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  1. Giddings to crack a Pointless joke and it going straight over BTB's head
  2. 21,000

    No doubt escalated by a few piglets desperately trying to stir things up
  3. We Have the best/worst fans

    Yeah well not everyone on here is a Wednesday are they? You've gotta play the game or you lose every time
  4. It's Over!!!

    Remember Look Scum playing that on TV and extracting the Michael out of us when we got relegated 89/90. Cut us short if the League Cup win too
  5. Wolves - A Blueprint

    Yeah we had pace and power with Jermaine Johnson didn't we? And we won er ... all the world cups and every match he played in
  6. "Too good to go down"

    Weren't it Mark Lawrenson back in 89/90?
  7. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    Expected to get hammered and lost 1-0. The problem is we got nothing from the game and that's what it's all about. I'd rather play badly and win or at least get a point rather than playing better and losing. Points make prizes
  8. It's Over!!!

    Known that for a couple of months at least. I just find myself repeating myself over and over. We have to start building for next season now. It might not be any better who knows, but at least try. All I know is that we've been playing the same game for 2.5 years and haven't learned anything, improved or shaken it up when we needed to
  9. All hope dead. We wait for sign from great spirit. If Wednesday all fail, that is way it will be
  10. Don't need a crystal ball to tell me that
  11. Time for a change, the pressure is showing and once you start casting blame around like that, particularly at the fans, there's very little chance of turning it around. Personally I think we've been a very nervy team throughout CC's tenure - we're a confidence team. We've played exactly the same sort of game for the last 2 and half seasons and we've not learned anything from our mistakes or changed our game to compensate for the way other teams play against us or improved in any way; it's just more of the same every time. CC has taken us as far as he possibly can, even though I was prepared to give him a chance at the start of this season. It's getting towards the time where we have nothing to lose by parting company i.e. it's unlikely we'll make the play-offs and it's unlikely we'll get relegated.
  12. Could chasiri be ready to walk away?

    It's what 24 post piggies like yourself are desperate for, ditto CC although the latter has now spread to owls too