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  1. We played some decent stuff first half. Dont forget the amount of players we still have out injured that can make a difference. Also he is doing what he can with what he has got. I thought they all did quite well. some poorer than others. no one was terrible. But thats a good away point to a decent team.
  2. Bet he can't wait for Harris to be back aswell then.
  3. On a serious note though I am guessing they all must be spread out and stuff and split between the stands. Will we really open a whole stand to let only 500 fans in it for example. Suppose we will if that's the only way.
  4. I would only be interested in it if he is on a patch of grass.
  5. It sent out the message that Westwood is his number one keeper. Which is why I don't see him being dropped for the next match.
  6. Do you think he would dare to drop Westwood. ?
  7. Is it really good news that a striker, which we are in short supply of, is out injured. Who knows what Pulis may have been able to get out of him.
  8. Exactly I don't think Pulis will be holding back in blaming Windass for that defeat.
  9. Perhaps our immediate future is staying in this division and Pulis was seen as the best man for the job.
  10. Had we won today would this be being said or would we be saying great appointment with the position we are in.
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