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  1. I think category matches are a FA or league thing rather than club policy
  2. That's a thing, personally I'd do away with category tickets but that's something I don't think the club can do by itself even if they wanted to
  3. pgmetcalf

    The Sheffield Wednesday Card

    I thought this thread was going to be about these
  4. pgmetcalf

    Sheffield Star

    Forever Neil, the media holds a big sway over peoples’ opinions. Most people don’t realise why they’re being told stuff. It’s a very powerful tool if you don’t cotton on. Even someone as experienced as me has to check themselves occasionally
  5. Not just one line though. By all means sell advanced tickets but any left unsold should be POTD at turnstiles on the day of the match, either by cash of debit cards. No tickets to be sold on the day of the match, that is reserved for POTD. For me, the logic being that if you buy a ticket beforehand on the day you have to go back a few hours later anyway. And apart from sell outs - remember those, I can’t see it being a problem. Sadly, it seems, gone are the days of saying to your mates at 1pm do you fancy doing football?
  6. I think you’ll find they would. The standard of football isn’t the issue of price; issue is the price of football regardless of how well the team are doing. It’s a big ask and I suspect most people would have to make some kind of sacrifice in order to go. In recent years I found football to be a bit samy and it lost its appeal somewhat and that’s when we were flying. The pricing, all ticket matches and entire product needs revamping ... but that is going to cost time and money and in today’s “I want it yesterday” culture it’s unacceptable
  7. pgmetcalf

    Anyone know what happened to this?

    Like anything else it just looks good on paper and helps create a buzz
  8. Like I said, football has always been a bit pricey for what it is. I remember umming and ahhing when it was £4 -£4.50 a match, but yeah, now there’s a lot more umming and ahhing now the Money Men bought into football.
  9. pgmetcalf

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    In the south, on Saturdays, you don't have to salute every time the ball goes in the air
  10. pgmetcalf

    Kids shirt sizes - which one?

    Dunno, but as a measure I'd go a size bigger at least. He'll grow into anyway at that age
  11. pgmetcalf

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    Being attacked by radio sheffield again and they're just arguing for the sake of it
  12. pgmetcalf

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    I imagine that Jonathan the posh blade has all kind of issues
  13. I predict I'll not win the euromillions jackpot
  14. pgmetcalf

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    The squad IS small, apart from Big Dave ... he’s massive. His head is that high he has to wear a Benny hat indoors. Still, at least he doesn’t have to smell his feet