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  1. Appointed by Derek Dooley. Sacked by McCabe. Allegedly for not being a big enough name.
  2. Warhurst and Palmer left because they fell out with the manager. Also, if my memory is correct, Palmer left on a free at the end of his contract.
  3. Back on topic. My Grandad used to away games on Wednesday excursions as they were called in the 20's and 30's.
  4. It's never been as bad as people make out on here.
  5. The performance that night was out of this world. However the atmosphere at the 1980 was by far the best in my life.
  6. Don't worry. It looks like Norwich will be relegated.
  7. I'm that old that I don't know how to get on it.
  8. Posted at midday mate, He's having the world's longest medical at the minute. Do keep up.
  9. Not sure what he's worth. However going on the figures reported on here, somewhere between 0.04 and 0.06%.
  10. Moved from the kop after 49 years last season
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