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  1. fantastic for the crowd celebration injuries aside and i've had a few of them (still recovering from the crossley header) something special about the resignation of defeat or draw only for complete mayhem to break out better than that fantastic for team morale, them pile ins are brilliant, get the crowd and team together and i firmly believe any successful season has a few last minute turnarounds in it nothing like it for walking home with a bounce in your step, having that drink and feck off curry when only seconds before you didnt want to eat we've had some screamers over the years feel free to add memorable ones
  2. exactly or a full blooded tackle and a few shots made this point in the matchday thread when someone said atmosphere was awful
  3. before we start who do we have to send for counselling this week cos dave pushed him over to score ?
  4. be some people hiding behind their settees tonight
  5. get the fecker on then monk it clearly aint working
  6. not there not watching however been there a few hundred times and can guarantee if the team put effort a challenge or show endeavour the crowd come alive every time even back in div 3 with 11k of us
  7. saying HIllsborough a fine stadium and packed with home fans sag'll be furious
  8. RS is biased it will change over time halifax fan giddings preferes the pigs it's annoying but he's allowed we lost the sole wednesday fan staton who some people on here thought was a pig too just shows he did a good job hiding it IMO the pigs present dilemma won't be investigated on RS like it would if it were us and won't be challenged by callers because most of us unlike that bitter tw@ aren't demented
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