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  1. I agree, whilst i accepted the delay as compassion I hoped it was genuine and not lack of interest - but something didnt sit right and I totally agreed with the if Man utd wanted him scenario
  2. kin ell wondered where we'd got rid of abdi's treatment bench to
  3. It is rocket science and I think it's almost certain to be true IF we did get jessica rabbit or whoever IF they did the job got the required results thumped the badge etc they'd be our pep for how ever long it lasted such is the fickleness of a football supporter
  4. we're the famous sheffield wednesday and we're loved by holloway holloway holloway
  5. tbf since the demise of the owlettes on handjobhub.com we need fresh inspiration
  6. and half sucked werthers being spat out in ecstasy
  7. look where that got us last time
  8. I have this awful feeling that Bruce will blame problems with DC and subsequently put off anyone decent
  9. aaaargh dr who - 007 now a swfc manager stop this bus I wanna get off and lay in front of it
  10. errrrrr is that the time? no seriously i know it's prob too early for him but If I'm still around in 10 years I'll dig this thread up
  11. not trying to influence but please be careful with backing Bullen, IF it's deemed he is a default caretaker he has to be in charge for 10 games
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