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  1. Pigs win anyone??

    F u c king get in... DRAWBs
  2. So no Venancio, Van Aken, Bannan, FF, Hooper, Lees, Lee, Hutchinson? And what are you basing Rhodes having a future on?
  3. We got what we deserved tonight

    That line up was flipping rediculous... why leave out pudil, reach and joao? if we’d have won tonight, then a point Saturday we could have really gone for it at Swansea as we’d have been almost safe, now he’s going to rest anybody that’s remotely decent/ on form for that game and there goes our chance
  4. Just Got Back

    Some village is missing its idiot
  5. Family Area - Grandstand

    Those 3 blocks in the grandstand should be purely a family area.. any grown men wanting to go in there without kids need to have a word with themselves
  6. Carlos reception tomorrow

    Let’s ignore him and get behind Jos
  7. West stand upper

    Huddersfields singing section is one of the campest things I’ve ever seen, only beaten by the stripey nigels
  8. Favourite away wins..

    We were already top, went top at Leeds Best... Blackburn 2-4 Wednesday league cup semi and Brighton play off semi
  9. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    ‘Show his face’ what you expecting him to do, turn up at your door?
  10. not like he could have refused
  11. Did anyone ever win Spot the ball in the travs Nah thought not
  12. Swansea tickets..

    Cottaging section, sold out an all
  13. This Survey

    Just a thought... Huddersfield managed promotion without ripping off their fans, or spunking loads on players that either don't play or are not up to it or both
  14. This Survey

    this... 'ongoing strategy geared towards promotion to the premier league'.. i'd like the club to expand on this before completing, as that means nothing