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  1. not just this season pretty sure DC himself suggested that selling players wouldn't help - cant think of any reason why, except we won't get all the cash ie someone else got the logbook
  2. Nothing is off the table; the Football League are now able to impose a points deduction during the current season, or demote a club from an automatic promotion position into the play-offs (or out of the play-offs altogether). taken from fantastic breakdown here http://www.financialfairplay.co.uk/financial-fair-play-explained.php
  3. dont be silly DC should get his wallet it'll be reyt or some idiotic phrase like that
  4. In case you aren't aware this is happening tomorrow The match kicks off at 1.00pm on Saturday 23 March at Hillsborough, with supporters welcome to enter free of charge from 12.00pm, a raffle is also taking place to raise funds for the charities. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/march/support-the-charity-cup-on-saturday/ The Charity Cup returns to Hillsborough this weekend raising funds for St Luke’s Hospice and the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme.
  5. where would they be now if they didnt sell their stars ? bust
  6. is that a fixed 400 years or a rolling one? askin for a confused friend
  7. think 3 or 4 of us have tried mate perhaps if nixon tweeted it they'd take note
  8. Hope RS are on 'wheezy michael watch' out duty this week what with the hillsborough coming to a decision and now points penalties being dished out he'll be frothing at the bit to get on
  9. as annoying as these rules are i understood the efl clubs themselves voted for it
  10. something tells me people aren't getting this we're in the sh*t for sometime concept
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