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  1. if someones offers £4.5m.. as the saying goes.. 'i'll drive him theer misen' * as long as its not to a Turkish club we'd be lucky to get £1m for him based on the last 3 seasons
  2. "build a team around Jordan Rhodes".. good god, that'll fill the opposition with the dread we'd better off with Gary Rhodes.. boom boom!
  3. There's no way Westwood wont be offered a new deal (thankfully Los was f ucked off) ... its whether he signs it or not, is the question Here's hoping he does, been unbelievable since Bullen brought him back in, and he does seem to have a great affinity with the place
  4. with hindsight FF should have gone after refusing to travel to Norwich, what was it we turned down 10m?
  5. Bet you weren’t saying that last Saturday! Clearly nowhere near 100% fit today
  6. Lookiñg at the fixtures for Saturday, it’s quite possible all 4 teams above us could fail to win we simply have to beat villa to have any chance... we need to raise the roof from the first minute!!
  7. This should be played every game, right before teams come out
  8. Your villa mate says owt and i'm f ucking avin him wednesday aggro wednesday aggro ***awaits geoffrey***
  9. Oooooohhhhhh we’ve got Steven fletcher hes our number nine he links up play with bannan and leads our forwardline he scores em with his left foot he scores em with his right and when we win promotion we'll sing this song all night not giving up
  10. shame he turned out to be vvank as he has a decent song
  11. This threads about Van Aken mate, not Hooper
  12. Oooooohhhhhh we’ve got Steven fletcher hes our number nine he links up play with bannan and leads our forwardline
  13. Remember we had a couple of firecrackers when the teams came out for the FA cup final in 93, thought it looked brilliant and wasn't the done thing back then. Be great if we signed Michael in the summer, always looks quality
  14. if he's got 46 big ones in his sky rocket!! am not normally one to moan about pricing, but we've got this wrong pricing it at cat B. Potentially this game is massive, with decent pricing could have easily been our biggest crowd of the season... potential play off push, early April,3pm saturday.. we've missed a trick here imo, could have had the old girl packed out
  15. Wednesday v Villa play off final Big Steve's has last laugh
  16. its fine.. they're 4 behind Norwich, and when Leedscum beat em saturday they'll be 5 behind them, so even after we've beaten them both they'll still be behind the football gods (and I dont mean Waddle and Hirst) have it all lined up '79, 93, 2012.. 2019, theres a formula there, sure some maths genius can work it out
  17. just had look.. after 22 games, Fulham had 29 points.. in their final 24 games they got 59 points, w18 d5 l1 - a remarkable achievement. interestingly, game 23; when their season picked up, is the same as when ours did (1-0 v Preston) after Dross did one. they finished on 88 points, we're not going to get close to that, but 6th is certainly possible
  18. They dont normally.. do you know something we dont
  19. expect he didnt make many of those comments when he was at Hull
  20. My 2 lads are called Dave and Allen they're not really
  21. ..built like a brick shithouse, he's emerson thome remember playing chelsea after they'd signed him and the line being changed to .. and just like paul warhurst he was sold on..
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