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  1. We go in The Beehive. Never had a problem watching a game in town for years. Even the Derbies.
  2. Bingo. The hysterical overreaction on here has been hilarious to read.
  3. Have any of them been smashed up like the ones last year when we played these scum?
  4. That table is a complete loadofbollocks. It has us to finish 10th.
  5. Didn't know he set the cost of tickets at Blackburn. There has been moaning on here about the cost of away tickets for years, usually accompanied with a demand we reciprocate.
  6. No, but you disagreed with (negged) my post about outperforming the budget.
  7. I'm sorry, but it seems like you are struggling to understand. More than 6 teams in our league had larger budgets than us both seasons. Therefore by finishing 6th and 4th, he outperformed the budget. That is a fact and not open to discussion. It is legitimate to debate his merits and what other people would have achieved with the same squad. However that does not give you the right to question the truth.
  8. Correct. However, which ever way want to look at it. He outperformed the budget both seasons. I know people have the dangerous tendency these days to ignore facts which do not fit their views. That is a fact and the truth cannot be challenged because people don't like it. As a society we are heading down a dark path if that is allowed to happen.
  9. No, we signed him the summer after season 2. If your saying we signed better quality players than our rivals who spent more, which is not something I tend to agree with. Most people would view that as canny business. Only on here is it spun as a negative.
  10. I'm sorry I vowed never to give out another neg. However you deserve one, it is Rock the Casbah.
  11. How do you explain the fact we outperformed the budget both seasons?
  12. We are on Sky for the next 3 games, so he will come back looking like a world beater. However, as soon as the cameras disappear, so will FF.
  13. First time I've ever heard that and I knew a few of that squad socially at the time and for a good few years after.
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