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Best tackler in the whole of League One is…

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58 minutes ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

Part of the failure culture at this club..

So, you read that stat and you think Liam Palmer is part of the failure culture at Wednesday. 


Mirror, head, wobble.

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9 minutes ago, room0035 said:

So in 18 league games he has only out in 2 tackles a game. That cannot be right I would expect it to be a lot more per game?


4/5 tackles from a player is considered a lot these days.


It's more about forced errors and interceptions these days rather than tackles

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1 hour ago, Daavies; said:

He's never injured, you can rely on him and loves the club. There's a reason every manager has always played him.

No. Buxton and Hunt were preferred by previous managers most of the time and Liam was back up.

That said it’s great that he stuck it out at Wednesday and his value to play different positions is now being appreciated (by some at least).

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2 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


I always find it weird when people who are stuck in their outdated views simply dismiss facts and stats and then just trot out their outdated inaccurate view again 🤣🤣



That could almost describe Leave voters as well Palmer critics! 😂

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