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  1. Do you think monk told Bannan to lose the ball, leading to the sending off and then shirk a tackle leading to their goal?
  2. And it's a team that has performed tremendously isn't it?
  3. What a joke. My my grandad took me to Hillsborough in 1968, and there are many times I wish he hadn't. The most over rated football player I have seen in fifty years watching this shower of poo.
  4. Have to agree, we wouldn't get 5_6M for the total squad. If we got two bags of crisps, a bottle of dandelion and burdock and a gold sovereign I'd take it for Bannan. He is crap end off. Get rid off the lot, start again and get my love back for this club.
  5. Agree and disagree, he's our most influential player because he demands every move goes through him. Is this a successful strategy or does it slow us down and make us look predictable? He is not as good as he thinks he is, gives the ball away far too often. Be it a floaty ball out of play, a ******** poor tackle or a lack of cover at his defensive duty. He has held us back for the last three years.
  6. The hooper, wallace, fletcher and Bannan Scottish grouping is now no more. His influence will wain.
  7. Argued on this over the years. Our best performances have been without him.
  8. Think Wickhams headers came from da cruz and Murphy corners.
  9. I'm half full/empty on Hutchinson. But he was part of the biggest tactical f up for years when cc dropped lopez for him in the play off final.
  10. None of the above is new. He is gash at set peices under six managers and yet he is still allowed to take them. No idea why.
  11. Come on bud, 11 goals in 5 seasons is not good enough for our equivalent of Zidane is it? I agree that sometimes stats are used in the wrong way, but really just read that again.
  12. Good luck in the prem bazza, someone close to you needs to tell you that you aren't good enough. Think you have had a couple of goes already haven't you?
  13. Bannan couldn't out muscle David sylva never mind the Belgian.
  14. You do know that this just makes things worse for a lot of us.
  15. I've really tried to back him and understand what he is trying to do, but that line up and bench is ridiculous. One sub defender is a shocking decision and may come and bite us. He be 3 in on loan and appears to have decided that none of them are good enough.
  16. Just watched it through, my memory is playing tricks with me, I thought we scored an equaliser, then again it was boxing day. No wonder us old uns bemoan modern football, that was a proper match by today's standards. Proper tackling and no rolling around, what a team we had and God how I wish we had the likes of Sheridan now.
  17. As have i, a lot of stuff now being said about Bannan is exactly what I've said for the last 3 and a half seasons. He is not as good as he thinks he is, bad for team morale, but does a lovely pirouette. Add in his one long ball that creates a chance every 3 games and its little wonder that some on here think he is the new Zidane. He is and has been our main problem on the field.
  18. Great memories, but it just reinforces how far we have dropped, and then look up and see Leicester, watford, Bournemouth, Burnley and you know who. Heartbreaking it really is.
  19. We're two down and Bannan is back at centre half.
  20. Monk will probably resign. We will give bullen another chance. Good performance and result against City. We need to take the points deduction this year, not next. We will be poop poop for another 20 years. Seriously though, I can't remember such bad performances week after week.
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