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  1. Easy to make an offer when there’s no chance of it being reciprocated.
  2. They are working in the park. No idea when it’s due to be completed.
  3. 1900, 1926, 1950, 1952, 1956, 1959, 1980, 1984 and 1991 all say hi.
  4. It is, United played them the week before.
  5. I sit just behind it. He’s impossible to miss.
  6. Do any of you actually go to Hillsborough? He was sat in the directors box every game last season.
  7. I was going from memory, which is never a good idea. Looks like I owe you an apology. Sorry mate.
  8. I get the feeling that even if we achieve 136 points next season. You’d spend all summer moaning about the 2 we’d dropped.
  9. Would we have gained another 6 points, if we’d had the majority of our centre halves and strikers available for the whole season?
  10. Players who chose not to extend their contracts will be in this position. The club has held discussions with several players in this situation.
  11. Environment Agency. If you’re going to start apportioning blame, at least get the correct body.
  12. Nowt to do with having all our centre halves and strikers in the treatment room half the season?
  13. Looks like most of them couldn’t . Including the top 3.
  14. Why is it going to be stronger. I remember people saying the same about the Championship after the Hull game. It turned out to be the weakest for years.
  15. I thought the discussion was about upgrading Hillsborough for the 21st century. Also their properties would be virtually worthless and impossible to sell.
  16. If the flood risk is that bad. The residents of Vere Road must be desperate to move. It’s at the same elevation as the stadium.
  17. It would if you built any expansion at the same height. If you restrict the height to within the current shadow, there wouldn’t be a problem.
  18. What access issues. It’s built at the side of the major north/south thoroughfare of the city. Anyone who has a problem parking less than 10 minutes walk of the ground, doesn’t know the area. There’s a tram stop within 2 minutes walk of the stadium. There’s a train station less than 10 minutes walk from the ground that could be reopened and utilised if necessary I’ve yet to be told of this mythical stadium where everyone is in their car and halfway home 10 minutes after full time. Feel free to enlighten me. Some people want change just for the sake of change. There’s nothing that can be done moving to a new location within the urban area, that can’t be done at Hillsborough.
  19. Who’s mentioned increasing the height of the stand?
  20. I hope you mean the white and gold one. I’m with you if you do. Wasn’t so keen on the home kit.
  21. Both. They showed a close up when he scored. I’d have never picked him as being the Rhys McCabe who played for us. The second leg’s on BBC Alba Sunday, have a look.
  22. Watched that last night. Never recognised him.
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