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  1. #RIP Bill

    Cracking post.. sounds like your old man did a great job of passing on the Wednesday tradition.. sorry for your loss and all the best to you and your family
  2. The club shop Christmas tree

    Can it play centre half?
  3. we can stay in our seats voluntarily, allowing the berties mob up and lie in wait...
  4. He really is off his rocker... we've fooked up the first half of the season, that the second half is now almost irrelevant, we'd need top 2 form just to make the play offs... all this when his remit was automatic Well done carlos
  5. Alternatively.. go down to B&Q and watch some paint dry
  6. FourFourTwo club badges article

    An iconic badge, should be that and that alone, no need for a shield, letters etc
  7. Nottingham Forest away

    fixed it for you cocker
  8. Not only was he by far the best right back, but pound for pound, he is probably the best player we have had in the last 50 years.. and the only one that would get in a Premiership 11
  9. Assume you're joking? Not fit to lace Sir Roly's boots and allllll the suuuuuuubs....
  10. Swfc and hooligans..

    Any truth theres a follow up to this book.. 'Fleeing with the Owls crime squad'?
  11. Updated Graphs

    I've given up on the play offs as I don't think we have it in us to turn things around.. but if you look at it.. we're 3 games away from the halfway mark - 23 games... so if we were to win the next 3 we'd be on 36 points, therefore replicating this in the second half of the season would have us finishing on 72 points, which with a bit of a push for a few extra points should be enough to scrape the play offs. However, we really are now in the last chance saloon and failure to get at least 7 points from the next 3 and we might as well pack up.
  12. Updated Graphs

    Just the 20 points behind wolves... good season this
  13. Can I get google translate for this? I don't speak chav
  14. Chansiri's the real worry

    Can only assume CC must have a video of him shagging a horse or something
  15. He's part of the problem, but he could change all that... and he's shown he's not adverse to change, he's changed the badge, the kit, the prices... now change the flipping manager