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  1. which is presumably why he doesn't stay longer than that at jobs - the ramifications of his alleged nonchalant attitude to training fitness are still with us now
  2. tooo many - £'s experience to get it wrong
  3. if that bannan chip that nestled beautifully into reaches stride was played by de bruyne it'd be on Motd opening titles
  4. you woke up in a i'm gonna be funny mood again
  5. very surprised this hasn't happened yet suppose we'll have to sell someone off or move on to a cheaper deal it was frustrating having no money to sign him years ago but being able to afford him but we cant due to restrictions is blo*dy annoying
  6. really ? not even to say they was robbed ?
  7. fecking beauty uphill lie rolled it round the top bank 2foot from hole perfect weight will never do it again unlike bannan I hope
  8. reminds my of a chip I made 20 years ago at Beauchief gold course 1st hole -a thing of awesome beauty if I say so myself
  9. i'd be wary of buying even messi from watford
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