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  1. to support that he's targetted 2 doyen players for swansea ...funny that
  2. dark days stood with the 11k leon least you didnt have to queue long get a hot bovril to warm you up
  3. yup just what we need a cross between a brilliant footballer who's a bit a of a tw@
  4. Wot? You mean it's one of neil's photoshops surely he wouldnt do stuff like that
  5. some on twitter posted a pic of the leeds match that I copped a right hander from a leeds fan they attempted to take it they failed that man utd match you're talking about was scarey tbh nowhere was safe in or out of ground that day they mustve brought shed loads
  6. dont agree with jonathun RS were wetting their knickers with glee about fregusons comments that they could escalate to scandal status
  7. welcome and good luck to the lad that shirt fit is blo*dy awful tho
  8. people moaning about the weather last night want to have stood on the Kop pre roof nowhere colder this side of the Eiger trudged to bus home countless times absolutely saturated that smell of steaming wet parka fur aaah them were the days
  9. so Joey so got a transfer to Sheffield Wednesday Yes yes it's exciting you only have to pass the medical now then? Yes yes that'll be a piece of pish but what about your wooden leg? it's fine they only check your teeth over there what you looking forward to? a Beres It's the pre match meal of champions I hear why are you jigging about mate need a pish mate oh ok, so good luck over there i hope you do well luck? haven't you seen my showreel I'm feckin awesome mate
  10. translation ?? i get the Jas how about the rest? looks like they both on speed
  11. Jos is already kicking in

    i think he's arranging the life boats at the moment, cant wait for next season
  12. Jos is already kicking in

    I agree but managers are transient romances this is the honeymoon period there will be a time when Jos' tenure is over ( hopefully after a few seasons of success) and people on here will be calling him all sort of names for now I like the sound of this guy I admire what he's done so far with SFA to work with
  13. nowt gets past you mark it's blatant mate I love it the guy is sooo pleased Rob remembers him he misses the jibes him and his mate ' it's like' sean think they ring from a shared phone 'you ringing first?' 'Yeah it's my turn, you ring up in 10 and agree wi me'
  14. The first minute last night

    their personal exec boxes have now been converted to A&E / recuperation wards with a view