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  1. Had we needed to lose and others win with a 5 goal swing then that would be mathematically almost impossible to fail. As it stands even a draw with Pompey could leave us not getting in the playoffs.
  2. Knowing us we will be undefeated away. but fail to win both home games.
  3. If there were any there we were worried about they would have signed a new deal already.
  4. Or is that league form since having a midfield three of Byers, Bannan and Luongo.
  5. Nobody is poaching these from us like with Shaw and Urhoghide. So the way I look at it is, if they were good enough and had shown enough then we would be giving them a new deal.
  6. As good as he has been its in league One. Scotland have numerous midfielders to pick from playing in the Premier League.
  7. MSD keep bailing them out with loans.
  8. Am I imagining the fact that our new pitch was supposed to drain away the standing water.
  9. We are creating chances and playing well which is good. Moore finally put centrebacks in at centre back and we kept four clean sheets in a row. We know what's going to happen when he finally picks actual strikers to play upfront. Rotherham are top for a reason. all about winning the next game now.
  10. He ain't that great he takes them down again the following season without fail.
  11. Yep, don't defend set pieces and our goalscorers are all injured.
  12. Reach would have proper bossed league one. Don't forget he got a championship club. A relegated from the Premier league one. And Johnson and NML are in league one with us.
  13. Just goes to show how good Byers is on the ball that Bannan trusts him to dictate the play from deep. Because no one else has been able to do it. Hutchinson at the back helps alot in this aswell.
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