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  1. Going 3 at the back according to Giddings, will we ever learn?
  2. always bad traffic at Malin Bridge to Hillsborough Corner
  3. Porkers getting a bit above themselves aren't they?
  4. That's him from Blackburn innit, Everton fan is Ian from Eckington?
  5. This blunt, sharps been great this season ... It's October you git, wait until the pitches get heavy. Gerrof
  6. What was that, something like ....? We need to start keeping clean sheets How do that with the players you have? We need to stop them scoring My head just exploded
  7. pgmetcalf

    penney may be off

    So it's started then?
  8. pgmetcalf

    Converting Draws to Wins

    Go to the League/FA We drew that match 0-0, here's £50?
  9. pgmetcalf

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    This one
  10. pgmetcalf

    Reach - A nice little vid

    Whooosh I can tell my comment went straight over peoples’ head
  11. pgmetcalf

    Early 90’s Classic SWFC Videos

    Was on the kop that day, a good example of why you should never rely on results from other matches. I remember Look Leeds having a good gloat showing kids crying and playing Roy Obison's it's over. A lot of us said we were far too good to go down and I suspect we were right because what a 4-5 years that followed.