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  1. That reverend and the makers song that was sung to van aken at Cardiff would be perfect for fletcher.. nah nah nah nah nah nah Steven fletcher
  2. if pigs could fly... bramall lane would be an airport
  3. he should have finished with.. ps. The city is still ours
  4. always amazes me how fans know how much players earn
  5. if someones offers £4.5m.. as the saying goes.. 'i'll drive him theer misen' * as long as its not to a Turkish club we'd be lucky to get £1m for him based on the last 3 seasons
  6. "build a team around Jordan Rhodes".. good god, that'll fill the opposition with the dread we'd better off with Gary Rhodes.. boom boom!
  7. There's no way Westwood wont be offered a new deal (thankfully Los was f ucked off) ... its whether he signs it or not, is the question Here's hoping he does, been unbelievable since Bullen brought him back in, and he does seem to have a great affinity with the place
  8. with hindsight FF should have gone after refusing to travel to Norwich, what was it we turned down 10m?
  9. Bet you weren’t saying that last Saturday! Clearly nowhere near 100% fit today
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