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  1. If Celtic and Rangers are really interested in him then unfortunately that's probably the end of his time here. Let's give him what he wants before they make a proper attempt.
  2. I wonder if Man City are thinking the same in regard to Kevin De Bruyne.
  3. We will be stumbling over ourselves to offer him and Dawson new deals. I have no doubt about that. Only fear is if they will sign them.
  4. Second season the league was terrible though. You got to admit that. Huddersfield and Reading in the playoffs. I think we are slowly getting there now as a squad minus the strikers. Like I said previously Carlos had good combinations working. Like Hunt and Wallace for example. Which made each player seem alot better than they actually were.
  5. Fox as good this season as Pudil has ever been. Hunt.?? We were pleased with 1.7m or what ever it was. Says it all. Fletcher been every bit as good as Hooper was for us this last year. Agree with the three past there best. But Iorfa, Borner, Reach, Harris, Luongo have all improved the squad. Think Carlos deserves more credit had good little combinations working all over the pitch for us.
  6. Do we have a much weaker side.? There are alot more teams with money now then there was then. We got in the top 6 twice under Carlos and since we have struggled with the same players. So that tells me one of two things the league was weaker back then or Carlos was a genius. Teams now have far more quality in there squads then they did back then.
  7. Any news on the transfer front Gary. No... Yep see what you mean.
  8. Helps that we are 3rd in the country for away goals aswell.
  9. That's not the league being poor and being there for the taking. That's us being good.
  10. Exactly people just think we are awful. When in actual fact we have been as good as most this season.
  11. How is he making them happy. ? I recon him and Mel Morris have agreed a storm of the EFL headquarters.
  12. Dan James written all over it. Hull will pull the plug on deadline day in the last 10 mins for a giggle.
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