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  1. Paterson got 8 league goals last season in a struggling team, having spent alot of his time in midfield. In the league below I would expect at least double that if we play him upfront. How many strikers go from this league and then tear up the championship unless they are a special talent. Paterson doesn't get the credit he deserves, because we play him in so many positions. But he is a player that not many players are gonna want play against this season. I hope he stays and gets in the team every week. He is an asset in this division.
  2. How do you work that out. Paterson got 8 league goals last campaign. Vokes got none. less minutes granted but still 30 appearances. Paterson is a much better centre forward and he ain't even a centre forward.
  3. Not many clubs wait till managers tell them to move on or bring in players anymore.
  4. Bet the women's team are loving this. Being referred to as the pie team.
  5. Derby can't pay a loan fee. The fact that we could means the restrictions we are under are nothing like theres. They are under a transfer embargo for a start we are not. I wouldn't be surprised if we can do whatever we want within reason and are just choosing not to. A 300k loan deal for a player which most said can't be done would seem to suggest the that.
  6. Was confirmed by Moore I believe.
  7. He needed to be the one to be loaned out to see if he develops considering we practically gave him a contract for life at the club.
  8. Wouldn't want to drive Bannan to the station full stop.
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