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  1. This is the first team picture I can remember to use the South as a backdrop. We’ve used all of the other stands in the past.
  2. That should be saved for when she wins gold in Paris.
  3. Nowt, but there’s more chance of that being the outcome than any sanctions being placed on Hungary.
  4. Is it the Holy Father’s birthday as well.
  5. I see FIFA are launching an investigation. Certain ban for Sterling and massive fine for the FA incoming.
  6. If true, the Grigg rumour makes sense.
  7. I love a deadline day signing, even more so when it’s as left field as this one.
  8. Is that a different Wing from the one who has flattered to deceive for us so far this season?
  9. I’ve never bought anything online and always forget my ST when shopping in store. Must’ve thrown away quids worth of points over the years.
  10. Allows Bannan to play higher up the pitch. Keeps the game ticking over nicely. I still struggling to see what Wing brings to the party.
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