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  1. Will he be bopping along to it, like that horrific video on YouTube with him whist a group of ‘women’ sing , going on the p iss with chansiri to him
  2. Make no mistake, Bruce’s agent will have been onto Ashley as soon as Benitez saw sense and walked
  3. We’ve 4 league titles each, they may have won more fa cups than us? but they’ve not won the league cup, European records are pretty similar, 25 years ago gates were pretty similar too and on the back of our success in the early 90s we were a bigger draw than them...
  4. is that piece of wood with Judas written on it still floating in the don?
  5. i know theres no loyalty in football, but you would hope that after we waited for him he'd reward that shown to him
  6. Yeah... same day we play Stocksbridge Saturday
  7. no reason for Barnsley to be changed, unless SYP are not fit for purpose... oh wait...
  8. Van aken, rhodes, fox, winnall all need moving on, problem is there aren't going to be many takers for any of them
  9. more than we'll be spending this summer
  10. The Si Ferry interview with Fletcher is funny, especially his story about meeting Di Canio for the first time a few sandwiches short of a picnic, probably best describes him
  11. That reverend and the makers song that was sung to van aken at Cardiff would be perfect for fletcher.. nah nah nah nah nah nah Steven fletcher
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