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  1. Isn’t that just an old United kit?
  2. It is possible to compare comments without comparing the relative ability of the people mentioned. It is intellectually bankrupt to suggest otherwise.
  3. Surprised the new owners want him. Mind you they are being advised by Paxo.
  4. You sound like Brian Clough taking about Johnny Sheridan.
  5. I can only see DC regarding this as a hostile act. The trust may have just scuppered any chance of having a meaningful dialogue with the club.
  6. DC’s a bit of a softy. Took far too long to get rid of Carlos, Jos and Monk.
  7. Preventative maintenance will save any business in the long. Sadly Sheffield Wednesday like 90% of British businesses find this incomprehensible.
  8. Anyone know what the minimum temperature undersoil heating is designed to counteract?
  9. This United side wouldn’t beat neither Barnsley nor Bournemouth.
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