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  1. Playing out of defence without the players to do it properly isn't a PLAN
  2. That will always happen when we don't have anyone capable of passing the ball out of defence...THAT'S why he has to come deep. Why Hutchinson started in midfield is a mystery to me. Playing at the back everything is in front of him and we can control the ball. I thought that's why we started so well this season in defence. Dunkley's passing skills are non existent and we're put under pressure every time he gets the ball. FFS
  3. Not if he's blowing out of his arse after 25 minutes...I'd rather have Dele-Bashiro there...more mobile, more bite and not likely to get booked because he's off the pace and lunging in to win tackles
  4. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/3000-raised-so-far-for-jude-s-carers/?fbclid=IwAR2BP55p6c0AP19dZLCKvvJnrFmXOAb-KEFaSbmMEFdnPL8bLlQ6MfpKIX4
  5. What for 25 mins until he's blowing out of his arse...Watch the ground Dennis and Bashiro cover in midfield for 90 mins FFS different in every respect
  6. We do...Denis and Bashiro add Bannan to that midfield with one of Byers or Wing...playing no ball winners in the middle is perplexing I can't for the life of understand why DM did that
  7. So he left for Everton and they promptly won the league AND beat us in the FA Cup final
  8. The midfield needs to be Basher, Denis, Bannan and either Byers or Wing...Bannan then can play in the hole
  9. No he isn't you can't play Bannan, Wing and Byers without anyone to win the ball for them
  10. The midfield needs to be Basher, Denny, Bannan and either Wing or Byers you can't play three creative players
  11. We need Basher on for some midfield pressure...can't play Wing and Byers together with Bannan someone has to get the ball for them
  12. Me neither...how good was it to see Sow and Corbeanu running at the full backs looking to take them on
  13. Elvis has left the building...what do you expect
  14. He's always looked capable to step up a level...let's ease him into the squad
  15. I can't remember when we had two wingers committing the defence every time we got the ball in the first 20 mins
  16. First response...take the defender on in the first ten minutes...then start going inside him and creating chances for the midfield...if you don't know I can't help you
  17. Yep... another one who wouldn't recognise a footballer if one bit him on the arse
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