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  1. He said this earlier looks more like a misunderstanding to me.
  2. What has Lees ever done here to have his professionalism questioned though.
  3. One thing those heat maps do show is that Da Cruz does not operate as a central striker.
  4. I am sure Monk's plan was pretend Lees is injured and put Odubajo at left centre back.
  5. Surely he thought he had a hamstring and the medics said he didnt.
  6. Administration wouldnt do anything in all seriousness would it. as there are no debts to clear. It's all owned by Chansiri. So he would pay himself 10p in the pound for his stake in the club. Or am I completely missing something here.
  7. What if he had a big bet on us to get relegated. Would that work.?
  8. Do you think as soon as we have the options again he will change it to a back four then.? Because I dont think he will.
  9. Because all our centre backs are injured at the moment. We easily have 4 players who could play as the two centre backs. I just dont believe when coming up with this formation Monk thought it was because of a lack of centre backs. Because of injures we would have struggled. Maybe Odubajo Palmer Iorfa Reach. But he wanted to play three at the back, he didnt do it because of a lack of options. Even in the previous two games with the options of a decent back four he choose not to.
  10. What I am saying is they are not actual debts ( I dont think ) it's just money he has put in to running the club. There will be nothing to pay off when he sells it. All he will do is ask for a ridiculous price to cover his losses.
  11. He has not said he wants them back though has he.
  12. If we are short of central defenders why would you choose to play three instead of two?
  13. u21s Sounds better than ex Sheffield Wednesday doesn't it.
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