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  1. pazowl55

    Sam Hutchinson

    It's a bit like not dropping Dawson for flapping at every cross. Will do other things the manager likes. Will be amazed if he is dropped.
  2. pazowl55

    Sam Hutchinson

    If doing that in front of 20 odd thousand of your home fans and costing your team the game isn't a wake up call, I don't know what it. He will never make a error like that again.
  3. pazowl55


    First half Friday especially was particularly bad. just couldn't find a pass. Penney must have played at least 3 cross field balls to no one.
  4. pazowl55

    Dawson slagging after last night

    Dawson's positioning for that was fine nothing else he could have done. And it the majority of cases it is impossible for a goal keeper to narrow the angle enough to cover all of his goal.
  5. pazowl55

    Dawson slagging after last night

    not saying he could have just replying to your point of not matter where you stand you always leave part of your goal open.
  6. pazowl55

    Dawson slagging after last night

    When you come out and narrow the angle you can.
  7. pazowl55


    Pelupessy wins loads as an enforcer. Must win the ball off the opposition at least 4 or 5 times a match.
  8. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    His likes something he is doing or he would have been out by now. We have a manager who isn't afraid to drop anyone not doing there job properly so Dawson must be doing ok.
  9. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    All I have seen is that he can use both feet as good as one another. Takes kicks with both. Meaning our not very good ball playing defenders don't have to be weary of playing it to him on a particular side. they just kick it back and he will deal with it. As a goal keeper he probably is the worst of the 3. So this is the only "footballing reason " I can come up with.
  10. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    So we would have been much better off had we stuck with Wildsmith then. He was dropped by Jos for Dawson so clearly he doesn't do something that Dawson does. My guess would be playing it out from the back. Dawson is not the problem. it's just a team getting used to the new way Jos wants them to play.
  11. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    I agree seems daft Westwood isnt at least reserve keeper allowing Wildsmith to move out in loan. As for Dawson when he gets a better defence in front of him he will inevitably get better.
  12. Jos strikes me as a manager that if he thinks if dropping Westwood for Dawson would make the team better. He would do it, or dropping him for Wildsmith even. He has done neither which tells me that the problem does not lie with Dawson and can not be fixed with Westwood.
  13. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    Can't disagree with you I was just saying why I thought Jos is playing Dawson over Westwood. And that the answer is not put Westwood in goal as the problem is the defence and the way we play and if we play like we are with Westwood in goal it maybe worse as he can't use both feet aswell as Dawson does. So stop playing out from the back then yeah go with Westwood, best keeper. Continue to play out from the back then it has to be Dawson.
  14. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    Been saying it for ages on here. Dawson is our number one keeper as he kicks well with both feet. We play out from the back with not very good ball playing defenders you need a keeper who can clear his lines well without having to switch it to his kicking foot all the time. Let's face it Dawson couldn't catch a cold in the box. Jos said footballing reasons this is the only one that makes sense and it is why managers overlook errors ( flapping at crosses) as they want to persist with the way they like to play and have the best keeper suited to doing that. Best example Bravo at city. Couldn't save a shot. Still in goal because his footwork was far better than Hart's
  15. pazowl55

    We need Westwood back

    As put by someone else on here Jos's eyes won't be painted on. If he could and wanted to play Westwood because he thought Dawson was at fault here he would. Even if Chansiri is telling him look you can't play Westwood at all. Don't care. Then the fact Wildsmith has not played in one of the league games tells you that Dawson is not the problem here.