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  1. Spend a year with Los... come back even worse than when you started
  2. is that right?.. so we can't sell on the north or grandstand now? doesnt like like we've shifted many tbh, but 12:30ko, on sky, cat B, can't say I'm surprised
  3. So what happens when the University have open days.. presumably there are more than 4 coaches on the road? What about the pigs, are they subjected to such measures? Events at Ponds Forge, does half of Sheffield get closed? etc etc etc SAG / SYP = not fit for purpose
  4. not surprised he's always smiling with the size of his c ock
  5. maybe ask the announcer to do a .. "three cheers for.......... hip hip.. hooray" tonight
  6. Absolute beast Can’t see how lees gets back in
  7. Tune is catchy, but makes us sound a bit stupid, needs changing to something like... hes comes from Deutschland he hates utd he plays for the wednesday
  8. clickbait! you work for the star?
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