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  1. Broom at Plymouth is a busy little bugger - always been impressed with his contributions. Sean Morrison worth looking at [again]..
  2. Felt physically sick last night mostly how we failed to stamp our authority on a game that I was convinced would be the total opposite to the first leg. Didn’t take long to realise that the game last night was just a repeat with a consolation goal. As proved many times this season, we have not been resilient, consistent, we can’t handle physicality or sustain a press, impose ourselves on teams who play to their strengths or maintain any concentration levels when it matters. Outfought, outthought and outplayed. Still disappointed but not surprised. To get out of this league we need to go up via the automatics, which we would have done without lapses in concentration at critical times or f.ucking around with it at the back. We need to learn to beat struggling teams and we have been far to prepared to think we can play around teams and not have to get stuck in. The playoffs are a lottery. You have to be on it from the off. Be relentless - you don’t get time to find the right blend in this division.
  3. The officials in this league are lamentable. But you have learn to play them.
  4. Shithousery and physicality gets you out of this league.
  5. Got sucked in again like the Wycombe game - bouts of head tennis and no-one apart from Bannan and Gregory with any composure. Not been impressed with BPF. Storey looked frightened. Loungo couldn’t cope. Mendez Laing at fault for their goal allowing the overload. None of them barring Hutch can deal with physicality skilfully.
  6. Never looked like winning it over the two games. They stopped us playing, were too strong, winning every second ball and pressing.
  7. Loads of fear and plenty of excrement…..
  8. Berahino is just walking around. We’re in danger of losing our heads here.
  9. Hutch should know better - poor individual mistake. Kept them at arms length and quietened their crowd for a while. Berahino winning nothing - Patterson / Windass on for the second half please.
  10. COME ON WEDNESDAY. A win would be great but will take a point tonight....
  11. We don’t need plastic displays. Just wear the colours and sing your hearts out for the lads. Hillsborough at its best.
  12. Great game. Red card looming for RM me thinks…
  13. Covers over the perimeter where contractors plant and machinery etc is located…
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