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  1. Rowett- I was 1/3 for the job at one point. You could tell by the way he said it he knew it was because we all lumped on.
  2. My point is more that on paper we look at it and say well there not very good that's our weakest position. But come the end of the season we will see it wasnt our weakest position at all.
  3. People just think its our weakest position because they dont rate palmer or Fox. But they are proving they maybe up to the task this season. I think we will concede alot more goals from the right than we will ever do from the left this season.
  4. Borner is going to have the same impact with us as Pontus Jannsen had on leeds when he went there. And eventually I think the rest of the division will take notice of him aswell as being one of the top centre backs in it Team of the year. Borner and Harris calling it now.
  5. Exactly what I said yesterday had Bruce done that. ( before all the Newcastle stuff, when we loved him ) we would all have been saying how brilliant it was. Bullen needs to be commended on the results so far, that's all he can be judged on. And who is to say he will get turned over by a West Brom or something. Didn't last time he played them.
  6. Who has heard Redknapp on sky sports banging on about how good James Maddison is because he can receive the ball on the half turn. Lee does this and when he is not there we miss him. Everything with him is looking to play the ball forward and then make a run of it. It's what Reach should be doing but he just seems to vanish for some reason whenever he plays in the middle. And as much as I like Bannan we dont half slow down the tempo of the game when he plays deep. The first half we just didn't have any movement whatever in the midfield, they were all static with the ball and a yard off the pace without it.
  7. Let's say we still had Bruce in charge and he had that first half but we had won the second half as we did. Then we would all be saying. Well that's what newly promoted sides do ain't it. And a proper manager found a way through them in the second half. BUT. because its Bullen, it's all oh hes been found out. Relegation fodder Luton. Lucky to get away with it. Just like Fox deserves his dues for a fantastic performance and has rightly been getting them. Lets give Bullen his for the 3 points shall we.
  8. Sign of a good team that. And when we did lose we shouldn't have done.
  9. Has made some good tackles. But why he is not looking to get up and support Harris I will never know. Perhaps he has been told not to.
  10. Giving them acres of space. Need to get control of it. Players look like they got Jos as there head coach again. No urgency to do nothing. And not once have we overlapped with the full backs every is just going sideways and backwards.
  11. Need to get control of the midfield. Luongo is a must at half time.
  12. Proper looking forward at seeing Fox and Harris down the left hand side. Think the overlap will work extremely well and it's where I see us winning the game from.
  13. Fox gets down that wing and puts a decent cross in as good as if not better than anyone of our other left backs. And it's not like he is going to be overly exposed going the other way. We ain't playing Leeds. Good call to put him in I say. Palmer probably needed a rest and has got it.
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