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  1. Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Hirst Nilsson Nilsson all t’subs.. Nilsson
  2. Good shout remember there been loads of Sunderland all over the ground.. shut them f u ck ers up
  3. We’re an absolute basket case... we’ve got a chairman that doesn’t know his ar se from his elbow, a terrible manager with an estate agent as his assistant and a bunch of spineless players
  4. oh I know the answer to this one.... its because he's facking clueless
  5. That video with them lasses singing about, goooin on t’wee wee wi Chansiriiii And you clapping along like a seal... f u ck were you thinking?
  6. Woke up this morning feeling fine.. got Sheffield Wednesday on my mind.. monks got us playing the way that only Eustace could oh yeah something tells me we’re on our way to relegationnnnn
  7. Dc likes records.. highest pricest tickets, most expensive kits, longest time to sack sh ite managers, longest wait for kits, big cakes and all that... might get another on Wednesday with the scoreline
  8. Imagine the scenes if the big man knocks an injury time winner in next Wednesday
  9. Take a bow son how we’ve missed the big man. Reckon we’d still be around the top 6 had he not got injured Absolutely vital to us
  10. play offs you do realise its top 6 not top 16?
  11. the footballs still woeful, and we are still going nowhere... well possibly L1, with DC's man in charge and/ or a possible points deduction (thanks DC) we do have a nice pitch though i grant you that
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