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  1. Yes but there are a lot of coaching guru's on here who have been saying four at the back since we started our great run last season...eh Pep
  2. TBF I think this dress would suit Neil
  3. So you don't get the numpties on here saying he promised to spend £20M but has only spent £19.6 M
  4. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.starfashionsshop.com%2Fcollections%2Ffootball-team%2Fproducts%2Fwinq1302%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR23jHgD_-91XsZHILII8MdVB5fntTWBLUT8Wlwr8nZGUCFXGtqBb2smojA&h=AT3SnxZz7rSOlOuFobyYzJbflbr6ipT8kwgkAxNHyW_boXvl9j4XY-4gcJRWVxmBc_OhkBQDQvRKEziQsGGxaK5epCbqNBNCvUdHYxF6VsMONTfc_uNy87IBldC9HFYbnHiVLMTtAOKchza4UQ&__tn__=-UK*F&c[0]=AT0L6PTliBtc9hkzpjP_zTtsjMBqoBaVG8ipEClaSOzSXsjaewOdXw2XjppO5gVkfc1OV4NL_mcMR4HaitYxUkOwvNjguupIfCbNZYozQa1RSPjBW5xWgOh9O2UL94Mj4xkF6ym_JLhr1FeaCl_oTVuzjLI5tri-znIFT_EBT5cYPXcuRTGdmBlUCa6ArijVfCe302mBLU0XBMv3Q0CgFQ1H1s8eeBRhdFyOzVGlVn9zhhZF0iwAQr91723TxrMPmtidv1QrIYN7mYrIHpsJw5SwpFjeM-YSamvv_bwU9ZvtunzeaPgaGg0p24RmELxtNWcOG_noUw
  5. The best coverage last season was the Amazon Prime Xmas matches. Their Soccer Saturday style update programme was great...one major match live and all the games updated live as the chances and goals happened. Made Soccer Saturday look like Grandstand in comparison
  6. Is it true we're looking at him ?
  7. I remember playing a side who were three points above us in first place and 10 goals better goal difference than us in the final match in the Nomads league...it was 9-0 to us at half time and in the second half they scored two quick goals and started celebrating like they'd won the world cup. We scored five in the last fifteen minutes to win 14-2
  8. If taking the knee by white players supporting their black team mates who are regularly discriminated against and abused on social media is meaningless then what other way can they support them ?
  9. You can fuckright off with these FACTS...conjecture through an obvious no knowledge of football is the answer
  10. Great read...looks like Catterick didn't want him
  11. Sheridan and the team that beat Man Utd...in my lifetime anyway although I do have a soft spot for the Catterick teams that beat Barca and Roma in Europe
  12. Not as a manager...he was rubbish as a manager and if he hadn't have been such a good player he would have had the fans wanting him out sooner...anyone who racially abuses the chairman is some kind ofspecialfuckwit
  13. So you'd rather us not have a superb player who was player of the season and would rather do without him... I rest my case M'Lud
  14. Hence DM using him further forward once we'd got the defence sorted and Luongo fit where he played further up the field...you have to laugh when you heard people saying " he prefers to sit at the base of midfield so he doesn't have to do any running and can just try hollywood passes all match long " Err...no he was playing where he was asked to play because we didn't have Luongo who ran that area of the pitch when he was fit and playing. His running stats match up with anyone at the club. No doubt they will be saying the player of the season award was a fluke and given because he was the highest paid player...you can't legislate for stupidity among the fan base some of whom wouldn't recognise a footballer if one bit them on the arris
  15. Is there an " let's get out offucking League One first " option ?
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