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  1. Wadsley Park Village. I'm not moving to Auckley in the summer.
  2. Saturday.

  3. Adam Reach

    I'd swap Reach and FF round.
  4. Deadline Extended

    Why, are you thinking of joining?
  5. Stadium location?

    Don't worry mate. At least the dozen or so who come from West Yorks will save 1/2 hour on their journey. We shouldn't be so selfish.
  6. Stadium location?

  7. Stadium location?

    Not for the overwhelming majority of the fans. But yeah, lets move so the few dozen out of towners can get home 5 minutes early.
  8. Stadium location?

    See my previous response to this question.
  9. Stadium location?

    Any of you who travel long distances are heroes in my book. I have to be up at 5.30 every morning for a 45 mile commute.
  10. Stadium location?

    That's Rotherham. Clubs aren't allowed to leave the borough they're located in. Can't see how being close to the motorway would increase traffic on non matchday's.
  11. Stadium location?

    I live a 20 minute walk from the ground. I still find it a complete ballache getting to night matches. I'm not prepared to spend over a hour getting to and from the match.
  12. Stadium location?

    I suspect he'd sell his Granny for the right price.
  13. Feeding on scraps....

    Boothferry Park mate. I think they hit the bar at 4-4.
  14. Stadium location?

    This would be the ideal location for a new stadium. However, I'd prefer to redevelop Hillsborough. Any move to the M1 corridor would end my 50 odd years of attendance.
  15. I work in a factory full of 'em. They were giving it big style on Friday. Monday morning can't come quick enough.