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  1. 5 10 and a fat git, same as me, except I’m a year older
  2. I hope Wednesday fans don't expect too much next season. Can see it being a few years before we get over this season
  3. Why does that Rotherham fan always have to shout down the phone?
  4. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    It's even better with JP's commentary
  5. Good player, be amazing if we had him for a full season
  6. SWFC Fans

    On the highlights, boomshakalaka
  7. Wait ... you read The Sun ??
  8. John Pearson

    Aye, at least he doesn't get mardy like KE does
  9. Pretty much, otherwise why bother?
  10. Bolton win

    Not really, we're still 5 points clear
  11. Hutchinson's goal didn't look offside to me