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  1. Roland Nilsson

    People are just saying anything now
  2. Billy Blunt gets a new tattoo
  3. Been winding the piggy blunts up with this on the star's FB page.
  4. Yep, not to mention, "How come he's on more money than me? I want more or I'm leaving" etc
  5. They'll have to pay his wages or sell him. Safe money is on the latter
  6. So he's not a proper player now? Straight from the horse's mouth
  7. Oh god not this cockney git n all
  8. Thought he was going to offer him a BJ to be honest
  9. It's actually quite common practice to do that
  10. Fat man knocking us again
  11. Brooks signs 4 year deal. that's him sold in January then. Thought the TW was closed anyway?
  12. Just a rumour...

    Would be already out
  13. Fan on fan

    Assuming they all support the same team of course, which is unlikely to be the case