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  1. Sheffield Wednesday, pantomime defending since 1867.
  2. I thought we’d pulled off a bit of a coup when we signed him. Got to say I’ve been disappointed with his performances to date. If he can find last season’s form, it can only be of benefit to the club.
  3. I’ve seen nothing from him to justify a place. He can go for me and take Kamberi with him.
  4. We didn’t play Manchester United in Brighton’s kit. Ours never had blue cuffs.
  5. Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Mrs Hall’s toffee rolls yet.
  6. It’s Andy’s car and a long walk back from most away games.
  7. Averaging two points per game for the rest of the season, will see us finish on 86.
  8. I’ve only seen the extended highlights and the through ball to Wing was the pass of the game for me. Anybody other than Wing and it would have been an assist.
  9. And the Ashes, he’s played a blinder here.
  10. Are we going to go down the same rabbit hole we went down when the charge became public. The same characters that were telling us Sheffield 3 would default this year are now saying this will happen next year. No doubt when the loan is rolled over again next year. We’ll be told they will default in 2023. And so on and so on. Totally pointless.
  11. I didn’t comment on any of that because I didn’t want to. I was merely correcting an error. I know that I’m probably too pedantic at times. But when I see an error, it makes my blood boil. I always think without any proof whatsoever think it has been made deliberately.
  12. The club haven’t added a penny to the debt. Sheffield 3 own the stadium and the debt.
  13. That equates to 3.125%pa interest if non of the original sum has been repaid.
  14. I was referring specifically to losing 2-0 leads. If you want to broaden the debate to try and win some kind of internet points. Knock yourself out, I’ll not be responding.
  15. Just had a quick check on Saturday’s PL & EFL results. Four teams held 2-0 leads and none of them won. Giving a win completion rate of 0%. We have led 2-0 three times this season and won 2 out of 3. So going on that non-scientific survey, we seem to be outperforming the norm.
  16. Without having to give more than two seconds thought. I can think of 2 other teams giving away 2-0 leads on Saturday. One of 2-0 up at home with ten minutes to go that ended up losing. I suppose that I’m making is that it happens every week.
  17. Tuesday will be like Wigan after the Ipswich game. 3 points nailed. Owt could happen next Saturday.
  18. Went up to Chang Mai the other year. It had several bars selling Thai craft beers. Can’t you get them round your way? Some decent brews.
  19. 9/11 swap Shodipo and Kamberi for Berahino and Paterson. That good enough for you @Holmowl
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