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  1. that team v our present team - interesting high class match that would be
  2. Very true Tris, the worry is just how far do we have to fall to get rid of Chansiri and what will be left of the club, this is a living nightmare of ineptitude
  3. I know these leeches are a part of the game but I'm not sure all agents can be said to be furthering a players career above getting a payout for themselves I know a couple and the £s they trouser for promoting a move is obscene
  4. I was going to say the same, however, we don't know if they did
  5. great job thanks - but I feel if you heard one you've heard most doesn't stop me wanting to hear it though for 2 days we can have some optimism
  6. oh god I hope this fresh start works how many have we had so far ?
  7. that is the approach to take with JR imo he looks like he's a player needs positivity
  8. Sadly true, despite not being a fan I wanted him to succeed because that meant we did , but the club needs fresh ideas by football men not leech agents but no one happier if we succeed even despite DC
  9. how do we get this press conference, is it live video / audio anywhere?
  10. Moore on Megson when they trained, they really trained. That team was relentless. Game after game, we were able to produce. A lot of that came from the manager Gary Megson – he never let up on us. Sometimes you win a game and you can get lost in the moment. But with Gary, as soon as the game finished, it was done. Bang – on Monday morning we were back to it again. There was no hangover from the game; it was instant. any lover of Megson will do for me
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