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  1. Bobby Charlton Bobby Moore Chico Hamilton (pre 1976)
  2. Looks like Westwood’s not being judged on his performance in 20/21.
  3. I refuse to use Amazon on ideological grounds. Sooner spend my hard earned money in an actual shop.
  4. Being a Wednesdayite, he’ll have moved there from the Cross.
  5. I think you need to go to the ticket office with proof of age for concessions. Might be wrong though. Someone on here will know.
  6. Did I forget to mention he’s a lifelong Wednesdayite. As his dad’s off Foxhill, he didn’t get much of a choice.
  7. Mate’s lad always says Sheffield Wednesday. Mind you, he’s from rural Hertfordshire.
  8. Been all downhill since. Massive mistake.
  9. He might have agreed, but has he signed?
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