kay at the front The other Wednesday player I'm only going on size n hair style Peter Johnson? Chappie in white looks a dead ringer for Jimmy Hills mate Fulham legend Johnny Haynes..
  12. Championship side Preston North End start the next season with an excellent manager ...
  13. He looks like an extra from the Sopranos ....
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