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  1. I think it maybe done on police advise. Certain clubs always play on certain days and always seem to have 8pm kick offs aswell. For some reason Reading and Bolton spring to mind.
  2. Yeah but the amount of midweek games stay the same. so the amount of times he would have to prepare for a Saturday from a Wednesday would be the same as preparing from a Saturday for a Tuesday would it not. Or am I lost here..
  3. Problem is one mistake and everyone will be after a new left back again.
  4. @gurujuan has only just come to terms with Fletcher being our best player. Jordan Rhodes scoring hat-tricks is going to take him some time.
  5. So if we sign Lyle Taylor does that mean we need Gary Taylor-Fletcher back to coach our new strike partnership.
  6. Swings and roundabouts. That surely means there is not enough time to prepare for a Tuesday game from Saturday then.
  7. Just like with Palmer and Fox and Nuhiu. Pelupessy isnt half as bad as people make out.
  8. And can you imagine the amount of space Jack Hunt is going to leave Harris in behind.
  9. Fox is coming into his own. Think Monk's priority position list is getting smaller by the game.
  10. Why stop there why not try and temp Eze aswell.
  11. I dont think they want to open up the can of worms that's comes with all that. No club will kick up a fuss finishing 15th instead of 9th. Will if it costs them promotion or gets them relegated. So the better we do the longer this will drag on.
  12. Reach also gives us the ability to come inside and potentially shoot which scares teams as they know his ability. Is just as effective on the left and can also play narrow to form part of the central midfield when needed. Can see why he is the preferred choice.
  13. What I like about him is he sets up his teams on the front foot and is not scared to go for it from the first minute. He also seems to have more than one tactic up his sleeve aswell. Which can be said about some of our previous managers.
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