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  1. like everyone else i haven't a scooby what's happening i too have had texts saying it's done decision announced tonight blah blah 2 days ago Only a guess but i suppose it's possible there's an appeal just gone in by the EFL or us I'm still confident until i hear otherwise
  2. in my experience that is impossible to reason with an aggrieved female mind
  3. I was thinking we could appeal to kick into the long grass and cause further delay to any deduction of points to next season but it seems if it's urgent and this could be called urgent to decide final placings 92.5 The Disciplinary Commission shall have the power to abridge the time period set out in Regulation 94.3 (time limits for appeal) if there is a compelling reason why the appeal (if any) needs to be concluded expeditiously.
  4. 92 Decisions 92.1 The Disciplinary Commission may at any time make a decision, and may make more than one decision at different times on different aspects of the matters to be determined. 92.2 A decision may: 92.2.1 order a party to do or refrain from doing anything; 92.2.2 order a specific performance; 92.2.3 make a declaration on any matter to be determined; 92.2.4 issue a reprimand or warning as to the future conduct of a party; 92.2.5 order the payment of compensation to The League, any Club, any other club, Player or other person; 92.2.6 order a suspension of membership of The League; 92.2.7 order a deduction of points; 92.2.8 impose a financial penalty payable to The League; 92.2.9 recommend expulsion from membership of The League; 92.2.10 order a withdrawal or loss of benefit otherwise available to members of The League e.g. basic award or ladder payment; 92.2.11 impose an embargo on registration of Players; 92.2.12 order any other sanction as the Disciplinary Commission may think fit; and 92.2.13 order that interest be payable on any sums awarded under this Regulation for such period and at such rates as the Disciplinary Commission thinks fit. 92.3 These sanctions may be imposed immediately or may be deferred or suspended for such period and on such terms as the Disciplinary Commission shall decide. 92.4 At any time a Disciplinary Commission may determine (either of its own accord or as a result of representations from a person, Club or club and in any event in its sole discretion) that if the complaint is upheld, it may wish to exercise the power under Regulation 92.2.5 to award compensation. If the Disciplinary Commission so determines, it shall notify the parties to the proceedings and the potential recipient(s) of this fact. The Disciplinary Commission may then make appropriate directions as to the receipt of evidence of loss from the relevant recipient(s) as well as directions on the receipt of evidence in response from the parties to the proceedings. 92.5 The Disciplinary Commission shall have the power to abridge the time period set out in Regulation 94.3 (time limits for appeal) if there is a compelling reason why the appeal (if any) needs to be concluded expeditiously. 92.6 Any financial sanction and any order for costs shall be paid to The League within 14 days of the date on which the sanction or costs were imposed. Any compensation shall be paid in accordance with the order of the Disciplinary Commission. 93 Consequences of an Order for Expulsion 93.1 Where the Disciplinary Commission (or where appropriate the Section 9 League Arbitration Tribunal following determination of a Disciplinary Appeal) makes an order that in whole or in part recommends expulsion of a Member Club from The League under Regulation 92.2.9 the Board shall, within 28 days of receiving a copy of the order, call an extraordinary general meeting of The League and present a Special Resolution inviting Member Clubs to ratify the decision of the Disciplinary Commission or League Arbitration Tribunal. 93.2 Where the Member Clubs ratify the decision of the Disciplinary Commission or League Arbitration Tribunal the company secretary of The League shall, within 14 days of the general meeting, serve on the relevant Member Club at its last known address written notice of the decision together with written notice to transfer its share(s) in accordance with Article 4.5. 93.3 Subject to Regulation 94, the decision of the Disciplinary Commission shall be binding upon all the Clubs, Officials and Players
  5. it isn't their decision it is an independent panel
  6. Barry If you're still off for the weekend fishing with Fletch to Whitby steer clear of lamb Kam it's fecking awful love ya N x
  7. The old Manzil as was late 70s on on eccy road will never be beaten
  8. that's off my to eat list, sounded dodgy, looked dodgy, just trying to work out if the pic was before or after he tried to eat it
  9. urgent advice I've had such a meal stop eating -cut out the middle man or you'll be on the bog all night
  10. so the girl on twitter with the info did i miss something or was it this next 5pm ?
  11. yep we are urgently looking at another 100+ Centre backs
  12. i agree total shithousery i said it may not stand based on Di Marco touting for business saying this Nick De Marco QC @nickdemarco_ Careful to keep an open mind, but given serious allegations have been made that the administration of Wigan may be part of a greater fraud & league-fixing illegal betting scandal, I cannot see how the EFL can allow the 12-point deduction without further investigation.1/4 #Wigan Nick De Marco QC @nickdemarco_ ·Jul 4 4/4 If the EFL fails to put in place urgent independent investigation into this before sanctioning the Club, The FA, as ultimate regulator, has a duty to step in & the Club, its players & others may have a strong legal case against the EFL
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