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  1. Midfield

    Could be interesting. Westwood Lees Hutchinson Van Aken Hunt Lee Bannan Reach Forestieri Hooper Fletcher
  2. 3 changes tmoro

    Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Fox Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Hooper Fletcher Very close to this would be my guess.
  3. Midfield

    Bannan has been trying to create things and apart from Hooper has easily been our best player this season.
  4. Saving more money by not adding pockets for mobiles on the trousers then.
  5. Him as well as Helan.
  6. Van Aaken

    Give him time. Reach has got better when everyone was questioning him last season. Van Aken will aswell.
  7. Playing defensive is sending us mental as we only tend to play with one or two players who can actually defend.
  8. horse today

    Got a feeling it may get off to a slow start.
  9. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    So surely that's rules Neil out for us then as he has proved he couldn't handle the expectations at Norwich.
  10. Which are you?

    Supporter and a Fanatic me. So I am going to call myself a Suppatic.
  11. So he has been at the club for over 2000 years and Carlos still doesn't believe he is ready for the first team.
  12. Matias / Boyd

    The thing I love about Matias is he is willing to run beyond the strikers. Only Lee and sometimes Joao are the only other we have willing to do this.
  13. Matias / Boyd

    Unless I was asleep when he was sacked he is still there.