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  1. pgmetcalf


    Don't know, don't really care, he's a troublemaker apparently and upsets the team
  2. pgmetcalf

    So that survey

    You mean loaded. It was just a PR exercise, that's what you get for caving in to fans
  3. That said, I'm still gob smacked at Cardiff splashing £6m on Gary Madine
  4. pgmetcalf

    So that survey

    Bit irrelevant if the rumours are true and we’re close to FFP .... didn’t seem to worry wolves though did it?
  5. Word has it Josh Turner. Could he do a job for us? 6’ 3” 12 stone ball winning midfielder
  6. pgmetcalf

    Starting XI

    Reckon I’d put Neymar in there. Better wait until the first day of the season to see who can play
  7. pgmetcalf

    The future of Joao

    Confidence player if ever I saw one. He’s either great or terrible
  8. pgmetcalf


    Do they do a turn?
  9. And No 1 is Michael Palin And No 2 is ...
  10. pgmetcalf

    Breaking News

  11. Same with pride and passion
  12. Learned to not have expectations.
  13. pgmetcalf

    Surely bloody not!

    Why do people come out with this crap? The only possible reason is that someone is trying to upset the fans, with the ultimate objective of transferring dissatisfaction onto the pitch