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  1. Ross Wallace

    Lucky Neil took away the neg button or I could be in trouble here. Another player injured. What are we doing to them to make them all break down and not recover. Running in corridors. To and from team meetings. What!! Our injury situation is suppose to be getting better not worse. This is not just bad luck. someone isn't looking after the players the way they should be. Seriously wasn't Carlos suppose to be to blame for everyone being injured. But not only has not one long term player come back since he has gone, the situation has got worse. WHAT IS GOING ON.?
  2. Who ever invented wingbacks.
  3. Team vs. Swansea

    Whats up with Wallace.?
  4. Team vs. Swansea

    As is Stobbs I believe Or I am thinking of Thorniley.
  5. Team vs. Swansea

    Some need to say cup tied also. Being deceived here into thinking we may actually be able to field a side.
  6. Team vs. Swansea

    Nuhiu 30 million.
  7. Good attacking line up. really hope this doesn't mean we are parking the bus against Swansea though.
  8. You know the next thing to talk about next time you meet anyone associated with the club. You talk. Things happen.
  9. More appropriate player names

    Westwood even retweeted this.
  10. When he says they have had set backs perhaps he just means they ain't at the fitness levels he requires yet.
  11. Dunno what's gone on. but our injury situation seems to be getting worse not better. Why is this?? Bad luck... or was Jos so unhappy with the how fit the players were that he has almost put them all on a pre season fitness regime that none have been used to in pre season let alone mid way through a season and now we are seeing the effects of that.
  12. Yeah Carlos's fitness regimes may have been a little relaxed, but are Jos's to intense. Is this why the injured players keep breaking down again and having set backs if he trying to effectively make them run before they can walk.
  13. Jos Has Been First Class

    Westwood Lees Van Aken Hutchinson Bannan Lee Forestieri Hooper Fletcher All these 9 are virtually all players who will play 80 or 90% of our games. Making all but 2 of the players you mentioned above reserves.
  14. 63% of possession

    There are probably only about 3 keepers in the entire world that actually enjoy the ball at their feet all the time and playing out from the back. What was going through Wildsmith's head was probably Jos's voice saying pass it short or Dawson will.