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  1. this would make De Marco worth 6 pts reyt striker
  2. be interesting if they even noticed no one on the touchline
  3. RIP Johnny, (far left) part of my boyhood team of heroes
  4. Oh I thought is was the ann summers creation on the mantle piece
  5. i've always been a supporter posting against his critics, sometimes he deserved it, but more often it was unfair IMO he gave 100% most times he played even if it was usually a cameo but he often changed the game when he came on by causing mayhem Good luck to the lad in his future career -a genuine team guy
  6. tbf it must hamper the search eg -12 meaning poss relegation and poss clauses in contracts to cut wages if so
  7. Read your interesting take on this thanks - but for me we have to be wary of the bit in bold Re you are shocked, I think there's a fair few of us that aren't even a little bit. I strongly support the Club and by default Mr Chansiri through this, as you would family BUT You cannot continue to run the club like this, a change has to be made ..but it won't
  8. excellent post Elderly However I do wonder at the bit in bold sometimes
  9. Disturbing but it is after all the Sun which is basically one step down from the beano I'd rather wait for our Brief's interpretation but if at all accurate I'd expect us to go for the EFL for damages ( in that a punishment should have ben applied but wasnt and is now affecting a season 2 years from the 'offence' I have zero empathy with Charlton they went down due to their form, not the availability of a 2 year old lifebelt and they weren't in our league when the contravention was deemed to have happened you need to look at the penalties that coul
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