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  1. Not the greatest in terms of others mentioned, but Fulham last season with atdhes 93rd minute equaliser was great, mainly due to their sh ithousery throughout
  2. Just noticed didn’t use a yellow ball , what the fizz
  3. I remember it , was the first time I’d seen us play in snow and with a yellow ball. west and reeves in ahead of hirsty worth noting 5 of side there went on to win us the league cup
  4. Come on DC, Eddie Howe is the only real contender, don’t think for a minute we’d be able to convince him to come here, but got to be worth a shot. Let him have control over football matters, give him time and I’ve no doubt he’d get us up
  5. Dont think he failed miserably, as you put it, whilst he may not have pulled up any trees there, he didn’t do that badly and there were a few mitigating factors apparently. One being his missus didn’t like the north west (can’t blame her) and returned to the family home in Bournemouth after a few weeks dont think we’d have a realistic chance of getting him, but I can dream
  6. Someone called Eddie who took a team from the bottom of league 2 with a 17 point deduction to the premier league would be nice. however, back in the real world.. Big Nige, or take a punt on Ryan Lowe Let’s see some attacking football
  7. Home draws definitely cost us the title, think we only lost once, but drew about 10 But.. what a team
  8. Those were the days... even going 2 down and knowing we weren’t out of it
  9. If he’s sacked tonight and Pearson brought in , we’d have a fighting chance , as it is we’re down regardless of any appeal
  10. SIW sure I’m wednesday ? or more likely.. Sh it I’m wednesday sheffield is wonderful? (doesn’t work without the o before it) nah im out
  11. Scousers nicked it off River Plate, who’s original version is absolute class
  12. Simply put... waddle was a footballing god, they are few and far between Waddle, hirst, Nilsson, Sheridan and Palmer in the same team!! an era I can’t imagine we’ll ever see again
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