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  1. Pelupessy did a fabulous job when he came on yesterday. Let's hope Bruce sticks to a similar team that we saw in the second half for the last 3 games.
  2. I would agree but he is going to have to improve and get up to speed pretty quick. compare him to a Foden or even a Grealish at the moment and its chalk and cheese. Dont think he will ever be a regular for Tottenham.
  3. Give him a few seasons with Bruce as his manager. may see him differently.
  4. That's exactly my point. Still think Dawson will be the better keeper out of him and Wildsmith though.
  5. First 25 mins they were all over the place. but as i said they got better as the game went on.
  6. Iorfa will be Lees defensive partner when we fail to sign hector.
  7. Dont think now is the time to knock Dawson. he had 20 mins to prepare for the game and one of the best keepers boots in the division to fill. What worries me more is the fact the defence seem less confident when he is in the net. However that did get better as the game went on. Will be our long term number one Dawson. Mark my words.
  8. Been laughed at on here plenty of times for saying he will sign for Norwich on a permanent deal in the summer. Still believe he will.
  9. Said the same in the match day thread. Since Jos has gone. hutch and Westwood have been preety reliable considering they didn't play for 5 months.
  10. Dont worry Bruce has been doing a deal with Norwich today for Rhodes. FFP sorted.
  11. We will probably be shocked to discover he is on more than David Jones. 12-15k would be my guess.
  12. He ain't done to bad since Jos has gone. Got a lot worse crocks than him.
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