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  1. I'm hoping there's an element of this to it (ie being seen to have a look at it) I know mardy Gibson kicked off publicly, have any other chairman had a pop at us ? the fear is that we are a big keep off the grass example
  2. prob but I Suspect DC will be expecting that hopefully we have a defence anyone know if Borner has a law degree ?
  3. tbf i hope that tw@ gets visited by karma
  4. stoop I think if we haven't a good defence i'd be happy with 12 points if thats all it is i think the EFL will love to throw the kitchen sink at us then there's the hmrc aspect there are a couple of things a bit clearer now regarding resignations
  5. tbh anyone thinking this situation is anything but potentially catastrophic must be on tranquilisers however I don't see this as worse than the pre Manderic rescue there will always be a club whatever happens
  6. each to their own - ( I can't stand salmon) but that comes close to heresy in my family
  7. i haven't read the whole thread just looked at the first last page, if anyone thinks any owl is celebrating over this is frankly stupid highlighting the shortcomings and possible punishments of a situation is a million miles away from enjoying it happening tbh I'm surprised it's taken so long I really hoped we'd escaped
  8. can't we just blame FF ? they'll go for that
  9. happy days should've posted this tomorrow for the classic friday sh*t storm
  10. I have a few weeks off and WTF?? or are you just being a proper charlie ?
  11. tbf thought it was common knowledge at the time I was very surprised it didn't go through given the financial situ
  12. surface was rough but it was very useful think wednesdayite did their best - letting that slip was a mistake but can't remember so not sure we had cash when it was available
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