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  1. Sham67

    New Kit

    FFS. We're not changing the badge again.
  2. Why do people exaggerate Fletcher's wages. No one is on more than £35k. Source, Dejphon Chansiri.
  3. Sham67

    New Kit

    That's better.
  4. You're wasting your time mate. He doesn't deal in facts.
  5. 82/83ish. The same season Bannister and Gary Megson signed.
  6. Me too and I'm 60 next week.
  7. So let's get this right. A manager who more or less froze FF out in the 2nd Division, is going to sign him 4 years later to play in the PL.. Reyt. Anyone who thinks this must be short of a few marbles.
  8. If United had, it would have been on the 'Honours Board'.
  9. Too right your lordship. Too right
  10. Sham67

    800k for Fred

  11. Sham67

    Big sam

    He has mate, he's got 20 points from his last 10 games with half the first team out injured. That'll do for me.
  12. Sham67


    Did we only use the 'West Brom' shirts for European games?