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  1. will cause no end of problems with him and Forestieri on the counter. could work better for us.
  2. United have the same problem with Pogba and Sanchez both demand the ball. But you would always play both all the time. find ways round it. Hutch and Pelupessy in a two in midfield and Reach instead of Joao in the front three may just solve it.
  3. Maybe why he is sticking Hutchison next to him today. so when Barry goes ball hunting. Pelupessy ain't got 30 yards of pitch to cover.
  4. No Palmer No Fox Nuhiu is good now So Joey gets it.
  5. could be worse. could have Stobbs and Wallace leading the line.
  6. Dawson Baker Lees Pudil Thorniley Pelupessy Hutchinson Bannan Reach Nuhiu Forestieri
  7. pazowl55

    #SWFC have arrived..

    Just heard he is on the bench.
  8. Joao last minute winner anyone.
  9. pazowl55

    Team for tomorrow

    I think a certain person who comes from Oldham would make it better.
  10. pazowl55

    Money for signings - free agents

    Can imagine Jos has been waiting 3 weeks to get the green light to sign Adam Maher.
  11. pazowl55

    #SWFC Autumn 2018 Transfer rumours

    Dont want a premier league young midfielder. Rather give Kirby the chance.
  12. pazowl55

    Adam Reach Celebration

    Question of the week has to be. What was Adam Reach looking for.???
  13. pazowl55

    What a week!

    First league win of the season ???
  14. pazowl55

    Dom Howson twitter

    Loan to buy all we need. Premier league money next season will pay for all the fees.