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  1. steelowl

    Match day announcement

    thanks that's my fecking breakfast all over the laptop
  2. steelowl


    good player Hornsby always seemed a player ahead of time for us then
  3. who actually made them ?
  4. steelowl

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    with all due respects to sam i love his commitment but he's the fittest he's been is because he hasn't flown into a 'not now kato'esque tackle since he's been frozen out the lad is made of biscuit
  5. fair point -considering the clusterfeck state of politics However reputation is everything in public life -whilst on one hand this latest outburst could be just ignored by yourself, IMO vile slurs need addressing or they become truth in the minds of listeners / voters If I was him busy as i would be It'd take 10 minute conversation with a solicitor to send RS a letter to warn off this pr*ck this is not the first or 5th time (as we've discussed many times amongst us RS gang on here) that this wheezy specimen of S2 pond life. Over the years he has thrown around slanderous accusations naming people to my recollection our Club, 3 of our chairmen, secretary and now MP Unless they warn him or have him on delay RS need to deny him a public platform
  6. steelowl

    clive betts

    a blunt will be along soon to tell you you're lying
  7. steelowl

    clive betts

    very glad to hear it - lets see them use it
  8. good point about Stuart Gray leaving Fulham He managed to get us to survive using fumes from MM's wallet awful football sometimes but needs must our defence was sorted though Really wish he was given the chance
  9. someone wants to send it to betts
  10. by the way Reading had stew and herb dumplings with hendersons tonight feckin delicious
  11. but but he has friends he's called ( 'it's like' ) sean rings up prob on the same phone sad sods
  12. as he's a celebrity this tw@needs to bring out a hypnotic tape - send anyone to sleep this fella
  13. yes i agree he did said a few times i like this lad - but the vile specimen still managed to slander Mr Betts
  14. unfortunately this new guy Mike isn't ready for him his technique with walker, giddings and Rob was to be all nicey nicey with sycophantic slush about the presenter than slips in the bile