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    All Wednesday

    I watched it for the first time yesterday I see no point in being critical I congratulated Matt and meant it was it perfect from my point of view probably not, was it Matts view and that of his commentators yes but I love all things SWFC as most of us on here do One person I would like to sponsor for a definitive SWFC film would be @dunsbyowl whose searches into history are wonderful and perhaps something I would have liked to see more of along with interviews with any legends living and any from the past that already are out there to be collated In fact I would be prepared to contribute should such a video be made
  2. it's based on ridiculous delusion just a few years ago they were forced out of that shed in booth's scapyard playing in DVS now they have a smart stadium and giving clubs with 10 times their budget a game financed by an Owl I suppose we all wish and expect our club to do better but this Paul bloke is an idiot
  3. steelowl

    All Wednesday

    It's a bit fuzzier now but If I shut my eyes I can see 'that moment' I saw what i thought was a massive grass field with a brass band marching up and down - I hadn't a clue what i was watching really when the football started but the atmosphere and noise was amazing - like everyone I would pay anything to watch a match with my dad again
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  5. steelowl

    From a Wigan fans forum

    t the fact that Jos couldn't see it was staggering
  6. steelowl


    any one know if he can play due to FA rules? read the thread and I'm unsure
  7. I agree on all points blo*dy hell
  8. what was the gisty so i can criticise it if necessary?
  9. chicken and pasta driving for the first part of the program soooo pleased that traffic easing off on the humber bridge WTF?? that paul minipig is an absolute teacake whereas great call from the guy afterward balanced and realistic where's our callers ? missed Mick just got last 2 secs
  10. steelowl

    Chelsea lack confidence

    i have a few chelsea fans in extended family and they aren't happy depends on Thursday's what team they play league is their priority their morale is shot I think we have a chance
  11. steelowl

    Still can’t see

    leg room or should i say knee room is ridiculous
  12. steelowl

    Morgan Fox

    was it unjustified ? I think it (booing ) was OTT and down right wrong, but he was rubbish but I acknowledge he's stuck at it and doing well
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    IF he played like that consistently definitely
  14. steelowl

    Still can’t see

    ask a child i used to wait til 10 mins after HT go round the back of the old leppings lane stand and look doe eyed at the serving women and say is there any dregs of bovril ( tbh i thought it may have been oxo) left they would tip the urn and it poured out like molten tar delicious old chap
  15. steelowl

    Still can’t see

    Bovril ? !! never been bovril it's blo*dy expensive luke warm P*ss now eeee when i used to ask fer t'dregs in the old lepping lane end you could eat it with a spoon feckin delish