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  1. If your going to mention Rushbury, you may well have mentioned David Grant.
  2. Typical Wednesday. Get rid of the manager without a scooby who's going to replace him. Thank god it looks like those days are over.
  3. If Iorfa is rcb and the German lad is lcb, who plays in the middle because Lees is nowhere near good enough a footballer to play there.
  4. In the highly unlikely event we sign Hector and play with a back four. Who, in your opinion misses out, Lees or the new lad?
  5. Hector played on the left everytime we had 2 cb's. Forget him, he's not coming.
  6. I think it's next Tuesday, not 100% though.
  7. As they were on about signing a Strasbourg midfielder, I'll go for the one from Strasbourg. Don't know about you, but it sorta makes sense to me.
  8. I was thinking the 17th or 24th. Having said that, it's highly unlikely.
  9. It's not unknown for both clubs to be scheduled to play at home on the same day. Just saying like.
  10. Probably all of them. Do you seriously believe that some random website knows the pay of every player on the planet? Honestly?
  11. If Van Aken's on owt like that, I'll baremyarse in Debenham's window.
  12. So, have i got this right. The bedwetters are now wetting the bed because we haven't announced the signing of any women.
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