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  1. Is it possible to sign one player that doesn't get criticised before he plays for the 1st team ?
  2. that's more like the rumour I heard
  3. he's running a secret society on what's app........... I can't talk about it
  4. I feel sorry for kids on here not to know that feeling of supporting a top 3 1st division side From being twinned with Wembley in the early 90s and having such a brilliant team that never was out of a match to where we are now with a team that's rarely in one other than the glorious mind the gap promotion it's been a shocking slide down in quality
  5. I still shake my head at how the move from defence to striker worked for Warhurst he was on fire I heard rumours about stuff happening and in the final and why he didn't want to play etc love to know what really happened only wednesday could unearth a diamond and feck it up
  6. if you have never seen it or if you have already yes
  7. sorry that quarter has turned in to a full on boner
  8. waddle just absolutely different class to the poo we watch now
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