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  1. rubbish day for me wanted Croatia and Anderson in the tennis however,I think I may have spotted a prospect not many people will have noticed him but there's a young lad called mbappe bit out there but I reckon the kid might do a job
  2. steelowl

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    could smash a meat and potato pie now gravy, mushy peas, mint sauce and hendos not that a honed athlete such as wot I am would evvver eat a pie
  3. steelowl

    Team vs Lincoln

    think you'll find most 'Lincoln fans are wawaw'
  4. steelowl

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    fecking band will be playing it at England matches tho
  5. steelowl

    Team vs Lincoln

    only 846 Lincoln fans? pretty poor that
  6. steelowl

    Clare tho!

    agree with this now , feck him, only want another mention of him if he signs for us if not see ya same with the other one whose name now escapes me
  7. steelowl

    Blue and White Stripes and...

    how fecking gorgeous does our shirt look ? especially compared the that sh*te Lincoln are wearing
  8. steelowl

    Blue and White Stripes and...

    oh god we have a rerun of the is it black gold or blue dress? debate
  9. can you imagine the pressure of this going to pens I may have to go out for a walk
  10. steelowl

    Ricky Moate Update

    Ricky I said earlier in another thread I'd love to see you be able to walk out on the pitch as a VIP when you're ready just so as we can give you a reception that matches your bravery I'm sure there are people with influence hidden on here to make that happen
  11. never happen once our medics get hold of him he'll be 2 weeks away in 2020
  12. was just about to post this glad I read the thread marshall + rhodes = goals imo -it's what we should have had
  13. shock horror Owlsman sniffs around a female with sycophantic wooing just p*ssed off I didn't think of it first
  14. steelowl


    just a thought did you give permission to keep details re the DPR invite?
  15. steelowl

    Potential new signing...

    how ever humble his origin if he signs he should get 1000% more support than spoilt kids who have gone elsewhere