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  1. There's no comment made on how much of a fan you are. As you rightly point out, it's a forum for people to comment on. We have established that I despise your post and you despise me. I hope we both enjoy the game and are very happy at the final whistle. If Joe Wildsmith plays, I hope that you hope that he proves you wrong. Have a fantastic evening.
  2. I despise this sort of post. I don't understand in what way you support the club, the team or the players.
  3. Excitement when I think of this and fear when I think of some of our defensive ... ahem ... lapses. COME ON WEDNESDAY COME ON WEDNESDAY COME ON WEDNESDAY
  4. Skimping on the leccy now. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Chansiri in.
  5. If You feel cheated When Owlstalk disappoints And can still change the nature Of a Monday morning thread Then that day, you will be a fan, my son.
  6. ... veiled ... it's a constant vile barrage of negativity from a minority who can't seem to let it go. There is never a guarantee of success in any season (for me that is what makes the first match of the season, when nobody is basing their optimism on anything but faith, so amazing). Those fans who carp on about under performing can not tell us who they could guarantee to have done a better job than our manager. Nor are they entitled to say he should have done this or he should have done that because they haven't walked the walk and they have not the faintest idea of the full picture of what was happening on a day to day or minute by minute basis. They are unable to give credit where credit is due. How sad it must be to be unable to fully celebrate even the partial successes of a football club you purport to support. Rant over. Eid Mubarak, everyone.
  7. ... which allows me to say that you are just a poo.
  8. Sorry, that was my stupid. I disagree that a lifetime ban is a bit harsh. Today's numpties could be tomorrow's Aaron Cowley. Unless there's a clear message, I think these guys and those like them will just carry on.
  9. Obviously him and Moore don't know owt abaht football, unlike a few on here who know soooo much better than them.
  10. They are taking him in for his own good after he was found inconsolable and wondering aloud, "Toby or not to be."
  11. It's simple, just don't take the ********, it's not funny, it's not clever and it certainly isn't hygienic.
  12. Three days to go and you've already been lulled into the concept of the possibility of a false sense of security. Are you sure you are Wednesday?
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