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  1. The three I picked before the match. Will get the best out of Bannan and still make us competitive in there.
  2. Best appearances in the shirt have probably been at left back. Always picked there eventually under numerous mangers infront of left footed left backs. Think he is very underrated in that role.
  3. Brown for Palmer and Corbeanu or Johnson for Paterson I was go.
  4. Would agree with that. Hope we see Palmer and Johnson down the left tonight. Brown has had enough of an opportunity on the left wing. Will probably be Brown for Johnson and Adenarin for Dele-Bashiru though I would think.
  5. Moore doesn't really play a style that suits the wingers does he or we would have been putting them in more. I would say with Bannan or Wing you have to have one of them higher up the pitch to stop them both sitting in and being to deep. Only way to do this really is to play one on the wing in a front 3 or at the tip of a diamond. Go like this later I think we will win. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Palmer Bannan Adeniran Dele-Bashiru Wing Paterson Gregory Boring I know. But we need to grind out victories and have a better back bone to defend a lead. Then swap a midfielder for a winger if we need to attack then. But one thing we can't do is play five out and out attacking players and go one down. As we all know we don't come back from that.
  6. Doesn't work in the position he is in does it. Why we are all obsessed with playing real wingers is beyond me. Every one is useless. Try a diamond in midfield. Play him off Gregory. Do something other then let him fight Bannan for the ball in midfield. Which every ball playing midfield does when next to Bannan.
  7. Put Wing on the wing and let him tuck in from there. If we want to see the best of him. Basically not within touching distance of Bannan.
  8. I thought we were just talking about having success.!!
  9. Pulis was absolutely awful. Let's not sugar coat it. Even Chansiri held his hand up and said he got that one wrong!!
  10. Team doesn't sell all its good high earning player most of which will still be on championship wages. Team has Chansiri as chairman. Yes he is 100% getting sacked unless we finish in the play offs.
  11. Give Moore a bit more time to get used to the players and a tactic. I think we will get better than more the season goes on. As for Brown and Berahino as wingers. To me that says more about just how poor the likes of Sow, Corbeanu and Shodipo must be, or at least what they mustn't be showing in training. Or even what that are not willing to do when they don't have the ball. Then it does about Moore's strange selection choices. Once they get used to what Moore wants from them I am sure we will see them more.
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