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  1. Honestly, I think I'd still be here and you'd still be there.
  2. Saudi National Day today. Well done, Saudi.
  3. Can you? ....Really? I can't and neither can you. Maybe you are in a paraleel universes, whatever that is.
  4. That's not logical. It is absolutely a signal that we can deal with future challenges. We faced a challenge and dealt with it. Not proof positive, but a definite signal, surely?
  5. Not so much a trend ... as yet, but as I understand it we are at the forefront of modern footbalk accountancy.
  6. As I see it, in this context, you are Haw Haw, Monk is putting a shift in.
  7. Was there for the Millwall 0-1, amazing. At full time, police kept us locked in and videoed us for a good 10 minutes. Even funnier was Fratton Park about 15 years ago, Harry had got them to the verge of promotion, one more win and they were either champions or up, can't remember which and we were dire and down near the bottom. Pompey fans celebrating from before kick off. 0 - 0 in the second half, free kick to Pompey about 10 metres outside our box in front of their fans. Expectations and decibels rose. Grant Holt was our one man wall, about 5 yards from the ball. Pompey to
  8. I"m not sure, I think it's coz what he says about other people really applies to him and so "sticks" to him. Could there be another explanation?
  9. Not the best, but still brilliant, us at Norwich: There's only one Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall.
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