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  1. They weren't bruises, they were tidy little players got us on the break plenty of times. Just got train back to hamburg. If anyone there is reading this, there's lot's of coppers at the station. Be careful and try and look sober.
  2. We're actually being out played by these lads, nothing going our way since Lee went off.
  3. He's been here long enough to have learnt some Scottish.
  4. Nightmare on the train from hamburg to lubek, making northern rail look professional.
  5. You top hat quist, ended up ringing the office, pay on the gate.
  6. Anyone heard owt about tickets? Sure I read that news would follow. Just going to assume it's pay on the gate.
  7. Bit of an aside but a mate of mine had to get a visa for China for a business trip last week. He was sat next to Jan vertongen. I'd have thought that pro footballers would have had someone to sort that stuff out. Apparently it has to be done in person. I know we have a London base, anyone up for a vigil outside the embassy to give judas a bit of stick.
  8. Cardiff just sold a striker for 8m who scored one in nineteen last season.
  9. Why not read some of the other posts before getting concerned.
  10. Our best strike force is jaoa, fletcher and FF. If all 3 are fit and can be fitted in then the next manager will pis s it.
  11. I still have faith in him, think his goals to games ratio is the best at the club. Just needs to be loved and picked every week.
  12. If you don't understand a word, then look it up. Do it once a day and you will be reyt clever at the end of the month.
  13. Well at least you weren't so sanctimonious that you put 'discuss' at the end of your post.
  14. kin ell, can you imagine Henry doing finishing drills with our strikers????????????????????? lads, lads, lads, I've decided to make a comeback. Not a bad idea actually, how old is he?
  15. Please don't give him plaudits for trimming the squad and getting rid of the deadwood. They were all out of contract, anyone could have got rid off them. He's not the messiah, he's a kin Judas.
  16. Well I for one am glad we didn't get rid of Bullen which some on here suggested it. He's going to have to steady the old boat with 2 friendlies in Germany and maybe longer. otherwise we could have had Bannan and Adthe as joint player managers,
  17. Think the only stumbling block here could be his entourage, have read somewhere that Ashley doesn't want to pay for assistant's, new physios etc. This could be what is holding things up. Bruce has put his team together over quite a few years and he might show some loyalty to them.
  18. Whining is feminine Whinging is a male thing. I assumed we had both on here.
  19. Not really, get behind the team when they are playing, argue with other fans, buy a season ticket. All things that you can have an affect with. Signing players, ffp, chansiri submitting accounts are all things that you have no input or affect on.
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