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  1. I always knew what a fantastic player he was. Its why I rejected all offers for him.
  2. Coincidentally that very same match. I was sat with the Shadow Llama. Surprised we didn't bump into one another.
  3. We will beat Forest then Derby will beat Swansea and send us down. It's the Wednesday way.
  4. Time in the octagon wise. That has to be the shortest main card in the history of the sport. One of the better main events though.
  5. Derby and Rotherham have handed us championship status next season on a plate. We are shocking. A defeat to a Forest team, no really bothering about the result will confirm our relegation next weekend and just how terrible we are.
  6. Did Askren take a fall.?? His posture, his hands, movement all looked like someone who had never fought in his life. I maybe wrong. But he looked like the youtuber not a professional fighter.
  7. Of course he carried Mcgregor its his sport. and he is the best at it. I am not saying he didn't. I just think McGregor did well to hang with him as long as he did. Alot were predictiing him out quick and that wasn't the case. He was never beating Mayweather though for the reasons you have stated. But Mcgregor would finish Mayweather quick in the octagon. And Mayweather knows it. which is why he would never fight there. But that's to be expected with all the different skills involved in it.
  8. I just think it's more difficult then people may think to knockout a guy with boxing gloves on who gets punched for a living without boxing gloves on. Mayweather didn't need the money from the fight. If he could have put him away a few rounds earlier he would have done. As you say though he knew what he was doing and there would have been a bit of showmanship to it from Mayweather, there always is. but the last thing he wanted to do was drag it out, get hit by a lucky punch and lose his unbeaten record. I think McGregor deserves credit for taking on the best at his own
  9. Askren does has a big wrestling background, but I can't believe you can get 13-8 on a guy ( who has spent the last 10 years training as a professional fighter ) against a youtuber. He has 6 KO's to his name aswell. How many by way of punch I don't know. But it does seem a good price considering McGregor crossed brands and took one of the greatest boxers of all time 10 rounds. His stand up game is much better than Askrens though granted. I just think Jake Paul is going to be surprised just how hard it is going to be when you go up agasint a guy who gets punched in the face for a liv
  10. Whittaker on points seems the likey bet for the weekend. The Week after is the one. Usman or Masvidal. What we thinking?? Masvidal and Andrade both seem overpriced at 3s to me. Both more than capable of the upset.
  11. Ronaldo or Messi. Had it not been for the injures then the only other player to have got anywhere near them would have been Brazilan Ronaldo. The most complete striker there was.
  12. I don't think there are two worse players to be running at you on the counter than Mbappe and Neymar. Leicester did it to them. Man U more than once. Kane and Son for spurs. Liverpool before there dip. Even Leeds caught them a few times. It's how you beat City. And now probably the best two in world football at it are about to go at them. I fear for City. Pep gotta be smart or he be out the tie before he knows it.
  13. His best game for the club by a country mile was against Exeter where he played centreback. Pelupessy has keep him out as many games as he has started in midfield this season. Why we haven’t tried him at centre-back again I don't know. Think Celtic will probably play him there and he will do ok.
  14. What so Shaw isn't going to be the next Steven Gerrard.? I am shocked by this.
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