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  1. Nailed it, Rob mate except for 'he's assembled a squad ' IMO he failed to strengthen our midfield creativity / pace and we still need a centre forward
  2. hope he gets a brilliant round of applause to cheer him up after the game
  3. I can only speak for myself but I think a lot agree, this attempt by wannabe managers trying to be jnr peps is an annoying fad and they just cannot see it can only work with top class players capable of controlling and passing the ball quickly. Being an Owl for a couple of years means you forget about winning stuff, yes we have an inate expectation but personally I just want to see honest up and at them tackling, fast attacking passes and a few shots hopefully on target. if we lose 3-4 ok it was a good match, we'll win more than we lose ( keegan's newcastle style) The difference around hillsborough ( and prob all stadia) when attacking intent is shown is like night and day The job at SWFC is a big one and 90% of 'managers' we've had shrink into defensive mode, due to the over whelming expectation. We need a big character with the balls to say get out there and tear them a new one win or lose leave it all on the pitch the crowd will love it - well I will Moore has done nothing to persuade me he has a clue what he's doing. I think he'd prob be better working with a half size squad where he doesn't have so many options, but even then does he have it in him to admit he needs to change his style especially in this div ?
  4. from afar he strikes me as a dave allen type on speed and considerably more dosh again from what I've read, he isn't liked up there due to relative lack of investment, at least DC has invested a considerable % of his known wealth however if I were his dad or very able elder bro, I'd say just ask for your cash back learn from it and get the heck out
  5. hopefully one day before i'm 6ft under we'll see quality of the early 90s again as for moore he's got a long way to convince me he has a clue - i think he's got too many options and simply cant decide what his team is
  6. yes I believe the fans are doing the conga round the pitch
  7. made me laugh that but you seriously impressed with that ?
  8. just heard someone had the match say he's struggling and may not that being said I also heard lee's career was over too and that was bollux as bolton are finding out
  9. i said at the time sacking 'as such' Gray was a bit stupid, he should have at least been given the chance - yes the football was dire towards the end but he had nothing to work with and he saved us from going down. Well thought of as a coach and still is with a decent director above him (wilkinson) i think we'd spent the money wiser, albeit under CC we were a goal away from promotion I believe long term we'd been better served by SG
  10. just watched 3/4 of season 2 anyone else thought it was a certainty we'd end there losing run and we'd get beaten even in fiction it's what we do
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