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  1. CHANSIRI'S FACE I have Just landed the manager of the century. Not again.!!!
  2. I recon the first games back maybe behind closed doors ones.
  3. Guessing that must be the Wright Hat trick game. Wasnt that Vieira's debut aswell.
  4. Yeah before I follow when it was Wednesday player. You used to be able to get loads of old full matches on there from the past. None now.
  5. Give us pace gets to the byline time and time again. Occasionally delivers a decent ball. I would keep him in the squad.
  6. Add Harris to that aswell. Not a bad left hand side set of players considering how terrible we are suppose to be.
  7. Top flight player. 46 caps for his country. Sure Reach be over the moon with that comparison.
  8. Do you mean why are we playing him on the right not the left.? Think it stems from the role Wallace had cutting in from the right and Reach with his shooting abilities proved he could take over the role. But he plays that early whipped in cross on the left better than anyone so I would have him there.
  9. I agree he is more effective wipping in crosses from the left at the moment then he is cutting in from the right and putting it in the top corner. One of my fav players is Reach. Hope he comes good again.
  10. Agreed. but they will still be more than alright when this is all over.
  11. Dont fall for any sky tv poverty stories. People are all sat home as we speak paying to watch all the other stuff other than sport they offer.
  12. Unless they are tax dodging then technically speaking they should have. Will prob have a few tax deductible things going on though I should think.
  13. On my point above a better use of a pay cut could be so we dont have to use government money to furlough non playing staff.
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