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  1. Was this a penalty?

    anyone watching the pen in the palace v everton game would think in comparison we should've had 3
  2. exactly this is why I'm on 'hols' from the table gazers
  3. due to a largish squad even so we've struggled losing important players like lee abdi hooper hutchinson lees fletcher westwood and ff for various reasons let's see how if averages work out how they cope it's a long season
  4. uncomfortable as that is it's true so far only saving hope is that limited resources means a thin squad to cope with injuries and suspensions at the level we 've had to cope with last few seasons
  5. brookes is as lightweight as George sod his actual age seen more meat on a butchers pencil but don't let facts get in the way read my post instead of knee jerk comment he needs to put weight on he wont sign for us he's clearly been tapped up
  6. brookes looks like a 15yr old doesn't hold him back George does need to fill out quite a bit tho whether that then helps or hinders him is a gamble for whoever takes him on
  7. summed the bitter tw@ up in a sentence
  8. When shall we start Christmas?

    xmas is a 3 day thing end of
  9. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    great great goal
  10. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    harksy at derby takes some beating
  11. I missed that one game that season went on holiday my old man went lucky git
  12. unbelievable this guy is seriously sick in the head cannot understand why he hasn't been banned
  13. ahv got fans tha knows fecksake can you imagine being sat next to him on a coach?
  14. I mentioned this some weeks ago no one seemed to know I read somewhere the size of contract we offer that is rejected is important IF we know he's been tapped up It is therefore not in our interests to offer a rubbish contract really wish it hadn't come to this