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  1. pgmetcalf

    Players to Blame

    Why blame anyone?
  2. pgmetcalf

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Fox is one of the most improved players in recent weeks, possibly the most improved
  3. Got me thinking, which is dangerous. If we to build a new ground, I’d slap it on the site of the former Shirecliffe College. That way everyone can see it’s beauty from all over Sheffield. Bound to make some people ... err ... happy
  4. Billy is Smarting down at the circus
  5. No, I mean yeah ... jesus
  6. when I were a lad it were all trees around here ....
  7. Well the ones that managed to come into work today were proper bricking it
  8. Looks like another whinge at ticket prices
  9. pgmetcalf

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Dunno, but he’s the best I’ve seen by far. I mean, I was gutted when Sterland left but bloody hell, I’d take Nilsson’s Stopping power over Zico’s attacking prowess anyday. After all, a defender’s primary job is to defend
  10. pgmetcalf

    Thinking Out Loud

    So why aren't they?
  11. pgmetcalf


    Horses for courses innit. Some managers and coaching staff can get the best out of some players but not others.
  12. pgmetcalf

    A Look To Next Season.

    Personally I think it's crazy to be talking about playoffs. Yes, we've been playing better lately and yesterday's match seemed exciting at the time but looking back over the highlights we still looked somewhat sluggish, took up bad positions around their box and if it wasn't for Westwood in top form, well ... Oh yeah and the pitch is still far too hard, the ball shouldn't bounce like that. No wonder we get so many injuries
  13. pgmetcalf

    No "Hi Ho"

    It is rather cringeworthy, just as the Blitzkrieg Bop is. Time to move on to bigger and better things for me.