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  1. Sham67


    Can you show me any numbers to back up your assertion.
  2. Sham67


    No mate, it's a euphemism for pegging it, shaking a lucky seven, turning up my toes etc....
  3. Sham67


    I'll be a remainer til I shuffle off this mortal coil.
  4. Cracking idea and in an ideal world it's what we should be doing.
  5. Promotion material. No points have ever been awarded for style in Football. Objective not subjective.
  6. 39 points from the last 22 says we are. Objective not subjective.
  7. You really can't get any lower than using the disaster to score points. Reprehensible.
  8. And all that's nowt to do with all the money Madjeski through at them. Honest...
  9. Seemed to work for the 41 years after the previous one. Can't have it both ways.
  10. They've only moved 5 mins walk away from where they were. I don't think many would com[plain if we built a new stadium at the dog track.
  11. Sham67

    João Does He Do It?

    Is Sam Winnall this year's Paul Heffernan.