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  1. Been watching The Terror on iplayer. Watched three episodes and Im quite enjoying it.
  2. Another recommendation for Green Book here. Watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great acting and a brilliant soundtrack.
  3. Will have a look at this. Enjoyed Bitter Lake and Hyper Normalization.
  4. Luton commentators on ifollow were incredulous n couldn't believe the result. We're not surprised at all. Sad state of affairs.
  5. Me too. Hope DMA's are still on the card though.
  6. Just seen where Reading and Leeds festivals are going ahead this year. Fingers crossed for Tramlines.
  7. They honestly look like a side that don't want to stay up. No fight in any of em today apart from Hutchinson.
  8. No urgency from any of em from kick off. Commentators picked up on it on ifollow straight away. You would never think this side is fighting for its life. Pathetic from start to finish.
  9. Think it all depends what kind of mood Im in at the time. I have a very diverse taste in music from Goth n punk to Northern soul but the track that always gets me singing along n tapping my feet is Dignity by Deacon Blue. When it comes on the radio when Im driving the lorry I get some right funny looks when Im singing along to it. It's a real pick me up tune.
  10. Quadraphenia wasn't too shabby either.
  11. The Good ,The Bad and The Ugly for me.
  12. I wouldn't pay the tw@ts in jelly babies after Wednesday nights performance.
  13. Duncan Ferguson was one of the best players I saw at Hillsborough.
  14. They did. They're calling him tomorrow morning around 4 am.
  15. Missed a call from a "private number" this morning but a voicemail from SWFC said they would call back this afternoon. Just had the call and refund sorted with a back up email to confirm. The call won't come from that 1867 number as the ticket office is closed.
  16. I f##kin knew it. Still had to look though.
  17. Good look Kieran. Enjoyed watching you in the blue n white.
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