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  1. Mr Meadows

    All Wednesday

    i'll have my tenner back please
  2. Mr Meadows


    Better to just leave it at that mate
  3. Mr Meadows

    Chairman’s statement

    We need to get some more gnomes for sale in the shop then...
  4. Mr Meadows

    Chelsea fixtures

    big ask, but would be great to get em back to Hillsborough, under the lights
  5. Mr Meadows

    #OnThisDay in 1982

    Whats with the sign?.. Carlton wasn't even playing for us then
  6. Mr Meadows

    Morgan Fox

    bottom line is, he's sh it.. the white Cafu he ain't but booing his name when announced is ridiculous
  7. Mr Meadows

    Gary Hooper - why ???

  8. Mr Meadows

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Was hoping it was going to be Saturday, 3pm
  9. Mr Meadows

    Jos feared wife safety

    Irrelevant, as he’d have probably left her at the airport and picked his mistress to come along instead
  10. Mr Meadows

    thanks from westwood

    Great to see him back pretty emotional scenes before ko and at ft
  11. Mr Meadows

    Reflecting on last nights madness....

    3 words; high court steps
  12. Heard him referred to by a few things... "very good" definitely not one of em
  13. Mr Meadows

    Vote of confidence or not??

    Nah.. just sack the cheeky monkey
  14. Mr Meadows

    Westwood starts u23

    probably beat our so called first team