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  1. main thing being.. this point last year.. Los was here
  2. Wonderful player on his day, unfortunately they are few and far between with hindsight should have sold him after the norwich debacle mind, we should have also not bought van aken, rhodes etc
  3. Love Fletch deserves a better song though to be honest, hoopers would fit perfectly for the big man
  4. Who the f u ck buys their clothes at Tesco
  5. To be fair to him, with his pace by the time he’d have got there to join in the celebrations Rotherham would have kicked off
  6. FFS why do away fans need holding back?! We're hardly f cuking Galatasary SYP do your f ucking job properly
  7. none on sale for QPR either... this is beyond ridiculous! one incident on leppings lane against the pigs (which the police caused) and they see fit to stop us selling tickets in a stand and make all home supporters exit onto penistone road, absolute disgrace SYP and SAG are not fit for purpose
  8. All wednesday aren’t we jug ears
  9. Not setting the bar very high there though are you
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