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  1. Brought a tear to my eye that. Brilliant...
  2. Sham67


    There was nothing wrong with the choice of music. However, the sound system let the idea down. It was near on impossible to hear anything on row 38 on the Kop. Do they increase the volume for 'Hi Ho'? It sounded a lot louder.
  3. Sham67

    One more sleep

    Steady on. Positivity like that will not be appreciated on here.
  4. No, the experts on here kept telling us we had a top 2 squad that was being held back by a clueless manager. Now they're saying we have a mid-table at best squad. They seem to want it all ways.
  5. Sham67

    One more sleep

    Cheer up mate. You never know, you might actually enjoy yourself.
  6. Sham67

    One more sleep

    That's the spirit.
  7. You'd think that he was more pessimistic than you. How did we set up at home last season.
  8. Newcastle mate. Scott's debut, that is.
  9. Sham67

    Sean Clare

    If true, a better move than I envisaged. Or envisioned.
  10. Did they come before or after Donnelly and O'Donnell?
  11. Sham67

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I have read this right. If you get the £50 membership, you get a £45 voucher for the shop. Isn't that effectively £5 for membership. That's about the right price imo. I'd put the POTG prices up another £10 and give a £15 discount to members.
  12. Only the most pessimistic among us would call 3-4-3 defensive. 5-3-2 on the other hand....