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  1. The opposing player looks like he has just realised Joao is actually on a cow.
  2. Hutch abdi loovens

    Your probably right. just said in other thread that Wallace played well against Forest's 3 at the back. However I do see Hutchinson playing if fit enough.
  3. Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    Wallace would be good in this match especially as he was really good early on against Forest when they played with 3 at the back. However I am still convinced Hutchinson will start and it will be Wallace who misses out. Wallace's performance against Forest early doors though may convince Carlos he is a must in this match as Sheff Utd will more than likely play with 3 at the back in which case it maybe Jones who makes way.
  4. Hutch abdi loovens

    Hutchinson for Pudil Sunday. Only change. Been saying it since last week and with Hutchinson now back in training I can see it happening.
  5. Is it Sunday yet.
  6. Shall I say it. Go on then. Why is Bright in a kite.?
  7. Line up vs Bluntuns

    If Hutchinson is fit enough for the squad, he starts in my opinion. If there was ever a game where you need a Hutchinson type player in midfield then Sunday is it.
  8. Line up vs Bluntuns

    If Hutchinson is fit Westwood Hunt Lees Van Aken Reach Lee Hutchinson Jones Bannan Fletcher Hooper If not will be what the op said.
  9. The Red tinted specs are completely on I think. Bannan and Lee are two of the best midfielders in the entire division. Bannan even got in the team of the season two years ago. I fully understand that we hold our own players on a bit of a pedestal. But that's a bit of a bold statement to make. Just out of interest who in this division do you think are better then your two midfielders or are they the best.?
  10. One defeat in 17

    Huddersfield Town fans as we speak will be laughing their heads off saying - Games against Fulham don't count.
  11. Any actual pigs on here?

    Really.?? I thought on quiet days he just made up threads about what Nile Ranger is up to now.
  12. Talented Individuals

    It will suit us and the fact they have started the season well means that they will probably think they are capable of out playing us and getting a result. If they set up any other way then with two banks of four. We will wipe the floor with them.
  13. Early Favourites

    Think Carlos has every chance of getting us in the top two. We will be very difficult to beat all season.
  14. Adam Reach again

    He will be used as a left back at home and a left winger away i think. However he is now a Carlos must play player so i can see him also going and covering on the right if needs be aswell.
  15. Adam Reach again

    Think Reach is becoming that good that anywhere you play him he would do well. He has the ability to play wide or cut inside and be just as effective and the good thing is i think he is only going to keep on getting better.