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  1. Match Day Pies

    agree with this minimum info price, quality of ingredients, taste, texture of filling and case , temperature, overall quality/price not that i eat pies evvvver
  2. suspect the tw@s will try to offload away from barnsley so this what it looks like
  3. thieving scummy gets hope they get found out and receive their own 'medals' round the back of the cop station
  4. it has been, but he won't wrong targets acquired despite 25k of us knowing we needed a CB, bick Feck off ball winner and pace for 2 years
  5. oh hell now it's busy on upper hanover the bad news just keeps on coming
  6. did clarke look fit enough ? not sure after sam's call - I cant sleep for worry
  7. Matias, FF, Van Aken and Thornily

    yep but i haven't heard anything since, has he broken down again?
  8. look north declared they've technical difficulties with showing a report yet ? wrong sort of snow ?
  9. John Pearson

    there have been quite a few occasions over last few years when listening to dubious commentary that I'm only certain a goal has gone in because of his yeeeeeeeeeessss!!
  10. interesting to see it 100% from their angle ie dont show any attack of ours, except the 'offside goal' because it highlighted just how flipping good Hutch was
  11. Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    As someone who supported the lad when he was getting pelters I stand by what I said ages ago he's very skilful with the ball but he's hampered by his frame and looks clumsy and at times and tbh he defo is even his mother would say that but for me in the dark weeks we've just been though it's his effort and desire that stand out many players would have sulked and demanded a move for the treatment he's had as a 10 min save the game role I couldn't be more pleased for him one thing in general about Nuhiu that bugs me ever since he's played for us is presumably because of his size refs give him absolutely nothing he is often forearm smashed from behind and given nothing but if he sneezes on someone it's a foul very frustrating except his 2nd goal yesterday I expected a whistle for that challenge on their CB about time
  12. Matias, FF, Van Aken and Thornily

    not going to start another thread but any news on hooper? I heard he was the proverbial '2 weeks away' last month
  13. name me a game when he isn't laid out with what we fear is him finished when his time comes to pass over If I were in his family wouldn't bury him straight away he may get up
  14. Owlstalk Praise Or Grumble

    'aaaaaannndd we have Ian on the line ' 'ello Rob it's The eckington ex liverpool fan blackpool blade ' click 'sorry Ian we haven't time it's the traffic' *chortle* 'it's reyt busy in the busy spots of sheffield I say it's reyt busy ' 'err thanks - important news that ' aaannd we have Mick the rawmarsh Owl 'eerrr hi Rob I just wanna slag off every owls fan other than me who rings in...' ...'great call that Mick as usual '
  15. tbh i haven't read most of this thread however he seemed to reject criticism of and instead support carlos in this interview which is differet impression I got from that previous interview a few weeks before carlos jumped ship