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  1. By Mess I mean the absolute horlicks that will follow a team stopped from promotion
  2. makes you wonder if it will take such a messy legal confrontation to rethink it
  3. absolutely also can you imagine the mess if the EFL stopped a promotion due to P&S infringements
  4. Whilst I sort of agree with your defence of why he should be given a go - Remember this is a fans' forum, it in all probability will never be read by anyone who has the decision to make his why shouldn't people voice their opinions badges or not sounds reminiscent of AI that
  5. think that's a bit harsh I don't mind boro and i liked gibson but this seems a deflection from their failure they were thought to be auto candidates at one point - he's lost my respect really because this is just sour grapes I'm sure most clubs would welcome a debate on where we go from here because P&S is flawed and divisive and as a restraint is in no way compatible trying to compete with parachute clubs I think we'd all agree clubs' existence needs protecting but if a owner has the verified funds and would somehow legally commit them to the cause there needs to be discussion and agreement around somehow squaring that circle
  6. haven't caught up with this whole thread, but JVA now has a manager who might turn him into a defender
  7. I think that's a bit alarmist however it depends on his exit strategy we may well be in trouble who knows. He's been quoted as turning down substantial offers that someone who isn't committed would have snatched WE as fans and certainly on here differ we all want success but the concern is what we do to get it and will there be a viable club left if it fails certainly so far I've seen people on here who would sell anything, do anything, take money from any source to play the likes of the super financed teams . my view I would've like success of some sort before i snuff it, but primarily I'd want a viable club left for my sons and their kids to support IF this manoeuvre has happened we can do nothing about it but hope for the best
  8. the fact you can do that and b3 30 mins away is my point stay out of the S2 swamp Nigel's gonna drain it
  9. suppose then it'll be our fault bit like the Rhodes gamble
  10. agree with that football as i loved it has gone except for the lower leagues
  11. He did but this clown got wind of it and was in the carpark ready only RS listeners will get this
  12. perhaps just me that draws the line at terrorist cash
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