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  1. I understand their obsession with us, but Rotherham mean absolutely nothing to me, other than I admire their achievements on relative fumes by a wednesdayite who couldn't get on our board so chucked what cash he has into them and imo he's done well. They want us to see them as some sort of fierce rivals they aren't in my book, win or lose against them it's a points not kudos issue
  2. Yep i'm just assuming Moore is aware and going to address it quickly pre season optimism but I'm happy so far and based on their past performances he's stiffened the spine added height, now he needs pace to unlock the teams that will 'park the bus'
  3. yes would be nice to actually start training with a potential first 11 in place for once
  4. lucky that Huddersfield don't play in that league then
  5. think it was howson who said westwoods clean sheet record stood up well especially considering the amount of saves he had to do per game
  6. sometime you have to accept that the opposition did a job on us whereas cambridge stood off last night there was little room plus paterson and berahino couldn't hold the ball up ...at all.. Everyone seemed off the pace last night and it happens almost every time against physical in your face teams said before Moore seems incapable of proactivity (doncaster excl) and when we come up against this type of opposition we can't deal with it by changing Gregory should have been on much earlier to help keep it in their half ref didnt help either tbh
  7. I read somewhere earlier in the thread bannan has allegedly bought fletchers house no idea if true or where that is
  8. just listened to the radio article back on sounds He admitted he doesn't know what SWFC are doing but he's whinging about it wtf ?
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