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  1. Mr Meadows

    Matthew Le Tissier

    Monty's motors had his car ready...
  2. Mr Meadows

    Police escort friday night

    probably when our young un's and shirters hit bramall lane
  3. sleep walking back to league 1
  4. Mr Meadows

    home tickets

    I dont know what you're moaning about!!.. if you want to see the quality of such players as Morgan Fox, Liam Palmer, Joey Pelupessy, Atdhe Nuhui etc.. you have to pay these prices!!
  5. Mr Meadows

    Settled team now?

    Corrected for you
  6. Well that’s that then
  7. Mr Meadows

    Norwich game end of last season

    Enjoyed that match, but think we’ll see a different Norwich this time around, who won’t have flip flops on
  8. Mr Meadows

    #OnThisDay in 1992

    Atmosphere in the first leg was amazing for maybe 60 mins, but overall doesn't compare with the home leg v Chelsea
  9. Mr Meadows

    What we could do with

    If we're developing a time machine.. might as well go the whole hog and bring Waddle and Hirst back
  10. Mr Meadows

    Lost Jacket

    Who takes their jacket off at the match? It’s not the flipping* theatre
  11. Mr Meadows

    Lees why...

    Maldini.. he ain’t
  12. Mr Meadows

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Bannan... the closest thing we have had to Sheridan in a quarter of a century
  13. 38 points from last 21 league games keep that up and ‘where on our wayyyyyy’