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  1. To be fair your probably being kind to two or three of our players there.
  2. Perhaps Chansiri likes having him around. Which must mean the job he is doing is ok. No one can tell me that every manager that has walked through the door has said. We must keep Bullen.
  3. Did they have all the doors and windows open to help with Covid and Carlos insisted they all be closed.
  4. Come up with a decent corner routine once I seem to remember.
  5. Get what I said right and we don't need to worry about that bit.
  6. Whoever does the recruitment and the contract negotiations are to blame for the predicament we are in.
  7. Yeah Urby is a good example of a player Carlos clearly didn't want. Also think saying our Portuguese connections were not as strong as Wolves is being a bit kind isn't it. They were in a different stratosphere.
  8. What the same Carvalho that moved for almost 15m to Real Betis about a season later. We were never getting him were we.
  9. Agree that we must change the full backs about if it's 4-4-2. Reading's mobile forward line will run them ragged.
  10. Depends who we retain and sign. There won't be a midfielder better than Bannan or a defender better than Iorfa in League One.
  11. Everyone has always said Pelupessy's level is league one aswell, so that's another decent player we could have.
  12. If we can keep players fit next season our team will be pretty decent for League One. Bannan. Iorfa, Luongo. Let's face it the last two aren't going to be passing medicals at other clubs are they and that's if they are lucky enough to have a move after a club has negotiated the 5m fee with Chansiri for there release.
  13. My one real gripe with Bannan, and its not the poor set pieces that happens to the best of them. Its sometimes he does think he is De Bruyne. Fancy flicks on the edge of his own box. Needless pirouette cruff turns anywhere on the pitch. but the major one for me is the amount of times he has a simple pass on, but will try something spectacular like a through ball, which was never on and even De Bruyne himself would struggle to make is so many you lose count. Dont get me wrong he is our best player, but I think he would be a better one if he stopped trying so hard to look fantastic with the bal
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