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  1. Gutted, effectively rules our player of the season out for the remainder
  2. The club might not have been hospitable, but the f u cking players were we might be sh it houses off the pitch, but it’s on it where we need to be
  3. With 2 home matches in 3 days over the christmas period against such glamorous opposition as Cardiff and Hull, you'd have thought the club would have reduced ticket prices for at least one of these games or taken the chance to use one of their advertised "Minimum of one ‘Members Day where all Adult Members tickets are £10" options or at the very least used their other members offer of "Double discount– save £10 on two select fixtures" Bit scrooge if you ask me
  4. Fraud who ultimately put us where we are today with his negative tactics against Huddersfield and terrible signings, abdi, rhodes, Van Aken etc happy birthday though
  5. fizz the EFL got the big hitters behind this
  6. Well done Dom, much deserved.. should have won October’s too not sure why the need to bring up that about bright in this thread though
  7. “Never been in retail” never been to English classes either by the look of it drawb
  8. So not looking likely that the club will be able to sell on the north for the rest of the season absolute joke
  9. Spend a year with Los... come back even worse than when you started
  10. is that right?.. so we can't sell on the north or grandstand now? doesnt like like we've shifted many tbh, but 12:30ko, on sky, cat B, can't say I'm surprised
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