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  1. Could be like McGinn was at Villa. Or like Stevie May was for us.
  2. Not one manager has ever not played Lees. Some have even made him Captain. Don't get how he is all of a sudden bad for us.
  3. Willock an unknown quantity and Joao is to hit and miss for me. I would definitely find a place for Reach aswell if he ain't being sold. Wont be sitting on the bench.
  4. Agreed. Good job he is on about a different Sissoko then.
  5. I ain't gonna be having to many dreams about that team that's for sure. A forward line of Joao and Willock.. With the 3 you have sitting on the bench. May aswell go back to the Jos days of Stobbs and Wallace.
  6. Jizz Hornkamp is feeling rampant apparently.
  7. Slightly off topic, in an owlstalk transfer rumours thread.
  8. And if he did I cant imagine his choice of club is going to be us.
  9. If we managed to sign Cahill and Snodgrass they would be some signings considering our financial position.
  10. Maybe not as first choice but I think he will cover a number of positions for us next season.
  11. If we dont sign Hector think we may use Iorfa at centre back a bit.
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