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  1. Similar to this. I’d be tempted to throw Paterson into midfield and start TJJ on the bench. May need Plato’s physicality for this one.
  2. Yes and Blackburn have been a Category 1 Academy club since it started. Hence why they have BETTER youngsters. Your comparison means nothing.
  3. Waldock has been poor in his few appearances. Adedoyin has looked like a raw kid in the pizza cup. Alex Hunt looked like an 11 year old playing last season. Brennan looks the best of the lot yet I’m still nowhere near convinced with him. Can’t mark properly. Interestingly, I couldn’t disagree with YOU more. Our youth players should all be going out on loan to League 2 and non league. Bring the ones who do well back the following season. Our aim is to get promoted. We won’t do that with raw kids who have barely played league football. I’m not a Moore fan but that is something that he has got 100% correct this season.
  4. Yes I know what you/he means. To be honest, when I read my message back, it seems a tad harsh!
  5. No I agree with you. Just think that’s what Moore may do.
  6. De Bilde, Jonk and Rhodes are high up but nobody wee wees me off more than Francis Jeffers. We didn’t have a pot to ******** in and we spent everything we had on him. He was appalling! I’ve just watched a few of the season reviews from when he was around and he was outright crap. A total waste of money!
  7. Spot on mate. I honestly think it could be a great signing…but then again, I said the same about Lewis Wing!
  8. Me neither really but I wonder if he might leave Hunt out and put Palmer there.
  9. What is it with you and ‘youngsters’? The reason we don’t play your Waldock’s, Galvin’s etc is because they are clearly not ready or just sh*t! Harlee Dean on paper is an outstanding signing. Experienced, solid and a leader yet you’d rather sign some youth or keep chucking Brennan in when he’s quite clearly not quite ready. Truly bizarre!
  10. Storey hasn’t been brought in to sit on the bench. Also, Adeniran is injured.
  11. It will definitely be a back three so injuries permitting BPF Storey Hutchinson Dean Hunt Luongo Bannan Mendez-Laing Paterson Gregory Windass Subs: Wildsmith, Palmer, Johnson, Dele-Bashiru, Kamberi, Sow, Jules-John
  12. I’m sick of the system too but not because of the ‘wing back’ issue. It’s ridiculous that we are playing this system when we only have one cb. However, I do actually think Hunt is better as a wing back than a rub. I also think at home we can get away with playing Mendez-Laing there as the Plymouth game showed. Hopefully Johnson can warm to the position. He has the attributes to play there.
  13. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Possibly play Mendez-Laing instead of Johnson when at home against the weaker teams.
  14. It really isn’t. It WAS his best position SIX years ago. The last time we played there was under our last decent manager, Steve Bruce. Bruce admitted after the game that it was a complete mistake. Stop living in the past!!
  15. Having woken up this morning, I’m still fuming. Some of our players are spineless and Moore is awful. Overall, that was a decent away performance and should have heralded three points. BPF 6 poor on first goal. One decent save Hunt 7 is a threat but his finishing is woeful Palmer 7 did ok. one vital block Hutchinson 7 solid. I really like him at cb Johnson 4 he’s not a cb. He’s actually crap at it. His defending for the first goal is pathetic Mendez-Laing 5 nothing came off today. I’d start him in home games and Johnson in the away one at lwb Luongo 8 MOM outstanding, especially in the first half. Didn’t deserve to lose Bannan 7 excellent finish. Gave the ball away more than usual today FDB 5 games passed him by…AGAIN Sow 5 poor Gregory 6 played well but awful finishing loses him two points Windass 8 outstanding goal. We’d be top two if he’d been fit all season Paterson 6 put himself about. Almost scored at the death Brown 1 where do I start? He’s abysmal. His only contributions were…. 1. Getting megged 2. Comically missing a sitter. Look at Bannan’s reaction. He couldn’t believe it 3. Being comically out of position ALL THE TIME! 4. Not following his runner for their goal The worst full back we’ve had in the last fifteen years. Never want to see him in a Wednesday shirt again Moore 3 poor. He should have started Storey and Windass. All this BS about never changing a winning team is nonsense. Oxford are a decent side so we needed a proper cb in. What does he do? Play Johnson out of position and then bring on the hapless Brown. Why not Storey with Johnson moving to lwb? Also, he should have started Windass. He’s scoring goals for fun. Yes Sow scored last week but he’s not fit to clean Windass’ jockstrap. These tough decisions would have been made by a decent manager and I believe we would have won. MOORE OUT!
  16. The boy is a bloody liability. Abysmal footballer with no brain at all. Not far off Jon Beswetherick levels!!
  17. Anyone who brings on Jaden Brown at 2-2 away from home knows nothing about football. Enough Is enough. Ps: Stop playing Johnson as a centre half.
  18. Brilliant first half and an absolute sucker punch at the end. Exactly why Stoney should have started instead of Johnson.
  19. Personally would have started with Storey and Windass but can understand Moore not wanting to change a winning side. Come on Wednesday!!!
  20. Yes I agree on that. Hopefully he can get back to his form from earlier in the season though.
  21. Poor is not the right word as it was an outstanding team performance. However, yes I do think he was our worst outfield player on the day. He’s hiding! Earlier in the season he drove at players and helped us get higher up the pitch. He’s now going backwards and sideways. Lack of confidence? Not really sure but he’s not doing what he was doing. He was anonymous against Sunderland and Shrewsbury and I thought he was poor in the Crewe game too. Was lucky to start the last game. Even Wing was better than him against Shrewsbury.
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