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  1. We perform reasonably well for most of the game I thought. However, when the balls in our box we look nervous and no one commits to a tackle or takes charge. When it's in their box, we lack any intent and just don't seem to have any options or ideas.
  2. Looked like he couldn't be arsed to me. Sat in the dugout trying to keep dry was the impression I got.
  3. It was indeed the Five Arches, Joe. Can you remember the walk down the hill avoiding the ditch-billies?
  4. I can't find the short sleeved blue and white. Is it just me? Only seem to have long ones.
  5. This was the difference today. Wilder knew what it meant. He made sure his team knew. He knew what it meant to their fans. And it showed in the way they played. I don't really want to see Carlos go - I wish he could just be a little more flexible in his approach. But the one thing he won't ever have is to be out and out Wednesday. If we are going to replace him, let's get someone who is.
  6. So, is anyone able to listen to this with a UK subscription?
  7. Sat down ready for the game. iFollow logged in - listen to match live. "You need to update your subscription to listen live". What? Never mind, I'll try logging out and back in. "Invalid password". No it's not, I used it on Saturday. Try again. "Your account is locked". Reset password - "your password has been sent - please check your emails". Yep, tried that, no email. iFollow = far worse than Wednesday Player. Now stuck with no commentary. Thanks iFollow, great service.
  8. Finally, the new season! Saturdays are Saturdays once more. 0-2 (FF & Rhodes)
  9. That white with black number is excellent. Love how even the badge is in b&w.
  10. Bring back that Bukta shirt. Was the first one I had. Seem to remember it being really itchy tho - could well have been a knock-off one.
  11. Seeing us play our pre-season games in what looks like leftovers from the lost property bin, really makes us look a bit amateurish. Why not just keep last season's kit for these games?
  12. Thank flip for that. Couldn't have taken much more of that! Roll on Wednesday night!
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