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  1. I only opened this thread to see who would be the first to post this timeless gem. Congratulations.
  2. Sloppy use of the term racism. It’s xenophobic not racist.
  3. I’m not doubting the veracity of your post, however it would help if you can post a link to one. Many thanks.
  4. No, but it’ll free up Pato, Berahino and Gregory to move back there.
  5. You are aware that Liverpool don’t own Anfield?
  6. As someone who knows the family reasonably well. I can tell you they’re all massive Blades.
  7. Mate had his car nicked from there when he was at the match years ago. Coppers rang he up a couple of weeks later with the good news that it had been found intact and the bad news it was in Cornwall. Cost he more to recover it than the car was worth.
  8. If DC was the front man for a group of secret investors, they’d have replaced him years ago.
  9. Red Bull being interested in Wednesday is yet another Owlstalk myth.
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