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  1. Gossip

    If the said 3 players are on 100k combined a week. (Think it be more 70k) then we have no chance of offloading them. And with Rhodes. if we sale him now all his remaining transfer fee goes on our losses for next year. so he will be staying. of maybe a loan could be a way round it.
  2. We got a player on our hands!

    I do like Reach and he will get better. But we will win games of football easily without him in the team. As it's been proven though we struggle to win them without Bannan and Forestieri.
  3. Forestieri appreciation thread

    Lets be honest about it. He is the second best player in this division when he is on song. Neves on a different level to the rest of the players in this league. Sessegnon is more about shear pace then utter brilliance I believe and is tomorrows Theo Walcott.
  4. He is like Bannan in the way that he hunts for the ball. must have possession. Needs to be in space so he can be found or go and find the ball, not worrying about defensive responsibilities.
  5. Didn't Ginola have a free role at spurs. About the closest anyone has got.
  6. A front three of Forestieri, Joao and Matias would be interesting to watch.
  7. Think he needs a role where he can be free roaming, that's why playing up front suits him. Under Carlos the reason he didn't like playing from the left wing was because he was forever chasing there full back.
  8. Think we should build it around two players. Forestieri and Bannan.
  9. If Jos wants to sign him. must have some sort of idea about how and where he wants him to play.
  10. Gossip

    This news surprises me Thought we would have signed him.
  11. Nixon

    Gooch and Mcnair would both be top drawer signings for us in our current predicament.
  12. Nixon

    They do have some half decent players Sunderland. Honeyman. Whatmore. Gooch. Love. Oviedo. McNair wouldnt mind any of them.
  13. Bannan’s impact

    Been saying it for a while now. Is our most important player. When he plays. We play. Also I wonder if anyone out there still thinks Abdi is better.
  14. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Matias caused them all sorts of problems last time. May we see him start. Think we might.