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  1. …still in yer shorts and wellies too after school.
  2. Bag of salt ‘n’ vinegar whilst trying to stop your Pepsi freezing in the straw sat outside the back door of the pub never did anyone any harm….
  3. Bang on Waltham. They bang on the managers door saying they haven’t had a chance to show what they can do. -well that’s what you get with these bull.shitters.
  4. Highlight of the game for me was them bringing on Gangsta Fodrop as a fight starter in the 88th minute… W.anker
  5. In half a season he has shown nothing, nothing at all to warrant the hype. Poor.
  6. Disgusting performance. when some of these run down the tunnel they shouldn’t stop until they reach the M1..
  7. Shodipo - 1 good game in 10 is not good enough - biggest bullshitter in the squad. Brown - brainless. Playing both down the left always ends up in a defeat - it’s just a case of by how much. Byers - just fok off - pull your socks up man - you’re not gifted enough to get away with posing as Maradona against a bunch of kids. Arrogant ********. Wing - just lazy and still dining out on last season…. Moore - get some proper footballers on. Berahino - not working out. Believably poor against last seasons National League reserves. I thought we had moved on from playing these muppets in this combination. POOR.
  8. Jaden Brown. How is it possible he is plying a trade as a footballer. Shocking again.
  9. Did the chanting coincide with TC doing a few warm up runs? Theres always a few singing his name and asking for a wave even when he’s sat on the bench - They love him….
  10. The bit of quality that was needed for them to get back in it. Other than that, after the break they offered nothing really.
  11. Good game. Could have been 3 points but will take that against one of the divisions better teams. We are getting more fluent and creating more chances. On we go..
  12. Thats a Mullering if ever there was one….
  13. Liam Shaw might be out for several years….
  14. Apart from a couple of rash attempts to get the ball, I thought he looked composed and rarely selected the wrong pass…
  15. Great game Wednesday and dominant for very long spells against one of the better sides in the division. The positive thinking Luongo made the difference for vs the lethargic Byers. Dunkley MoM but Brennan is impressing and Palmer had another good game - the back 3 is working really well. Br,illiant for Windass and Gregory made up for his glaring miss. Enjoyed that.
  16. Solid player at this level and makes less mistakes than those around him…
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