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  1. So...he's got pace AND he can tackle. Do for me
  2. I had mine nicked from there years ago after we went into the Crown after football training one night...reported it to the police then two days later saw it parked in a car park near Snig Hill police station went into the station and an officer from the car theft team team gave me a bunch of keys saying " go and steal it back and drop the keys back here " Good job I'm not dodgy or I'd have copied the keys
  3. Agree thanks @GermanBird watched the second half and thought the young lads saw the game out very well...lots to be positive about
  4. Weren't there some people who wanted us to lose to get rid of Moore ? Sad I know...
  5. Should have been done years ago...and the first thing you should see as you come out of the station is THE HOME OF THE BIRTH OF FOOTBALL- SHEFFIELD
  6. That sounds like someone from outside the fan base cos' we've never seen it as anything but a joke
  7. Good luck Lee...hope everything goes well up there. btw pre-season friendly
  8. You may not always bore us But long as you pick teams for us Even the teams stopped trying So there's no point at all denying God only knows how thefuck we got you
  9. A bit of Beach Boys for Moore " God Only Knows How The FuckWe Got You "
  10. Conte walked into Spurs and within two weeks / 3 matches the running stats had significantly changed for the better...that's Conte saying THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE TEAM...we might not have a tactically astute coach but the bottom line should be a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to play for Wednesday
  11. Very true but...as a bottom line we expect commitment, attitude and effort as a starting point regardless of the plan
  12. Really... how many papers do they sell then ??
  13. It may be just me but as a journalist you have to be able to string a sentence together so, sorry, no thousand pounds for your insight into our season...I'd go back to school for a bit first if I were you.
  14. Who still picks Hutchinson to play midfield ??? He's blowing out of his backside after 25 minutes and then gets injured trying to win the ball back. He's ok at the back where everything is in front of him but midfield
  15. A pity we can't hack the scoreboard with a picture of him and those words underneath
  16. He needs to get down to the Green Room for our Funky Friday gig on the 14th...mind you I bet he can't dance
  17. That was one of the worst displays from a Wednesday player I've ever seen...no effort. no closing down and a first touch that Stevie Wonder would do better. And then had the fuckingcheek to start pointing at the other players for not closing down when he hadn't got a sweat on all match...why is he even in the squad never mind starting... I'm completely baffled
  18. Happy New Year to you and Di all the best Trev
  19. @Fattybear took this.. Daisy, Me, Gaz and Rowie...whatever happened to him ?
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