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  1. You would expect league one clubs to have Adam Reach on their bench.
  2. Dunno. But my guess is they wont be having the day off this year.
  3. Or zero changes from last week. Depends how you dress it up.
  4. Borner has been left out of the squad today to practice his throw ins
  5. Got some real competition now from Dele-Bashiru.
  6. Rhodes even has his thumbs up when he is jogging.
  7. Especially when we get 6 points knocked off our total.
  8. He is unproven at any level really but the development leagues. Apart from the odd europa game. But had he been the talent you believe he is he would have made more first team appearances. United aren't exactly blessed with world class midfielders or they wasnt before Bruno arrived.
  9. Is he really? Head and shoulders above Bannan. Has he ever gone out on loan in the championship before. Or are we just believing the hype.
  10. Us all wanting Palmer, Rhodes and Van Aken to start. We will be crying out for Pelupessy soon.
  11. You've got more Right wingbacks there then what England have got.
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