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    Foul on Forestieri

    got to give it to FF though he will go for a ball where he knows he might get splattered, as for few of the others????????????
  2. peacock1961

    Big shake up

    As an ex forward I can tell you that if all you constantly get is a floaty ball from the back as an outball then you do tend to get a little bored. Without Hooper/Lee there is no linkage.
  3. peacock1961


    35 appearances 2 league goals, 1 fa Cup. Are you getting him mixed up with Ross Wallace or Gary hooper???
  4. peacock1961


    I'll go on and on with this. 7 goals in 150 appearances. Do you have them on a video loop. That's two goals a year.
  5. peacock1961


    So you'd build a team around a player who can't shoot for toffee, can't tackle, has been booked 12 times this season. A player who chastises team mates who make simple mistakes or pass the ball to other players rather than him and yet loses the ball on a regular basis. A player who has been overlooked by Premier league sides yet still thinks he is Zidane. No he's just a good player who needs to be a good team player in a mid table championship side. When he realises that, then we and him will be better for it. Otherwise you may be right and we should start again. Mark my words when his suspension kicks in you will see a totally different performance and work ethic
  6. peacock1961

    What the f*ck was that?

    There are and have been more Scots in the recent squad than just BB. Plus a couple that have played up there.
  7. peacock1961

    What the f*ck was that?

    Come on give us a clue, because I won't accept a told you so without a bit of a steer. Is it the Scottish mafioso?
  8. peacock1961

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    the 2 giving Bannan a 7, do you seriously understand football? Defence apart that was truly awful. We have not moved on since the clamour for Carlos to go.
  9. peacock1961

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    another shhhhhhhiiiiteeeeeeeeee bannan set piece.
  10. peacock1961

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    JP over Boyd any day of the week.
  11. peacock1961

    Team for tonight

    Thunderbirds are go.
  12. peacock1961

    Team for tonight

    Think you're all wrong. 3 DM's = 7-1-2. Think Reach has a bit of work to do.
  13. peacock1961


    its a bit of a quandary. A. Joao for fletcher would mean a change to more of a passing game, do we have the talent/energy for this? At present the outlet ball is a lump up to Fletcher who even if he wins the ball has no one to lay off to. B. If we play 4-4-2 then they both need a run out, cant seem to remember too much game time when Fletch and Lucas played together. Poor Joao always seems to end up with Nuihu.as partner. Agree with some others though, Joao is our leading scorer with hardly any matches and deserves his chance.
  14. peacock1961

    Barry Bannan

    agree with a lot of this, I think some of our other players in particular Reach need to be more demanding about taking responsibility for set pieces. Mind you making BB captain instead of Hutchinson seems to suggest that Bruce has fallen for the 'everything has to go through Bazza routine'. I'd still have him in the team, but he has to play further forward and i'd have Hutch as captain.
  15. peacock1961


    Go on then, if hutch is playing then tell me who was our attacking midfielder? Or do you think Bruce set us up as a 6_2_2 formation yesterday?
  16. peacock1961


    7 goals in 139 appearances............... I expect more from a supposed playmaker. That's roughly a goal every 20 games. we need more goals from midfield else we're going nowhere.
  17. peacock1961

    It’s sickening

    Boyd was worse live than on ifollow mate.
  18. peacock1961

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Tbh Fox isn't good enough for a promotion team, but he wasn't the problem today. Boyd in front of him was as dire as dire can be. Some of you seem to pick on the lad and yet cant see what a clean sheet means. The defence including Fox did their job today, the 'superstars' in midfield and upfront didn't.
  19. peacock1961

    Barry Bannan

    Said it before and I'll be saying it again soon. He simply is not as good as many on here think, for all the industry and trickery there is no end product, everything has to go through him and he hardly ever delivers. Better team without him, major changes coming soon I think. Mind you he's far better than Boyd.
  20. peacock1961

    Onomah injured again

    its been said before but the star site is absolutely shitee
  21. peacock1961

    S.T renewals.

    Bit harsh, had a couple of mates from Dalton. Grandma from East herringthorpe.
  22. peacock1961

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Feel that Jaoa deserves a start as he seems to be the main goal threat at the moment. Boyd doing nothing for me and I think Reach needs to start improving, he doesn't seem at his best.
  23. peacock1961

    Steve Bruce and Neil Swarbrick

    Never, been watching/playing football for over 40 years and this was the most inept/biased refereeing performances I have ever witnessed. Infact John Terry was that good I thought he was auditioning for 'celebrity refereeing on ice' or summat. This was the Snodgrass game wasn't it? I was more than incensed.
  24. Dion and the Chelsea ladies manager stlcking up for Bruce and son for his tweet. Good on em. He is brilliant on homes under the hammer.
  25. peacock1961

    The ‘Big day out’ games.

    Toilets were much the same, ie floating in wee. Not allowed to smoke anywhere, but a couple of nooks and crannies to have a crafty one. Very friendly stewards who seemed to spend a lot of time helping out the tourists who made up 50% of the home support. Lad said his pie was ok. Oh and I trumped all match.