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  1. Birmingham were deducted points for sIgning Pedersen when they were in an embargo. The EFL will not give ANY CLUB a points deduction while they are realistically in the hunt for promotion or have a chance of being relegated. The are desperate to ensure there is no legal challenge to their anti-competitive P+S regulations.
  2. As with every cup draw. Lowest ranked club at home please.
  3. Probably because it would strengthen the team. RB is our weakest area at the moment. If Borner's fit, I'd move Iorfa there.
  4. Good call, worked wonders yesterday.
  5. The replays show it was a penalty. Anybody saying different must have watched it on the wireless.
  6. Of the 2, you'd have to say Palmer. I was excited when we signed Odubajo, but he's been poor so far. At fault for the goal today. Ideally I'd like to see Iorfa at RB until we can sign someone better.
  7. Did ok. Managed not to send FF for being chopped in two.
  8. Yep, it must be 45 years since he signed for Leeds...
  9. Sorry mate, I also sit 10 yards from the dug out. After FF ignored them for the 3rd time. LB turned to the bench and clearly shouted 'Hutch go and get him' while gesturing with his thumb towards Foriesteri.
  10. It is, but like many things on here, it's forgotten by some when it suits.
  11. There is absolutely no chance of the EFL making a decision until we are no longer have a chance of promotion. Then, if we are guilty, they will deduct enough points to ensure we cannot be relegated. They will make sure there is no possibility whatsoever of being taken to court.
  12. Correct, we do not have the right combination available to play 2 in the centre of midfield. It's why we get overrun by average sides time and again when we do. You could play 4 in midfield but you would have to sacrifice one of the wide, which would weaken us going forward.
  13. I'd sooner we stuck to being a football club, not a property business. We have enough trouble doing that.
  14. Only if you want us to be relegated. We don't have the right personnel to play 4-4-2.
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