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  1. Always a shame to see a club go in to admin. You have to feel for the fans. Innocent victims in all this.
  2. If Carlsberg did relegation's, it would be 'Boro, Hull and Huddersfield.
  3. If the EFL lose the case. They ought to employ one or two off here to represent them next time. Guaranteed to win.
  4. I'll worry about that when and if we get one.
  5. 52 points has been more than good enough to avoid relegation in 9 of the last 10 seasons.
  6. I'd forget about promotion mate. We've left ourselves to much to do.
  7. The top 4/6 can coast to the quarters because the rest of the PL and the Championship treat it with absolute contempt. Playing 2nd and in some cases 3rd string sides. If they actually had a go, they might end up with some silverware.
  8. Fletcher, head and shoulders above the rest.
  9. Drank some beer in Cardiff, then got the train back to Bristol and drank some more beer.
  10. Yep, can see a few clubs throwing the Teddy out. Also can't see DC taking a loss without it ending up in the courts. Will be messy whatever the outcome.
  11. Wasn't the South Stand at the Lane opened in 1975?
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