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  1. Pre season in The Yemen?

    No doubt they’ll claim to be taking 10,000
  2. What stopped us?

    If we’d backed Wilkinson we might have won the league (he went off and won it with Leeds) and had we managed to keep hold of big Ron am sure we’d have had a few more trophies on our honours list Would we have won the league if we’d signed Cantona? Possibly would we have dropped out of the premier league if we’d fully embraced di canio and carbone? Probably not
  3. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    I’ve never fathomed why people must have a drink at half time.. you queue up for 10 minutes leaving 5 mins to neck a pint of invariably bad beer
  4. agree our obsession with leeds is embarrassing, particularly the flute song, but don't be fooled by them reckoning they only care about man u... there's footage on youtube of hundreds of their simpletons singing about hating wednesday
  5. I must admit, since he's been here I've heard a few people refer to him as 'kin Jos as well
  6. And Geoffrey will be along in 5,4,3,2....
  7. The club shop are missing a trick here... they should bring out a pair of Kathrine Meire jugs
  8. I often hear people shout ‘you facking cant’ in the north stand... such is the popularity of the stand I guess
  9. Minutes applause saturday anyone?

    Due to the overwhelming positive response, the club have arranged for some wembley style ‘clappers’ to be left on all seats (or at least those that don’t require SAG approval) so clap away folks
  10. I’ll take the blame and subsequent season ban that comes with it if it can be backdated to august please
  11. Well well well

    Pigs won’t make the play offs, inferior GD and too many teams between them and 6th place, even if both millwall and boro take as few as 4 points each from their remaining 3 games, due to their GD pigs would need to win all 3 to overtake them, not going to happen They’ve had their season in the lime light and it’s amounted to fizz all.. natural order will be restored next season
  12. at 15:37, to mark 27 years to the time of " a terrific goal by Sheridan" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew_J1L8XU-k
  13. Agree, there’s no way big ron would have dealt with it in such a pathetic way.. should never have been appointed, was out of his depth.. what was it he labelled them, ‘fancy dans’.. he should have been sacked on the back of that rediculous comment alone carbone and di canio were probably the most exciting players I’ve seen (and I saw our early 90s side) but the club treated them both shabily
  14. It was a great day, the club got it spot on.. all the employees were fantastic, only the weather let things down! My kids loved it, played on the pitch, got to explore behind the scenes - changing rooms, tunnel, etc, you were free to walk around the pitch / stands, the players were there - they got autographs / photos with them. What more can you ask for? it wasn’t heaving, but the treasure hunt/ playing on the pitch was fully booked and to be honest if thousands had been there it wouldn’t have worked as well or had that personal touch to it.
  15. #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Looked a decent player