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  1. Amazing how different things are looked at when we win isn't it. Fox played the pass of the season yesterday apparently, when all it was really was a hopeful punt up field.
  2. Pelupessy eats Shredded wheat.
  3. Let's back the judgement of every manager he has every had here. One of the first names on the team sheet for them. So proves he does things right, even if we cant always see it.
  4. Lees and Westwood are still massive players for us though. And like Hutchinson, Bannan and Reach seem to be. Impossible to leave out. No matter who the manager is. ( Forget about Jos. Something not right about his time here.)
  5. Saturday will be the barometer for monk. We sit back and allow Leeds to dictate. We will need Dawson and Westwood in the net. Saying that most of there shots go wide so we may be ok.
  6. I think Fessi is better coming on in the second half. That's where we have been lacking attacking wise. First half we have been fine.
  7. When Tom Lee's is fit is going to be interesting because how do you break up Iorfa and Borner.
  8. Might have been top now had the Cowley's taken us over.
  9. We playing start a thread Bingo or something. Must be about 30 of them. Perhaps I should have started a thread for this.
  10. Agree. Apart from the long ball to Luongo that was just a whack up field that Fletcher turned into a great ball.
  11. Best bit of decision making on the night. Reach running the ball to the corner flag in the 96th minute. Biggest cheer aswell.
  12. Just a shame it will be broken up once Lees is fit. Because I really dont see Monk leaving him out long term.
  13. I wouldnt be dropping Harris, but i wouldn't mind Reach on the left. Seems far more natural on that side.
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