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  1. pazowl55

    Naughties - The dark years

    Had a max limit of 350k
  2. pazowl55

    Naughties - The dark years

    Milan said he would find us a good owner when he was gone. He did that. Think the fact he didnt do the deal with Mammadov and found us Chansiri says to me he cared who we went to.
  3. Think mid table is the minimum we can hope for. in the last 8 games or so Jos was really starting to find his feet. So aslong as our best players are not sold. I can only see us getting better.
  4. pazowl55

    Naughties - The dark years

    We do owe him for one thing though. Stopping the Mammadov deal. Didnt have our best interests at heart he wouldn't have bothered to stop it. Or did he just stop it because Mammadov didn't have any money to give him in the end. Would like to think it was the first option personally.
  5. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    My guess is a season long loan deal with agreed move for about 6 million next summer.
  6. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    We would need to recoup 6 million odd at least because of the way FFP works otherwise we would be on a loss in this 3 year period. And let's face it if rumours are true we are even struggling to get anyone to pay his wages in full on a loan deal letalone a fee on top of that. This don't end well for us I don't think. By that I mean he goes and we practically loan him out for nothing or we keep him and Jos give him a few cup games and the odd sub appearance. If I can offer one glimmer of hope though it will be Norwich have just got 25m. Lets hope they want to spend some of it on a striker
  7. My point was more that if Leicester would have wanted him could have just had him. He probably will end up at Leicester eventually though.
  8. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    3 or 4 quality additions with the money from the sale of Rhodes. Be lucky to get his wages paid in full.
  9. Exactly we be done up. But everytime we have lost a half decent player in the last 10 or 15 years we been done over money wise. so am used to it now.
  10. That's football ain't it. sure when we are in such position we will be doing the same.
  11. maybe the case but not like any English club were going to have to pay 5 million for him. Compo would have reached 750k at best.
  12. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Hopefully. But unfortunately I think all that will mean will be an extra 5 grand paid to towards the wages of his loan. Gonna be hard to get rid of Rhodes for a deal that's worth doing.
  13. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    In a nutshell Norwich are 25 million better off FFP wise no matter how it's paid aslong as it's not all add ons.
  14. pazowl55

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Send him to Steven Gerrard. He bangs in 25 up there then that will give him a false valuation of about 5 million that we can cash in on next summer.