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  1. Karanka next boss

    Exactly his strike force is like the ones we used to have 10 years ago.
  2. Karanka next boss

    I have been saying this for ages. convinced it's Karanka gets it. Ain't sure about the attractive football bit though.
  3. Just got this feeling Karanka is going to tick alot of boxes for Chansiri.
  4. New Manager & Doyen

    The current Porto manager is apparently.
  5. Think at this moment in time the players just need to hear a different voice.
  6. If that's the case. Can you sack Carlos please.
  7. got it in one. Well first one. Be Lambert or Karanka. Said it for a long time and nothing has changed my mind since. convinced Karanka gets it.
  8. My Dad just said

    Me too. With any luck we won that one.
  9. Player Ratings

    When they run half our players look like they are towing caravans.
  10. Megson & Semedo

    Semedo should never have gone. Lost his presence around the club.
  11. Player Ratings

    Perhaps he has real major issues with marking then and facing up to a man. Positioning too. Won alot of headers though and was doing some of the basics better.
  12. 5 point plan for Mr Chansiri

    I can't believe you properly want Carlos out. Enough is enough isn't it. Think all owlstalkers agree now.
  13. It goes unnoticed

    Love to have even usian bolt in the team right now. Just any one who can run.
  14. Player Ratings

    Hooper and Wallace. Problem worst I have ever seen them play. Fox showed why he gets dropped all the time. Apart from the goal can see why @RocketOwl hates Rhodes so much. Westwood only one who did well really. Van Aken next on the list. And Wolves may well be the last time we see Carlos if they tear us a new one.
  15. Player Ratings

    I am missing something here. Thought Van Aken had a very good game considering some of the performances out there. Anyone who disagrees. Name me something he really did wrong in that game. Could probably come up with 2 or 3 examples for every other game I seen him play.